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    • A young man has a very close friend who moves away for a time. When she comes back in high school they start up a relationship.
      The young man leaves for bootcamp after dropping out of high school. He comes home after bootcamp for 10 days and right after he leaves for his new unit she is raped. She doesn't tell him and breaks it off with him so he just doesn't come home because he doesn't see the point is wasting his leave time.
      Two years later he comes home injured because he needs to recover and doesn't have anywhere else to go. He finds out the girl is living right next door to him and that she has two kids.
      Doing some quick calculation at first he is angry and hurt because he thinks she cheated on him and then broke up with him, but somehow he finds out the truth so he tries to restart their relationship.


    • Full Name: Jack Abraham Grigorescu

      Nicknames: Jack,

      Age: 19

      Birthday: 13 September

      Gender: Male

      Sexuality: Straight

      FaceClaim: No one?


      Eyes: Jack's eyes are a very dark brown. They have flecks of silver, gold, and bronze in them making them sparkle a bit. He is blind in his left eye and there's ugly scarring from shrapnel around it.

      Hair: Jack's hair is pitch black and curly. He keeps it shaved short on the sides, but on the top it's slightly longer which shows his curls off. His eyebrows are slightly thick and his eye lashes are normal.

      Height: Jack is 6'5".

      Weight: Right now Jack is on the a little light form being in the hospital and weighs about 159 lbs. His normal weight is 176-181.

      Distinguishing Features: Jack has a lot of scars on his left side. He was near the blast of a suicide bomber and has shrapnel scars all a long his left side. The scars look like halfway between cuts and burns.

      Wears: Jack wears jeans and a t-shirt normally. He has a set of sneakers that are pretty old and beat up. Jack doesn't buy new clothes a lot because he sees no need so some of his clothes are old looking.

      Personality: Jack is extremely stubborn. Even when he struggles he will keep pushing forward. He doesn't ask for help a lot because he doesn't like too. He enjoys being independent and doing things for himself.

      Jack is very high energy. He can come across as hyper a lot of the time and doesn't focus too well. His thoughts tend to jump here and there and sometimes don't make sense. He can also seem very disorganized about his thinking, writing, keeping his stuff straight, and life in general.

      Jack is also very friendly. He is interested in people and likes to be around people. However right now he is struggling with PTSD. Sometimes he can feel overwhelmed in public or when he's having a very hard time with flashbacks.

      Jack's personality is a little different right now though. He is quieter because a lot of his energy is put into healing physically. He gets frustrated pretty easily when he has a hard time doing things he found super easy before or when he's in a lot of pain. He is also having a harder time keeping organized and focused.

      Biography: Jack was born and raised in a poor suburb of Seattle. He has three older siblings and two younger half siblings. His family never had a lot of money which meant Jack and his older siblings worked various jobs from even before middle school to high school.

      Jack's mother was very abusive towards the children, but they kept it hidden from their father because she told them that their dad would be blamed for it and jailed.
      When Jack was 12 his father found out what his mother was doing and divorced her. No conviction went through, but he managed to get her to lose her parental rights. When Jack was 14 his father remarried to Jack's stepmother.

      Danni returned when Jack was 17 at the beginning of the semester. Jack decided to continue with school instead of dropping out like his initial plan because he wanted to be able to get to know her again. Jack barely got halfway through the year before he dropped out and worked as a car mechanic until he got his GED at 17.
      Jack enlisted in the Navy as soon as he got his GED.

      After Danni broke up with Jack didn't return to his tiny town. His mom and dad would visit him now and then, but he didn't want to go back because he had no reason to waste his leave.

      Jack became a medic and worked with Marines Near the end of his first deployment Jack and the rest of his company were going into a hospital to capture a bad guy without having to bomb it and injure innocents. They found the bad guy, but they hadn't been told he was a suicide bomber. The bad guy blew up injuring and killing many people from Jack's company.

      The next thing Jack knew he was waking up in the hospital in Germany. He was now just returned to his home town to finish recovering and get back on his feet.

      Health Info: Jack is blind in his left eyes and deaf in his left ear due to injuries from the blast. He currently walks with a limp and avoids using his left arm because it's still healing and it hurts.
      He also has ADHD and possibly PTSD.

