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    Mystery and rumor still surround the events of that day. Preston Howell, teen billionaire and one of two sole survivors, has been on holiday overseas, far away from prying media eyes...
    Raven Alabaster. The other survivor of the terrible tragedy that claimed so many lives, she accompanied her former employer Preston Howell on his getaway. The pair had formed a bond in the face of untold horrors... a bond that did not go unnoticed.
    But Preston Howell is no fool. Rather than risk Raven's life and his by facing the kidnappers alone, he goes instead to the brand name that always delivers...
    They're tenacious. They're tactical. They're the team that terrorists and tyrants fear. They're
    A group of ragtag orphans, they were trained covertly as part of a top secret military experiment. When human rights activists caught wind of the government's research into raising child soldiers, they were set free in a society that didn't understand them, ill-equipped for civilian life.
    Now they're on the job to help teen billionaire Preston Howell recover Raven Alabaster, a mission that may test the mettle of their team in ways they never counted on. Will the Unbreakables live up to their name?
    Join an action-packed thrill ride of adventure, romance, and ASS-KICKING.




    Ozzie Chanter




    This is a REALISTIC MODERN- ...er, okay, well, it's a MODERN roleplay WITH NO MAGIC, anyway. Although set in Diana's Elswen universe (which is only important for those of you who are familiar, so if you aren't, don't worry) and therefore magic and paranormal things do exist, none of that will be coming into play here. It will have a heavy CHEESY ACTION MOVIE flavour, and was almost entirely inspired by The Expendables.

    DIRECTED BY Ozzie Chanter AND Diana

    That's right! Ozzie and Diana are your co-GM team! We will be playing your Team Alpha and your Handler as well as Preston and Raven, and this plot will be a collaborative effort. Be very, very afraid.

    This game is also RATED R for violence, explosions, death, and possible sexy situations!


    Please make sure when submitting your bios that you are not overlapping with a role that is already taken! We are looking for a diverse team of 8-10 including the Alpha and Handler.

    WARNING: We are expecting people to post at least once a week! If you go three weeks without posting, we WILL kill off your character.


    Code Name: (This is your TEEN MERCENARY'S role on the team. E.g., "The Alpha", "The Handler".)
    Age: (Characters must be 14-18 years old. They're TEEN MERCENARIES.)
    Preferred Weapon: (If any.)

    Appearance: (Image is required! Please also give a brief text description.)

    Specialties: (What do they bring to the team? What are they good at?)
    Weaknesses: (What are they bad at? What are their limits?)
    Hopes/Dreams: (Everybody wants something in life! What motivates your character?)
    Worst Fear: (What is your character unutterably, horribly afraid of?)

    Outer Personality: (How does your TEEN MERCENARY act around other people?)

    Inner Personality: (What is your TEEN MERCENARY really like on the inside?)

    Backstory: (We know you were part of the military training project, but where did your character come from? Do they know? Do they have some kind of CRAZY PAST? Bonus points if you do this in some kind of crazy movie synopsis fashion!)

    Team Relationships: (OPTIONAL. If you want to put something here about people your character is BEST FRIENDS with or ABSOLUTELY HATES, go for it.)

    Thanks to [MENTION=162]October leche[/MENTION] for producing the video trailer!
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  2. Forgive the EXTREME WIP-NESS, but I've had a hell of a weekend. This'll be filled out soon. Basically what you NEED to know is that Tommy is your team leader who specializes in tactics, stealth, and close-quarters combat, and that he's a pretty serious and responsible dude.

    NAME: Tommy Powers
    AGE: 17

    • HAIR - Red, crew-cut
    • EYES - Hazel
    • HEIGHT -
    • BUILD -
    • TACTICS 101 -
    • CQC -
    • COVERT OPS -






    TOMMY and RUBY
    This pair make a highly effective team... when they're not butting heads. Tommy gets fed up with Ruby's tendency to make decisions without consulting him or the other teammates, and he doesn't approve of her flirting with all the male Unbreakables. Tommy is just about the only one she hasn't flirted with.
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  3. Character Name: Ruby Delgado

    Code Name: The Handler

    Age: 16

    Preferred Weapon: Long Range weapons fired from a computer console!

    Specialties: Ruby is the planner, the organizer, the go getter, the instructions giver. What you need, Ruby can get it. Need to get there, Ruby makes it happen. While the Team is hands on, Ruby is waiting in the van with the surveillance and watching your back.

    Weaknesses: Ruby is not one of the trained mercenaries, she's just a typical teenage girl... er. As typical as a hacker can get anyway. She is not trained in physical combat, is not fight-ready or anything of the sort. She cannot be a physical part of the missions.

    Hopes/Dreams: Being the next Bill Gates, or destroying the next Bill Gates. Ruby hasn't decided yet. She has grand allusions to being a famous and powerful CEO. Boss of the world, something along those lines.

    Worst Fear: Riots. She was with her dad on one of his business trips, in a politically shaky country. Something went down and riots started happening in the streets. Military got involved, there was chaos and shooting and tons of crazed people hopped up on adrenaline, mob mentality, and running wild! Oh, and gators or crocodiles. Teethy bastards.

    Appearance: Dark brown hair with dyed ruby red streaks. Blue eyes. 5'5". Loves bohemian styled clothes.

    Outer Personality: Bossy, flirtatious, BOSSY, big mouth, know-it-all, sassy-mouthed, snarky... but you know, other than that, Ruby is pretty dependable! She says what she means. She doesn't play games with people's feelings or emotions, and you can trust that she's being honest with you. But of course, she is also a hopeless flirt and boy chaser. Ruby gives people the impression that she gets bored of things easily. She can also seem like a spoiled rich girl, because... well... she is!

    Inner Personality: Ruby is a little bit self-righteous and recently has come to realize that it can be a huge character flaw. She is the reason the Teen Mercenaries had their government project cancelled, and thus made a lot of homeless jobless teens with no where to go. She feels pretty damn guilty about that! Ruby also has a hard time connecting with people on a more personal level, due to dramatic past involving her mom. She never lets them get through to the real Ruby. Thus, friends and even her dozens of boyfriends, don't really ever get to know Real Ruby. Ruby has trust issues!

