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  1. Tuesday, September 23rd
    Great Misery Island, Massachusetts


    On a rocky precipice overlooking the Sound, five figures stood and contemplated the waves crashing against the stony shoreline of Great Misery.

    At the head of the little group was a thin-faced, lanky blond boy in a garish orange-and-black trenchcoat and fuzzy yellow sweater. His name was Taj Attar, and he was peering down with curiosity at the object bobbing in the water below. Pointing, he turned to his right, eyes lighting up with avid interest.

    "What do you reckon this is all about?" he asked. There was a tangible current of anticipation in his voice.

    His subject of interrogation could hardly be expected to answer. Emrys Goch was, at present, suffering one of the frequent episodes in which he awoke in the form of a stout, hairy reptile roughly the size of a small horse. Privately, several people were very grateful for these occasions, as it prevented him from twittering constant updates on the state of Wales.

    When Taj recalled that Emrys was in no condition to respond, he looked over his shoulder at the other three. Each of their companions seemed to have marked out a personal territory for themselves, as each had allowed for two or more arms' lengths between them. A frown tugged at the corner of Taj's mouth, and he was forced to remind himself that he could not simply squish the lot of them together and expect them to stick.

    If Taj and Emrys might appear odd to the casual observer, the rest were appallingly average: Iggy Eckhart, a smiling, handsome young man with flaxen hair bright enough to be visible under the hood of his dark jacket; Goldie, an olive-skinned, petite teen with her face half-hidden behind curtains of raven hair and a gossip magazine; and Kieran- the latest addition to their little club- a pale, scrunchy-faced stick of a girl with wavy brown hair and a grey t-shirt. There was nothing much to indicate that these were anything but normal, everyday teenagers.

    Appearances can be deceiving.

    "It's getting closer," Taj added, unnecessarily. Still pointing down toward the beach, he shaded his eyes with his other hand. "Do you think it's something from the teachers?"

    It had been twenty days since the beginning of school for the students of Amphisbaena Boarding School. So far, nothing had exploded, no one had ended up traveling through time, and injuries had been minimal. Given that the student body was comprised of the offspring of the gods and the faculty were among the divine, it was only a matter of time before the other shoe dropped...

    And perhaps that shoe would be the small, rotting boat that was now drifting slowly into the North Cove.
  2. "If it is, we should set fire to it and run like hell." muttered Kieran. As usual, her default mood was set on cranky. But at least to everyone's relief she wasn't spending the day wailing about how she didn't want to be there, how bored she was, or how stupid everything is.

    She tugged a sweater over her t-shirt and wrapped it tightly around her as she stepped up closer to the break of waves, but not daring to touch the sea water that inched it's way to and fro over the rocky beach. Squinting at the distance, she really couldn't make out any more detail about the small boat or if anyone or anything were in it. Kieran did have that feeling of doom, though that tended to be with her all the time. It was hard not to believe calamity was coming at every turn, when you were most often the cause.

    "Or if someone is feeling particularly dumb, they could swim out there and get it. Maybe it's 'clues' or a 'reward' or 'divine prophecy'." Looked like no one was being spared her sarcasm. Kieran couldn't give everything up.
  3. Emrys Goch

    Emrys Goch, son of the Oak King -- has a cock -- and son of Y Ddraig Goch -- also male, not that he'd ever bothered to check -- not only had the misfortune of being part Irish and part Welsh, but that he had inherited more of his draconic father's qualities. The English demigods were more than a little disparaging, and it annoyed him so. Nevertheless, that was not all that was bothering him at the moment.

    Sure, there was a strange boat drawing eerily and ominously closer to where their little group of students, but considering how the staff was made up of the strangest assortment of deities and half-deities the world over, the boat may as well have been a unicorn. It was strange, yes, but unexpected? Not entirely.