      Likes: Working, his dad, food, camping, hiking, outdoors, his country, his siblings, playing with his half siblings

      Dislikes: Exercising, schooling, his mother, abusive people, his memories,


      Father- Emil Tobar Grigorescu

      Mother- Akieyla Sarai Grigorescu(Formerly Moses)

      Stepmother- Luciana Mysie Grigorescu(Formerly Starett)

      Oldest Sister- Kaandra Petronela Grigorescu (Age- 25)

      Oldest Brother- Malachy Emil Grigorescu (Age- 22)

      Older Brother- Darius Valentin Grigorescu (Age- 21)

      Youngest Half Sister- Ruxandra Sapphire Grigorescu (Age- 3)

      Youngest Half Brother- Samuel Ruben Grigorescu (Age- 3)

    • [​IMG]

      Name: Danielle Elizabeth Marie Cotter

      Nickname(s): Danny; Mommy

      Age: Eighteen

      Birthday: October 31

      Gender: Female

      Sexuality: Heterosexual

      FaceClaim: Danielle Campbell

      Eyes: Bright blue, ocean like. They change color when she changes moods.

      Hair: Long, curly/wavy, brown hair.

      Height: 5'4

      Weight: 115 lbs

      Distinguishing Features: Ear piercings, running from top to bottom; a belly button piercing; a nose piercing on her right side

      Wears: She usually sticks to comfortable clothes. Mainly jeans ad t-shirts, but every now and then she will be caught wearing a dress. She always has a night with her kids and she dresses them up and they go out and do something, whether it is watching a movie or going to a restuarant, hoping to crate a tight bond between the three

      Personality: Danielle is a very bright girl, in fact, that was what she was known for. She was top of her class and everyone wanted to know her. She was very popular and great with people, but when she go tpregnant, she withdrew from everyone, including her family. She was still an outgoing person, she just felt ashamed because she was pregnant and no one would know the truth about what happened. She is still a very smart and bright person and has only gotten smarter by the days to pass.
      She is a very stubborn woman though, and she will not be told no unless she wants to be told know. Saying this, she is a very passioante person. She doesn't give up on things or people. Ever. She tries and tries and tries and she refuses to give up, no matter what. She is very caring and compassionate, even more when she became a mother. She only cares about others, rather than herself, and would risk anything, nearly, to help someone else.
      She is always a positive person and smiling most of the time. She doesn't have ,many bad days and in all honesty, she tries to make sure that she can be a good influence for her children, whom are her pride and joy.

      Biography: Danielle grew up being the best of the best. She was eleven when she moved away with her family to a bigger city for her father's city, and this gave her more of a chance to make more friends. She tok advantage of this and became very popular and smart. When she was sixteen, her and her parents moved back to their old home where she met Jack, whom she had been friends with before and they instantly hit it off. They started dating, but after he went off to bootcamp and was deployed a year later, Danny was raped. She was so embarrassed and scared, but she planned to tell Jack as soon as she got a chance to, but when she found out se was pregnant she couldn't bare to tell him and instead ended things with him. She now has two twins, Georgie and Justin.

      Likes: Food, cooking, her babies, spending time with her kids, cooking, baking, family nights, Disney movies, sleepovers with her babies

      Dislikes: Babysitters, loud music, coldeness, being away from home/her kids, dishes, drinking


      Mother-Marissa Cotter

      Father- James Cotter

      Brother -Mason Cotter

      Brother- Michael Cotter

      Daughter- Georgia Cotter

      Son- Justin Cotter

    • [​IMG]

      Name: Justin Cotter

      Nicknames: Justin, Jay, Monkey

      Age: 2

      Birthday: March 17

      Gender: Male

      Sexuality: Unknown

      FaceClaim: None

      Distinguishing Features:
      Scar on his right elbow.
      Birthmark on his left shoulder.
      Scar on his left cheek.

      Wears: Justin usually sticks to jeans and a t-shirt with tennis shoes.

