Teen Titans: A New Dawn

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  1. The wind howled like wolves chasing down their prey, accompanied with the bone-chilling wind that neglected to show any signs of letting up, the fog-like breaths of rooftop sentries could be seen. "F-fuck man, it's cold....how long is the boss makin' us stand guard anyway?" A voice asked, the one who projected the words seemed to be a man in his mid twenties, a single scar going down the right side of his face from his forehead to the corner of his lip, likely a result of being on the wrong side of the law. Though the police wouldn't do this, there were too few of them to deal with these types of criminals, with officers spread thin there wasn't much they could manage to do but sit in the precinct as the carnage ensued. "I don't know, why don't ya go ask'em?" Another said, the two stood a good six feet from one another, both held rifles in hand, selector switches set to fire, ready for anyone stupid enough to try and pick a fight with them. The two men were dressed in identical outfitting, black hoodies with a kevlar undershirt that had apparently defective thermal fibers weaved into it, a half mask concealing the faces of the men.

    1. Farther away from the scene that would prompt eminent danger for unaware bystanders, a lone figure had geared up in the safety of his home, pulling on the famed, grey web patterned body suit the people of Second City had come to know as his efforts were made known. Crawling from his second story window he ascended to the rooftop, quickly firing a string of webbing from his gauntlet, the end sticking to a building, allowing him to propel himself forward at an angle, allowing him to slingshot himself into the cold air, his fingertips just barely gracing a building he was speeding past, halting his move as his index and middle finger stuck, the friction non-existent as he stuck to the building, allowing him to look around and get his bearings for a moment. The wall crawling vigilante scanned around the area, the multiple vision settings switching as he went back and forth before stopping at infra-red, seeing two humanoid shapes. Carefully timing the iterations between web swings he sent himself toward both been standing within a few feet of each other, sharp bone protrusions extended from the height of his forearm, a strange clear liquid running off of the tips, venom.

    The two men were completely unaware of the web-slinging vigilante barreling toward them until it was too late, a minor glimpse of what looked like to them, speartips before they plunged into their chest cavities, piercing through the breastplate as if it were butter. The bone 'fangs' retracted back with a hushed wisp-like sound, moving toward the fire escape he gained entry through the rooftop, the room was low light, upon closer inspection he saw they were shattered, holes pierced through the shade, bullets. The air smelled stagnant and of copper, blood, he silently dropped down to the ground, a squelching sound sounding beneath his feet causing him to quickly lift his foot and look beneath him, disgusted at the sight. Displaced limbs and a sliced up torso, closer inspection showed there were bite marks as well, like an animal had gone through here and killed them all with the help of someone with a sword or something. This was just strange, someone came through here and wiped out this entire building, but left the two on the rooftop as what, someone to see the example this mystery man or woman set?

    "No no, please, d-don't you!" A terrified voice shouted out, desperation was evident within this man's words, criminal or not this man's life was going to be taken by someone else, he couldn't allow that. The arachnid avenger raced toward the door, bashing it open, only to find the man's throat slashed open, blood spurting from the wound, painting the wall behind him as well as the desk in front of him. Taking steps closer to the man, he could hear how his heart struggled to continue beating, speeding up and slowing down as he looked up at the wall cralwer, wide eyed and full of fear, a yellow note dotted with blood on his chest, kneeling down he picked up said note. A jagged smiley face was crudely drawn on it, though this man was obviously less than happy, one of the vigilante's fangs shot out from his forearm, piercing into the man's heart, a mercy kill to end his pain. Now he had a death note, basically goading him into finding who this butcher was, he had a new mission now.
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  2. High in the sky near the outskirts of Second City, to those who might have been looking up, a faint dissipating trail of pink light could be seen heading towards the city, upon closer inspection one might say they could possibly see a humanoid shape within the pink light as it flew overhead. Through the howling sound of the wind that buzzed around Second City, the faint hum of what seemed to sound like some kind of jet flying overhead could be heard as Majin Eve flew down towards the city streets, as she neared the ground she slowed down before landing with a soft *tap*. Some people looked to her with raised brows of uncertainty at her appearance as she looked around while standing in the middle of the road, a smile on her lips as she took in the sight of the first city she landed in. She was slightly started when the loud blare of a car horn sounded from behind her, she turned her head to look back with a brow raised in confusion at the less than happy driver of the vehicle as he poke his head out the cars window to speak to her.

