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  1. “Boredom is the root of all evil. Even the gods knew this, for in their infinite boredom they created mankind.

    Then mankind made teenagers and now we never hear the end of I’m Bored.”

    You hear this story all the time.

    A kid turns whatever age and then suddenly their whole world is turned upside-down.

    So, great! Now I’m the living embodiment of another tired old cliche.

    Instead of being just another angsty kid in a high school of other normal angsty kids, now there’re gods in the mix.

    What asshole thought THAT was a good idea? Seriously?

    Let’s cram a bunch of hormonal teenagers with uncontrollable powers into the same building.

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

    I think I’ll show them what can go wrong...

    Welcome to Amphisbaena Boarding School for Girls and Boys.

    You are a demigod and student between the ages of 13 and 18. You have extraordinary powers, but absolutely zero mastery over any of them. One or both of your parents were gods or descended from gods themselves. Now you're stuck in a boarding school- more like daycare, really- for demigods, because someone out there felt that it was safer for everyone if over-juiced twits like you weren’t goofing around with uncontrollable powers around those easily broken humans and causing a world of trouble.

    Of course, little do you know that things are not so safe. Someone at the school has a plan. A very bad, very dangerous plan. Not only could it destroy the school, but it could very well expose the existence of the magical world to mortals, a thing that the Elder Gods feel modern mankind just isn’t ready for.

    But forget all that. TEENAGERS WITH GOD POWERS, FUCK YEAH!


    Can I play a teacher/parent/Elder God?

    You must play a student. Sorry, no adults in this roleplay. It’s for plot reasons.

    Can I play a mortal?
    My character didn't know they were a demigod until this new school year!

    All characters are demigods and have been aware of this for their entire life. Again, this is for plot reasons. It IS possible that you have not developed your powers until this year and/or that this is your first year attending Amphisbaena regardless of your age.

    There's already a demigod of [insert aspect, e.g. love, war, death, etc.]. Can I still play one?

    Yes, but I expect you to explain it somehow.

    What are the posting expectations?

    Try to post at least once a week. HOWEVER, I'd like everyone to keep in mind that I work a job with 12 hour shifts. Please do not go on posting sprees where you and a friend post back and forth 10-20 times a day. It's not fair to those of us with limited availability. As to post length, there is no specific standard, but please avoid posting awkward one-liners or novel-length fluff. Remember, CONTENT for others to respond to is the priority. Make sure your posts are readable with basic punctuation, capitalization, and no chatspeak or internet abbreviations.

    Are there any powers that are off-limits?
    How powerful can I be?

    You can have any kind of powers that you want. I don’t care how ridiculous or overpowered it might be or even how many you have. Time travel, literal kisses of death or other insta-kills, love spells, and mind control are all on the table. (Just remember that you’re a teenage demi god and you have AWFUL control over your powers! Yes, ALL of you.)

    So-and-so used their powers on me and my character is dead/doing something I don't like/etc.!

    If that's not okay by you, this roleplay isn't going to be your cup of tea. When you apply, you are giving consent for what other roleplays might consider "godmodding". This should be sort of obvious, given that everyone has literally got godly powers. HOWEVER, I do expect everyone to be considerate and use common sense when using your powers. Anyone being abusive will not even get the courtesy of being booted from the game; I will just godmodd you right back up to and including perma-death, and you'll wish the perma-death came first. Remember that it doesn't take long to ask another player for permission, you guys.

    And finally, remember to respect other players, the setting, and everyone’s developing plots. That means creating a character and subplots that suit this setting. Highjacking characters or scenes and derailing the plot will have in-game consequences. And if you're a jackass OUT OF CHARACTER, you'll just get kicked out.