      Personality: Justin is a very happy baby. He is always smiling and never fails to laugh or make someone else laugh. Rarely is he in a bad mood, but that being said, he sleeps. A lot. That doesn't give him much time to be grumpy. He is very intellegent, but he gets frustrated when he can't get something that he wants easily.

      Biography: Justin was born right before his sister on March 17. He grew up with his mother and sister. They moved after he was 2 weeks old because his mother's parents kicked her out. After that he was placed in daycare, but taken out a short time later and babysat by the next door neighbors. Justin was born with coarctation of the aorta (COA), and had to have heart surgery when he was 1 week old. He still takes medicine and has monthly check ups to make sure everything is going okay.

      Likes: Eating, playing, cars, music, his mom, his sister, his blanket, playgrounds, learning

      Dislikes: Babysitters, loud music, heat, bright lights, being away from his mom or sister, new people


      Mother- Danielle Cotter

      Father- ???

      Sister- Georgia Cotter

    • [​IMG]

      Full Name: Georgia Hope Cotter

      Nicknames: Georgie

      Age: 2(Almost 3)

      Birthday: 17 March

      Gender: Female

      Sexuality: N/A

      FaceClaim: No one?


      Eyes: Georgie's eyes are brown with undertones of a gray-blue. There's a a brownish starburst near her pupil. Her eyes are framed in dark slightly thick eyelashes. Georgie has sleeping troubles and sometimes has dark circles under her eyes even at her age.

      Hair: Her hair is black and very curly. Her mom keeps it short because it bugs her when it get too long.

      Height: She is tiny for her age and stands at 2'3"

      Weight: Georgie is a rather thin child ranges between 19 and 21 pounds. Her pediatrician has her on Ensure and other dietary supplements to assist her in gaining the weight se needs to gain. She gets cold pretty easily because of this.

      Distinguishing Features: Georgie has a slightly rounded face and a flattened button nose. Her lips are slightly thick and are a dark pink color. She has small ears and rather thin wispy looking eyebrows. Her cheeks normally flushed a rosy pink.

      Wears: Georgie likes to wears jeans, t-shirts(or onesies since she's so tiny), and a hoodie. She doesn't like skirts or dresses. Georgie doesn't like shoes and if she wears them will only wear a pair of light slip on sneakers.

      Personality: Georgie is a very happy child. Though she is delayed she tries hard and is always willing to learn. She is a very positive and stubborn child and refuses to let things get her down.
      Georgie, however, does get frustrated when she isn't understood because of her delays. She also doesn't like to be treated like an invalid and refuses to sit in a wheelchair. She will only stay in her stroller when their in public because her mom won't let her crawl on the ground.
      Georgie gets overwhelmed pretty easily. She struggles to keep up mentally with some situation and this makes her withdraw more. Normally she is pretty chatty in her own way, but if she feels unwanted or like she isn't understood she will stop talking and kind of go into her own little world.

      Biography: Georgie was born after her mother was raped. At first her mother had to put her and her twin brother in daycare. One day when Georgie was about 2 months old a day care worker shook her for crying too much. Another worker called her mother immediately and Georgie was rushed to the hospital, but the damage was already done.
      Needless to say after that Georgie's mother took her and her brother out of the daycare and they started to be baby sat by the next door neighbors.
      Georgie was diagnosed with JIA at 6 months. She already had physical, occupational, and feeding/speech therapy she has to go to at the local college(The school allowed undergrad and grad students to get hands-on experience by providing cheap therapy to those who needed it. their is supervision by certified therapists however to make sure everything is fine)

      Health Info: Georgie had a traumatic brain injury as a very young baby when a daycare worker shook her. Because of this she has poor vision(And will need glasses when she starts school) and has learning difficulties and other physical problems. She functions at a lower level then she is and still only crawls around on her stomach. She also gets overwhelmed easily because she doesn't process outside stimuli as fast as she should.
      Georgie also has JIA(Juvenile idiopathic arthritis) which makes her physical problems from the shaking worse.