    "Hey freak, get off the road, people are trying to drive here!"

    The man yelled to her, his anger of being late for something getting the better of him.

    Some bystanders look at the scene the driver created, most of their gaze's landing on the pink skinned girl standing in the vehicles way, they whispered amongst themselves while Majin Eve thought the situation through in her head.

    'hm, how rude, what did I ever do to him?... I should teach him some manners...'

    As she thought this a slightly sour expression slowly grew on her as she lightly glared with her red eye's at the driver, who was now looking like he was regretting his decision to yell at the unknown being in front of him, a faint pink aura began to slowly flow around her when she crossed her arms, causing the dust on the road to be blown away from her. The citizens began to look worried as they backed away from the scene, some holding their phones ether to call the police if need be or record a video of what was happening. The driver was trembling slightly thinking to himself what he got himself into as he watched the being in front of his car.

    "h-hey, I'm sorry for yelling at you, there's n-no need to starts anything r-right?"

    He said in a worried tone as beads of sweat began to roll down the side of his head, a fearful expression on him.

    When the driver said that Majin Eve's expression softened with a smile as the faint pink aura around her faded away.

    'huh, I guess realised how rude he was being after hearing himself talk, very well, apology accepted'

    She thought to herself in a cheerful tone, she nodded to the driver as she walked off the road and onto the sidewalk, her arms now to her sides, the driver let out a sigh of relief as he wasted no time driving away. When Majin Eve got onto the sidewalk and began walking the people who had witnessed the event noticeably stepped out of her way when she came to pass by them, she didn't know why they did that, but she didn't mind so she kept walking with a smile. Unbeknownst to Majin Eve, one of the civilians had actually called the police in precaution and gave them a full description of what they witnessed. And so without knowing that the Police might be looking out for her Majin Eve continued on her way down the streets of Second City. She got funny looks from people as she passed them but she paid them no mind, but then she seen it, a dessert shop across the street from her, a sparkle gleamed in her eye's as her sight locked onto a strawberry ice-cream cake through the shop's window, to her the world around her seemed to blur out as she focused on the dessert, she then began walking across the road as cars were driving by.

    The sound of tires screeching momentarily filled the street as well as the honking of horns as the strange pink skinned girl crossed the road without looking, lucky enough the drivers were paying attention as stopped themselves from running into her. When She got to the other side of the road she walked right up to the dessert shop window without noticing the criticizing looks and comments she was getting, she placed her hands and face up against the window as she looked at all the desserts on display, a slight line of drool going down her chain from the right corner of her lips as she smiled with her mouth agape in awe.

    "Strawberry Ice-Cream Cake..., Chocolate Cheesecake..., Vanilla Pound Cake..., Donuts..., Pie..."

    She spoke aloud to herself as she looked to each dessert she named through the glass.

    "they look so good... they look so sweet..."

    Without knowing she began to press up against the glass window, causing it to bend from the stress, then her stomach growled from not having been feed in well over a weeks time.

    "I... I Must have them!"

    Then she lost it as she went into a dessert frenzy, the glass shattered as she flew through the window and into the shop, the shop owner screamed in surprise as Majin Eve entered through the window and immediately began to eat the desserts. The shop's alarm went off as the shop owner ran for the shops backdoor exit, leaving Majin Eve to eat away at the dessert's left in sight, while she helped herself to the shops delicacies two police car's sirens and lights turned on as they dispatched from the nearest police station to head towards the dessert shop in distress.
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  3. Viran muttered under his breath as the controls of his small one-man space-pod continued to fail the closer the ship got to the atmosphere of the planet below. Truth be told, he thought it was a pretty planet. Lots of blue water and clouds in the sky and beautiful landmasses that seemed to appear in every shape and form.

    Of course, there would most likely be trouble waiting for him if his ship continued on it's current course. It looked as if it would collide with a major population center. Viran didn't want anyone to be harmed by his faulty ship but the controls seemed to be frozen and no matter what he did, he couldn't adjust the course. He would have rather have crashed in the water but it didn't look like that was an option.