    Backstory: Ruby is the only daughter to Roger and Bambi Delgado. Roger being a self-made millionaire, got his fortune through a lot of traveling, and very mysterious business dealings with governments involved computer software. Even Ruby has never quite found out the details behind it. Her mother, was a hot young socialite heiress that fell head over heels for the young bad-boy entrepreneur. Bambi got knocked up pretty young, they got married, and most of Ruby's young childhood was spent with mommy and daddy trying to hide the fact they were having affairs behind each others back. A couple years ago the two finally got divorced, leaving Ruby in the care of her father while her mom ran off to date younger men in Hollywood.

    Through all this, Ruby kept herself busy. She seemed to inherited her dad's knack for computer software, and his brain for studies. She whizzed through school so easily, that she got bored and started getting in to... less legal things. One of her favorite hobbies was trying to hack in to things in the name of FREE OF SPEECH! DOWN WITH THE GOVERNMENT! And other vigilante social justice.

    One day upon discovering a family secret involving the Unbreakables, she thought she was doing a good deed by hacking in to government files and exposing their use of teenagers as soldiers to activist groups. But all she wound up doing was getting their project cancelled and making for a bunch of homeless, "ill-equiped for the world" teenagers. She felt BAD. SUPER BAD. Ruby managed to convince her dad to take over and fund the project. He was already doing some shady dealings to keep her from going to prison. *Koffkoff*

    Of course, none of the TEAM know that it was Ruby's fault. All they know is that their new benefactor took over the project. As for Ruby, to make up for what she did, she is as involvement in the Unbreakables missions as possible and has named herself THE HANDLER. She likes to think of herself as the boss of the team, whether or not anyone agrees.

    Team Relationships: Ruby likes boys. Ruby likes all boys. Ruby must have all the boys. ...Ruby kinda has a bad reputation for dating every single male member of the team at some point. And if she hasn't dated them yet - SHE WILL.**

    Ruby is known for DATING ALL THE DUDES so if you wanna be her exboyfriend, let me know and we'll work out how that relationship went. >:] And if you dun wanna be an ex... YOU MIGHT GET POUNCED.
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  4. WIP (open)

    Name: Francis DeLay
    Code Name: The Wings
    Age: (Characters must be 14-18 years old. They're TEEN MERCENARIES.)
    Preferred Weapon: A .45 caliber revolver, when not using vehicle mounted weapons or improvising.

    Appearance: (Image is required! Please also give a brief text description.)

    Specialties: Francis is the driver, mechanic, equipment repair, pilot, trap-maker, and general handyman of the team. He it well trained with all manner of terrestrial, marine, and aerial vehicles, mounted weapons (turrets-mounted guns, cannons, mortars etc...) and is invaluable in the motor pool. He's alto taken it upon himself to learn to make booby traps and how to use explosives.

    Weaknesses: Francis HATES being shot at and sees himself as less expendable than many of the more combat oriented members. Then bullets start flying he wants to be in the back line and will keep his head down. He also has the bare minimal experience with anything larger than a pistol that isn't bolted to a vehicle.

    Hopes/Dreams: Francis wants out, but on his own terms and with enough to get him started in life. He has, in secret, looked into joining a regular military when he's old enough for the college benefits. A life of his own... without interference, is that too much to ask?

    Worst Fear: (What is your character unutterably, horribly afraid of?)

    Outer Personality: Francis is snarky, cynical, and seems to always have a less than friendly reply to anything people might say to him. He doesn't seem to be on the team to make friends but he does anyway a phenomenon that he has often professed is a mystery to him.

    He seems reluctant to let people close, generally talking to his team mates on matters of business more than anything else with Ruby Delgado being the exception, who he butts heads with frequently not affording her the same level of authority he does to Tommy Powers.

    Inner Personality: Francis is still battling to deal with the loss of his family, it's been a long slow road for him and he had thrown himself into his chosen roles as a means to escape their deaths. What family he has still living he never talks about, wishing to be just another member of the team.

    Backstory: (We know you were part of the military training project, but where did your character come from? Do they know? Do they have some kind of CRAZY PAST? Bonus points if you do this in some kind of crazy movie synopsis fashion!)

    Team Relationships: (OPTIONAL. If you want to put something here about people your character is BEST FRIENDS with or ABSOLUTELY HATES, go for it.)

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  5. ....goddammit.
  6. Name: Valerie ‘Val’ Page
    Code Name: The Valkyrie
    Age: 17
    Preferred Weapon: The AA-12 Assault Shotgun. Because nothing says “keep your heads down, you fuckers” like a drum-fed automatic shotgun.

    Appearance: 5'5", with sandy-blonde hair generally pulled back into a pony-tail or hidden under various different hats. Val doesn't do dressing up, preferring to keep things simple and practical clothing-wise. Out in the field she'll almost always be seen with a medic armband on.

    • Field Surgeon: It’s great having a team that can put a lot of bullets in things, but sometimes you need someone who can actually take the bullets out. That’s where Val comes in; gifted in the art of patching the injured back up with limited supplies and in the middle of tricky situations (ranging from rockslides, helicopter flights and protracted shootouts, to name but a few occasions that have come up during her time with the team), she has a natural aptitude for medicine combined with plenty of experience applying it in the field.
    • Support/Backup: You can’t just ask the other guys to stop shooting whilst you pull someone’s ass out of the line of fire, you have to encourage them to do so. With bullets. With this in mind, Val has been trained to be quite the dab-hand at suppressing enemy positions and generally sending a lot of bullets in a particular direction. She’s not exactly accurate, but you better believe the other guys won’t even want to poke their heads out of cover whilst she’s holding down the trigger.
    • Nerves of Steel: Anyone willing to attempt surgery in the middle of a fucking warzone has to have a certain mindset where they’re capable of enduring more than the average bee. Such a description fits Val rather well; when it comes to getting the job done, she’s not willing to let anything get in her way.
    • Spray n’ Pray: Compared to some of her team-mates, Val’s not exactly the team marksman. Her focus on volume of bullet rather than aiming of bullet means that she’s not often the most accurate of shooters except at close range. Most of the time this isn’t an issue, but on the few occasions when she really needs to get that shot in the right place at the right time, she’s going to be in a spot of bother.
    • “I’m a doctor, not a…”: Val’s a field-medic first, and a fighter second. Her training focused upon emergency treatments, medical devices and improvised surgery whilst the others were getting taught ‘Badassery 101’. As such, she’s not always as capable as her fellows in certain situations. Close combat is one such example; though taught the basics of CQC and a working knowledge of Muay Thai, against a true professional she’s going to be in a lot of trouble. The same goes with tactics, sharpshooting and other such matters; with these things, she has to defer to her team-mates.
    Hopes/Dreams: Val enjoys her work with her fellow mercenaries (and if she isn’t around, who the hell else is gonna make sure they don’t all get themselves killed?) but she sees her work as a private contractor as a means to an end rather than a permanent occupation. In the future she hopes to make it to University or some other form of higher education, perhaps even one day finding a job as a doctor where she can put her love of fixing people up to good use.
    Worst Fear: Her fellow mercenaries are the only family Val’s ever known. Even if they make her want to tear her hair out in frustration at points, she loves them all as the siblings she never had. The thing that keeps her from sleeping at night is the knowledge of how dangerous their chosen occupation is, the knowledge that the next job might be their last one.

