Teen Island (Two years later)

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  1. About teen Island (open)
    This is a story based on the roleplay Teen Island, you don’t have to know about it but if you had a character in that roleplay then you can use that character here if you want that character to come back to the island. The new characters that joins doesn’t need to know about the killing that happened two years earlier and because the roleplay never were finished the end of the story of what happened two years earlier is pretty open. So there can have been a lot of rumors about how everything ended but no one really knows.

    You don't have to be one of the teenager guests, you can also be one of the people that works in the house or the man that owns the house (just make sure no one else have taken that part before you take it)
    Anything can happen, except things that doesn't happen in reality. For example you can't stat using magic all of a sudden.
    This is like a high school rp but they are on vacation so it could be romance between characters and people can start fighting and such.
    No weapons are allowed on the Island because of what happened two years ago.
    If you want to check a bit how it was on teen Island two years ago, check this out!

    Two year has passed since the horrible shooting took place on Teen Island. After being closed for two years a new owner have bought the Island and decided to open it up. He have invited teens all over the world to come to the Island for a free vacation. Many people didn’t want to come because of what had happened some years ago but there was still people that decided to accept the invitation.

    Siva was once again back to the Island, she had never thought she would return after what had happened. But that was the place that had changed her from the withdrawn person that couldn’t talk to people properly to one that actually could enjoy talking to people. Even though there were so many bad memories from the Island she still had some good, hopefully she would meet some of her old friends.

    She walked into the big house, the same house as she had been living in two years earlier. Obviously she were the first one to arrive except for the people that worked in the house. A maid asked if she wanted her to show her to her room but Siva already knew the house from two years ago and she could navigate perfectly fine in it. She walked to the room she had been in two years earlier, it was exactly the same. It brought back so many memories, both bad and good.

  2. Over two years had past since Kain had been on this island, his modeling days were not over...but he'd never forget the time he'd spent here, there was a girl he met here. He struggled to remember her name, but knew her face and that he was set upon protecting her. Young and stupid as he was, settling to find a girl to spend his holiday with because his agent stuck him on a random island with none of his mates around. A wave of nostalia washed over Kain, only to be followed by an uneasy feeling that made his stoumach churn.

    As the years progressed, his modeling career became flawless, his dark black hair was now red with white strieks and from genetic malformity; as he grew older his eyes also changed into an emerald green. Although his build was the same, Kain looked almost like a different person. However, he was a well known celebrity in the Western states and was begining to work with eatern countries. But he needed a break, some time to think as he didn't get a lot of it... once again he ended up here.

    Searching for his room, Kain recalled the endless hallways that he always got lost in and till this day couldn't figure out exactly where he was going. As he approached a room which he thought was his, he opened the door to find a woman he did not recognise, Shit. Keeping his he leant his hand against the door "Hey, sorry for not knocking first. Trying to find my room."

  3. Siva were in the middle of unpacking her things as the door opened. She turned around a bit startled that someone had entered the room but at the same time she knew that people often went into the wrong room when they were there on their first day if they didn't get led by someone. She looked at the tall guy, she couldn't really recognize him but somehow he felt a bit familiar. But he couldn't have been there the last time, she hadn't seen anyone with such hair at that time.

    "No worries, this place is like a labyrinth if you aren't used to it. I could help you find it if you want." She proposed with a smile as she put away the shirt she was holding in her hands. "I'm Siva, and you are?" She said as she walked up to him. He was taller than her and had a familiar body size, maybe she had seen him on TV sometime. He was hot enough to be a model and she were pretty certain that she had seen him in some fashion magazine or something. Or maybe she were just imagining it.
  4. As he looked upon the girl he smiled...she seemed familliar. When the girl said she'd help him find it, he was relieved but something was wrong he had felt like he'd had a similar conversation with this woman before; it was almost like de ja vu. At the mention of her name a look of pleasant shock appeared on his face. Woah... he looked again at her and couldn't believe his eyes, it really was her; beautiful and no longer as shy as she used to be. "Well, you've gotten hotter. Also more confident." with a raised eyebrow he grinned back at her as she went to hang her clothes, remebering his suitcase trailing behind him. Waiting to see if she remembered him "The name's Kain"
  5. Well, you've gotten hotter. Also more confident. She couldn't help but blush a bit at the comment and then she realized that she must have met him somewhere for him to know about her confident. But she just couldn't remember someone like him. As he told her his name she remembered a boy from two years ago. But he were so different. How could it be the same person?