    I hope whoever is watching this realizes that ships are not supposed by have smoke coming from the engines. I also hope that they don't blow me out of the sky with whatever weaponry they have. Maybe I can convince them that this is a big misunderstanding. I'm not exactly looking forward to the impact.

    Viran knew he would most likely survive the impact and walk away with simply a few bruises. It had been that way as long as he could remember. Even as a child the family that had raised him had cautioned him to hold back when playing with the other children and to be careful not to hurt them. It had been during the harvest season that he discovered that he was much stronger then the others as an anti-grav cart loaded with machinery had fallen on him and he had walked away with nothing more then a scratch.

    That had raised questions. He knew he wasn't native to the world he had been raised on but whenever had had brought up the subject, his parents had always changed the subject, promising to tell him when he was old enough.

    That day had never come. And so he had traveled across the stars in his search for answers. At the moment though, he was wishing that he had a more reliable ship.

    Viran smacked one of the consoles and the communications system started up for a moment and a distress call was sent for a few minutes before the system shut down again.

    This is not going to end well. He thought as he prepared for a crash landing.
  4. "A recent stream of homicides committed by an unknown assailant has put the SCPD on high alert. Investigators speculate that...." The news reporter continued to drone on and on about the recent murders of what looked like in there opinion, gang violence, figures, this city didn't recognize i for what it truly was. Vigilante justice at its best, too bad they couldn't grasp such a minuscule fact like that. The shadowed figured in the darkened room held a cornered smile as the unknown silhouette lied back in relaxation. A hand reached up to casually brush through the spiked, greyish white hair atop the male's head, his eyes fixed on the new as the broadcast changed, talking about a stranger the city had come to know as Recluse, well that was certainly....odd, the depictions of this stranger's feats were like seeing a spider leave a meal for later, men webbed up onto the sides of buildings, hanging upside down in cocoons, it made him shudder a bit, not out of fear but disgust.

    It seemed an almost all too literal spider was crawling around and doing his job for him, but in a way he didn't favor much, he believed criminals needed to pay the ultimate sacrifice for there sins, death. A low growl sounded next to the white haired male, a large beast with snow white fur sat beside him, voicing it's feelings on the matter in a way. The male turned off the television, leaving his living room and approaching his fireplace, his middle and index fingers pressing bricks in select area before they sunk into the wall, the flickering flame dying as a silver tube slowly descended above it, opening on both sides. He stepped inside, leaning up against the silvery wall behind him as he descended below the home. The door hissing open to reveal a massive underground control room, monitors lit up as the lights overhead cut themselves on automatically. "Time to find myself a pest." He commented as he walked toward his armor room, planting his feet into sockets, plates clicking and whirring onto his feet and up to his calves, his arms extended parallel to the ground, armor bolting up to his forearms. A chestplate pressing up against him and another similar plate to his back, clicking together, the bare parts of his body becoming concealed with armor plates and setting against his body, connecting to the adjacent pieces. Stepping away he armed himself with his choice weapons, a katana, throwing knives, and an m9 handgun.

    The armored man made his way to his only means of transportation, grabbing his helmet on the way and placing into on his head. Straddling the vehicle he sped through an opening that led into a tunnel system that eventually brought him street level, the hunt was on.
  5. A few minutes had passed in the dessert shop, the alarm was still ringing as Majin Eve finished the last of the desserts in the building, and somehow after eating all that her stomach didn't look affect by how much she ate, she hummed a happy tone as she threw a dessert tray over her shoulder, then she narrowed her brows slightly towards the ringing sound.

    "hmm.... that is getting annoying...."

    She said to herself as she spotted the alarm that was crating the sound, she then grabbed an empty plate from the counter and threw it like a Frisbee with such force it cut through the alarm and slightly dug into the wall behind it, thus stopping the alarm, to this Majin Eve smiled. Then another sound filled the building, police sirens, Majin Eve raised a confused brow as flashing red a blue lights flashed through the window before she walked out of the dessert shop, to add to her confusion the lights were coming from two vehicles that had parked in the middle of the road in front of the dessert store instead of near the sidewalks. Majin Eve stood still as she watched four officers exit the vehicles, they had worried expressions that were somehow serous at the same time.

    "oh great, another freak... what the hell does this one do?..."

    Asked one of the officers as he grit his teeth, his right hand over his gun holster.