    She’s already lost one family, so the thought of losing her new one is almost too much to bear.

    Outer Personality: Disapproving team mum. Valerie has been working with her fellow mercenaries for many years and cares for them all a great deal (even if some of them drive her up the wall), but she goes for the ‘tough love’ approach to watching their backs. If someone fucks up and gets themselves in the shit, she’ll always be willing to pull their asses out of the fire… it’s just that they should be ready for her to browbeat the hell out of them afterwards.

    When not dealing with her team-mates, Val tends to have a more distrustful, stand-offish attitude. One too many employees trying to fuck them over, one too many deals going south have led to her being extremely wary about people she hasn’t had a lot of experience dealing with. After a while she can warm up slightly, but earning her trust is a process. And a long one at that.

    Inner Personality: Chronic worrier. In a team of crazy teenage mercenaries, someone fucking has to be. These guys are ever-willing to throw themselves into the line of fire with nary a thought to the consequences, but Val’s always the one running after them with nothing but all the ways in which the plan could go horribly, horribly wrong in her mind. She worries that every job they take will be their last, that every shootout will be the death of someone. Such fear is a good motivator, but it wears on Val after a while. There are times when she’d give anything not to be worried about the others, if only for a little while.

    Backstory: “My parents were adrenaline junkies, apparently. Nutty pair of Scots who were all about any sort of crazy-ass sport that involved jumping off things, climbing up things, you name it. If it involved doing something stupid on something, they loved it.

    Small wonder they went and got themselves killed base-jumping, really.

    That’s how I wound up in the hands of the programme. Just some little orphan kid no-one really knew what do with, another name that wouldn’t be missed. I guess some of my parents’ love of pushing themselves further and doing crazy shit rubbed off on me, though, because I made it through the selection process to become part of the team.

    From there, it was training. Man, did they love their training. And they were good at it, too; one of our handlers picked up on my willingness to keep an eye on the others and pegged me as something of a support figure for the team. Goddamn, were they spot on with that one. Pretty soon I was getting trained in human anatomy and surgery whilst the others were doing advanced tactics, and I discovered I had something of a knack for putting the human body back together.

    Of course, then someone blew the lid on the whole ‘child soldiers’ thing and a full-blown fucking shitstorm erupted. Everyone went into containment-mode, the project was shutdown and we got kicked out into the wide open world with a pat on the back and pretty much fuck all else. I mean, seriously? Raise us from a young age as warriors and suddenly you expect us to just skip merrily off into civilian life?

    Fuck. That.

    Tommy and Ruby got the band back together, and we all figured that if the powers that be didn’t want our skills we’d just go into business ourselves. Fast-forward a couple years and here we are, the youngest mercenary company in the business with one of the finest records to boot. And now this rich boy called Powell or some shit has hired us to rescue his girlfriend or something from kidnappers.

    It sounds like it’s gonna be a cake-walk.

    Which means it’s probably all gonna go to hell in a hand-basket…”

    Team Relationships:
    • Tommy Powers: If Val's the mother-figure of the team, then Tommy is most certainly the one wearing the daddy-pants. She and the leader of the Unbreakables grew up together in training, so they know one another extremely well. She also appreciates the care and consideration he puts into the decisions that will put team-members at risk; the last thing she needs is a hot-head in charge of everything.

      He's a somber bastard who could do with lightening up every so often, but then he does have the weight of a teenage mercenary company resting on his shoulders. Val's happy that it's him in charge, and not her.
    • Ruby Delgado: It took a while for Val to really warm up to Ruby. First there was the whole hacking exposure thing that landed both herself and her fellow mercs out on the streets. And the fact that she's kind of the newcomer of the group. Then there's her bossy, snarky, sarky way of doing business. And the fact that she takes too many risks. And the way she seems determined to bag every male of the group, like they're some sort of stamp collection...

      ...okay, maybe Val is still in the process of warming up to Ruby. She appreciates the support and funding that Delgado brings to the team, but the rest irks her more than a little.
    • Jarek Barkov: Val is aware of the fact that she is one of the few people on the team that 'Ricky' opens up to, even if it's only a little. She's also read into his personality enough to know that this is quite a display of trust he's making in doing so, and appreciates the gesture. In turn, she does her best to watch out for him and keep him steered in the right direction. Such a thing is easier said than done, given the sleeping problems, the distant attitude and what-not.

      More often than not, Val falls back on her standard approach of yelling at him until he corrects the current issue. She goes easier on him than a lot of the others, however.

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  7. I may have to revise my role...
  8. Name: Oliver Hale
    Code Name: The Runner
    Age: 15
    Preferred Weapon: Colt 9 Millimeter pistol, extended magazine, Optional Silencer. x1

    Oliver's hair is auburn. He normally wears it to swept. He is never seen without his beanie. He is very sensitive to cold, so he wears a hoodie year round. Not much more to say, other than he is the shining image of fifteen year old boy.

    Parkour - He is very athletic and strong, and relies on parkour when it comes to urban movement.
    Pistols - I wouldn't say an expert in side-arms, but he knows his stuff. He is most proficient with the pistol.

    Technology - He wasn't raised in an environment full of technology, he is more of a pen and paper kid.
    Pain Tolerance - Oliver is a huge bitch when it comes to getting hurt.
    Stealth - Oliver couldn't sit in the shadows even if he wanted to. Probably because he can be a bit jittery when he has to sit still and be quiet.

