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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]Think of a world where the originals were gone, no more Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, every last Titan, gone. Now imagine the many fallen Titans becoming martyrs of inspiration for other young heroes as time moved on, each earning their right to be called a hero. A few of these new young vigilantes have taken justice into their own hands, dealing with the criminals how they see fit, being branded saviors and even outlaws. These brave few make their mark on the world, whether it scars or heals rests in their hands.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]1)What the GMs and/or Co-GMs says goes, our words are law. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]2)Chev and I hold the right to change the rules however we please when needed. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]3)No Mary Sues, No OP characters, No Power Playing and No God Modding. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]4)Do not argue with the GMs or your fellow members. Sure they happen but we are all civil people here and thus it is required that all disputes are as such. If there is too much of a problem PM a GM and we’ll handle it. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]5)Treat all of your fellow members with respect. This means that we ask for you to interact with them and be nice. We do not want any hostility here unless it’s in the IC. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]6)Originality is our focus, so no exact copies will be accepted in this RP… EVER. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]7)Please post at least one paragraph in your posts, this is five GOOD sentences or more. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]8)This RP will be a bit darker than most of this nature… Characters may, can and most likely will die once you get attached to them at almost any time. So keep a backup character in mind. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]9)Cursing and romance will be allowed, but we will have limitations on such. PG-13/Teen on them but if you want some “special character time” fade to black. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]10)No Text Speak and no L33t. ! c2N’7 evn R33b 7!$ $h!7… dn’t p$t !T [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]11)Do not advertise other RPs here. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]12)Do not kill other player’s characters without their permission first. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]13)Have fun and enjoy the RP. :D [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]CS Format[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hero/Villain name:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Background: [/BCOLOR]

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  2. Name:Cassius Hale
    Hero/Villain name: Recluse
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Cassius (open)
    Recluse suit (open)

    Powers: Superhuman Strength(Can lift 25 tons) Enhanced Speed(70 mph at sprinting pace) Superhuman durability, Danger Sense, Wall Crawling(He is not only able to stick to surfaces using his hands and feet but his back as well. The strength of the attraction between himself and the surface he is clinging to is considerable, with an upper limit of several tons per finger. If he does not detach willingly but is pulled off by force, the surface usually breaks still attached to his body. He can also run and jump up surfaces) Equilibrium(He can maintain perfect balance on any surface he sticks to, like high wires for example) He can also eject venom tip bone spoke from the underside of his wrist at its height.
    Skills: A unique understanding of conventional forms of technology and computers. He was able to create his own martial art thanks to his danger sense
    Weapons: Web-ejecting gauntlets
    Gear: His suit is made of a material that is both durable and flexible; HOSB threat level four and NIJ vest threat level 2 meaning it's resistant to stab and spike weapons along with armor piercing rounds. His gauntlets are "revolver action" switching to whatever web fluid he chooses(Tazer, Incendiary, Freeze ) His mask as a number of vision fields(Infared, Night Vision, Thermal, Normal of course) Voice Modulator, Spyder Bot capable of bypassing many forms of security
    Personality: Cassius Hale is as quiet as they come, only speaking when the situation requires it and even then he tries to refrain. He hides his emotions, making his social skills nonexistent. Despite this, he has a good nature and isn't likely to let anger get the better of him, but he will take down an enemy at any cost no matter what the action does to his reputation.
    Background: Cassius' father was a scientist named Marcus Hale, he was a man obsessed with cracking the code of the meta gene. He began to come to conclusion that abilities like the control of energy or manipulations of shadows was a goal larger than life. He began to view the heroes and villains who received their abilities from animals. Amazed at how powerful the heroes proved to be he quickly got to work on his newest experiment, he had number of subject animals and insects to choose from. He saw promise in using spiders, he took the liberty of "acquiring" the arachnids from a science museum.
    He began studying the DNA of the spiders, removing the appropriate traits and characteristics to form a DNA strand, multiple to be exact. Eager to test the results of his work but unwilling to test the airborne serum on himself he decided he'd use his wife, Laura Hale. He talked her into being tested and quickly led her down into the basement that very day. A cylinder shaped pod awaited her, the single door opened and she stepped in. As she did, the door shut behind her and the red colored gas quickly began to fill the room. Laura began to panic as she took a breath in, the gas filled her lungs and began to burn like an intense flame, she begged and pleaded for Marcus to open the doors. He kept telling her to stay in just a little longer, that "little longer" was an hour later and her screams had already gone silent.
    The scientist came to grips with what he did, he killed his wife but he couldn't just bury her body, he needed to figure out what had gone wrong. He purged the room of the serum and got her out out the chamber, had her lay on an operating table, and began to take blood samples as well as tissue samples. Several weeks passed and to his knowledge he perfected the serum's concentration levels and dosage. He last option to test on was his sixteen year old son, Cassius. Tell the boy that it would be possible for him to get powers was all the incentive he needed to give him. Cassius walked into the chamber, not really being off put by the gas that entered the room, he took steady breaths. Through the course of fifteen minutes, the serum had been absorb into his son's body.
    After removing him from the room for tests, his body showed no clear signs of rejection. He amazed at how his son's body had retained everything, he exhibited abilities that even he couldn't have foretold. Marcus taught his Cassius everything he needed to know about the technology he'd be giving him. He failed to keep his greatest failure a secret from his son, Cassius reacted with anger. His father tried his best to reason with his son but failed, in an attempt to gain power of his own and keep his son under his control, he loaded six cartridges of the concentrated serum and activated the chamber. There was a reason his wife died from high dose, the serum corroded her lungs like venom would and it did the same to him. Cassius lost everything to gain his powers, he swore that he'd use them right.
    Real Name:Mason Wilson
    Hero Name: Fracture
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    out of costume (open)

    in costume (open)

    Powers/Abilties: Inhuman Speed, Agility, and Strength, Enhanced senses
    Skills: Adept with several Fighting techniques- Judo, Sytsema, Sambo, Dim Mak. As well as sword techniques- Kage No Kame, Kendo, Kenjutsu, Battojutsu.
    Climbing/Parkour- He can climb buildings tree etc with an exceptional amount of skill
    Weapons: Katana, Kunai, USP MATCH Handgun, Smoke Bombs, Fragmentation Grenades, Flashbangs.
    Personality: Mason isn't much of a talker unless he himself is approached with words or the situation demands it of him. When it comes to certain situations he is a smooth talker, suave and well mannered like his arachnid counterpart, making them a persuasive pair.
    Back story: tbr
    Name: Sable Wilson
    Alias: Jaguar
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    out of costume/in costume (open)

    Powers: Enhanced Speed, Agility, and Strength
    Skills: Mastery of several techniques(Ninjutsu) and fighting styles(Judo, Karate, Wushu, Kung-Fu, Kenjutsu, Dim Mak),
    Climbing/Parkour (can climb buildings tree etc.)
    Weapons: Two Katana, Throwing Knives, Twin 50.cal Desert Eagles
    Personality: Tbr
    History: tbr
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  3. Taking this thread's virginity. Sorry but not sorry!