    "the better question is, why did it break into a dessert store..."

    A rookie officer said as he looked up known meta-criminals on the police data-base.

    "can you find anything on her"

    The officer asked the rookie.

    "nope, this is a new one, we know nothing about her, we'd better be careful..."

    The rookie stated before getting out of the police car, and standing up to look as the pink skinned girl who was looking at them with a confused expression, meanwhile the other two officers by the other car had prepared for the worst and already had their pistols aimed at the unknown being. The rookie looked to the other cops who looked tense as the third officer pulled out his pistol, none of them looked like they wanted to deal with this girl, so he manned up.

    "I'll go see if we can resolve this without conflict..."

    The rookie said as he began walking towards the girl, the other officers wanted to stop him, but having dealt with meta-humans before never turned out well for them so they stood by, ready to open fire at a moments notice. As the Rookie approached her Majin Eve focused on him, narrowing her eye's slightly, then she noticed the other officers holding something, she didn't know why, but the sight of the items aimed at her made her feel uneasy.

    "you there, you're under arrest for breaking and entering, put your hands behind your hand and get on the ground"

    The officer said in a calm tone, with his right hand hovering over his holstered pistol. Majin Eve looked at the Rookie as if he had grown a second head.


    She asked in a confused tone as she tilted her head with a sight frown.

    "I said put your hands behind your head and get on the ground!"

    The Rookie said in a slightly more forceful tone, an agitated look on his features, this got to Eve, she didn't like his tone of voice, it was quite rude to just walk up to someone and yell at them what to do like you owned them, especially if you didn't know each other, to this Majin Eve crossed her arms with a defiant glare.


    She said with a hint of anger in her tone, the air around Majin Eve began to swirl as a faint pink aura surrounded her, slowly flowing like flames. The Rookie had a panicked expression as he took a few steps back and pulled out his pistol and aimed it at the girl, the other officers tensed as well. Then the screaming of panicked civilians caught the officers and Majin Eve's attention, they looked to where most of the people were looking before running in fear, the officers grit their teeth as the watched what looked like a meteor falling toward their general direction.

    "w-what the hell is that?!"

    "it's coming strait towards us!"

    "I'm not waiting around to find out, lets move!"

    The officers got into their vehicles before turning on the sirens and driving away as fast as they could to get to safety, Majin Eve watched as the cops drove away, she would have said something about them being scaredy-cats but then she heard the faint noise of someone crying, she looked towards the source of the crying to see a young boy who looked like his right leg was hurt, most likely from being trampled by people pushing and shoving their way to get to safety. Majin Eve jumped over to the boy across the street, most of the people had already ran away so she didn't have to worry about bumping into anyone, she kneeled beside the boy with a warm smile, while the boy was already panicking to begin with he looked to Eve in fear.

    "hey what is wrong?"

    She asked in a calm tone.

    "e-everything! I lost m-mom and dad! my leg hurts, and we're going to get hit by the fireball in the sky!"

    The young boy cried with his eye's closed in despair as he held his hurt leg. Majin Eve felt bad for him, she didn't want to see him crying, so she decided to help.

    "do not worry, I will stop the fireball, and then I will help you find your mom and dad"

    Majin Eve said confidently with a smile.


    The boy asked with tears rolling down his cheeks.


    Majin Eve said as she gave him a thumbs up, the she stood up and looked at the falling object as it got closer, she narrowed her eye's before a faint pink aura enveloped her, she slowly crouched down, bending her legs before she jumped with all her might, the boy stared in awe as he watched the pink girl take off into the air. Majin Eve's pink aura blazed around her as she flew into the air and sped towards the falling object, as she closed in, she got ready to catch it, though she didn't know if she had the ability to stop the object in it's place, she could at least try to slow it's descent and lead it to land somewhere else to cause less damage.
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  6. Viran let out a grunt of pain as one of the control panels around him burst into flames as the ship tore through the atmosphere. He couldn't stop the ship and to make matters worse it looked as if the power cells that were powering the ship were going to blow in a few minutes. He activated one of the few remaining systems and saw that the ship was about to crash into what appeared to be a city.