    Hopes/Dreams: He has always wanted to live the average teenager life. You know, sports, grades, drama. He never really had that.

    Worst Fear: Oli is afraid of slipping up and hurting someone that doesn't deserve it.

    Outer Personality:
    Oli is not very socially confident. He thinks that he will be denied for one reason or another. He is talkative if you get past the first barrier of shyness that holds him back from being talkative. He is not very good at advice-giving. He might be seen as cold at first glance, but that simply isn't the truth. Perhaps he doesn't have as many friends because you have to get him to open up. Inside of combat, he is apprehensive about doing risky things, and would rather take a methodical approach, although his opinion is never voiced. He is a go getter when it comes to doing "work", and just wants to get the job done.

    Inner Personality:
    He is very critical with himself. Maybe because he thinks that because he is young, that he needs to prove something. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. He hates being looked down on, but he won't say anything. He'd rather keep his opinion to himself, only because he thinks that the older kids will dismiss it as rubbish. Maybe it's a confidence issue, but who knows? He likes to be adaptable to any social group, but he ends up just standing their and getting in a comment every now and then. It doesn't deter him, mostly because he doesn't notice. He hates it when people say that "You are too young". He thinks that being young is only a label, and that you are only too young to do something because other people say you are. This is because from a young age he was forced to take the role of "Man of the House" and since then, he has lived the life of a struggling adult.


    [ Fade into a large city, early morning ] [ Morgan Freeman narrates ]
    Sure, a lot of people have had troubled childhoods, but none have had it like Oliver Hale.

    [ Zooms into a dingy apartment, here, Oli and his mother argue in freeze frame ]
    His mother was an alcoholic and a gambler, using grocery money for the casino, or for booze. Oli argued with her all the time, and maybe he shouldn't have. He got his first job at 8 years old as a paper boy, and used the little money he did have to buy a few groceries to support his single mother.

    [ Fades into a shot of a prison ]
    And his dad? He was thrown in jail just after Oli was born, for Grand Theft Auto, and Oli probably won't see him until after he graduates.

    [ Back to the street Oli lives on ]
    Oli had his fair amount of criminal charges too. Nothing huge, petty theft, trespassing, etc. But it wasn't like anyone cared.

    [ Snaps to a motion scene of an older Oli mid air with two guns, firing each in slow motion.
    And now he is here.
    [ Mid way through, snaps to two enemies, both falling with bullet holes in their heads. ]

    [ The Chorus of Dream On by Aerosmith plays ]

    Team Relationships:

    Ruby - I hate her. I mean, she was cool when we dated and all, but that one fateful day. Apparently Parkour is "lame". That was it for me. Parkour is the shit, and she is crazy.
    Jarek - Shit, that guy is quiet. I mean, sure he talks once and a while, but he seems held up by something.
    Valerie - One scary mofo. I tend not to wrong her, and haven't manage to get on her bad side yet.
    Audrey - One word. Socially Awkward. I don't even think I have ever heard her speak.
    Norman - I can't keep up with this kid. It's always; "Source Code this" and "The Binary indicates" that. This kid has to be a communist or something.
    Kasey - This chick is a bit crazy, but she's real fun to be around. She seems like she can be trusted... maybe.
    Barry - This guy scares the shit out of me. He is so into this gig and he likes guns SO MUCH. I can't even get a read on him.
    Jackson - I actually trust this guy. He is friendly, but it doesn't seem fake. Not much else to say.
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  9. Can I reserve a spot for a Heavy Weapons Guy?
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  10. Hey, this is the one that was being talked about in the Cbox last night right?
    Any chance you need a thief?

    Name: Audrey Baxtrum
    Code Name: The Thief
    Age: 16
    Preferred Weapon: With any luck she'll never need one. However, Audrey has been trained in a variety of hand to hand styles particularly Kokikai Aikido.


    5', 100 lbs, with a thin frame, she changes her hair color constantly

    • Audrey has been trained for stealth, that is she has been trained never to be seen. She's got light fingers and can pick a pocket and then put the wallet back again minus that security ID before the target even notices she's walked by the first time.
    • There’s not a lock she can’t pick, keys, coded, fingerprint scanner, or combination, and that includes every old-school safe and vault in the book and some of the new electronic ones as well.
    • Then there’s getting into buildings the hard way (i.e. air-ducts) Well it takes guts, hard work, crazy flexibility, and lots of practice to get into some of the tightest spaces imaginable and then be able to wait there patiently for the timing to be just right. And air ducts aren't the only things she can squeeze into. Audrey can hide in everything from under-the-sink-cabinets to a decent sized carry on suitcase.
    • That crazy flexibility in combination with perfect balance works wonders for dancing past lasers and trick floor tiles as well as any other traps they might encounter.
    • As for security systems? Well lets face it what’s the use in wasting time hacking a system when with the right bit of information, a small bit of manipulation, and a perfect disguise there’s nearly always a way to walk right in. (or be carried in inside the suitcase as the case may be)
    • She’s also not afraid to scale a wall with her bare fingertips, or repel thirty stories from the top of a skyscraper. Repelling works great in elevator shafts as well. Or she can always hang upside-down from the ceiling waiting for her cue.
    • In a pinch she can use the things around her to get the job done.

    • Audrey has been trained not to be seen. That means she's practically useless in social situations. Do not under any circumstances ask her to pull off a grift that takes any longer than a minute or two.
    • While she can find the right disguise and persona needed to walk straight through a security check point, She's a terrible liar and will nearly always give the lie away when confronted directly if she tries to go off script.
    • Also, because her training focused on stealth Audrey has very little in the way of Weapons training. She’s trained for hand to hand, but it's far better if she's pulled from the situation before the bullets start flying.
    • Socially awkward, Audrey has the frequent misfortune of saying the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time and then not understanding why everybody is mad at her.
    Hopes/Dreams: Trained as a young child to use a camera and act as surveillance for her parents underground activities, Audrey developed a love for the craft. In sense her camera is a way to stay connected to her parents who had long been behind bars. Audrey dreams of one day being a professional photographer. She'd love to eventually go to art school and own her own gallery. She half hopes the program might be able to help her get into a good school. or maybe even hire a professional to tutor her the ways of photography. Hmm. maybe she can convince the others it's a skill she needs for the job.