    • [​IMG]
      Name: Unknown ~ Never given one

      Hero/Villain Name: N/A

      Age: Appears 15, Actual age is unknown.

      Race: Dragon

      Appearance: This is his humanoid over all costume, Which was given to him. His costume is black robes with silvery mystical markings covering the leathery armored chest of it. He was born with a strange “birthmark” on his back that is very detailed and appears to be almost tattoo-ish in nature. In the center there are two dragons, both eating the other’s tail. inside the created circle is a magic circle in grand detail, random looking runed that are separated by lines which connect to a three layered ring, first layer has ten runes in it, the next has twelve runes and the final ring has twelve runes as well. In the center of the ring is a seven pointed pentagram in the center. The mask he wears though is silvery in nature and at times glows either blue or red markings all over it.

      His in human form he is more oriental in appearance and his muscle structure is slim/muscular with greyish colored hair. He is 5’8 feet and weighs 134lb. His eyes are always draconic and are a glowing purplish color. Due to his lack of control over his shapeshifting capabilities he is usually seen with many patches of scales and at times claws on his hands or feet 24/7.

      In Dragon form he is very steel like in color, depending on the lighting he may look either silver or black. Instead of his birthmark being on his back, like it is in his humanoid form, instead if it on his shoulder, which is actual place where he had it when he first hatched. In dragon form he is 14'5 ft long, from tip of his beak to his tail and weighs 823 lb.

      Passive Powers:
      1. High Telekinesis Resistance ~ Makes him able to resist illusions, mind reading and mind control powers.
      2. Heightened Sight ~ He can see twice as good as a hawk, making out small details in far distances, he is able to see in the dark and thermal vision.
      3. Heightened hearing ~ He can hear three times better than humans, mostly because he needs to hear things while flying.
      4. Sixth Sense ~ He sense all magic, chi, ki, chakra, or any other energy within an area.
      5. Magic Blood ~ His magical energy can’t be blocked out due to the magical energy always running through his body within his blood. It also holds alchemical magical properties for more potent potions. (He does not know that it’s good for alchemy) It is also always very hot and burns when someone touches it.
      6. Draconic Rage ~ When truly angered to a point of mindless rage, his mana is heightened to the maximum potential, as are his abilities.
      7. Draconic Soul ~ Dragons don’t have a natural soul like most other beings in the world, instead their soul is a magical energy inside them, this prevents any soul damaging or soul targeted magic from affecting him.

      1. Draco-Magics ~ The most natural of magics to all dragons, this allows him to have the potential for several abilities like his breath weapons, The ability to use natural draconic hypnosis on others, the ability to shapeshift to a human form, the ability to increase his strength, speed, senses, scale toughness, healing and more. Currently though he can only barely shapeshift and stay in his human form, can breathe fire and spit out acid and can increase two of his attributes at the same time, a very strange thing since other dragons usually do much, much better with dracomagics.
      2. Elemental Magics ~ There are six elements he can use, light, dark, fire, earth, air, and water. He can control and ‘bend’ these elements to his will, and at times even create them, but besides creating lightning he can’t mix these elements all that well and must commit certain movements to do this. He is skilled in creating and manipulating fire and in manipulating water and air in comparison to the other elements.

      Skills: He knows Yiquan, Chuōjiǎo, Zi Ran Men (Especially the qing gong portion) and LongQuan. He have a natural skill in appraisal. He is knowable in a variety of certain subjects. (math, magic, history, religion, strategy, appraisal) but is no master in any of them.

      Traits: He has increased senses and attributes. He has a faster thought process than average. His scales are as tough as an alligator’s and in dragon form he does have claws and can fly. He also has Jacobson-organ, which gives him little to no sense of smell through his nose and a really heightened sense of taste and far more endorphins to make him unable to feel any pain in a fight.

      Weapons: Magic, claws, tail, wings, teeth…

      Magic Items: His costume’s robes and mask are said to have certain magical properties but he does not know nor understand how to use them or what they are.

      Weaknesses: Being a dragon he holds a minor allergy to iron, lead, & steel that affects him in various ways. He also holds a Major Allergy to a dragon slaying metal called Mythril. His Increased senses can also backfire greatly against him and his sense of feeling is greatly dulled. He does have a major mental weakness for certain objects of value (precious metals & gems,) and magic. Chi-energy is also able to counter most of his magics, as does his magics counter chi-energy as well, meaning both attacks are kill and stop the other’s with ease. (like normal matter when it hits anti-matter, both forms of matter disappear) His nervous condition also makes his tail a rather vulnerable and sensitive spot and when touched even his dulled sense of feeling would not stop the pain. When it comes to his “hoard” he does have a very detailed, almost flawless memory of it and if something is missing he’ll rage and get intense headaches and body aches, almost as though his body is killing itself from the thought.

      His true form is his dragon form so his actual abilities are greatly decreased due to the fact that most of his magical energy is being used for staying in his human appearance. When he is knocked out he will turn back to his original form.