    A puff of grey smoke erupted from Emrys' nostrils and he coughed, a fire accidentally stoked in his gullet. He growled in frustration. The boat was not his biggest problem at the moment, his biggest problem was the big fucking tail swishing out from backside, the mane, and pretty much his entire body. He was stuck in his dragon form. There were advantages of being in the body of a powerful beast, mainly being in the body of a powerful beast, but Emrys was... less... than powerful.

    The young Welshman was clumsy enough on two legs, four did not help. Not at all. In fact, they probably were a detriment. Imagine his chagrin earlier that morning when he'd woken up on top of one of the most attractive -- by no fault of his own -- students at Amphisbaena, decidedly furry, and quadruped.

    He whined at Taj, smoke still streaming out of his nostrils. In a rare moment of lucidity for the young Welshman, he heard the tail-end of the demi-god's question. It wasn't exactly a question, either. Amphisbaena, as far as he knew, was protected by the gods. Of course, if anything was coming, it was from the teachers. He smacked Taj on the back of his head with his tail.

    Emrys pawed at Taj's leg and rolled onto his side, breathing out a plume of smoke in a draconic sigh. He whined. He wanted to be back in human form. He felt a sudden surge of power from within, and he jumped up, hoping it was his transformative power getting triggered for some odd reason. It was not. An oak tree erupted from the ground in front of him, knocking the dragon over, dazed.

    "Extreme Welsh nationalists protested the use of the word English in 'English muffins' earlier today. In a surprising turn of events, more than twenty people attended today's rally, signifying a disturbing trend of individuals flocking towards extreme anti-English sentiment in Wales.
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  4. There was something juicy about these magazines, that's why Goldie kept them around, but in truth, the Goldendaughter was not so distracted by her reading material that she didn't notice what Taj was talking about. Until the boat exploded or came to shore it wasn't really doing anything to interest her. No, what caused her to roll up her magazine (where it went wasn't any matter) and skip over to Taj was the great oak that just appeared next to him. Of course it displaced poor Emrys. He might not have had wings, but surely he was like a cat and could land on all fours. Ah, that reminded her of her Auntie's chariot pullers...

    "What a handsome tree you are!" The daughter of Freyr all but sang in delight as she went over and touched the oak tree with her hand. For her effort an acorn fell down into her hand. "For me?" Holding it to her chest she looked up at the large branches then looked out at the water and the boat.

    She wasn't the first to suggest something. She was still a little awkward doing things with her peers. Still though, like a worm working it's way through her brain she started to wonder. "Do we want to wait?" she finally asked.
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    “I ain't exactly the family expert on all things dead and rotten,” I admit, “but that boat doesn't exactly look healthy.”

    Which isn't to say that I'm an amateur when it comes to such things, either. I mean, hell, I grew up in... well, Hell. The Greek version of it, anyhoo (none of that Abrahamic stuff, that's not my bag). The Underworld, the final resting ground of the dead, where dwells Hades, the Lord of the Dead.

    He's actually an alright guy, believe it or not.

    Course I may be biased about that, given that he's my old man.

    But I digress. Right now there's a creepy-ass boat floating into North Cove, and we're all trying to figure out what the hell to do about it. “The faculty may be into some weird stuff, man, but this doesn't really strike me as their brand of weird. They're more a 'surprise, you're doing laps round the island for the rest of the day in honour of the Sun God' bunch, as opposed to...” my hand rises up and waves vaguely at the boat, “...whatever the hell that's supposed to be.”

    “If it is, we should set fire to it and run like hell,” Kieran helpfully suggests.
    “That's your solution to everything, Kier,” I point out with a smile, “Seriously. Ex-boyfriend? Class project? Exam papers? Just ignite that shit then make good on our escape. I'm not saying it isn't a viable option, but maybe we should do some snooping first before we cut straight to the salted earth policy.”

    It is at this moment that an oak tree blasts itself out of the ground like some organic rocket, at the spot where the recently dragon-ified Emrys was lying just a moment ago.