    It'd also be nice if she could walk into a museum without feeling the need to bypass all the security systems.

    Worst Fear: Audrey's used to being put into tight situations, literally, however she worries that one day she won't be able to get out of one. And because she’s usually the one sent to spy on the enemy and/or plant listening devices, etc. she worries that if caught she might be forced to give everything away, betraying her comrades.

    She also worries that something will happen to her brother.
    Audrey is allergic to chocolate and if she were to somehow eat it unintentionally there's a chance the reaction could be severe enough to get her booted out of the program.

    Outer Personality: Audrey can be quiet and withdrawn at times and animated at others. It all depends on whether or not she's comfortable around the people she's with and likes the topic of conversation. She often behaves how she thinks she should whether it's socially correct or not. This includes picking pockets by way of introduction, a habit that the others have been trying to curb, and saying pretty much whatever crosses her mind regardless of how many feelings it might hurt or whether or not the comment is appropriate in a given situation. (i.e. pointing out the flaws in a security system owned by a person she's just met)

    Inner Personality: Audrey observes everything. Every gesture, every look, every comment. She doesn't always try to read meaning into what she sees, and half the time she gets it wrong when she does, but she notices. Her training has led her to always think of the things around her as either tools or obstacles and this includes people. Whatever she needs to do to finish the job she’s usually willing to do, and many of her comrades have been surprised on occasion on just how far she’s willing to take things.

    Audrey can also be quite harsh in her judgments of others. If half the people around her knew half of what she really thought of them there'd be an awful lot of hurt feelings. However, if she truly respects and likes someone she will be loyal to the last, and she has a tendency to try to cling to friendships long after the other person has walked away or been removed from the situation. (i.e. her parents in jail)

    She grew up in a happy family of four
    A mother who worked in marketing
    A father who was a security professional
    But her parents had a deep dark secret . . .
    They were professional thieves
    One day they went out on a job . . .
    And did not return
    They had been caught
    Audrey Baxtrum and her brother Norman
    had been left to fend for themselves
    They took care of each other
    bounced from home to home
    Until Norman did something extraordinary
    And Changed both of their lives forever

    • Norman: She is Norman's younger sister. As long as the two have relied on each other she trusts him above and beyond any of her other team mates. She'd do almost anything if he asked or needed her too.
    • Tommy: She respects Tommy as the team leader, but because he’s the team leader she hasn't tried to be too friendly.
    • Ruby: As for Ruby, there’s slight animosity there, and only partly because of Ruby’s past with Audrey’s brother. She thinks the other girl is something of a bossy, stuck-up, goody-goody with a “get the boy” complex and Audrey’s not afraid to say it. Though deep down Audrey does trust Ruby to get the job done.
    • Valerie: Audrey absolutely adores Val there’s something about the way the other girl can be brutally honest yet still her friend that Audrey is drawn to. (Grumpy, hope this is ok)
    (may add others later)
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  11. Name:
    Norman Baxtrum
    Code Name:
    The Tech Support
    Preferred Weapon:
    A keyboard
    5' 8" Often wears glasses when he's working but prefers not to for day to day activities.
    "You need surveillance ? I got equipment. You need real time status updates of the field? I got surveillance photos. You need a back door into a Pandora 9, Jericho Class, security system? I put one in place last week. YOu need to figure out how to get pasted that five layers security system including and electric fence, armed guards, dogs, and bio-metric locks? I can find it's week points? You need one more Guy with a gun? I'll be in the right place at the right time. tl;dr I am THE Tech Support."
    Norman has focus on surveillance and cracking the extra hard security systems but also has passable combat abilities. Don't expect him to be able to take on three guys at once or pull of marksmen shots but if need a guy at your back he can pull his own weight.
    Norman doesn't communicate emotions well. his sister is the one person he could ever be considered affectionate toward, and while he knows enough about combat to not make a fool of himself he's hardly a expert fighter. his training focused more on the tactical aspects of combat than the physical he can form strategies but not really implement them as he lack the necessary skill. In social situations he's mostly oblivious, He probably wouldn't realize a gir was hitting on him unless she strait up asked him to make out.
    Breaking through a security system is fine and all, but creating a truly un-hackable system capable of protecting the lives of thous you care about? That would be something to be proud of.
    Worst Fear:
    Norman worries that one day his abilities wont measure up to the challenge he faces. he also worries that he wont be able to protect his sister Audrey.
    outside of these normal teenage fears he is paranoid of outside surveillance and observation. don't stare at him, please, he'll get twitchy. you wont like him when he's twitchy.
    Outer Personality:
    Cold and collected with a highly logical mind Norman appears distant at the best of times. He does like to boast though, often hijacking conversation to be about his achievements, but only with close friends. He doesn't think much of authority for the sake of a authority and if he thinks a superior is being an idiot he'll let them know, consequences be damned.
    Inner Personality:
    On the inside Norman is insecure and more than a little bit frightened at what he's gotten himself into. He's extremely introspective and can often be found deep in thought, contemplating his past and future.
    If you manage to get him to open up to you he still wont talk to you about most things. quite contemplation is his sol method of dealing.
    "When your a hacker,
    you don't really want Big Brother to notice.
    attention means people are watching,
    for you to slip up.
    Tearing my way though the Olympus class defenses
    surrounding the most secure bank in the world,
    Got me all the attention I could ever want from Big Brother.
    And all that attention?
    you could say it saved me and my sister's lives.
    now? now I have a family again."
    Team Relationships: older brother of Audrey Baxtrum. Dated Ruby for a short time but he wasn't very invested in the relationship so Ruby probably broke it off before it got drawn out.

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  12. We prolly should have mentioned we already have two tech characters! O___O Ruby and Vay's character! Vay's character is focused on hardware and physical machine fixings.

    HOWEVER! >:] You're highly focused on Surveillance, and Ruby is all about Management. Sharing similar interests in hacking just means maybe I can shamelessly use that as an excuse for exboyfriend material? 8D Yeeeees?
  13. Name:
    Kasey Lommas

    Code Name:
    The Belladonna


    Preferred Weapon:
    Poison. She is also quite the fan of small, easily concealable weapons, or items which were never created to be weapons.
    Kasey is one who gets information. She has many means of this, and will alter her strategy depending upon the situation and the target. Her primary means is poison - not always done to the person holding the information, as she finds that loved ones are actually much more effective and often easier to get at. She is also experienced at manipulation, playing anything from the danger-seeking seductress who only wants into the base because warehouses really get her going to the innocent who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She uses much more aggressive means of torture once her other tactics fail, and seems to derive some sort of joy from the entire experience.