      Personality: Cunning, ambitious, arrogant, paranoid, nervous and shy. He doesn’t mind being alone and even prefers it since it makes him feel safe. He likes to play chess and card games with himself and loves to read when able. He finds small details equally as important as the larger ones, especially when it comes to his hoard. Like Most other people, he is very overprotective of his stuff, he likes his things. Most of his problems is due to how fearful he is. He’s afraid, untrustworthy and paranoid of humans and the world he never seen grow around him and all the technology and the like and how he was told what he was born to do his entire life. He can be in the center of a large group though he won’t talk much and as soon as his heroic deeds are done he’ll try to leave as quickly as possible and hide, outcasting himself from the world again until he’s needed. He doesn’t like to talk much, almost to the point in which he could be described as ‘mute,’ half because of his shyness and the other half is because he was raised and taught that actions speak far more than words.

      Despite all his negatives, when someone actually takes the effort and manages to become his friend he’ll be kind, caring, loyal and eventually would open up more and more. He does love a good fight and would challenge friends into friendly spars constantly and might even fly with them and play games with them, so long as they are in private as well. He’s polite, friendly and very manneristic with those that managed to get to know him and gain a bit of his trust enough for him to even talk.

      Background: One of the few dragons left alive on earth, he was constantly looked upon as some great hero that was destined for great things since his hatching.

      Like all dragons though, he wasn't born, but instead hatched from an egg, in which he spent most of his time absorbing the sounds from the outer world, learning how to speak his first language and being taught through mind images that was sent to him by his mother. When he finally hatched, the very first thing that he did was bite his tail, stuffing the entire tip of it into his maw after looking to see the small family of dragons, scared and nervous at the sight and being a center of attention. As he tried to hide back inside his egg shell, for reasons he never grasped his parent dragons were shocked about the mark on his back and him biting his tail. Not even a day after his hatching, and his father left without even saying a word to the new hatchling. After that his father completely disappeared for the next three years though the dragon didn't mind since he was too busy either playing around with his siblings or hiding from them to listen his mother as she told the small whelp stories while being shown many beautiful mind images.

      By the time the end of the third year came, he was taken away from his family by another female dragon that would teach him for the next many years. He was very resistant to this, wanting to be with his true mother and his nest-mates. He was eventually explained the reason very well by his own mother after a few days worth of persuasion, he was destined to do the greatest of things, to save his race from utter extinction and to bring balance back into the world as the grand hero he was born to be. At the end of the days worth of persuasion, he eventually agreed and understood, for the most part how important he will be, and that this wasn't because of hate or abandonment, it was a duty he had for the world, one that he could only do. More importantly, to him specifically though, was that he will always be loved by his mother, and that him doing this will make him the hero who protected his own family... He was her greatest hatchling of all.

      After leaving with the other female dragon, he was put to sleep and by the time he awakened he found himself inside a large underground ruin several languages of the world he lived in, many stories of how great the dragons were and how peaceful and balanced the world was, just to then scare him with stories about humans and how evil they were. She would teach him the most basic skills that he'd need to know to survive, like how to mend his own wounds, read without tearing up the paper, cook, clean his 'cave' and himself, scavenge and even hunt for precious metals for his scales and for food for his health.

      When he gained mastery of these skills he was soon given to another master, like some slave up for trade to a larger male dragon. At this point in time the books he was given were all taken away and he was forced to train more physically, to become faster, stronger and better use his own senses for his advantage, and when he was of the age to fly properly, he was physically training his wings as well.

      When he was truly strong, fast and able to fly with magnificent grace, again he was given to another master, and so the process continued his entire life. Just when he thought he got to know a specific master, trainer or "caretaker" he was thrown away to the next, given very little to nothing to remember them by but the great memories that he DID have with each master he was given and the training in a specific art that he was given. Each time he was taken away from the last he felt an attachment similar to the day he was taken from his egg-mother and very quickly he decided it best for him to try and stay distant from them for the better since he knew he would not be able to stay with them. Of course he also always concede, getting to know them on a more personal level, just to be forced to leave again.

      To make matters worse he was never properly named, and while he could name himself it would never be the same as being given a name. Every single master he was given was asked the same set of questions. "Who am I? What is my name? Why me? What makes me special?" Their answers were simple yet unsatisfying at most, "You are a great hero that'll save our race. You must discover your name for yourself, for when you do you'll understand who you are and what you must do to save your race. Why not you? You're not special, you're just granted a great gift." It wasn't long that he'd begin throwing tantrums of emotion and fits of rage and hate off of these unsatisfactory answers when he was in the process of becoming more mature. Though with every tantrum he threw, he would quickly be put back down and silenced from his own insubordination. Of course they did understand his great frustration. Being takes away from home and at birth, told constantly that you're to be some great hero that'll save the world and his race, trained constantly without much explanations as of WHY and to top it all off, hitting the age in which maturity would start to form (PUBERTY 8D) tends to do that to a dragon, so it was rather expected to say the least.

      At the end of all his training, when he learned several forms of martial arts, became a master in strategy, tactics and thinking out of the box, was done studying on the many subjects of the world through the ancient texts and when he started to show signs of using a more magical spark, was his final trade to what may be the most important and his last master. Unlike all the others who were so focused on training and hardly anything else, this one, a great dragon who mastered magic to a great degree, didn't. His name was Jilocasin. This new master was teaching him how to master the inner magic within the nameless dragon's blood and guided him to control his powers, but more importantly he was going to be with this master for a very, very long time. Unlike the other masters, Jilocasin allowed the dragon to choose what he wanted to learn when it came to magic and how to better master the elements around him and better control the natural magic he controlled, also called 'draco-magics.' There was also a lot more free time too, in which Jilocasin would spend with the dragon by reading with him or playing several forms of games, like chess and the like or even putting up philosophical discussions with the dragon on topics he never once even knew existed. By the near ending of his training the dragon was skilled in the art of manipulating the elements of water and air and could even create fire out of his bare hands, though he learned quickly that he was just decent in the art of his more natural draco-magics.