    Name: (Please avoid names of actual deities. I will spank you.)
    Age/Grade: (Remember, ages 13-18 and grades 7-12. We're going by the American school system.)
    Demigod Of: (Pick one or two aspects that your character embodies, e.g. Aries is the god of War or Ra is the god of the Sun.)
    Powers: (Please list all of your powers. No adding new ones after the game starts. Your character doesn't have to know about them at the start of the game, but you need to let me know they're there.)
    Appearance: (A picture is preferred to a text description. Photos or semirealistic/fantasy style art would be acceptable.)
    Personality: (What is your character like?)
    Background: (How did your character grow up? Who are their parents?)
  2. Name: Taj Attar

    Age/Grade: 18/12th Grade

    Demigod Of: Love and Beauty

    Powers: Seeing/predicting future relationships, putting love mojo whammies on people, having a killer fashion sense and the ability to bring out everyone’s beauty through the magic of makeovers, spontaneously growing tiger ears and tail (thanks, Mum).

    Appearance: Short and choppy flaxen-blond hair, blue eyes, and a mile-wide smile. He’s very slim and daintily-boned with long limbs and hard angles. His taste in clothing is loud and vivid, with funky accessories and a tendency toward yellows and oranges.

    Personality: He may be a dweeb and more than a little silly, but he’s no pushover. He’s a tough, confident young man who won’t stand for his friends being mistreated- mess with them and he’s liable to beat you up. And he packs a surprising punch! On the other hand, he’s not the type to hold grudges; a sincere apology will get you off the hook, and you may even be his bestest friend in no time. Then all you’ll have to worry about is his propensity for meddling and playing matchmaker. And he’s more than smart enough to get himself (and you) in a whole lot of trouble. Just check out the suuuuper thick and ancient books he reads! (Secretly, Taj likes to think he’s Indiana Jones. But with godly powers. He even has the whip…)

    Background: The pampered youngest son of Bastet, Taj has never known much in the way of hardship. Sure, his fair features were less common in his part of the world, but he was raised in an open-minded social circle and never lacked for playmates in the children of his parents’ associates. He’s always made friends quickly, and for Taj, a friend made is a friend kept.

    His first love came along when he was four years old. A curly-haired little girl his age, whose name was probably Mary but possibly Marie, and who played knight and princess with him every day. There and then, Taj decided that one day he was going to find true love, and it was going to be the most wonderful thing EVER. And, while he was at it, he would help everyone else find it, too. Ever since, he’s been matching people up, and his knack for seeing relationship potential has yielded an uncanny success rate… even if it’s taken years, in some cases. If Taj calls it, chances are it will happen. Which is why his friends try to keep him from opening his mouth on matters of the heart. Somehow, though, he’s just so easy to talk to…

    He’s been attending Amphisbaena High for all of his high school life now, and he’s still slowly coming into his powers.
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    Name: Kieran

    Age/Grade: 16, 11th Grade

    Demigod Of: Catalysts

    Powers: Making shit happen. BIG shit. And not the "miracle" kind either. The kind that brings about huge change, in unpleasant ways.

    Appearance: Very long nearly black hair, brown eyes. Under weight with little muscle mass. About 5'5.

    Personality: Screw you, screw this school, screw EVERYTHING. Kieran doesn't want to be here and she will make sure everyone knows. She doesn't want to be anyone's friends, participate in activities, or doing anything constructive. In fact, she very openly admits that she was to do the opposite. She's a total bitch and she's fine with that.

    What? She might not actually be a bitch and is just an angsty teen demigod that needs a hug? NO. FUCK YOU. ]:[ FUCK YOU IN THE FACE. FUCK THE PEGASUS YOU RODE IN ON.

    Background: Kieran doesn't know who her REAL parents are, those useless douchebags. She was left abandoned and to be cared for by a pair of human parents that had NO idea what they accepted when they adopted their babygirl. For her entire life, Kieran has been a catalyst of change... bad things happen when Kieran is around. And she's pissed off about it. She wasn't even doing it on purpose.

