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  1. This is basically a reality show where teens ranging from ages 14-18 come to a secluded house, away from their friends, family, and the outside world. Without their electronics, their only entertainment is each other. The one problem? This is a reality game show, and every week, a contestant is voted off by the others. They must compete in challenges every week, and build alliances,and sonetimes romantic relationships to stay in the game. Is it true romance? Or is it all for show? As drama unfolds, bonds are broken. The last one standing is the winner.

    I want everyone to know what is going on. Head of Household is the first challenge each week. The winner is the HOH for the week and gets immunity (safety) and cannot be evicted (voted off) . ALSO, the HOH will nominate two contestants to be evicted. Next, the two contestants, and the other contestants (except for HOH) will be a part of the POV challenge. Sometimes randomly selected competitors will be chosen to participate, while others stay behind and watch. The winner of the POV has the power to save a nominee from eviction, or to not use it. (You cannot save the POV) If the POV winner chooses to save a nominee, the HOH must put up a replacement. (It cannot be the POV winner or nominee.) After they make their choice, nominations begin.

    The contestants must anonymously vote out one of nominees. (I'm the host AND a contestant. So PM me!) This will go on every week until the final three.

    Interested? Fill this out.


    Age (14-18):

    Where you're from:



    Do you watch the show Big Brother? (won't effect anything.):

    That's it! :)


    1.) Candace King

    I'll accept more, just need these spots filled first.
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  2. Is appearance description or picture? And if picture, photo or drawn? I can imagine there being some controversy in using pictures for characters under the age of 18.
  3. Well, I would say either one is okay, but you made a great point about using pictures of teens under eighteen. I guess you could post a photo of someone older,just to get an idea of what they look like. It doesn't have to be an exact match.
  4. Name: Ju Rain
    Age: 18
    Where you're from: Born in Korea lived there for 15 years, Lived in California for 3 years now.
    Personality: Ju is sweet and kind hearted and caring person minus his exterior looks, He has good wit and relfexs. Top condition for a guy his age, He dose tend to be a loner due to people judging his apperance.
    Do you watch the show Big Brother? (won't effect anything.): Yes, Not as often though.


  5. Name: Gabe Ross

    Age: 14

    Where your from: Brooklyn, New York

    Personality: A shy little fellow, Gabe is exceptionally smart. He tends to try not to get into drama, or be seen for the most part. He is somewhat lonely from lack of friends, but is a nice kid once you get to know him.

    Do you watch the show Big Brother? (Won't affect anything.): Nope

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  6. As long as you do not take the picture specifically from a person's personal profile on any social networking site, then any picture of anybody under 18 will be OK.
    If the picture is not connected to a social network (even in this case the networks have the licences to send out your picture for other public and corporate use, as stated in their terms and conditions more often than not) then it is OK to use. If you are really worried then search using the image itself to find out. Pictures of minors, as long as not connected to a social networking site or defaming of character, are perfectly legal for the public to use.

    Just in case anybody is worried about getting in trouble with the law. I just wanted to ease some minds here.
  7. Obviously this means that there are differences in these types of laws from country to country. Where I'm from, it is illegal to use pictures of minors (under the age of 18) without the conscent of their guardian.
  8. Name: Mariella Gray (prefers Mars)

    Age: 17

    Where you're from: A military brat all her life Mariella has moved from base to base with her father. As of now, San Antonio, Texas.

    Personality: Not generally shy, but often reserved, Mariella prefers the company of a good book than the company of strangers. Though at first she seems awfully standoffish she can be very friendly and outgoing when she deems fit. Although she might not speak very often she can be snarky and sarcastic when she does decide to open her mouth. Mars herself may have a hard time making friends due to the fact that she has gotten to the point where she finds them worthless, only things to be missed when she moves so shortly after befriending them.


    Do you watch the show Big Brother? (won't effect anything.): Only a few episodes.
  9. Well then what I said applies to any Americans looking into this specific role play, or any role play that requires an image in the future. It seems other countries have the right idea when it comes protecting its minor's and their imagery, instead of hiding little schemes in terms and conditions. Thank you for clearing that up.
  10. Name: Kaitlyn Angelique Casanova

    Age (14-18): 18

    Where you're from: Born in France, moved to California when she was 10.