      All this training was eventually put into an end as his friend and master, Jilocasin, told the dragon that he must now leave to a small ruin on the mountains near a human city called "Second City" and that there his true destiny will begin. The only advice the dragon received was some simple tips;
      • Stay in human form as much as possible for dragons aren't as common as they used to be within the world.
      • Do not truly judge others by just their appearance, for they may be more or less than what they seem and at times they may even be friends.
      • Don't let the opinions of others cloud his own judgement, for he must decide what he'll be for himself.
      • Eat lots of gold, silver, platinum and other metals to better keep his scales nice and healthy.
      • Be sure to look around the ruins for anything in particular that may help him on his new life-quest and to not miss a single detail, for one never knows what is or isn't useful until a later point in time.
      And with those tips, Jilocasin gave the dragon a magic bag (of holding) that would hold millions of various precious metal coins, gems and other 'important' things that the dragon felt like bringing and then the now teenage drake was off. Out and into the unknown world towards the ruins he was directed towards for the first time ever, to fulfill his life's quest, and his destiny to save his people.

      Other: He carries a large, empty looking, magic leather bag that holds millions of various precious metal coins and gems, several books that he collected from his travels, a very elaborate chess like game, a few leftover bits of meat that he acquired, and a map towards his destination.

    • [​IMG]

      Name: Marry B. Tudor-Christ

      Hero/Villain Name: Red Sinna or The Angel

      Age: 17

      Race: Human ~ Caucasian

      Appearance: She is a pale 5'6 foot, 104 lb very slim female with light blue eyes and long black hair that has a white streak across her right bang. She prefers to wear more simple, commonly worn outfits in her daily life than try and pay attention to, let alone care about, what is the top line to wear. She owns many T-shirts, pants, costumes, and many, many dresses and closets full of accessories, about 10 for each outfit and more outfits than she really should have, 100 per season and no matter how much she threw them away or gave to charity, she just gets more and more thanks to her ‘friends’ and father. Around her neck, even in her costume she wears a steel cross with chains and a black gem in the shape of a heart on it.

      When she is in her super hero uniform, she is seen wearing a red cloak along with one out of five bustiers under it. She is always wearing a white plaster female mask with red painted lips and tenticals that appear as though they are crawling onto the mask and out of her left eye. In front of her mask Marry wears a flail to mask her face, each flail would match the color scheme of the five bustiers that would hide her lower jaw and her nose.

      Passive Powers:
      1. Soul sense ~ She is able to detect any living being with a soul and any spirit, ghost, angel or demon around her and pinpoint exactly where the souls are.
      2. Judgement Sight ~ She can see the evil or good within an individual’s heard and can sense extremes of both good and evil. At times she could ‘read’ the virtues and sins of an individual.

      1. Judgement Magics ~ A type of magic in which Sinna is able to put hexes or curses that may inflict great wounds, pain, torment and more or create auras or charms that grant healing, cures, strength, luck, happiness and more. These spell’s effects are determined by a person’s soul and such she can’t harm those who are extremely good at heart and can’t help those who are extremely evil in heart. To determine a person’s soul is very hard to do at times, since most people are usually under a more grey area and a lot harder to read than others. Hexes and charms must be made and prepared first via pentagram, and then must have the said pentagram touch and be placed on it’s target physically, curses are ritualistic and she must know the name of the person she cursed and finally auras she place on herself and it affects all around her. She can’t cast any of these spells on herself.
        • She has a hex that uses the sins of a target as a physical weapon, which, depending on how sinful a person is, would continuously scratch, cut or burn the skin of a target, writing their greatest sin on their skin constantly until repentance is truly found and given.
        • Another hex that intertwines the souls two or more people, at times even her own which makes it to where if one of those people get hurt, the others would also get wounded in the exact same spot. If one dies, they all die and to make matters worse, no one could heal the damage with the exception being only Sinna.
        • She has a curse in which the cursed individual that will make any and all water or liquid drink they touch or try to drink look, taste and feel like blood to them. To everyone else it appears like the water or liquid drink but to the cursed individual(s) it is blood until either repentance is found or given or the curse is lifted.
        • A holy charm in which those affected start to heal and be cured of ailments, the speed of which depends on how good and virtuous their hearts are.
        • Another holy charm in which those affected become lucky and, depending on how good hearted or virtuous they are, may be extremely lucky to the most extreme of points and may even last several days instead of a short point in time.
        • Sinna has the ability to cast an aura that makes everyone around her and herself ‘fade’ for a while, making them like visible ghosts which prevents physical harm that may come to them during this moment and them from doing any harm back. The strength of the fade depends on how far the individuals around Sinna are from her and how good/virtuous they are.
        • Another castable aura in which those around Sinna get a weapon of holy energy or create a holy aura around the weapons they already are carrying and make those individuals more courageous. Depending on how virtuous/good they are, those around her may not know any fear and fight harder than ever before without any decrease of morality and their weapons may be strong enough to pierce the toughest of armors with ease.
      2. Judgement’s Energy ~ This is Sinna’s Manna, or magical energy in which she uses for her spells. In addition to her being able to cast her hexes and charms she can use this magical energy for her own needs, using her own soul to create either a weapon or shield and more. There are two different forms of this energy, Red energy with a black flaming aura or White energy with a very bright golden glowing aura.
        • She could create a dark red and black scythe of energy, which is also her prefered weapon. She could place a hex’s pentagram on this scythe, making it to where, if she cuts an individual with it she could place the pentagram on said individual when needed.
        • She can shoot out, blade-thin, waves of red and black energy as well when needed.
        • She can create a large orb of the bright white and gold energy that protects all within it from strong attacks.
      3. Daddy's Money ~ This is a power that Sinna has that is actually physical more so than magical. Whenever she is in costume she always has about ten, twenty hundreds on her person. This power is overly powerful when she's out of costume, having twelve different debit cards, a checkbook and a purse full of hundreds, being the only currency she's ever known. Do not ever underestimate this power's strength.
        • She could buy many things and people to carry those many things. If she likes and and wants it she will get it and knows that everything has it's price and so long as it's money from her own personal allowance, it's okay.
        • She can grab a handful of bills out of her pocket and throw it out and onto the street, causing a thick crowd of desperate plebeians to 'magically' summon out of nowhere, running to get them hundreds and creating a wall of people be formed wherever the money is thrown.
        • She is immune to getting in trouble for all damages that she creates to other people's private property with just the words "I'll pay."
      Skills: She is well skilled in Acrobatics, Naginatajutsu, and Kama.