    Kasey has never been, will never be, a great shot. She finds guns to be impersonal and a rather lazy way to kill, so she never strives to gain any proficiency with them. Due to her aversion, she is not the most helpful on long range assignments and tends to need to be right in the action in order to make any difference whatsoever.

    Kasey is a little insane. She knows this. She's come to terms with it. She wants a day to come when that isn't the case - but not because she's lost her touch or her nerves, no, - she rather enjoys her little slice of Hell. She just wants the world to see things the same way.

    Worst Fear:

    She has such strong resolve in everything she does, that she worries one day she'll find that she was never in the right. That everything she strove for and worked to accomplish was in fact repugnant, and she was not a hero hiding in the thick shell of a monster, but a monster, true and through. She is also somewhat uncomfortable in crowded but confined public places, such as malls and arenas. She can't monitor everyone and does not like that.

    Outer Personality:

    Kasey is a sociopath and well aware, so she changes her personality to suit and blend with those around it. It is why she is so good at fooling others on missions, she spends her entire life as a shield against harm. As a general personality she has adopted a fun-loving persona that plays a little bit of her insanity card, letting the joy she derives from things like torture shine through just enough that no one judges her weak. When she isn't performing for business, she is performing for life, and almost always has a smile on.

    Inner Personality:

    Stubborn. Kasey is, beyond all else, stubborn. Her resolve is instant and overwhelming, and the ability to change her mind is nigh non-existent. To cope with what she became she cultivated her own view of the world, and it is a dark one. She sees hatred and violence in everything and everyone, and believes that is why her actions are permissible. What began as a coping mechanism has become her way of life. The value she places in other is minuscule, as she knows the fickleness of life and the finality of death.


    Kasey was scooped up from witness protection at a young age. Her real name and her parents names are forgotten to her. She and her parents had been witnesses to a mall shooting. After testifying, her mother was gunned down on the street and her father and her were placed in protective care. She does not remember much of this, but it explains her unease in crowded public places. She was gifted in chemistry and began to learn all there was to learn about poisons and their antidotes. Due to her untrusting nature, she never stayed in any one place for long, but chose to move from base to base whenever possible, always taking the next mission, the next adventure. Largely her training and practice is in remote forest areas, and she never quite feels at peace, but if she were capable, it would be in a natural setting. Once she was tied down to the team she began to craft her more friendly persona, and has been striving to blend ever since, and doing a fairly good job of it - in her opinion.

    Team Relationships:

    ((Nothing as of now... any takers?))
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  14. WIP

    Name: Barry Smith
    Code Name: Heavy Weapons Guy
    Age: 17
    Preferred Weapon: His custom-made minigun, Maria. Through undisclosed modifications, Maria can fire continuously for at least two minutes, at the expense of some stopping power.

    Appearance: Click for image
    While not horrendously muscular, Barry's training has made his defined his muscle tone to the point where it can't be denied that he lifts. While his floppy blonde hair and hazy blue eyes may give him some sort of boyish charm, the fact that his expression is usually the hardest you'll see on a boy his age, is slightly disconcerting.
    When not in some generic civilian clothing, Barry will wear his signature Kevlar body armour. While most would obviously wear it, or some variation thereupon, Barry has to wear even thicker armour - he draws fire, more often than not, so extra protection is needed for him. Even if it does limit his mobility even further.

    Specialties: Sometimes, you need to peacefully defuse a situation. Sometimes, you need stealth. Sometimes, all it takes is knowing your stuff about machinery.
    Because sometimes, you can’t peacefully defuse a situation. Sometimes, there’s nowhere to hide. Sometimes, the only thing you need to know about machinery is if it’ll explode or not. Because sometimes, you need a bloke with a BFG, to wipe out every tiny baby man who isn’t on his side. Basically speaking, he handles the situations where all you need is a brute with the beastly ballistic bane of baddies.
    Given his immense physical strength, it should also be noted that he is capable of wearing heavier body armour without repercussions.
    Barry is also knowledgeable about weapon maintenance, is an able hand-to-hand combatant, and is likely eligible for a degree in English literature.
    Bullets. Bullets everywhere.
    Who says anyone needs to be accurate, when the rounds are fired faster than a registered sex offender at a nursery?
    The guy paying for all the ammunition, apparently.
    Worth the weight?
    Naturally, big weapons weigh you down. A lot. Despite having the strength to lug a minigun and spare ammunition farther than most people can jog wearing nothing but their underwear, he’ll do it in the time it takes the jogger to get their breath back, eat a sandwich, and wait before it’s safe to go again.
    No kill like overkill
    Let’s face it, you don’t always need someone with a small army’s worth of firearms on their back. And it’s in those situations that he finds himself at a loss of what to do, other than sit back and twiddle his thumbs.

    Hopes/Dreams: One day, Barry hopes to be able to leave this line of work behind him, and instead take up the pen as his weapon of choice. He wishes to use his experiences to write novels, or at the very least, he hopes to write a series of comics.
    Though it is not on the top of his list, Barry also thinks it’d be nice to start his own family. Find a nice girl/guy, have/adopt a baby, the works.
    Worst Fear: Deep water. More specifically, drowning. There's nothing that the boy fears more than drowning. He's a perfectly capable swimmer, and will make his way through water if need be. however, anything half a meter deeper than he is tall, and he'll panic. If you want to terrify him, just submerge him for more than five seconds, and watch him flail about like a man possessed.

    Outer Personality: On the outside, Barry is exactly as you’d expect the “muscle” of the team to be. He laughs when he unleashes a stream of white-hot death upon his foes, and is disappointed when someone points out Maria’s going to have to be left behind. When he can’t shoot something, he’ll usually try to beat it down – whether it be with a sledgehammer, a lead pipe, or his bare hands.
    When he’s not mowing down foes, expect Barry to be somewhat stoic. Not unsociable, mind – he does enjoy talking with friends, and there’s little he loves more than sitting around and having a laugh with the team. It’s just that he isn’t as quick to display emotion when he’s not getting business for the funeral trade.