    Viran was about to try and activate the thrusters on either side of the small ship when he saw what appeared to be a pink entity appear in front of the ship. Whoever or whatever it was he tried to motion her away before the ship slammed into her. The front of the ship began to shudder as the stress of the flight began to tear the ship apart. Viran raised his voice as loud as he could and hoped that she would be able to hear him.

    "The power cells are damaged! Try and find help for the city below, I need to try and move the ship away from the city!"
  7. Majin Eve's eye's slowly widened upon the realisation that what was closing in on wasn't just a fireball, it was a ship, and the ship coming towards her was slightly bigger than she expected and moving faster then she thought it was, no matter, she made a promise and she wasn't going to break it. Majin Eve narrowed her eye's as she tackle the ship, a loud bang rang out as she found herself being pushed down with the ship, she grit her teeth as she slowly managed to place her hands against the hull and pushed herself up, stopping herself from being pressed against the hull by the wind. Though she barely heard it, she managed to hear the voice of the passenger within the ship yelling something about power cells and moving the ship away from the city, she could only guess something bad was going to happen, but it would seem that as she was going down with the ship that she wouldn't be able to stop it, she grit her teeth in irritation at the situation. Then a look of shock took over her expression as she turned her head to look where the ship was going to land, and to her horror she seen the young boy who she spoke to about stopping the fireball before, he was directly in the path of the falling ship.

    'n-no!, the ship's going to land right on him!, I... I can not allow that to happen! It Must Not Be Allowed!!!'

    Majin Eve Grit her teeth and shut her eye's in anger as she thought this, her pink aura enveloped her, flowing like flames as she began to push her body off of the ship, both her arms were pressed against the hull as she straitened out her body, and surprisingly the ships descent ever so slightly began to slow down.

    'dammit! it's not enough!'

    She thought to herself as a feeling of dread crept over her as the image of the ship crashing into the boy then exploding entered her mind.

    'I need more.... I Need More Power!!!'

    Majin Eve's eye's shot open as she grit her teeth, then her pink aura erupted around her into an intense blaze, her muscles slightly bulked up as a look of focused determination took over her expression.

    "tch... grrrrrrr... HAAAAAAHH!!!"

    She let out a loud yell of defiance against the falling ship as it's descent went from slowing down to coming to a near dead stop in her hands, taking heed in what she thought she heard from the person in the ship, she wasted little time in moving the ship away from the city, with her pink aura still blazing she began to carry the ship into the air above the tall buildings and out towards the city limits. While doing so she panted in exhaustion as her aura still blazed, a smile on her knowing that she saved the young boy's life, after a few minutes that felt like hours to her passed by she didn't notice that she had passed a city limits and kept going.

    "yes... I did it..."

    Majin Eve said to herself as she laughed weakly, though she didn't notice it, her muscles began to bulk down to normal and her blazing aura had calmed down, as that happened her flying speed slowed as she began to lose altitude. She began to feel tired, her eyelids grew heavy and she didn't know why, she fought to keep them open, her teeth grit weakly as she closed in on the ground a few miles from the city limits. Then her body gave out on her, her aura dispersed, she lost her grip on the ship and it fell from her grasp as she hit he ground and tumbled in a roll for a few feet before coming to a stop. The ship landed a few meters away from her and kept going as it slid and skid across the ground.

    "why... do I... feel so tired?..."

    She asked herself before she tried to push herself up but to no avail, then she smiled and chuckled weakly as she rested on the ground.

    "I guess being a hero is hard work... I think I will just rest here for a little... to get my strength back..."

    Majin Eve said before her eye's slowly closed with a peaceful expression on her while she slept.
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  8. Viran slowly opened his eyes and saw that the Ship had managed to miss the city by quite a bit and he grinned widely. He had caused no problems and hopefully this meant that the people of this world wouldn't try and dissect him or experiment on him.

    Warning: Power Core damaged. All life-forms within two miles of this vessel must evacuate before breach becomes critical. Power Core breach in one minute.

    Viran slowly turned around and saw that a green aura had surrounded the ship. He thought for a moment and two possibilities came to mind. He could try and activate the shields and try to contain the blast or he could see how strong he really was.

    Looks like all the systems are down. Guess it's the direct approach. He thought as he looked down at the woman who had managed to move the ship away from the city and took a deep breath and grabbed the side of the ship, creating two small dents in the side of the ship as he gripped it and slowly lifted it off the ground.