      Likes: Playgrounds, learning, playing, music, food

      Dislikes: Physical therapy(it hurts), extremely loud noises, extremely bright lights, bitter food, large crowds


      Mother- Danielle Elizabeth Marie Cotter(Age-18)


      Brother- Justin Cotter (Age- 2)

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  1. POV: Jack
    Location: Driving Home
    Time: 4:05-5:35 January 13

    Jack sat in the passenger seat quietly. He'd flown in from Germany today and his dad was driving him home from the airport. He was tire and in a good amount of pain. Jack didn't like the pain killers he'd been given because they made him groggy and slow so he wouldn't take them.

    "Ma's cooking a big meal for us when we get back. " his dad told him as the drove. Jack smiled and nodded his right knee bouncing slightly as an energy release,

    "What's Ma making?" He asked. He honestly wasn't sure how much he'd be able to eat right now. Pain made his appetite less ravenous and traveling lessened it even more. Jack called his biological mother just mother, but called his stepmother Ma.

    "Not sure...I think it's that casserole dish with the mashed potatoes, beef, veggies and stuff." His dad responded shrugging,

    "She was going to pre-prepare it and come with, but the twins aren't feeling well. I think they picked something up from neighbor girl's kids. We babysit them when she needs us. The girl has twins to oddly enough." His dad explained.

    "Maybe it's something in the water." Jack laughed, "Sorry the lil' ones aren't well." He added.

    "They'll be fine they're tough kids." His dad reassure him. Jack nodded. His parents had visited with the twins a good amount of times. The youngest Grigorescus were almost four now.

    Jack watched as the city flew by changing slowly to suburbia. They lived in the poor version of the suburbs so the look of the neighborhoods slowly started to decline. They were almost home now and Jack started to mentally prepare himself to meet his stepmom and siblings. All his siblings had appearantly come to see him come home. The town wasn't doing anything though which made Jack happy. He was too exhiasted to deal with anything the town would do. He wanted to eat and try to sleep nothing more.

    POV: Georgie
    Location: Home
    Time: 5:00 PM, January 13

    Georgie was dragging herself along the floor of their tiny house. Her mom had had to come pick them up early from the neighbors today because the neighbor kids were sick and throwing up.

    Georgie paused to lift her head and squint at the room around her. She couldn't see well at all and when she did try her whole face would wrinkle up and she looked around trying to make out shapes. Georgie out her head down and kept crawling. She wasn't really on a mission she was just exploring the little house...and trying to find her brother. He'd run off while they were playing in their shared bedroom and shed tried to follow him. She was a lot slower though and wasn't sure where he'd went so she was just exploring.

    Georgie was actually in the kitchen right now near her mother's feet. She reached out and smacked her mom's ankle as she tried to feel out a good place to go next. She squinted at what she hit and dragged herself closer. Georgie recognized smells best out of all her senses and recognized her mother's smell.

    "M-ma...ma?" She grunted her speech thick and awkward sounding. Being severely speech delayed Geprgie mostly just grunted and made unintelligible noises, but she knew a few words and Mama was one of them.
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  2. Name: Danielle Cotter
    Age: Eighteen
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Location: Home; Januray 13; 5;00 PM

    Danielle Cotter
    Danielle had just finished a load of laundry and was about to begin folding them when she felt a grab at her legs. She looked down at her daughter and smiled softly before bending over and picking her up. She scooped her up and let her rest on her hip, holding the laundry basket on her other hips. She took them both back into the small livingroom and sat the basket on the couch while setting her daughter, Georgie, back down to crawl around and play. Hearing a noise in the next room over, she called out her twin son's name. "Justin! What are you into Come here please!" She waited a second and smiled when her son came in, walking over to her and handing her the toy he was playing with. "You can keep playing, but why don't you stay in here and play with your sister. I'll turn on cartoons and then go make dinner, okay? I heard that we are getting a new neighbor today. Maybe we can make him a pie and take it to him?" Danielle watched a her son's eyes lit up, baking something that he loved, mainly because it made the small house smell sweet and he usually ended up eating the sweet things. He turned and sat down, beginning to play with his sister, running his toy car over the carpet.