    Inner Personality: While it may appear that Barry only focusses on himself when fighting, he’s actually quite defensive of the team. He will, more often than not, put himself in the line of fire to cover a retreat, or at least volunteer to. Most looking at him would assume that this is because he’d be best at pinning down enemies, due to the fact he’s holding a gun that’s usually mounted on something. But really, he just feels that he can’t abandon his friends.

    The cause is most likely how he was always forced to abandon any friends he’d made after a while. No matter how close they were, his father forbade him from making any contact with them, out of fear the family would be tracked. Barry grew bitter at the fact that he couldn’t make a single consistent friend, but salvation came in the form of his teammates. Now that he finally has a chance to keep his comrades by him, there is little that will stop him from doing so.
    Just don’t expect him to be more than a friend. It’s not that he doesn’t feel anything romantic, it’s just that it’s not what he’s interested in. You can try, but nine times out of ten, he’ll just go back to weapon maintenance.

    However, certain situations can, and will, test his resolve. Barry’s father was paranoid, to an extent, believing that he couldn’t trust anyone, for fear of them knowing him and betraying him. This must have rubbed off on Barry along the way, somehow. There is always that little voice in the back of his head, telling him to distance himself, to keep the team at arm’s length, so he won’t feel guilty about gunning them down if he has to. All it would take is one carefully-planted piece of “evidence,” and suddenly, that voice whispering in his head? It’s shouting at him. He’ll always try to believe the best about his comrades, but when you’ve been raised to think that nothing is ever as it seems, it’s a little difficult.

    “I am Heavy Weapons Guy. And this… is my weapon.”
    Born the son of a rogue weapons trader and a woman whose business revolved around "recreational scolding," Barry didn't have things particularly easy from the get-go. Sure, his parents' income was phenomenal, but there was always the risk of the government cracking down on them, or a jilted ex-lover. But, this dysfunctional family loved each other, at the very least.

    It was no surprise that the family had to keep moving – and somehow, they timed it so that just as Barry had made a friend, he had to move from them. Rather than desert the idea of making friends entirely, Barry took to treasuring each one he had. Having parents like his makes a person grow up faster than they should, and Barry had grown enough to know how important a good friend was. Throughout the course of it all, eh pledged that one day, he would manage to find someone he could actually stay close to, as opposed to upping and leaving without even saying goodbye.

    Given that they were in so much danger, Barry's father took it upon himself to teach the lad how to fight. The bad news was that the boy was a terrible shot, and was practically a step away from needing glasses. The good news was that he was built like a tank, and had the crushing power of one. Hence, he was trained for hand-to-hand combat, and his theory work revolved around learning about heavy weaponry.

    Unfortunately, the government did get to his father, and his mother had fled with her favourite partner in order to escape being an accessory. As it turned out, the child was expendable. Though estranged and confused, Barry's talent was evident, given that he was both booksmart, and gunsmart. And so, he was in the program, until someone decided to take the whole thing down. He remains with the ragtag bunch of mercs, but he's none too happy about being released into the world he had been prepared to fight against.

    Team Relationships: While he did briefly date Ruby, it was more to get her to stop asking, than anything else. He didn’t wish any harm on her, but her attitude was something that Barry just couldn’t handle. He respected her, and as her teammate, would lay his life on the line for her. But that level of intimacy with someone like her just wasn’t something he could do.
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  15. Name: Jackson Enders
    Code Name: The Driver
    Age: 18
    Preferred Weapon: Ranged: Any weapon on the vehicle. Otherwise he can use any common weapon with some success. (Handgun, shotgun, assault rifle, etc)

    Melee: Said vehicle...or maybe a wrench.

    Appearance: 6'6 280lbs Birthmark on his butt that almost looks like a heart. His body is mostly muscle from his sporty/mechanical background


    Specialties: He is by far the best driver on the team. Any land, water, air vehicle is able to be driven, by Jackson. The young man can also repair or at least figure out how to for just able every make and model of transportation there is. Guns are an asset. Jackson Enders is also rather good at street fighting, choosing more of a grappling/power style as opposed to a more efficient/skilled style. The Driver also knows a lot about sports.
    Weaknesses: Small spaces. Being taken away from his work. He can be a bit jumpy when in the right circumstances...which is bad if you are driving. Tends to be reckless when in certain vehicles. Can be overly sensitive/emotional, even for a teen. He also smokes cigars, when the mood hits him.
    Hopes/Dreams: Jackson Enders wants to be free of this life and see the world. Once he has enough money, The Driver will ride off into the sunset. The only thing keeping him here is the fact that these are the only people he cares about, faults and all. Not to mention this is the only job available, for now.
    Worst Fear: Not being able to find his own version of happiness. Meaning, he is afraid that one day his life will cease in a dead end of joyless boredom. "Every man dies, but not every man truly lives." He also has a fear of snakes and people under 4'9.

    Outer Personality: His general attitude is dictated by his mood. Usually, when not focused on his work, he has no trouble holding a conversation and even can crack a joke or two. Friendliness and generosity comes easy to a guy who doesn't have much. Jackson has the behavior of a guy who may still be a bit immature but is definitely a good choice to have in your corner. He some times he acts like a bad team uncle.

    Inner Personality: Most of the time, he sees other people as being perfect, in terms of personality. Normally he doesn't notice flaws until someone points them out. Even then, he might not care. If the flaw didn't cause any disposition then why bother? He thinks about many different things and many expansive thoughts. Jackson does have a bit of a darker side but it's probably isn't anything the rest of the team should worry about. For the most part, he keeps it in check.

    Backstory: Jackson Enders stood all alone, in his burning home. Five year olds don't always know what to do when the heat just swarms everything they hold dear. They don't understand that Mommy and Daddy is not going to come get them. Instead it was men in goofy yellow clothes and helmets. He stayed with his grandmother and grandfather, for most of the years he lived after that. That is where he gained his knowledge of sports and vehicles. His grandfather was a former baseball player/sports columnist while grandma was a VERY good mechanic. Ironically enough, there was an accident on their way out to renew their vows. Nobody knows what happened, just that the other driver happened to be drunk. Before long the government picked him up and the rest is yet to come.

