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  1. Hey. Anyone interested in a rp about teens who are recruited to be spies? Anything from just spying to actually assassinating targets.
  2. That sounds cool, I've been wanting to do one for a long time. Though what I had in mind is teens balancing being normal high school teenagers and being international super spies who stop the bad guys, no actual killing involved though with lots of near death experiences/close calls. It would be based off of Totally Spies sort of, if you've heard of it.
  3. That's an idea. :)

    I was thinking a group rp. What do you think [MENTION=5663]Amaya5[/MENTION] ? And would you be opposed to possible killing?
  4. Yeah, a group rp would be good. Well, possible killing would be okay if it's just the villains that it is happening to, not the spies.