    But now she is. Some god somewhere thought trapping her in a school with annoying teen demigods her own age was a good idea. SHE'S GOING TO PROVE IT WAS NOT.
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  5. Oh yeah. DISCLAIMER: ORIGINAL IDEA AND FLAVOR TEXT BY DIANA. I highjacked it because she's NEVER going to run it.
  6. ... |8 I had a whole thing to strong arm Diana into making this... I was going to do a series of picchars like this:

    (It was of Ocha's proposed shy and sexually naive love goddess)

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  7. Ouch, Osso. I can't believe you forgot me. ; ^;

    jk~ <3

    (warning: it might arrive as shrapnel)

    Ayumu Tsukino
    Age/Grade: 16; grade 10
    Demigod Of: Imagination/Creativity
    Powers: To put it bluntly, Ayumu can create anything. Yes, out of thin air. But first he has to think about it. His thoughts become reality. However, he's terrible at controlling this power and often his creations fall short of expectations and hilarity ensues when he daydreams. Horror sometimes ensues when he nightmares! At the moment, he can't cancel out anything he creates.
    Appearance: Chin-length dyed-blonde hair (naturally black hair) and golden brown eyes. 5'4 (5'6 with heels), lithe build. Although he looks like a girl, Ayumu is definitely a boy. His fashion style changes on a daily basis and although he prefers to dress like a girl, he's been known to swap back to "boy clothes" from time to time. There is hardly a time when you won't see this boy smiling or looking a bit dazed.
    Personality: Feather-brained, bubbly, energetic, kind, and a smidgen perverted. He likes to think he has a "cool" side to him but it's mostly just goofy.
    Background: Ayumu's never met his old man but apparently he's, like, some god of creation or something. And while he wouldn't deny that he wants to some day meet "Pops Izanagi", he's really in no rush because his mother has been one hell of an awesome single parent. She runs a daycare by the way - Ayumu's mother. And up until he entered Am--...Amphiii--.... Uh, this school for demigods, he would often help his mother out with taking care of the children.
    He went to a middle class public school prior to this one (joined the demigod school in the middle of 7th grade) and dressed mostly as a girl even then.​
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  8. Name: Goldendaughter, or just Goldie
    Age/Grade: 16, 10th Grade
    Demigod Of: Love & Fertility
    Powers: Seems to be a great match maker. Always know who should hook up with who. Can and will make random people make out if they annoy her. If outside in one spot for too long plants start growing and reproducing like crazy.
    Appearance: (Koori's picture goes here)
    Personality: Sweet, but a bit shy. It's amazing how much one can pick up on school gossip when you're barely noticed though. Because she is in the background and appears not to like to make waves it is mistakenly thought she doesn't hold grudges. This is far from the case. Goldie doesn't have a hot temper thouh. It's a cold temper, she will seemingly shrug off much, but in reality she is allowing people to braid their own rope and she will happily see them hang themselves if they don't mend their ways. Also not allowed to have pets at school due to the population of pets exploding quite quickly.
    Background: Daughter of Freyr, but never states who her mother is.
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  9. Name: Daphne Oleastro
    Age/Grade: 16, 10th grade
    Demigod Of: Nature
    Powers: Growing and controlling plant life, summoning various wildlife.
    Appearance: (open)
    Deep brown/green eyes and brown curly hair with light strands. In certain moods, her hair might take on the appearance of vines, possibly even sprouting flowers when flushed.

    Personality: Daphne speaks sarcasm like a second language, and 'smartass' as a third. Because of this, she's not always the best at making friends, but it also makes her value the people she actually likes all the more, even though she has a bad habit of keeping said people at a certain distance. She can be quite cunning when she's actually willing to focus on an issue.

    Background: Daphne is the daughter of Medeina, a huntress goddess of forests and wildlife. Her father was, at the time, a recent college graduate from France, a regular human named Charles who'd traveled to northeast Europe for a camping trip. And, well, a fated and passionate encounter led to her existence. But passion sometimes flickers away as fast as it appears, especially the passion of deities. So, she grew up between two lives. Awkward but peaceful suburban living with her father in the States, and wild-child, running with wolves forest life. She's starting her second year at Amphisbaena High.
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  10. Name: Sai
    Age/Grade: 17 and nine months. (GAAAWD FIIIINE OZZZIE.) 12th grade
    Demigod Of: Music and culture.
    Powers: The world of sound is at her command. Any sound her godly mind can imagine (and she can imagine more than most) she can bring into reality.