      Weapons: None

      Magic Items: She wears an enchanted red hood created from spiritual essence of the “Fade”, or the Spirit realm which is called Purgatory and given to her. This hood allows her to fly three times faster than the speed of sound as a red flaming orb of the fade that everyone can see and that leaves a red misty trail behind it. This hood makes her able to move in and out between the earthrealm and purgatory, fading in and out and even disappearing at quick speeds. When she’s faded she can’t get touched but when physical again she’s human again. Finally her hood allows her to walk inside purgatory and talk with the dead whenever needed.

      Personality: Marry is rather foxy in her personality. She is very suxual, often flirty with others and loves the club, to party and of course, the occasional nude beach. Of course she likes to curse and to be very lewd towards others and she always has a goal, whether it be to fulfill her own promiscuous desires or to deceive others for her own advantage one never knows. She is sly and always has a well thought out plan or two before she takes action. She doesn’t care who she lures in and traps, she will take full advantage of who she needs to for her goals. She’ll clean the streets with one quickie at a time.

      Of course, sex isn’t who she is completely and is probably done because of her compensation for something (Likelackofdecentparents) but it does take a good portion of her overall appearance and personality to the point where she’s probably always judged harshly in first sight. In truth Marry is very religious, praying at least twice a day and is actually very humble and charitable, constantly giving to the poor, listening to those who needs to talk to someone and helping out any and everyone she can. Even in costume Marry shows her heavily religious devotion as the 'saved christian' she is. Marry accepts that she sins though, so long as she begs for forgiveness every sunday and prays to god daily like a good christian, she doesn't mind being a complete hypocrite outside of the church since she feels like she's forgiven.

      Marry secretly has some depression and self loathing issues. There are many reasons why marry would feel such, but whatever the case may be, Marry has some serious issues that she tries to hide and pretend don’t exist, believing that showing that she actually has problems is a major sign of weakness and that her beliefs would cure her problems for her. She would never want to bring her problems up and would normally only talk about them to the most closest of friends and would rather keep the illusion that she is the very happy and content ‘promiscuous nun’ that everyone would believe her to be.

      Background: Ms. Marry B. Tudor was raised by a wealthy family, having both parents, a younger sister, an older brother and many caretakers. Her mother inherited her father's wealth due to being the only child and being motherless and her father held a similar story though also owned a near monopoly of a very profitable technological, security and defensive advancement business called "Gold Corp." with it's well known slogan as "To create a Golden future for humanity." Marry was the 01% of the world that lived within the sanctuary city called "Eden" as a very high class girl.

      During her childhood Marry was happy for the benefits of her richness, spoiled to the point of being near rotted to her many care takers and privatized teachers. All her life Marry barely got to know her parents but everything was okay because everything she could ever want was bought for her and when she was upset, it was just a blink of an eye before her love was paid for. When she stepped too far out of line though, like demand her father or mother's attention during a meeting or a ball she was quickly punished and harshly for speaking out of term. While her love may be bought to the point of her being spoiled, she learned quick thanks to her older brother's help that, because she's a high classed daughter of the Tutors, she's to keep her head down, never speak and as a girl do any and everything her family asked her to do the very moment she was asked. She learned by herself that her brother was the pride of the family and that she could never compare due to her very own sex.

      As Marry grew, she learned a lot more about her family. First was that devotion to her lord and savior, Christ, was mostly a decoration to make them seem more like better people than what they were. Decorating the house with crosses, prayer when company was around and even her going to church with her brother, sister and mother were all done in keeping her family image clean. Second was that her family were extreme conservatives. Third was that her only role in her family was to be flawlessly beautiful by her family's definition at all times or be locked into her room. All of these were lessons were training her for her one and only life purpose; to strike a good match with the help of her matchmaker, to please her man by being the perfect and quick paced bride and finally to bear many sons to spread her family's influence deeper inside the other families of the elite.

      Marry's life was never her own, and despite her interest in other women and distaste of men, she must be kept silent by her thoughts and accept that she was to be practically sold to the greatest, richest and most powerful man that would take even the slightest interest in her. Her dreams, desires and wants would never matter, no matter how much she wished it too and as far as she cared, god was dead and Jesus was some lying prick that would've gave her false hope and greater detest from her family since her sexuality was looked down upon.

      By the time Marry turned thirteen, she almost gave up on life. Her mother was blind now and still her father was nowhere in her life besides through something that was bought for her. Even so this was the point in her life that would change her fate forever.

      Yet another gathering of the elite that she was to look at the ground in while her father and mother worked their masqurade to persuade others into further investing with them or create some charade to better hurt the competition or something of the like. Whatever the fact would be, Marry noticed a strange kid there and after chasing him she was kidnapped inside her own home, just to awaken tied up on top of some dark ritualistic pentagram in some dark, candle lit room. On that fateful day, Marry was taken in a way she most feared by force at a young age, and to make matters worse it was the most unholy of ways by the most unholy of beings, who changed from what was an innocent boy her age into a monstrous demon that she took into calling as "The Wolf". Because of her own curiosity. Because she made the choice to walk away from her own father's side despite all her brother's wishes and warnings. Because she longed for more (or less) than what she was given from her family. Because she wanted freedom. On that fateful day, Marry was given a great curse that gave her the powers that she currently have now.

      Marry never got over what happened and practically locked herself inside her room at all times, afraid of the outside world, afraid that the demon would come back again and more importantly, afraid of the powers she had no control over. She refused to talk or see anyone and refused any help from her servants besides getting necessities until the fateful day a mysteriously cloaked man came out of a portal that formed inside her room and explained to her that he could help her with master her powers and protect her from all harm until she could protect others and herself. Out of fear and desperation she agreed to this.

      And so Marry trained with Jilocasin, learning how to meld her energy and fight with her powers while also healing and protecting others. She barely had a grasp on how to control her powers enough to not use them when she didn't wish to and learned that her magic was called "Judgement Magic" which took off of her own sins and virtues and the sins and virtues of others to use and that she was the first human in about a millennia with such an ability. She was a "Key" to a door that'll bring great things for the world.

      After getting a basic grasp Marry got out more often, her teenage rebelliousness started to show and she hung out more and more with her older brother, who was 19 at the time and already bad with many important people due to drugs. She was with him when he died, forced to hide and watch him run away from his captors, who shot and skinned him in an ally before disappearing and getting away with it. The family's greatest pride was killed, her father sought revenge that he'd never find, her blind mother was more upset than ever before and the only one who could possibly be at fault enough for their hate, anger, and rage to be vented towards would be Marry. This, of course did oh so well for her self-esteem.