    You actually get used to weird shit happening like this around these parts. I mean, when you're attending an academy who's student body is comprised of a bunch of teenagers with barely contained god-powers, a healthy dose of the weird kinda comes with the territory.

    “I'm going to refrain from making any 'got wood' jokes. You may all now begin to praise me for my restraint.”
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  6. Kieran stood there staring at Iggy, pointedly waiting for him to do just as he suggested and check it out. But, unsurprisingly his attention span was the length of a flea's dick. Much like the other idiots she had the misfortune of keeping company with.

    Why. WHY did hang around these people?

    Oh right. Forced demigod imprisonment under the guise of an education system.

    "I'LL GET IT MYSELF." she shouted loud enough for the whole lot to hear and pay attention. Who was she kidding, they weren't going to care about a rotting old boat. Really, she didn't know why she cared either outside of a rousing sense of curiosity and the possibility that maybe she could hop in the thing and ESCAPE THIS FUCKING ISLAND.

    Kieran took off her sweater and tossed it on the beach, along with her shoes. Then she sloshed in to the sea water to see if she could reach the stupid thing and pull it to shore.
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    Kieran? Not being in any way shape or form patient? Hang on, let me just the List Of Things That Surprise Iggy.

    ...Nope, not there.

    “Or we could wait and figure this out together...?” I suggest as I turn around, only to realise that she's already rushed off down towards the beach, throwing off her jumper as she plunges into the water. One thing you have to give this girl: she sure as hell isn't timid. About anything. It's a respectable quality if you can get past the sheer unadulterated rage she tends to sling around most of the time.

    But hey, I like to see the best in people. When you grow up in a place that shows you people at their very worst, it kinda puts things in perspective a bit more. Plus, I'm my mother's son at the end of the day.

    With a shrug, I look towards Taj. “I'll try and keep her from going full blown wrecking ball, I guess.” I suppose you could say that my immaculately-dressed cohort is the head honcho of this wee group. What can I say? Taj is so naturally charismatic you just can't help but get pulled along by him. Plus, he's pretty much always a fun guy to hang around with. At this school, packed with all manner of semi-deities with the full spectrum of hormone-induced mania on show, you can do a lot worse for a friend.

    Setting off down after Kieran I tug off my jacket a sling it on the rocky beach as well, leaving me with just my tank top to keep the cold out. As I hop on one foot, attempting to tug off my heavy boots, I yell after the girl. “Oi, wait up! No 'I' in 'team', and other popular phrasings to that effect!”
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  8. "Hey, whoa. Are you okay?" With evident concern- it was always pretty easy to read his expression, as he was a heart-on-his-sleeves kind of guy- Taj knelt to check on Emrys, grabbing the boy-turned dragon by either side of his furry chin and squinting intently at him for any signs of damage. Once satisfied that his friend wasn't about to pass out, he snorted just as much as the rest of them at Iggy's wisecrack. "Bet you've never heard that one before, huh? Come on, up we go!"

    It was while Taj was straining to haul Emrys-the-dragon back upright that Kieran lost her patience and plunged right into the water.

    "Kieran! Wait-" Sighing, he shared a good-humored long-suffering glance with Iggy. Twenty days had been plenty of time for them to get very used to Kieran's lack of patience. For everything and everyone. When Iggy volunteered to go after her, he just grinned wide and nodded. "Don't let her touch it! Bad stuff always happens when you touch weird shit, and it's Kieran!"

    Of course, Taj would be lying if he said he wasn't curious himself. In fact... honestly, he loved this kind of thing. It would be cool if the boat were haunted. Or full of treasure. Or both.

    "I'm coming too!" he decided at once. "Goldie, stay here with Emrys."

    He knew maybe he shouldn't be overbearing about it, but Goldie just brought out his protective side, kind of like a little sister. He didn't want her getting anywhere near something potentially dangerous. And Emrys, well, he'd just clonked himself. Taj wasn't entirely sure that the boy could swim when he was dragoned up, either.