    Her affinity with culture gives her an innate understanding and empathy towards any culture, living or dead, as well as knowledge of their myths, legends, deities, superstitions and customs.

    Appearance: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-8bV4MERoE...cR0uIg07VA/s1600/chinese-girl-hd-1280x800.jpg


    If there's one word to describe Sai it's 'distant'. Living between cultures on different sides of the world, cut off from divine beings her own and the not knowing why her parents don't talk to each other has left her without a great dead of social experience. In her opinion that's perfectly fine, who needs teen gods then you have the fruits of two pantheons to choose from! This is of course a lie. A godess of music and culture needs people and needs people, friends, and companionship.

    This conflict, waging quietly within her makes her try to make lasting impressions... about hos strong and independent she is that usually go badly when really she just wants to enjoy life's music, immerse herself in culture, art, company, and above all music.


    How two gods from completely different pantheons and cultures managed to sire a child is a complete mystery. When asked about it Hathor says "Sometimes a girl makes mistakes" while Wenchan merely puts his face in his hands and shakes his magnificent head, sometimes muttering "Bacchus" and at others "Cupid".

    Regretted summer parties that got a little wild when the fertility goddess got drunk aside Sai's life has been split down the middle by the sword of shared custody, neither god wanting to be burdened by a child full time.

    In the sunny lands of the Nile, Hathor is an attentive if embarrassing mother, seeing to Sai's every need. Sai's obvious favorite when it comes to parents the two often talk about music, art, dance and Hathor has no problem letting Sai stay out late.

    Wenchan however has no idea how to deal with a daughter, often caving into her whims just to get her to keep quiet and happy, mostly quiet, so for that half of the year Sai spends her time taking in the culture, music, and festivities of her favorite place in the world, and plotting yet another doomed plan to get Hathor to move to China so that they can enjoy it together.

    Her latest attempt to get her parents together succeeded much more than any of the others. Not only did her parents talk to each other for more than three seconds but they agreed on something: That Sai should immediately packed up and sent to boarding school FOREVER IF NOT LONGER.
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  11. Name: Luzel "Luzita" Chang
    15, 10th grade
    Demigod Of: Fashion
    Potentiality It first manifested when she touched three clover buds consecutively and when they bloomed all three were four-leafed. She has not explored this power and assumes it is to do with luck rather than bringing a thing to its most unlikely potential

    Ingenious Ingenue Luzita has a knack for constructing things out of odd materials for even odder purposes, she assumes this is regular human resourcefulness and not an aspect of her mother manifesting itself. Her solutions look tacky as hell, however.

    Wrist Goo, Weaver's Daughter The physical proof of Luzita's divine heritage comes out in the form of a secretion from her fingertips. She is still perplexed by how it works, if it's meant to be useful at all. As far as she has experimented with, she can connect globs of the mucous slime and when it dries forms something like rope. The rope itself is inhumanly strong, so far using it to help her father hang clothes and dry their laundry on.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: She is a sponge for affectations, quirks and flairs. Hanging out at Parsons was the molotov coctail on a log already burning bright. She is a shining epitome of young children anxious and ready for what they assume adulthood to be like, she should know everyone at Parsons is so old...

    Background: Luzita is the only daughter of a tailor and Ichpōchtli. Her father had unknowingly attracted the attention of Ichpōchtli with his mastery of the needle and thread. Born of their union and not long after her mother's departure from the mortal realm, her father gained enough notoriety to move them out from Barrio Chino, Mexico City to Chinatown, Manhattan. There, Luzita bloomed-- surrounding by all manner of cloth by visiting the garment district with her father soon learning how to use the subway system to sneak into Parsons' student shows.

    Sneaking onto Parsons' campus became like a day at school for her, since she would ditch actual school to sniff around and see what the big kids were up to, even at night. Luzita's divinity began to manifest itself when she would sympathetically pat the backs of frustrated fashion students or hand them their Starbucks and brush their fingertips when suddenly a flash of inspiration would hit them. Students then began using the lanky little half-goddess as a test subject for headpieces, makeup looks, drape examples and swatches. Soon after, Luzita became the good luck charm of each year's senior class' thesis shows... until her father found out.

