Teen Partners needed! (Not in a creepy way I swear...)

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  1. Hello!

    I'm opening a couple spots up in my rp schedule for teen role players. I see a lot of people saying they only want 18+ to rp with so I wanted to open up a thread for 18-.

    Anyway rules:

    1- Be dedicated. I understand family emergencies, sickness, etc. But if at all possible please post at least 3 times a week though the more you can post the better!
    (I am having some family stuff at the moment, but I am dedicated. )

    2- Advance the plot. I know it can sometimes be hard but I don't bite we can discuss stuff don't just have flat posts or not post because you can't think of anything.

    3- Have realistic characters for the rp. i.e If your character is poor they will not have the latest phone, a car, nice clothes etc. If they are in Juvie or some such place they will not have nice luxuries like headphones or the latest style shoes.
    Just have it make sense please. It bugs me people don't even try to make their character fit the rp.

    4- No perfect characters. Everyone has faults and it can't just be 'oh YC is a little clumsy'. The faults must be personality wise and throwing in one physically wise is also more realistic.

    5- Don't be too cliche whether it's characters or plots

    6- Be nice peoples!

    7- Be descriptive. I know it can be hard but try.

    8- Grammar and such should be at least OK. I am not good at spelling and my grammar can be tough but I look stuff up and I try.

    9- No one liners, no one senencers. I'm not going to demand three paragraphs but at least try for one good paragraph with 3-4 sentences in it. (Some situations may call for shorter like fight scenes but for a normal post that's the lowest length I want)


    1- Be able to play both characters and more than one if neccisary.

    2- I do romance but only MxF. However I am open to non-romantic RPs with same gender pairings.

    3- I can play characters of most ages and so should you.

    4- I rp in thread

    5- No Fandom. I suck at it because I don't know/understand most of them.

    6- However we can take elements from stories to make an original plot


    So so two middle schoolers run away because some bad stuff is going on at home. The older step/half/full sibling of one of them quickly follows them because he/she wants to protect them.

    Anyway they meet this other teen while living on the streets who shows them the ropes and stuff happens....

    This rp could have a realistic bent...it could also have a post apocolyptice bent to it.

    I will add plots when I think up good ones.

    I like realistic settings. Modern and semi-futuristic. I like war rps and apocalypse. I'm open to most stuff so just PM me or post down below!


    Sorry for all the rules I can seem picky but I'm normally quite chill so yeah. Don't get scared away!
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  2. Hey! If your interested I'd love to do a roleplay with ya. :)
  3. Awesome! PM me and we'll work out the details and plot and such.
  4. 1 possibly 2 spots open for now.
    (I will update when more spots become available )
  5. Hello, friend. I'm interested.
  6. Pm me!

    I will possibly be accepting one more person if you come to be with a good plot!
  7. I have a couple ideas and would be open to any also if your still looking.
  8. PM me your ideas um know I might not accept though. I am looking for 18- because there don't seem to be a lot of openings out there for them however 18+ is a lot easier to find.

    Everyone else:

    There is a possible spot open only if you are 18- though b
  9. I am interested! c:
  10. Alright PM me!

    All spots are closed for now! I will open this back up when I'm ready for more!
  11. So...opening up one or two more spots please be dedicated.
  12. I added in plot line. :-P. Check it out and on me if y'all wanna rp!
    If you have any ideas on how to change the plot just pm me too.
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