    The mysterious little craft was being pulled in by the tide all the while. As it drew closer, the teens could make out that it was only a one or perhaps two-man dinghy, barely more than a rowboat. The wooden sides were desiccated and full of holes... through which leaked an eerie glow, the light reflecting and dancing on the tossing waves.

    Inside the boat, a passenger awoke from deep slumber.

    Little Misery Island, Massachusetts

    Homework assignments for students of Amphisbaena were rarely conventional. The faculty tended to favor a more practical approach than written essays or multiple choice worksheets. For instance, asking two freshmen to have a gladiatorial battle while an older student played referee.

    This was the first time that Ayumu Tsukino had been asked to perform that particular duty, however, and he'd not had much warning before he and the two new girls were abruptly deposited under the tree-cover of the small island just off of Great Misery's south beach. There was a small clearing in the center of the trees, ringed with stones in a manner clearly meant to bring the word arena to mind. Directly in the middle stood Ayumu, dazed from the transplantation and teetering in his high-heeled shoes.

    He found himself face-to-face with the petite, dark-haired girl whom had been introduced to the student body only as "Sai". Of the three new students at Amphisbaena, Sai was the quietest. On one hand, there was the brash, aggressively talkative Kieran. On the other...

    Luzita Chang, the other girl who'd been sent out here for the express purpose of sparring with her classmate, who had been set down on the opposite side of the clearing.

    A harsh cackle and the fluttering beat of wings pierced the stunned silence that had followed their arrival, and the largest crow that the girls had ever seen alighted on Ayumu's shoulder, talons digging in just enough to be uncomfortable. It- she- opened her beak.

    "The three of you could do with toughening up." It was the voice of an old woman, croaky and hoarse and none too kind. The goddess preened at her feathers, turning her head and peering at them from alternating eyes. Her left side was perhaps more unsettling, as that particular eye was bulging and bloated to the point of the grotesque, as if it might pop from the socket at any moment. "I don't know what your parents expect me to do with a pack of sensitive little artists, but perhaps you just need the proper nudge. After all, many a brush has been dipped in the battlefield's inkpot."
  9. Sai had been enjoying herself lounging in what passed for a dorm room with her feet up and she sounds of Han dynasty folk songs echoing in her head as she slowly turned the leaf of her book, a saucy novel about an Mi6 agent. She had been told SOMETHING was going to happen today. A practical lesson on something or another and had assumed that she'd be summoned fromher room at the appropriate time. She was looking forwards to it if she was honest. Sai hadn't really spoken to anyone or done much since her arrival and was curious about what sort of lessons would be taught as this school...

    Sai didn't, however expect 'summoned from her room' to be quite to literal. Just when she was putting her book down and getting up to see about getting a snack she found herself somewhere else entirely stating into the face of a man who... "deviant" she mouthed trying to get her baring but her eyes kept getting drawn back to the man... woman... person in front of her. There was something distinctly off about them. They went against what was culturally expected, and even against subculture. The layers of heritage, influence and trends twisted around them until they became a knotted mass that Sai just wanted to reach out and pull apart and remake into something that wasn't so self contradictory and...

    Just as Sai was taking a step forwards towards the person she realized they weren't alone. So completely had her attention been captured that she hadn't noticed Luzita and there two was a knotted mess of cultural influences and innovation in place of tradition, Sai might have screamed if it hadn't been for the arrival of the crow... the only thing that made sense on the island... no matter how hideous it looked.

    "So we have to... fight?"

    Said pirouetted, taking in their surroundings. Yes definitely fight and bu the closed off nature of their battlefield... each other or things to be summoned... but she didn't like the implication she was weak...