    Seeing the students' colored hair, tattoos, piercings and the cigarette-smoking in the outdoor student lounge, desperate to ship her off away from 'bad influences' a letter signed X and a brocure for Amphisbaena came in the mail. But all Luzita can think about is what will be in style by the time she matriculates.
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  12. @Ozzie Chanter Sure am up for it!

    WIP CS:

    Emrys Goch, #b0b073

    Age/Grade: 17/12th Grade

    Aspect: Welsh Dragons and Oak Trees

    - Being the child of a dragon deity, it stands to reason that the young Welshman would inherit something from his draconic blood. However, where his father dragon is large, intimidating, and glorious, Emrys' dragon-forme could be considered quite the runt. He is covered in fur much like the yellow of this character sheet with subtle darker patches like jaguars around his limbs and up his back. He has a glorious, silky mane of a lighter tone of his fur. He lacks wings. He is only about twice as large as a Great Dane.

    Dendrophobic Pyrokinesis - What's awesome about being the child of a dragon? Dominion over fire. What sucks about being Emrys? You're also the child of a deity that represents trees. The result? Fire powers that give you a splitting headache if you so much as look at a tree within five feet of where you want your fire to hit.

    Welsh Awareness - There's a downside to being the child of a deity that represents the entirety of a country. Despite all his attempts to drown it out, he constantly receives a steady stream of information about the state of Wales. He's been able to keep it at the back of his consciousness, but nevertheless, it grates at his nerves whenever he's not spacing out.

    Treesinging - What's a child to gain from being the son of a deity that represents oak trees? Well, the ability to sing trees into growth, of course. Emrys can guide the growth of trees by singing to them. He's pretty sure it's limited to trees, but he's yet to try out his abilities on anything but trees.

    Summer Affinity - Emrys has always chucked it up to simply being a 'summer person' but he is legitimately more powerful, more energetic, more aware, and more physically resilient during the summertime. He is at his best during midsummer. Where does he get it? The Oak King, of course!

    Emrys walks perilously close to the land of perpetual absent-mindedness and as such is prone to daydreaming, though, often, the dreams involved are empty. He is quite genial and approachable when he does not have his head in the clouds. The size and nature of his dragon-forme is quite a touchy subject. His Welsh accent, even more so. He often comes across as aloof if only because he rarely pays attention to where he is and what's going on in the world around him. He loves nature, particularly forests, but he is clumsy so he never returns from travelling in a forest unscathed. He holds friends in high regard, and is very begrudging of his trust. One thing his friends know for sure about him is that whether in human-forme or dragon-forme, Emrys is much like a cat in that he is prone to stretching, curling up and/or lounging about strange places, couches, beds, and people.

    Background: Parthenogenesis is rare enough to probably prove troublesome for a teenage demigod, but to be the literal brainchild of two decidedly male deities is another thing entirely, and it isn't much better. Born to Y Ddraig Goch and the Oak King, Emrys is the quintessential British Isles Demigod. At birth he was handed off to a decently wealthy Welsh family that still held on to the old beliefs. He never really felt part of the family, but they tried their best to make him happy. When he reached the proper age, he was carted off to London for elementary schooling.

    It was during his last year of elementary that he began to come into his powers, and as a result, decided to ship him off to Amphisbaena. The move was something that Emrys was quite grateful for, despite having to move a couple thousand miles away from his heartland. Anywhere but England was heaven for him since even non-supernatural Englishmen were drawn to dislike him despite his geniality, all because of his heritage. His accent was often made fun of in a more malicious way than other Welsh kids in school. As a result, he became resentful of his accent and since he couldn't get rid of it no matter what he did, he became resentful of anyone that mentioned it.

    He'd managed to knock a few teeth loose on a few people because of it. Amphisbaena was a breath of fresh air, though, and Emrys was more or less free to be who he was. He was set up to room with Taj and they got along pretty nicely from the get-go, though the blond was constantly trying to set him up with guys. There were fewer bullies, of course, but the English demigods were much worse than their mundane mortal counterparts.