    Viran spun around and around as he picked up more and more speed until both he and the ship were a blur and Viran let the ship go with a loud roar. The damaged vessel shot up into the air. It was a blur as it shot through the sky and kept going.

    It should blow in three...two...one...

    Viran saw a distant explosion far off in the sky and smiled. A potential disaster had been averted. He looked down at the woman again and noticed that despite all that had happened she was still out cold.

    "Miss? Excuse me? Are you alright?"

    No answer.

    Viran sighed and gently lifted the woman up and threw her over his shoulder and headed for the city.
  9. Adam was hanging out at the police station like always. He was 19 now and started to treat waiting for his stepfather as a sort of internship. He walked around the police station, offering coffee and donuts to the officers. "how about another glazed donut officer? or maybe a refill on that coffee, i saw the schedule your working a double shift." The officer politely declined and went back to his paperwork. Adam nodded and went back to hanging out with the dispatcher. "anything good happened tonight Tracy?'' A young woman in her mid twenties, with long blond hair and green eyes turned her chair and smiled giving Adam a big hug. "Hello little Adam." she playfully pushed him away and pretended to be mad. "where were you yesterday? you promised you'd help me set up for Officer Jones's retirement party, and i ended up doing the whole thing alone." Adam smiled awkwardly. "i'm sorry Tracy something came up."

    Claire got closer to Adam. "something? or someone? could it be little Adam has finally got a girlfriend?" Adam blushed. "no nothing like.." Adam was cut off by the radio. "this is officer Jenkins. We have some kind of...freak causing a ruckus down at the bakery please advise." Adam disappeared into the stair well then up to the roof. It was locked but being the Police Chief's son had its perks he pulled out a ring of keys and opened the door. He swung it open and shut it behind him. Near one of the air intake valves covered in rubble and garbage was a black suitcase. he opened it revealing a black outfit and purple goggles. "time to get going." Adam quickly changed and headed to the scene, as he ran he used his recharge ability to charge up his jumps making him jump 3 times farther than normal, easily clearing the rooftops. in his ear an earbud connected to a police scanner. he looked up when he heard the pink menace was going after a fireball. Adam stopped. "Fireball? what the hell." Adam looked overhead to see the pink figure flying tword the fireball.

    Adam ran as fast as he could clearing roof gaps, and chimney's trying to keep up with the figure who had caught the fireball. "maybe she's a good guy after all?" Adam was finally able to reach the crash site which looked like some sort of alien ship. "what the? is that" he was amazed to see a pink female looking creature, and another figure climbing out of the ship. "an alien?" For some reason the alien threw his ship in the air the reason was apparent as soon as it exploded. Adam fell on the ground in horror, 'i could have died standing her like an idiot.' as the creature lifted the other over his shoulder. Adam felt fearful he couldn't move, his legs weren't responding to his brains order to run away, he started to smack his legs. "move, move...damnit move."
  10. A red, black, and white blur sped through traffic, weaving through cars, stop lights and pedestrians with ease. He had to get to whatever it was plummeting down toward the sky, he knew he probably couldn't stop it with his body but maybe he could asses the damage and help survivors, it was sad but true, he didn't have that good of super strength to stop it. He turned his gaze to the skies, watching that thing plummet to the earth, his focus landing on a humanoid shape speeding toward it, like they'd stop it. Someone else was a super powered freak too, he thought he only had to worry about the spider his eyes continued to look skyward as he watched this being make contact, it look like whoever it was had been stopping it.

    The male rode faster, his bike skidding horizontally as he hit the brakes, hopping off of the vehicle as an explosion rang out, his eyes locked onto the apparent occupant, an alien. By the looks of it he was making his way for the city, that was a bad idea, he quickly mounted his bike once more and sped toward the alien, coming to a stop "You definitely do not want to go there my friend.." He spoke, the bike right in front of the alien, just feet away.
  11. Majin Eve's eye's twitched slightly, a faint grown come from her.

    'uh... what happened?... why do I feel so... so... wait what?'

    Eve's eye's slowly opened, she could feel her strength slowly but steadily returning to her, even so, her vision was blurry so she decided to remain still until she knew what was going on.

    'I think I am being carried...'

    She focused her slightly opened eye's to look at the ground, she seen a pair of legs, but they weren't her own.