    "Fine!" she sang turning back to the crow and catching sigh of that blasphemy against normalicy again making a subtle frown crease the corner of her mouth taking a wild guess that her opponent was the student without the crow on her shoulder and turning to face her. Sai would NOT be found lacking!
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  10. Luzita Chang, #FF99FF
    Little Misery Island, Massachusetts

    Luzita was happily going over her favorite magazine issue with Ayumu, still gushing over the editorial photoset despite it being three years old. Then Luzita found herself in a rock circle with Ayumu and a girl who looked particularly bent on doing something to her person.

    "Ehm... Ayu... Ayummy yums what's... uh, what?" She turned to her dorm mate and supergood friend, eyes wide and eyebrows askew. She really hated that feeling of something dire that's about to happen without knowing what it could be. That feeling was growing. But if it was to come she had to put her precious magazine away, safely, somewhere. Maybe on that flat piece of ground beside Ayumu...

    "I don't know what your parents expect me to do with a pack of sensitive little artists, but perhaps you just need the proper nudge. After all, many a brush has been dipped in the battlefield's inkpot."

    The god overseeing them was old kinda grotesque just sitting there on Ayumu's shoulder, Luzita couldn't help staring. The words the old crone said filtered in one ear and out the other. Luzita was absolutely entranced by how the elder goddess looked. She idly wondered if she, too, could shapeshift into an animal. A runway show with animal prints and the animals could walk the runway themselves... ! The budding fashion god had an absolutely terrible attention span as it was but the crow was too interesting to think too far on anything else. It looked almost like the crow's expression was... derisive, somehow or however derisive you could be with a beak and a few extra eyes with one looking about ready to jack knife out of your 'face'. Ayumu didn't look like he was so heavily burdened by the crow goddess on his shoulder. The proportions of Ayumu and the goddess piqued Luzita's interest to say the least.

    "Kinda... like Barbara Gongini... maybe with a little bit of Alice Auaa Fall 2013 if only Ayumu was wearing a black dress he'd look so cool right now... " the little girl murmured to herself. Suddenly ideas of winged hats, feather epaulettes and crow feet jewelry filled her head. She was utterly oblivious to Sai gearing up to behave as she, and herself were expected to.

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  11. There went Kieran, and Iggy, oh and Taj too! Well, it wasn't really unexpected. Once they chose to do something it was bound to avalanche. She wasn't surprised. She waved to Taj even as she started to go over to Emrys. "Alright, don't get drowned, or teleported!" Her voice called out in a cheerful manner that suggested she wasn't worried about such things happening to them.

    She then sat down next to the dragon god. "So what do you think the chance are that Kieran is going to try to set something on fire, only to have a tidal wave hit her?" Goldie hugged her knees and watched the others go out deeper and deeper, closer to the boat.
  12. Three years ago, what was he doing? Ayumu had been pondering that thought while he and his totally BFF times a million, not to mention roommate, leafed through her favorite fashionista magazine. The issue was dated but that didn't save either of them from sparkly-eyed syndrome, which of course only worsened with each turn of the page. Lady Gaga. He was definitely in his Lady Gaga phase three years ago and had yet to completely leave it.

    That was just one of the reasons for why he and Luzita got along so well. Of all the things Ayumu enjoyed creating, clothes would probably always be at the top of the list. Cute clothes, fun clothes, weird ones, flashy ones. Not to mention that clothes were a hell of a lot easier to manifest compared to other things. Things like weapons which, sadly, were sometimes required for some of these classe-- "Ow!"

    With a slap in the face from a magically manifested "summons" and a swirling of his surroundings like someone had pulled the plug on the bathtub, Ayumu found himself suddenly uprooted from the comfortable dorm room he and Luzita shared and instead plunked down in the middle of a woodsy clearing. It didn't take him too long to realize where exactly they were either, considering he'd been here last year. The memory of having his ass handed to him still stung just a little, so when the decomposing crow settled on his shoulder, he was already in full pouting mode, arms crossed over his vibrant floral sundress clothed chest and refusing to look The Morrigan in the eye.