    The fact that he was such a small dragon in his dragon-forme was another point of contention that could turn the normally-timid Emrys into a ball of resentment, anger, emotional instability and self-consciousness.

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  13. Name: Icarus 'Iggy' Eckhart
    Age/Grade: 16, Grade 10
    Demigod Of: Death and Hope
    • “That's a nice life force you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.” (Though he's still perfecting the art, Iggy has inherited his old man's control of entropy: the erosion of life energies. With concerted effort he can drain the life from objects, items and people, though it's a tiresome and inaccurate process. Not to mention the fact that there are much more efficient and less time-consuming ways of killing someone.)
    • Amateur Necromancer (Raising and/or communing with the dead is another perk of being the son of the Underworld's ruler. Turns out both are really fucking difficult to pull off, though. Frankenstein made it look so easy as well.)
    • Optimistic Aura (Despite his bizarre, sometimes slightly mournful appearance, Iggy nonetheless remains a relaxing, calming figure to be around. He exudes a hopeful air, which when combined with his off-beat (if slightly gallows-esque) humour allows him to easily act as a voice of reason and help calm volatile situations down. It's not something he can exert any kind of influence or control over, though. Cheers, mum.)
    • Unbeaten Spirit (A demigod of Hope is a next-to-impossible motherfucker to keep down, after all.)
    Appearance: If there's one thing that being descended from members of the Greek pantheon will guarantee you, it's good looks; Iggy rocks the naturally thin, elfin face and slender physique look like a pro. His pale skin and rather sombre look he's inherited from his old man, the golden hair and charming smile from his mother. He's a demigod who doesn't feel the need to hide his nature and powers, preferring to deck himself out in the dark clothing and stylings of an 80's Sisters Of Mercy fan. It can get a bit unusual at points, but compared to some of the looks the other demigods of the school are rocking, Iggy's not all that strange.
    Personality: Though he looks like a gloomy and maudlin motherfucker, Iggy is a surprisingly upbeat guy; he likes a laugh (though his jokes can stray towards the dark at points), enjoys the company of others and prefers to take the whole 'glass half full' approach to life. Rather than allowing his knowledge of death and what comes after to get him down, he instead uses it as a motivation to live life to the fullest capacity.
    Background: The gods of the Greeks are a confusing and squabble-prone bunch.

    And Icarus (or Iggy, as he prefers to go by) has the somewhat dubious honour of being the son of Hades, Lord of the Underworld, and Persephone, the Goddess of Spring's Bounty.

    Largely through the machinations and scheming of Zeus, his father and his irate grandmother Dementer, Iggy's childhood was one of two halves. When Persephone shifted down to her husband's domain he went with her, always grateful to spend time with his father. When this period ended, however, he was dragged back to the world of mortals, where his mother lived in disguise.

    Shifting between the mundane and the divine isn't exactly conducive to a stable upbringing, however, and around the time their son reached high school age Hades and Persephone elected to ship Iggy off to Amphisbaena Boarding School. He's been attending the school since.
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  14. Adrian

    Age/Grade: 17 grade 11
    Demigod Of: Evil and Cataclysm

    Devil in you:
    Adrian can read sins and the darkness in others, uncontrollably he can also aggravate it and corrupt morals and values, allowing vice to take over.

    Disaster: Adrian’s touch can sometimes destroy...from pencils to unfortunate pets, he causes cataclysm. When in an extremely stressed emotional state, volcanos, earthquakes, plague, hurricanes, and tornados are just some of the disasters he can raise unintentionally.

    Devil in me: There is true evil, monstrous evil lurking in Adrian. Mostly it hides, incubating, not ready. But sometimes it can manifest. Claws, teeth, spines, nightmares…something that takes shape and strength from the evil around it and energizes it, personifies it. Some would say that evil is an impossible thing, that it is based on perspective…but malevolence for malevolent intent exists.

    Commander and chief: Demons, angry ghosts, restless dead, anything with dark intentions, frustrations, rage…anything that can be twisted by darkness looks to Adrian as a conduit into the world. Perhaps he can command these dark legions, but certainly not as he is.