    'yeah, I am being carried...'

    Eve thought to her self, smiling weakly before she closed her eye's, she then began to hear muffled voices, who they were from she had no idea, but as much as she'd like to find out she wanted to stay still a little longer until she was sure she'd be able to stand on her own.

    '... I wonder what today is...'

    She thought to herself to keep her sleepy mind off the more difficult questions she had in mind to prevent a headache she thought was threatening to happen.
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  12. The city was busy tonight. Mina could feel the people going about their business, it felt like feathers tickling her brain all the time. She smiled as she picked up on their emotions and distinguished the many sensations.

    Suddenly an icy cold sensation washed over her and caused her to tremble.
    Multiple people had simultaneously gotten scared of something, not too far from her. She scanned the area and spotted what they were afraid of; a ship-like object crashing towards the city and a pink person attempting to grab it. Her eyes lit up with excitement and she glanced around for any signs of her brother before giggling and flying off towards the crash site.

    It didn't take long for her to arrive, seeing a green skinned man holding the pink skinned girl and a man in a suit blocking their way.
    It seemed the green skinned man wanted to return the girl to the city, but the man in the suit was suspicious of them.
    A small distance away there was another man, in a black suit with goggles. Fear was waving off him and Minami shivered unwantedly from the cold she felt.

    She flew up to the male on the bike, tapping him on the shoulder before flying around him, floating between the two colorful people and the motorcycle man. 'Why don't you let them pass?'

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  13. Stood behind his motorcycle which seemingly helped block the large alien's path, who was he carrying though? Was she extraterrestrial as well, if so how did she manage to elude discovery for so long, especially with her....complexion, pink wasn't exactly easy to miss. He quickly drew his handgun from the holster at his hip and aimed it toward the stranger that touched him, his finger on the trigger as a light shiver coming off of him, there were more of these people, four now, that was way too many for him. These meta-humans were popping up all over and now aliens were mixed in with them. He hesitantly retracted his weapon, placing it back where it belonged as she questioned him. "If the people see these two, the result would be disastrous." He spoke, hoping that she'd listen to reason, if not, she may as well have been against him, and those that were often against him never made it very far in life. His mask doing the justice of hiding his expression, a cold stare projected toward the female he spoke toward.
  14. Minami seemed unfazed when the male drew his gun on her when she tapped him in the shoulder. She lowered the hood that hid most of her face without worry and amiled a bit as she floated around. 'They already saw one, the girl, when she saved the city from the ship.' she said.
    'Perhaps the green man will draw unwanted attention, but he just needs to do something good and he's in the clear. There are so many strange looking heroes around after all.' she giggled a bit.

    'And if they can't be seen right now, I'll just teleport them somewhere safe.' she spoke cheerfully.
    'Would you like that?' she asked the green man.

    @Chev @Stryder @NacNak
  15. Adam watched the exchange between everyone, it was unreal. Multiple masked vigilantes and Aliens, it was like a comic fans dream. As Adam gained his composure he stood up. "Um sorry about my freak out earlier, I just um." Adam cleared his throat. "I never saw a real alien before, and I got scarred."

    As Adam was apologizing the police scanner on his hip started going off. Adam pressed his ear bud into his ear to hear better. Adam heard the first responders were closing in. "Hey I know things are still iffy but the first responders are almost here. We should move this along like now."
  16. "You definitely do not want to go there my friend.."

    'And if they can't be seen right now, I'll just teleport them somewhere safe. Would you like that?'

    Viran looked around in utter confusion as more and more people seemed to be approaching him but the two that concerned him the most were the pretty woman and the man with the gun.. Apparently the ship exploding had drawn more attention than he had wanted. "I...I simply do not know where to go." He said quietly to the two of them. "As far as I know I am the only one of my species, I was exploring to see if I could find others of my kind. I wish no harm towards anyone."

    He turned to look at the pretty woman and a small smile appeared. "I...uh...I would appreciate that. I simply do not wish to be dissected or killed by the inhabitants of this world. I was just passing through the area when my ship malfunctioned and now it looks like I'm stuck here."

    Unknown Location in Deep Space.

    The ship slowly came to life around the three frozen forms and two of the stasis tubes slowly began to deactivate. The first figure took a deep breath of the stale air aboard the ship and he smiled as the ship's mechanical voice filled the room.