    After the clean laundry was folded and put away, Danny decided to begin with dinner so that the twins wouldn't end up cranky. After she fed them and made the pie she promised to make, a smaller one in adition so that Justin wouldn't get cranky, she scooped her babies up in her arms and attacked them with kisses. Although the way that they were made were not in the best ways, Danielle was glad that she had made the decision to keep her kids. She was lucky and blessed to have an amazing , small family. her parents had kicked her out after she was pregnant and basically disowned her because she kept the babies, but she had found this place. It was small and in a new town, but she had been living there with them for almost three years and they were happy. After letting her twins catch their breath, Danielle let them up and decided to get them dressed to walk over and give the neighbors a pie. Although they were already dressed, she put their cats and boots on them since it was very cold out.

    Grabbing the pie, Danielle held Georgie in one arm and let Justin carry the pie, holding on to his hood so that he wouldn't run away. They slowly made their way acrss the yard and knocked on the neighbor to their right's house. They waited silently outside the door until it was openied, ready to greet their neighbors and new member of the neighborhood.

    Name: Justin Cotter
    Age: Two
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Location: Home; Januray 13; 5:00 PM

    Justin Cotter
    Justin was in his mother's room, messing around in her dresser, looking for something to play with when he heard his mother call his name from the other room. Knowing that he would get in trouble for playing in her dresser, he shut the door and grabbed a toy car from the floor and ran into the living room and went up to his mother. In hopes of convincing his mother that he was playing with toys, he handed her the car and the smile on her face said that she knew what he was really up to. He smiled as he heard her talk, something that he always loved. It was like a song, but even more so when she sang to him.

    He would get mesmerized listening to her voice or to her sing to him, but he was instantly snapped out of it when his mother sad pie. Justin loved all sweets, but his favorite was peanut butter cookies and pies. His eyes went big and his smile lit up, immeditaly ready to have desert, forgetting about dinner. He went and sat on the carpet, playing with his sister like his mother told him to, waiting to eat something sweet. Not soon enough his mother fed them dinner and then let them have a piece of pie before getting them bundled up and taking them over to the nighbors.

    Justin knew how to talk, that was for sure, but he didn't. He would talk to his mother occasionally, but he had never spoken another word to anyone other than his sister and mom. This made Dnaielle wonder, but the doctors had said it was probably due to trama from the babysitting incident and that he could just be very stubborn. He would talk when he wanted to, and for almost three years, he hasn't wanted to. What he has wanted to do was eat pie, and a lot of it!
  3. POV: Jack
    Location: His House
    Time: 6:00 PM 13 January

    Jack had been cleaning up after dinner with Kaandra and his mom while Malachy and Darius entertained the kids. His dad was in the garage trying to find extra pillows for everyone.

    The house was pack with all the siblings and their families here. Kaandra had her husband, Josiah, and two year old son David. Darius had his wife, Regina, who was pregnant. And Malachy had his girl friend, Nikki here too. Most of the people were leaving tomorrow though which made Jack happy though he wouldn't admit it. He loved his siblings a lot but between them and their families there was a lot of noise going on and it wasn't a relaxing environment for him.

    There was a firm knock on the door,

    "I'll get it!" Jack called as he walked to the door. He unlocked it and opened it up,

    "Hello." He said slowly looking at the girl. He felt his stomach twist, but kept smiling. It was Danni...and she had two kids with her. He waved a little stiffly to the tiny girl in her arms and then at the little boy with the food,

    "May I help you?" He asked his voice a touch stiffer than before.

    POV: Georgie
    Location: Her House -> Neighbor House
    Time: 6:00 PM 13 January

    Georgie had a hard time eating. Because of her physical limitations, not to mention her vision, it was difficult for her to feed herself a lot. If they were in a hurry her mother would sometimes just feed her, but tonight George managed to struggle through it and feed herself. When she was done she pushed her stuff away from her and raised her little arms in the air to signal she was done.

    It was cold outside and it was drizzling. Georgie shivered a little bit and rested her head on her momma's shoulder. She was tired she had physical therapy today and was rathe achy too.