    Team Relationships:
    Overall - He knows that these guys are girls are great at what they do and no matter what happens, Jackson will always try his best to drive their asses home.
    Tommy - Pure, unadulterated broness. They both have been close friends for a long time and they balance each other out well. Jackson lightens Tommy up, while he returns the favor by making sure The Driver is focused and not all over the place.
    Ruby - She is pretty to look at, but there is much to deal with underneath. Even when they dated, she just continued to flirt as in he didn't even exist. Of course, he wanted a future and Ruby is not about to settle down. After about three months, they agreed it was time to separate. It all good though. They both knew it wouldn't work out and are still good friends.
    Val - <3 Even while with Ruby, Jackson always had his soft spot for the team doctor. Whether anyone knows or not remains to be seen because he acts as though there is a soft spot for everyone in his heart. In a weird way, he feels they heal wounds. Only her patients are people, while his are vehicles.
    Oliver - Quick little scamp. Takes initiative. Jackson approves.
    Audrey - He thinks well enough of her. She does however seem a little...shifty. Maybe if she would let herself go that a whole new world could be opened up to her.
    Norman - Too stone faced for him. Even Tommy can be a bit of fun sometimes. For all his boasting, it seems there are underlying issues of insecurity. Of course, accomplishments won't matter if you are full of holes.
    Kasey - She is crazy and knows it. Tries to stay away from her.
    Barry - Definitely a strong ally. He knows that Barry is an asset and enjoy his style of fighting.
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  16. Oookay. CHARACTER APPS ARE CLOSED AS OF NOW. We already have more than our quota, so we may have to tell some of you that you didn't make it. There is a possibility that we might be able to bring your character in at a later time, if we have more than enough acceptable characters.

    And I'll be posting specific questions/approvals for you all shortly!
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  17. Hm, anyone else think I should change the codename to "The Ass Hauler"?
  18. [MENTION=258]Dawn[/MENTION]: Looking good so far! I'm just waiting to see your backstory, because I am really intrigued as to what happened to him.

    [MENTION=58]Grumpy NotaIrish[/MENTION]: Val's wonderful. Don't change a thing.

    [MENTION=69]Vay[/MENTION]: Post your damn sheet! D:<

    [MENTION=1285]OverCast[/MENTION]: Okay, I have a few things I want you to do with Oli. First of all, it's not entirely unfeasible to have a clumsy parkour expert, but I want you to give me an explanation of how that works. Second, tell me a little more about what he's good at or bad at besides just his clumsiness. Also, flesh out his personality a little bit; what you've got is kind of bare-bones. (And they're ALL kids on the team, so why is Oli in particular so hung up about his age?) I'd also like to know more about his dream of living a "normal" life. What's normal? How does this dream affect what he does with the Unbreakables? Third, while I did say that the Team Relationships section was optional, in YOUR case I would like you to fill it out, since Oli's trust issues are such a big part of the character. Who does he trust? Who DOESN'T he trust?

    Falcon: While a Thief might be useful, Audrey is a bit, well... underpowered for this game. o___o Picking locks and pockets or sneaking through air-ducts may be useful, but she would have been trained by the military as an expert agent. She should be able to pull off bigger stuff. Is she also a safecracker? Can she hotwire vehicles? Get past professional/military-grade surveillance systems? Also, while she doesn't NEED to have combat training, you might consider it. At the very least she ought to be physically fit. Maybe she can do crazy gymnastics/contortions as part of her training to get in and out of tight places? I also feel like her personality could be fleshed out a little; tell me more about her. Why does she want to be a photographer? Does she have a plan to go about it?

    [MENTION=4238]Ryex[/MENTION]: I feel like this team is starting to get super tech heavy. Ruby's already a hacker/software lady, and Vay has been planning a hardware/gadgets guy for a while. I wouldn't have so much of a problem with this except that I'm worried we're never going to use you, especially since Norman is NOT a combat guy. I don't think you'll have as much fun sitting in the van all the time. D: But that's your call. I'd also like to see you write up a bit more about his personality for me.

    [MENTION=3359]Auntie Phaz[/MENTION]: I liiiiiiked Dirk. ;__; He had two nicknames and was named... Dirk!

    [MENTION=5372]Casual Coquette[/MENTION]: Your character is a bit tricky and I'm worried she might not be suited to this particular game. I need to know more about her skill set. I might suggest leaning more towards torture than poison, and I want to know what if any combat or physical skills she might have. Like with Ryex and Falcon, I'm concerned about getting you out of the van and into the action regularly. I'm also wondering why exactly someone with Kasey's temperament would end up joining the Unbreakables.

    [MENTION=1370]Laggy Lagiacrus[/MENTION]: TEEN FORTRESS? 8D (All kidding aside, I like Barry. I would like to know more about how his upbringing affects his choices, though, and what kind of loyalty he has to those ideals.)

    [MENTION=1034]Cerulean[/MENTION]: I don't see any big issues with Jackson. I'd like you to expand on his fear, though, if you can.


    1. A lot of you are getting too specialized. Remember, you are an action-oriented mercenary team. MOST of you should have at least some combat, physical, or weapons training.

    2. Everyone is afraid of messing up and losing their loved ones. That is a normal thing that everyone fears, especially if you're an orphan in a dangerous line of work. But your WORST FEARS should have a little variation. Unless it is very much justified by your character concept (like with Dawn and Grumpy), I'd like to see you put something different. Feel free to also include some of your lesser phobias as well.

    3. Will some of you guys please agree to have dated Ruby so I don't have to listen to Diana whine? :P
  19. Yeah! ALL the guys resisting Ruby is totally buggering up my AWESOME PLOT POINTS. D:< Teenage boys resisting a hot girl... pffffff. Being straight up bustas.

    For the players that need to develop the personality stuff a little more, try the Character Exercises to get some ideas! Everyone has some great bare bones, some of these exercise questions should help fluff out details a little more. >:3

    And yes, please add something other than losing loved ones in the worst fears. We wanna know your other kinds of fears for.... um.... SHAMELESS TORTURE AND DRAMA DEVICES. >:3 Be scared.... be very scared.
  20. In my defense, I kind of wanted Jackson and Ruby to date in the rp. XD
  21. You are moderately forgiven!
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