      Marry's rebelliousness escalated to where she NEEDED more. So after taking using some of her allowance to buy a few things (and bribes to have others buy such for her) Marry had her first costume, which was basically a gothic dominatrix in a mask and as such she snuck out and worked with a team of superpowered friends that she managed to get in contact with and started to help around the city under disguise, doing charity work, beating petty crimes like littering and some theft other things of the like. Of course this only worked out until they took more than they could chew and after a disastrous event, whoever was left from the team separated and learned a valuable lesson. A lesson in which Red Sinna, as she once called herself, would never forget and would hang her costume up over. Finally she broke and was now placed down to her lowest point, one that she could ever possibly be in.

      One day, Just because of her feeling of nostalgic happiness of ignorance, Marry went inside a church that was singing and praising their lord on a Sunday. Though after the fun was over she heard the preaching and soon went forth to be saved, and almost every Sunday she went inside it. She learned the value of faith and religion and started to pray more and more often, accepting every word she was told as truth every Sunday, though the biggest preach she payed attention to was that, so long as Marry prayed, begged forgiveness and attended church every Sunday (and paid tithe to it), god would always be with her, even when she sinned. The second biggest lesson was that homosexuality is bad and that if they prayed hard enough, Satin would leave them and they'd be good straight Christians again. Finally, the third lesson was that she should love her 'neighbor' despite the sinful, heathenish ways they may have and that she should be very charitable and kind to all people... in her own way.

      For the next year of her life, Marry's life could be summarized as the following: Waking up to pray, mostly for her gay to be away. next is that she'd be belittled through passive-aggressive comments by her blind mother and her revenge hungry father whilst being compared to her now deceased brother constantly. Finally she'd go and meet Jilocasin to train and master her powers and combat abilities.

      Recently though Jilocasin managed to grab Marry's costume and edited it, adding his own special touches like a rare magic red cloak that complimented her abilities rather well and a white porcelain mask that he 'acquired' as he stole her old costume from her home. The very next time Sinna met Jilocasin, she was surprised to see that he had her costume out and ready for her to wear again. He then explained to her that she has completed all the possible training he could give her and that it is now time for her to go and do what she was meant to do. He explained further the nature of her powers and that, as a user of judgement magics she has also became a key, literally and figuratively to great things. When she asked what he meant he avoided her question, handed her a scroll with directions to where her very first location should be, a small ruin on the mountains outside a large city called "Second city." After that he then gave her a small bit of advice before her great adventure as a hero, which could all be summed down by:
      • Accept her own inner beauty and the beauty of others.
      • Don't be afraid of the more harder decisions in life and be sure to let go on her grudges of the past, for forgiveness helps better than vengeance.
      • Don't interact with the ghosts of purgatory and let them find their peace.
      • Never assume, for everything is more than what it seems.
      • Try to make friends, she'll need them.
      And with that, Sinna was finally off and on her own adventure, alone and for the first time ever, with an actual goal. If she was a key, to what? Why? and more importantly, will her gay ever go away? Cause damn, some of the other girls she met in her life make resisting temptation of the devil very, VERY hard.

      Other: She either drives with her own, personal hover-car or she will demand a limo with a personal driver to drive her.

    • [​IMG]

      Name: Daquan Mythwalker

      Hero/Villain Name: Spellthief

      Age: 19

      Race: Human ~ African American

      Appearance: He is a dark skinned, 6'7 ft tall and 196 lb muscular and very athletic male with dark green eyes and long black dreads for his hair. He usually wears a wife-beater or a T-shirt of some sort of color, usually either orange or green, under his grey sweater and some jeans. He does wear two gold chains on him at all times when out of uniform and into his more civilian clothes.

      When in costume he wears some custom leather steel-toed jester boots that are buckled with carbon-steel plates. He wears big baggy black pants with a bronze chain-like belt with a tattered red piece of cloth added with it. On his right hand, he wears a leather glove with a long piece of black cloth wrapped tightly on his arm, covering the glove and being tied off with a red clothed bracelet. For his left he wears a gauntlet made of leather and black carbon-steel with a backward facing arm-blade. He then wears a small leather vest, a black ninja face-mask and a red arabic-like hat that, when combined with the face-mask, hides his entire face. To finish it all off he uses some magic to add some bright golden tattoos on him to better hide his identity.

      1. Counter-magic ~ Spellthief is a master in countering or reflecting the abilities that others may have, in specific magic or other forms of energy (Chi, Ki, Spirit power, Energy, psionics, the force, ect…) with his magic. At times he could even absorb the energy and use it as his own. This in specific makes in a dangerous combatant for those who use powers that aren’t passive or constant and must use a form of energy in order to cast their abilities.
        • He can cancel a spell before or while it is being cast by placing a spark of his own energy into it, interrupting the natural energy of it and canceling out or taking control of that spell and making it attack it’s user and backfire completely.
        • He can create shield like barrier that can absorb or reflect a spell, either taking it’s energy to increase his own supply or reflect the spell directly back towards it’s target.
        • For magic users in specific, he can place a spark of his own energy into a user and instantly shatter their mana supply, draining them completely and making them have an increasingly harder time to cast spells.
        • He can temporarily ‘mute’ an individual’s ability to use their energy, preventing any and all spells from being cast in that short moment. This can affect several people at once as well within a small area.
        • After moments of charging his spell, he could place his energy into a powerful attack spell that cuts through magical defenses with ease, shattering them as it focuses to strike a target in a thin, straight beam of light of compressed energy that disappears as soon as it appears, sniping whatever target may be in the path of where his two fingers are pointing.
      2. Stealth Magic~ A strange mix of shadow magic, illusionary magic and alternative magics he could use this newer art called “Thief” or “Stealth” magics to better hide and stealthily move around and get into position unnoticed and very quickly while in costume. From creating a thick fog to hide in, becoming invisible, teleport short distances, levitating or even creating a copy or two of himself, he can use this magic to give him the best advantages to attack without needing to ever face his enemies and probably the most dangerous in his entire arsenal.
        • He could become invisible for a few short moments of time to quickly get away.
        • He could alter his appearance and clothes to better blend in with the crowd whenever needed.
        • He can teleport a short distance but it is a strain on his mana and he can only do it a few times in a row before needing to let it cooldown for a bit.
        • He can create up to three illusionary copies of himself out of shadows to use as illusionary decoys in combat.
        • He can create a large, thick fog or smoke around him that’s properties he can control to better suit his needs for whenever he needs to quickly get away.
        • He can put targeted individuals within a certain area into a deep sleep for a short amount of time.
        • He can hide his body completely from the senses of smell, sound, taste and at times even the sixth sense others may have, making his steps and movements never make a sound, him never having a catchable scent of smell or taste and his very presence unnoticeable completely, almost as if he doesn’t exist.

