Teen Titans anyone?

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  1. Hi I'm Raven. Me and Nightwing are wanting to do a Teen Titans RP. Anyone interested. We would like to possible have:

    Beastboy/or Changeling Aka: Garfield Mark Logan
    Wally West/ Kid Flash
    Aqua Lad
    Red Robin/ Tim Drake
    Robin/Damian Wayne


    Please let us know.
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  2. I would love to be Tim Drake/ Damian Wayne or Starfire!

    Would we all just be one character, or could we be two?
  3. I'm in! I love Teen Titans! I would gladly join as any female you need for the team, that's my strong suit! (:
  4. You can have up to three characters.

    @Alice Falling cool.
  5. I'll claim Tim Drake for now. If the spots open later, I'll Damian or Starfire too.
  6. Okay I'll let Nightwing know. Were both excited.
  7. -steps out of shady corner- "I already know."
  8. Oh okay you've been quiet.
  9. Haha i guess so. Sorry im a artist and im doing commissions for some clients.
  10. Ah okay.
  11. Yep and Sapphiric If using Tim Drake then you arent really Robin youd be Red Robin because Tim in this rp is about 15 and doesnt like the whole being a sidekick as much as he used to. Damian if in use you have to remember has an attitude so even as Dick Graysons adopted younger brother there will be communication issues.
  12. Can I claim starfire? Cause she's my lovely <3
  13. I'd be fine with that. Nightwing you?
  14. Totes magoats fine by me.
  15. I'd like to play as myself... ooh. NO WAIT! I want to be Cyborg! Actually... I'll just be me.
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  16. I just laughed incredibly hard at that, Beast Boy. (:

    Ur... Also. If we are Reserving characters, I would like to reserve Cassie. I was reading about her and I like her. (:
  17. Interested, but I have a few questions:

    Will the game be mostly sandbox/free-form or is there a plot and story-arch in mind?
    Are we following the comic book universe, one of the TV shows, or is it a mixture of both?
    Are you interested in characters who aren't listed, such as, Argent or Jinx, or would you prefer for you list to be filled first?
    What are the expectations for the game? Is it going to be primary action based or character driven? Will crushes/romances between the characters be spotlighted or mostly happen off screen?

    Any info you're able to give me would be appreciated.

    Thank, Calli
  18. Well BB your in of course.
    Allice you can have Cassie!

    Its a form style story. There will be action but its more about the personal lives and relationships. We will be following in between the comics and show also involving some young justice stories. My main goal is to see what kind of story can happen when you see the Titans home life. Last but not least any characters are welcomed .
  19. Then, I'll put a claim for Babs if that works for you all.
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