    Personality: Kaitlyn is a really sporty girl usually. She did Taikwando when she was young, then started with soccer, before she moved onto learning how to use a bow with arrows, and how to shoot. Her smile is usually in place, but sometimes people might find her a bit stuck up. She's very forward, and tends to go right ahead and do what she likes.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Do you watch the show Big Brother? (won't effect anything.): No, haven't seen it for years.
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  11. Name: Jesusa Lima (call her Sue)

    Age (14-18): 17

    Where you're from: Boca Raton, Florida

    Personality: Jesusa is a generally happy person, almost to the point where she annoys others around her. She sees everything as a positive experience, and looks at the world through rose colored glasses. She can't handle confrontation, and when extremely nervous she tends to faint (though this may be due to a mineral deficiency). She's very knowledgeable on oceanography and topography, although this of no use to her anywhere. She has plans to some day take over her parent's Cuban restaurant.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Do you watch the show Big Brother? (won't effect anything.): To be honest, I didn't know it was still on air.
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  12. Sorry for the long wait! I guess we can start where people are entering the house and getting to know each other?
  13. Sure, sounds about right.
  14. Cool, looking forward to it. ^^
  15. Sure :)
  16. Name: Grant Mercer

    Age (14-18): 18

    Where you're from: Bronx, New york

    Personality: Grant is the goofy guy always making people laugh and always pulling some crazy stunt. Around new people he's open and isn't afraid of starting up a random conversation. He does pay attention to detail and other people's personalities which in the end affects his judgment over time. He's sporty ranging from football to track and a little wrestling in his middle to freshman year of high school. Genuinely he's a nice guy unless otherwise.


    Do you watch the show Big Brother? (won't effect anything.): About 2-3 Episodes
    ( Too Late?)
  17. Why is there only one character signed up that's not 17 or 18? o.o This intimidates me a bit..

    I'm interested! I'll have to make a CS later if it's not too late.
  18. Name: Blithe Owens (she hates her first name)

    Age (14-18): 15 1/2

    Where you're from: Seattle, Washington

    Personality: Blithe is unconventional and eccentric, to say the least. She's witty but socially awkward, and prefers to hide behind sunglasses and headphones so she doesn't have to try and force conversation. Confrontation and public speaking make her sick. She likes grunge music and cloudy days. She doesn't tel anyone, but she smokes cigarettes. That will probably be the hardest thing about the show for her: having to find a way to either hide it or stop during filming.

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Do you watch the show Big Brother? (won't effect anything.): nope
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  19. Name: Gia Ines Ciccotelli

    Age: 18

    Origin: Verona, Italy (Moved to America)


    - Self-controlled. When it is most necessary, Gia can be very self-controlled. It used to be a little hard to believe, considering in her childhood days, she was like a bottle cap eager to burst off of its bottle. In those days, she would find herself in several fights with other children. And of course, she would then find herself in some trouble. However, she has learned to tame herself over the years. In a time of anger, Gia Ines would simply breathe and count to twenty, because sometimes "counting to ten just won't cut it", as she says. But sometimes, even that isn't enough if she gets angry enough.

    - Observant. As Gia would sometimes say, "You can never be too vigilant." This is one of the things she likes to live by. After all, there is such a thing as crime. Though she doesn't like to say she has trust issues, she tends to stay wary of some people who she deems untrustworthy. And even when she's not being paranoid, Gia just simply likes to watch people around her.

    - Risking-taking, Brave & Altruistic. Gia is big on risk-taking, bravery, and selflessness. If a friend were ever in a bind, whether it serious or otherwise, she would go out of her way to help that person. Even if she doesn't know a person, she has the same opinion about being selfless. She could see a bum on the street and be sympathetic enough to lend him or her money.

    - Loyal. Her parents had taught her to be as loyal to a friendship or any other relationship as she can be. This stuck with her, and Gia defends anyone like family to her.
    Do you watch the show Big Brother: To be completely honest, I have no idea what show that is. I've never watched it.
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