    "Kain?" She asked as she looked at him from top to toe to try finding some similarity to the guy she had met before. It wasn't easy but there still were some parts that actually were the same. "What happened to you?" She asked before realizing that it had come out pretty wrong. "That came out wrong, I'm sorry." She said fast while blushing "It's just that you have changed so much." She continued and tried to calm herself down a bit. He looked like a whole different person, but he had exactly the same attitude as before, at least from what she had heard him say so far.
  6. Mason placed his bags on the bed before looking out the window. He'd never been on the island before and hearing that it was free he thought why not and decided to some. Moat of the people he meet seemed to be a bit edgy and others quiet, rarley did he meet someone that had a genuine smile in their face. He sat down on the bed for a moment collecting his thoughts. He hopped he'd meet someone nice or intend to make friends atleast. Pulling off his shirt he threw on a tank top and some shorts and walked outside his room and looked down the hallway.

  7. Seeing Siva blush gave Kain a sense of nostalgia as he remembered what she was like when they first met and how much drama had gone on because the owner was an idiot. A grin crossed Kain's features as she mentioned how he'd change "You don't like it? just changed my hair colour. As for my eyes? it runs in the family; they change around the age of twenty." he walked over to her with a caring look in his eyes as he remembered the time they spent together. Of course he stilled cared for Siva and wandered what she would become; with a gentle fondness in his emerald eyes he stared into her mature midnight blue hues. Softly running his hand through her silk hair; a gentle, sad smile entered his face as he slowly moved his hand to gently touch Siva's soft cheek "You know? I never stopped loving you"
  8. "I like it" She said a bit too silently so she wasn't certain if he had heard her or not. His looks were a lot different but he were still the same, he were still the person that had made her get over her fear of talking to people. He were the first person she had fallen in love with. When they had left the Island she had thought that she would never see him again. She had accepted the fact that they wouldn't seen eachother again and she had decided not to think about him. But having him so close again made her heart race more than it had ever done two years earlier.

    He ran his hand threw her hair then he touched her cheek, it was the same gentle touch as he had had years earlier. The same hands that had tried to protect her during that horrible incident.

    "You know? I never stopped loving you."
    Without realizing it she stopped breathing for a moment, she wasn't certain but maybe her heart had stopped for some seconds too. A small blush spread on Siva's cheek and she fought against her impulses to turn her head away from his gaze. "I..." It felt a bit like she were back on square one, that she had become the girl that couldn't talk to others again. But she wanted to fight that part of herself. Unconsciously she turned her eyes away from his eyes and looked into the floor instead. "Is it okay for me to be in love with you?"
  9. At his advance toward her, Siva looked confused. As if she didn't know how to answer or whether to look at him or not. Her face turned red, she didn't seem angry at him "I..." well he couldn't be doing anything wrong, could he? Women, sheesh. "Is it okay for me to be in love with you?"