    Born Anew: Darkness, violence, cataclysm, destruction heals and revives Adrian


    Adrian is not what you’d expect from a child created to destroy, corrupt, and end. He’s actually a genuinely nice guy. Shy, clumsy, and terrified of his own powers he never developed well socially for fear of what happened to people who get close. More he’s just afraid of himself and shadows, and scary movies, and his parents.

    Adrian is a poet, a dreamer, and consistent donator to charity funds. While in school he’s been instrumental in organizing the numbers and making signs for countless charity drives, collections, and rallies. Although never front and center, he does certainly try to be involved.

    Background: Adrian was stolen as a child, grown up in the care of other gods that passed him around like a foster child while his fate was being decided. How does one destroy a demigod of evil if the demigod himself isn’t evil? Adrian knows his real parents. Those who passed him around think he doesn’t know, but shadows tell him…his nightmares tell him. Anyone who can tell him, tells him…just to mess with him.

    Holler of the Norse Pantheon and Angra Mainyu.

    Adrian is terrified they will find him.
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  15. @Grumpy @Diana @Malkuthe Highwind @Ocha


    You may notice that this is a new thread with a new post with a new scene happening. I hate to do this to you guys, but as I had to write out a total of eight characters and may be writing out a ninth, I felt this was the best possible way to revive the game.


    This game is also now private. Only players with an invite are going to be playing. If any of the previous players want to come back, ask me and I will let you know if I can work you back in.

    @Vay and @fatalrendezvous YOU TWO ARE INVITED. You have as much time as you need to work on your character sheets because it is much easier for me to add people than deal with a sudden mass exodus of characters.

    @Jack Shade GUESS WHOSE CHARACTER HASN'T BEEN WRITTEN OUT! THAT'S RIGHT, YOURS! I warned you, Jack, that if you didn't post... I would post for you. This is your notice that I will play your character for the duration of this game whether you play or not. 8D

    Any questions?
  16. |8 Think of a fashion weeaboo ( a fashiboo if you must), there is your ninth.


  17. Name: Yngvildr [Ing-vill-der]

    Age/Grade: 13/7

    Demigod Of: Demigod of Fate and Wisdom

    ~ Thread of Fate - with a ball of yarn she can attach to another, can be cut to alter the attachments fate.

    ~ Hypersensitive insight - physical contact brings on a look into the contacts future, but only 1 out of 3 possibilities are seen.

    ~ Living Aura - The fabric of the universe revolves around her in an auric wind that welcomes a loving heart but can lash out and defend Yngvildr from physical harm.

    ~ Telepathy - speaking into the minds of others. (she cannot listen into the thoughts of others)

    ~ Ethereal Frequency -
    has a quiet repose, if she does choose to speak aloud, her voices travels and resounds through space and time, so she never, if ever, speaks aloud.

    NSFW (open)

    Personality: Yngvildr appears mute and extremely Introverted, but inwardly she yearns to know others and be close to others. always analyzing the fabric of time and space can wear on her so she sleep 12 hours of the day. On days she does not get the rest required she has a fainting spell. Often she is seen resting her head on her desk or with personally enjoyed books disguised her text books. a very distracted girl with a very short attention span. ((This will evolve as the role play develops))

    Background: Yngvildr an Orphan, Having been sleeping most of her life away in an orphanage. One day, she was struck by one of human life's most heart wrenching lessons, People fear what they don't understand.

    On this Day an Aura of wind enveloped Yngvildr and all the other children, even her best friend, feared what she had become. She had become a Monster. In their eyes and the eyes of the orphanage owners, she had become a liability. In the middle of the night they came to take her away and a new life had begun for Yngvildr.
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  18. Also, everyone welcome Fijo aboard this crazy train.
  19. I guess if Koori is still in, then I'll try to keep posting. x_x

    Or...is it too late? Is the glitter god written off?
  20. @Kooriryu

    Are you still tweaking Luzita or are you leaving her as is? Let me know so I can get you in the game as soon as possible.


    You're still welcome to play if you want. Grab me and we'll talk about how to get Ayumu reintroduced to the story.
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