    "Target's Lifesigns have been detected. Location: Two hundred Lightyears from current position.

    "Begin full power-up sequence. Keep Stasis tube three activated until I give the order. Compile all available information about the target's location."

    A low laugh could be heard throughout the ship as it continued powering up.
  17. Adam used his energy to amplify his hearing. He tuned out all of the conversation being had and stood still listening for the sounds of sirens. Adam was still his eyes closed he didn't move a muscle. He could hear the wind blowing, the sounds of birds and animals, then suddenly sirens. Adam opened up his eyes wide. "Their here!" He ran to the center of everyone and looked around. "Ok so it seems like were all pretty much on the same side here but if we don't leave this area now, a bunch of police officers, news cameras, and just nosey people are gonna show up. If you think people will freak out in the city imagine how it'll be when it's broadcasted on the evening news." Adams pleas were being ignored. "damn it fine, i'll buy some time while you guys figure junk out."

    Adam stretched and started jogging in place, it started out slow then it built up faster and faster until his legs looked as if they were still. His eyes glowed a bright purple color, bright purple sparks were going off all over his body. "Energy transfer, complete." Adam lowered his goggles and took off running tword the direction of the oncoming sirens. He ran as fast as he could stopping a few hundred feet infront of the first car. "They can't keep driving if they can't see, lets see if i can whip up some kind of sand storm." Adam started running back and forth across the road kicking up dirt, sand and debris. He changed direction and headed straight for the cars bringing a huge dirt twister tword them. The cars all slammed on their brakes and waited for the sand storm to pass.

    Adam ran back to the group, he doubled over practically falling onto his face. "ok" he uttered out of breath. "that should hold them for a few minutes, but we need to do something now, i don't care if we all hide but i'll tell you the cops won't be to happy seeing some masked vigilantes meeting aliens on the edge of town, it sends the wrong message."
  18. Minami looked back at the green skinned man and smiled brightly. 'Okay!'
    She looked interested when the nervous man suddenly spring into action and sped off at lightning speed, kicking up a sandstorm to block the oncoming police cars before returning, our of breath. With a smile she turned towards the others and a faint purplish glow appeared around them, lifting them up into the air. The man in the black suit and the man with the motorcycle followed suit, the motorcycle as well. 'Alright, let's go!' she exclaimed, clapping her hands together.
    The moment her hands met a bright light engulfed them and they vanished. For a moment they would see a chaotic black mass surrounding them, like a tunnel, before the night sky was once again visible and they were set down gently on a rooftop at the edge of town.
    'Here we are. This is my hideout.' she giggled a bit.
    She moved to the superfast man and placed a hand on his shoulder, sending some energy into him. She did the same to the pink girl and then smiled at the green skinned man. 'You can stay here and rest if you want.' she said. 'All of you can.'

    @Stryder @Chev @NacNak @Kurogane86
  19. Adam watched as they were suddenly transported to inside the city on a rooftop. "Wow, that'S a useful ability." Adam was still worn out from his run, as he was resting the female hero walked up to him and fed him energy. Adam was feeling better but suddenly grabbed her hand taking it off of himself. "Sorry, I know your trying to help but anymore and I might reach my limit."

    Adam stood up and dusted himself off, "well now that we're clear of the cops, introductions are in order" Adam cleared his throat. "I am Voltage, my power let's me create mass amounts of energy that I can send anywhere in my body." Adam'S eyes started glowing as he sent energy throughout his entire body. "Think of me like a battery that recharges with movement."

    Adam sat down pleased with his intro he smirked. "Whose next?"
  20. Fracture caught sight of the police cars, a hand hovering over the holster of his m9, he had rather....extreme methods of dealing with pursuers, opposition, all the like to him. His surprise turned to straight up discomfort the moment he was transported, eliciting an obvious shudder followed by a swear from the masked vigilante. He quirked a hidden brow at her when she offered her hideout as a place of refuge, he had no problems going down there and handling the police, it'd get the word out to not try and stand in his way. "I'm not so sure that's such a good idea....you all tend to have a bad rap." He said aloud, trying his best not to sound like a racist to meta-humans or anything. "I probably shouldn't get affiliated with you meta-types."