      Skills: Driving, master pickpocketer, master lockpicker, parkour, chin na, kyūjutsu, Silat, and 10/18 of the Ninjitsu disciplines. (Taijutsu, Bōjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Hensōjutsu, Shinobi-iri, Bajutsu, Sui-ren, Intonjutsu, Chi-Mon)

      Weapons: Two carbon-steel knives, some throwing knives and an enchanted bow and quiver full of arrows.

      Magic Items: A Magic bow that can either turn a singular fired arrow into five arrows, Make the shot arrow bend to magically seek their desired target or have an arrow fly at the speed 7,500 feet per second when fired.

      Gear: Some scrolls that he ‘acquired’ with random spells on them for him to cast and some mana crystals.

      Personality: Daquan is an outgoing, fun-loving character with a heavy desire for adventure and the knowing the unknown. He is the type of person that really wants to make friends more-so than enemies and he'd rather people get along than fight. Daquan has a very large group of friends that he stays in contact with however he also sections it into organized groups, classifying them from associates, to 'party friends' to good friends, to close friends and finally to top the hierarchy with best friend. Whenever he is free, Daquan would always either hang out and smoke weed with his close friends, practice his parkour, reading a new scroll or book that he 'acquired', play basketball, or party. Daquan LOVES his powers almost as much as he loves to freerun, believing that he can make a major difference in the world and also loves showing them off at times with his very small group of close friends.

      While Daquan is fun and outgoing, he is also a very caring, kind-hearted character as well. He prefers more non-violent ways of dealing with a situation than just doing the occasional 'punch it in the face. If that doesn't work punch it harder till it dies!" method. He will always be there for a friend, even going far enough to bend a few rules to help them out and if someone ever needs a person to talk to, so long as you keep him shut up long enough, he'll be there and listen carefully.

      Despite these beneficial traits he is blunt, ambitious and has many views that may be against the laws. He is willing to do almost anything for a cause, especially one for his closer friends, this includes breaking an entry, drug dealing and major cases of theft. He doesn't know when to stop fooling around and when to be more serious on specific issues and to make things worse he loves his weed almost as much as he loves his books or parkour. While he would never harm a person physically, he is willing to steal from the criminals that he subdued. Him showing off gets him into trouble with the other gangs and at times his friends, quickly getting them jealous over his abilities and when added to his bluntness, it's just him begging for a whole lot of trouble.



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  5. Love you brother! xP
  6. Have put this on my watchlist but way too tired to even begin to cobble together a character as I am spoiled for choice. Literally looking at 30+ pieces of profiles for both heroes and villains with various potential for either being Non-powered, super powered, tech focused, brawler focused, magic focused. Electric, Fire, Frost etc etc etc.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalso: A blacklist of powers would be immensely useful for returning and newcomers.
  7. Stryder you forgot rule 14.
  8. And rule 34 right?
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  9. Well yes but no.

    Rule 14: Make fun of the GM any chance possible his reactions are hilarious.
  10. konachan-com-114402-jpeg_artifacts-sword-underboob-weapon-white_hair-1.jpg

    Minami Nyx

    Hero/Villain name:
    Some people came up with names for her. She is called "Glitch", "Ghost" and "Reaper" in different newspapers and areas of the town.

    Minami is 21 years old

    Her father is an unknown demon, her mother the daughter of a powerful demon named Trigon.
    She is mostly demonic, but it is not sure what her grandmother is.

    I believe this is a mistake in the CS skeleton ;).

    - Darkness manipulation:

    Minami has the ability to create, shape and manipulate darkness in many shapes and forms.
    When combined with her psychic or empathic abilities, she can attempt to alter or remove the darkness in ones heart.
    Though her ability is quite strong and very handy, it is severely weakened in bright lights.

    -Electricity manipulation:

    Minami can bend electricity to her will and use it in several ways. She rarely uses this ability, because it is highly unpredictable and dangerous. She has used it a few times to save someone's life, but was damaged herself in the process.

    -Psychic abilities:

    Minami has inherited psychic abilities from her mother, though none as advanced. She can enter minds when given permission, levitate and fly, lift objects and teleport among other things. Her psychic ability makes her more vulnerable to another psychic invading her mind.


    By using her demonic energy, Minami can summon entities from other worlds and unknown plains. Not all creatures obey her command and the summon drains energy according to the creature's strength. Like her ability to manipulate electricity, this skill is rarely used in combat, though Mina often summons small critters and beasts to keep her company.


    This is not a skill Minami can control in any way at this point. She is a natural empath and can pick up on emotions several miles away if she truly focuses. She cannot, however, shut this ability down or block the emotions from flooding in, causing her paralyzing headaches when the emotions overwhelm her.

    -Bone & Blood manipulation:

    At this point still undiscovered, this is the one power not accounted for in Minami's bloodline. It is most likely inherited from her father, but you can't be sure.

    With this ability, Minami can manipulate her bones in such a way that she can use them as weapons or defensive items.
    She can also alter the density of her bones to make them lighter or heavier, though this can both be a weakness as it is a strength.
    Her blood can be manipulated in the same sense as her shadows and can be shaped or formed into whatever object she likes. This ability does come with a great risk, as she could die from bloodloss should her blood be severed in battle.

    Minami is an exceptionally fast learner and has picked up on many things by just looking at them for a while.