    The question shocked Kain, he wasn't so sure how to answer something like that. What was she playing at? he looked down at her concerned. "Siva, I don't understand... I haven't stopped thinking about you for two years! Why would it not be okay?" Taking her chin with one hand he guided her to look at him in there eyes, that stared into hers like a pleaing puppy looking for an answer. He'd never even took any advances from other girls or in fact couldn't... confused with a slight pang of frustration, he let go of her. This time, it was Kain looking at the floor, feeling alone sad and confused.
  10. The sun shined on her soft pale skin and Emma grinned with pleasure. The island was amazing, the perfect vacation. She shrugged off all the rumors she had heard. Emma doubted they were true anyway. When she walked into the building she was a bit confused. She whispered to herself. "Where the hell am I suposed to go?" She put down her bags and leaned against the wall already frustrated. The place was huge and it seemed impossible to get around. She would definately need some help.
  11. Mason was bored and looked around the long hallway that seemed to go on forever. He walked down the hallway glancing at the art pictures that were up for decoration and then up at the cealing. As he kept walking he bumped into something or someone and he stumbled back looking down to see it was a female he reached and caught her arm before she fell. " oh im so sorry" he saidin an apologetic manner. Reganing his balance he spoke to her " im mason and you are?"
  12. Emma brushed through her short blue hair with one hand surprised at the stranger's appearence. "I-It's alright." She looked him over. He was actually wearing sensible attire for vacation while she was still stuck in her jeans. She replied, "I'm Emma, and could you help me?" She giggled at herself. "I'm a bit lost." She was a considerably embarassed to ask but she needed someone to help her.
  13. Mason smiled slightly and then looked around for a moment he looked down at her his body hovering over her's. He was 6'0 and he wondered how tall she was. " Sure i'd be happy to help, and i know how you feel i was lost when i first came here too". He reached and took her bags and then llooked around for a moment " um do you know your room number?"
  14. Emma pulled out a piece of paper from her back pocket along with a key. She unfolded it and carefully searched it with her finger for a number. "Umm...room 117?" She looked up at him considerably shorter than Mason. "Does that sound about right?" A warm pink tint came to her cheeks. She felt like an idiot with this whole vacation thing.
  15. Mason smiled " the rooms right across from mines". He walked down the hallway and turned the corner stopping in the hallway he turned to her and pointed to her toom " 117 is right here mines is 118 so if you ever need anything dont hesitate to drop by since im not doing anything". He placed her bags down by her door and then looked at the door at the end of the hall, it seemed to be leading to the trail that led to the beach.
  16. Emma returned the smile. "Thanks, maybe we can hang out later." She turned the key and pushed opened the door. While dragging her bags inside she froze. The room was like a dream. Emma was amazed that this was all free, there had to be a catch or something. She went to the back where her bed was and threw her bags on it. She plopped herself next to them, she was drained from all the traveling and was ready to let go. Emma took a deep breath and got up to unpack her things. Eventually everything would end up on the floor but it was worth a try to be organized.
  17. Mason nodded and opened the door to his room and walked in closing the door behind him. He planned on heading out to the beach and exploring the island since it was his first day here. He opened the suitcase and pulled out a towel and he took off his shorts and pulled on a pear of swim trunks. He put on his sandals and headed outside. The warm air hit his chest and he walked around until he made his way to the beach. PLacing his towel in the chairs and taking off his shoes he walked into the water slowly.
  18. It had become exactly as before, she said the wrong things and didn't know what to say. "I just.. it's just... You are a model, have a splendid career and are just perfect and I'm just .... me." She tried to explain but felt like it became even more confusing as she were going on. For two years she had wanted to meet Kain again and when she finally does then she screws up almost immediately. That never happened with other people, why was it like that with him?
  19. As Siva spoke her worries, he looked at her with intense curiousity, relaxing as he heard it wasn't him. But she felt strange because of his career. Chuckling slightly he just looked over at her, a tear falling from his eye as the intensity of his feelings began to calm. Walking over to make himself comfortable on Siva's bed "It's just a job, you might think it's glorified but it's not...the women are hot but they're always fighting with one another. I've had a couple of girlfriends from it but somehow managed to mess it up. They told me I was to good for them after they cheated on me and ran from mice like cats." he sighed. Looking over at Siva "I don't get it. I love you...is that not enough?" Kain didn't hide the fact that the thought frustrated him. Siva was probably the only person he knew to trust with that thought, if he barely knew her for the adult she now was at all.
  20. Teen Island.

    That wasn't the only name the island had. In fact, over the past two years, the Island now had a bunch of crazy folklore names. Everything from Zombie Island, to Murder Island, to Ghost Island...

    Marsela was particularly interested in the ghost part.

    At sixteen years old, Marsela was a pretty average teenager. A junior in high school, part of Photography Club and Newspaper Crew. Her grades weren't out of the ordinary, her family were typical, boring middle class people. The girl wasn't a great beauty or a fashion diva. Didn't care for sports, thought about boys on a regular basis.

    It was just her hobby that was a little kooky.

    Marsela was obsessed with the paranormal. Ghosts, vampires, undead, creepy stories... She had never seen one, YET. But she made an effort to try and hunt down something, somewhere! It would be the greatest thing in the universe if she could be the first person to document a real ghost. Imagine her surprise to find out her parents bought her an early birthday present, and sent her on a vacation to one of the most recently created urban legends!

    No one really knew for sure what happened on Teen Island. Police reports say only a couple people died, and it wasn't even from murder. But every believed it was some sort of cover up to hide some dark secret. Marsela was determined to make contact with the dead and find out!

    So there she was, jumping off her ferry boat with a big and heavy bag filled with more 'equipment' than clothes. Marsela was super excited about her adventure, and almost wanted to skip finding her room just to start exploring the island.