    Georgie stared at the person who opened the door and squinted at him her face scrunching up. She was movement, but her vision was so poor she wasn't sure what it was. She waved a little just to be safe.
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  4. Name: Danielle Cotter
    Age: Eighteen
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Location: Neighbors House 6PM--> Home6:30PM

    Danielle Cotter
    Danni smiled as the door cracked open. As she looked and the door revealed the male standing behind it, she smiled softly, a paiin in her heart slowly getting worse as she recognized the male. She looked down and noticed Justin and Georgie both wave at him. Her smile grew back and she looked back up at the male. "Um, hi! We just wanted to bring by a pie. It's your mom's favorite. We just wanted to say welcome home. Would you let your parents know that I said hi and if you guys need anything, I'm just next door," she said, glancing over at her small house.
    She looked back at the male a he looked at her as if she was no one. Like he didn't recognize her. Did he? Or was she just someone from his past? Just in case, she decided to introduce herself. "I'm Danni by the way, I guess I should have said that before." Danni laughed a little, more nervously than anything, and quickly turned her eyes back to the ground, a horrible habit of hers when she was nervous or sad. She touched Justin's shoulder and watched as he stepped forward and help the pie up for Jack to take. Once he had it in his hands, she smiled back up at him and stood there for a moment. "I guess that is all, I should probably get them out of the cold. Let me know if you guys need anything at all. I think your parents have my number, if not, I'm just right next door. Anyway, have a nice day. Welcome home!"
    Danni gave Jack one last smile before turning and walking away from him, back to her house with Georgie and Justin. Once they were inside and had their jackets hung up and shoes off, she gave them both baths and dressed for bed, having them run off to her room.
    Danielle Cotter

    Name: Justin Cotter
    Age: Two
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Location: Neighbors House 6PM--> Home6:30PM

    Justin Cotter
    Justin watched as his mother spoke to the man at the door. He smiled softly and tried to wave, but instead help on to the pie and smiled brightly up at him. they talked to the male for a minute or to, but didn't stay long. Justin could easily tell that they were tense between each other, but h wwasn't old enough to understand any of this. Finally, they decided to head home. After a bath adn getting dressed, Justin crawled into his mothers bed with Georgie and his mom, and was soon fast asleep. Meanwhile, Danni had a hard time falling asleep.
  5. POV: Georgie
    Location: Her House
    Time: 7:30 PM 13 January
    Georgie's Pajamas

    Georgie didn't quite pick up on the tension like her brother, but she sensed that her mommy was tense and patted her mom's cheek gently with her hand. She rested her head on her mom's shoulder. She was starting to get very cranky by the time her bath was done and was getting a little whiney because she was exhausted and achey and just wanted to go to bed. Finally her mom tucked her into the middle of the bed, her brother Justin was on her left and her mom on her right. Georgie tended to have muscled spasms and at night they were particularly bad. Sometimes they would keep her up and make it hard to sleep, but tonight they were pretty minor and she fell asleep pretty quickly next to her mommy.

    POV: Jack
    Location: His House
    Time: 6:00 PM 13 January

    Jack stared at Danni for a bit before realizing he was probably being a creeper. He awkwardly took the pie from the little boy,

    "Thanks. I'll tell them." he responded. He looked confused when she introduced herself. Maybe he was wrong...no she said her name was Danni. This wasn't the town Danni was from though. The high school they'd gone to had had kids from many different little towns...Jack and Danni had been from different towns. Maybe it was a different Danni. Though she did look freakishly like his Danni.

    "I-I'm Jack." he stuttered quickly realizing he was being rude. "Have a nice night!" he called after her as she and the little ones left.

    "Ma!" Jack called putting the pie on the counter. His step-mom came in and looked at him,

    "Yes, Jack?" she asked.

    "Is that Danni Cotter next door?" he asked as his mom put the pie in the fridge,

    "Yeah." his step-mom said. Jack frowned,

    "Why didn't you or dad tell me she was next door? Or that she had kids?" Jack asked sounding a little hurt,

    "We're sorry. It slipped our mind. After you guys broke up you showed no interest in coming so we didn't think it mattered. I forgot to tell you when I picked you up..." his dad apologized coming in with two messy twins in tow. "Why?." he asked looking at his son. Jack glanced at him,

    "She dropped the pie off and said hi..." Jack muttered,

    "We didn't mean to blindside you, Jack." his mom said concerned,

    "Uh yeah...I'm just going to bed, kay?" Jack muttered heading for the room his parents had fixed up for him.
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