    She carries no weapons at this time and fights only with her powers.

    Minami does not carry any gear at this time. She does, however, wear a black, hooded dress with black stockings and ankle-high boots as shown below.


    When Minami unlocks her "True Form" a.k.a her Demonic form, she will gain a black armor such as the one shown below.


    Minami is quite curious and highly ignorant of the world. Her empathic abilities make her able to see the difference between good and bad, but she is not able to explain it. Minami is highly affectionate towards people who's energy feels good to her and will almost immediately consider them as friends.

    Minami was born from the Teen Titan Raven and an unknown demon. Due to reasons unknown to her she was taken to a laboratory and studied. She was raised there for four years until they subjected her to a gruesome experiment that shook her so much that she killed all the workers in that area and ran away. Soon after that she was found by her brother, Sirius and he raised her till this day.

    Despite the deceit and horror the scientists in the labs showed her, Minami is in no way resentful towards humans. She helps them in ways she has seen on the television or in real life, but doesn't truly see herself as a hero. Instead, she sees everything mostly as a game and doesn't take things seriously.

    Mina is very fond of dogs and will help every dog she sees out in the street.

    Other: Nothing at the moment ^^​
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  11. And you say GL is Op
  12. Excuse me? These aren't finalized, not only that why are you nit picking my CS's
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  13. Would you not be prone to jump to conclusion when someone said to you "This type of character is too powerful" and then that same person seems, note seems, to be bringing the same sort of character?
  14. Calm down Stry just take the criticism since you didn't ;eave a statement such a reaction should have been expected well so Witch believes anyways I per say haven't read your Skeleton yet... and now I shall.
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hero/Villain name:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Background: [/BCOLOR]
  15. Finished my form ^^
  16. I like it *claps*
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  17. Stryder Recluse is basically Spider man... didn't we agree no more carbon copies?
  18. Name: Eve

    Hero/Villain name: Majin Eve

    Age: ???

    Race: Majin

    Alias: Majin Eve ( ? )

    Appearance: (open)
    She stands five and a half feet tall.

    Ki Energy - Though Majin Eve is naturally very strong, fast and durable, by using her Ki energy she can increase her strength, speed and durability greatly, as well as use it to fly at incredible speeds.

    Candy Beam - Majin Eve fires a beam of energy from her central hair head tentacle that can change seemingly anything near the size of a large truck into various possible food items, most of which will possibly be desserts or candy.

    Ki-Blasts/Beams - Using the well of Ki energy that dwells inside her, Majin Eve can fire blasts of Ki energy, or beams of Ki energy.

    Regeneration - Majin Eve has the ability to heal herself and regrow entire limbs or even her whole body in a matter of seconds if it somehow got completely destroyed, but depending on how serous the injury the more energy it takes her to heal herself, and the lower her energy the slower she heals.

    Self Biological Manipulation - Majin Eve can stretch her limbs and body to almost any length and even control parts of her body if they were ever separated from her (from losing an arm to having her body cut in half horizontally from her waist), doing so takes a small amount of her energy.

    Healing Power - Majin Eve can heal others but at the cost of her Ki energy.

    Instant Transmission - Allows her to teleport instantly to any Ki energy signature that she can sense if she focusses on it.

    Kaioken - A power boost that draws on her stamina to increase her strength, speed and Ki energy, but puts her at risk of doing harm to her body for prolonged use of it.

    Multiform Technique - Majin Eve splits herself into multiple bodies, but for each body made it cuts her strength by half.

    Energy Charge - By concentrating deeply and drawing from inside herself Majin Eve can recharge her Ki energy, doing so takes time and leaves her vulnerable for attack.


    Durable Weighted Clothing that would appear to be enchanted as it stretches and heals along with Majin Eve.

    Majin Eve is cheerful and or happy almost 70% of the time when she's not fighting, but when she is she gets serious , she's also caring about her friends and doesn't like it when she see's innocent people get hurt, she has a liking towards fighting and training, and she happens to have a serous sweet tooth. She doesn't like giving up, especially if she's fighting to help save innocent people, but she will give up if someone's life is on the line and it depends on her surrender.

    Background: Once before, Majin Eve looked different, she looked normal, she was human, but an accident made her what she is now. An organization called SHARD took her with the intention of making a bio weapon out of her under the project named Majin, making her their own personal puppet, transforming her body into what it is now to prevent her from getting destroyed when fighting even the toughest of meta humans, she was to be the first, and the last of her kind, something went wrong, her body had developed in a way they hadn't hoped, changing her skin tone and body composition. Making her what she is now, though as unexpected as the change in color and composition was, they didn't mind it, what the real problem was, was her mind, due to the change in development she wasn't under their control thusly she freed herself from them, and instead of giving chase they shut down the Majin Project. Even though Eve had her freedom, she had lost her memories, her family, friends, her history all lost to her, only retaining her name and some less than basic knowledge of the world, but instead of searching for her lost memories she left her forgotten past behind her to enjoy her freedom, her new life and new powers that she has yet to learn about.

    Other: If ever Majin Eve was somehow ever brought to the point of pure rage during a fight she could loose control off herself and go berserk which not only can be dangerous to herself but to everyone near her, especially the one she's fighting.

    Also, she doesn't need to breath, eat or sleep, though she can she doesn't need to, but she prefers to do so.

    Theme -

    Theme 2 -

    Note: yes, yes, I think I know what your all thinking, although I could possibly be wrong, she's a dbz character, but no need to fear, for she is no where near as strong or powerful as those in dbz, she wont be destroying planets let alone cities, possibly smallish buildings though.... maybe medium-ish buildings.... maybe..., not that she would purposely do so :3 and now that that's been said~ Please don't hurt me! *cowers*
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  19. It isn't a carbon copy, that'd state he got his powers the same way, the only way he mirrors spiderman is powers, and even those are differentiated from him in their own way.
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  20. I have to agree with Stryder on this, plus him bringing in this character was my idea. Stryder plays this character rather well and I like it so I personally requested it to be brought in this time despite him not being allowed in last time because of that reason.

    Witch I'm also talking to Stryder about you bringing a GL though I think he'll be willing to allow it now, so long as he's not a carbon copy. I'll explain more on this in the PMs.
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