    Especially that squishy gross dead fish type glaring eye.

    Ayumu struggled with himself not to shudder or squirm or make a noise similar to a dying mouse and instead glanced between Luzita and the other girl, Sai. They were both newer to the school than Ayumu was, by a longshot even. This duel was going to be about them.

    The old crow spoke, poking fun at their domains, but that didn't really bother Ayumu. When someone was as eccentric and as freakin' fabulous as he was, people were bound to hate or at least tease. He'd grown used to it years ago. "So... Guess I'm playing referee this time around, Ma'am?" he asked, unable to hide the relieved tone from his voice - relieved that he wouldn't have to fight. Instead he could just stand around and concentrate on keeping his heels from sinking into the dirt - a tougher task than most would think! "Should I, uh, make them weapons?"

    Was that really a good idea?

    Probably not.

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  13. On the quay he counted white seagulls. They were always white, but not always the same bird. Pelicans, ducks, swans, always waterfowl. One by one they drifted over waters of impossible depth and settled between waves. This part of the dream was peaceful, watching feathers catch wind and gangling webbed feet skid across a placid surface. Always ten of them.

    The first one gone would always be the last to land, swallowed by the sea like an afterthought. No ripples, no screech. The more he had this dream, however, the clearer the transition became. From dream to nightmare it always began with the vanishing of the birds. Nowadays Adrian could clearly pick the pattern in senseless ripples on the water, read the murderous intent of the things below. One would think they'd be sharks.

    But they were never sharks.

    Adrian stood on the quay alone, outside himself and yet tethered to that rooted position. He watched the birds pulled into the abyssal sea one by one. None of them ever tried to fly, only watched him with serene trust.

    He always awoke suddenly when the last one was devoured, like a film reel cut before the narrative completed. Sometimes it was frustrating, the not knowing...but he'd always accepted that it was probably for the best. "Visions and Omens," Odin told him once, "Are like prisons"

    "Why?" Odin would know, of course. One day Fenrir was going to tear out his heart.

    "Destiny is road ringed by bars. No man with a fate is free to choose their own death."

    "How do we escape?" He asked. Younger then, these questions had no weight to him. The Future was some far off mountain, the silhouette of challenge he couldn't quite grasp.

    Odin had laughed. Adrian missed that most of all, when the Allfather laughed. "We fight it. We must." the old god had said, "But no one has escaped that bitch yet. Perhaps I'll be the first when I shove my spear through that damn wolf's head."

    "Can gods die?"

    Odin grinned, tapping the angry scar circled round his throat, "Wouldn't be very sporting if we couldn't, would it?"

    Today, Adrian felt the hand of mortality on his shoulder. Something inconceivable turned its loathsome gaze to the teen on the quay, something with muttering tentacles and eyes that burning with madness. Beneath the empty sea, Destiny had seen him.

    It reached out.

    Adrian awoke gasping. Breathing, a talent he had so often taken for granted seemed elusive to him now. Each wheeze was a misstep in some complex dance of survival. His hands sought familiarity, grasping for anything to root him firmly in the present. But when his fingers touched sea, all notions of reality promptly fled and Adrian could officially freak the fuck out.

    He was in a boat, rocking gently in the embrace of what appeared to be a sea. It was not the obsidian black of his dream, but it WAS a sea and that was already starting his day off on the wrong foot. Equally alarming was that he wasn't alone in the ricketiest of all dinghies. Pressed up into the prow of the boat, a naked girl clutched a ball of glowing yarn against her chest.

    Adrian felt sick, panic curdling into a thick, pastry dread. Oh gods, no. No, no, no, no, no. What had he done?

    Calm. Pause. Breathe Adrian. Remember the Facts.

    Vague recollection of being in a completely elsewhere before this. No memory of current predicament. He, unlike his companion, was dressed. Instinctively he clawed off his jacket and placed it over the girl, rubbing his hands up and down his arms. Fugue had happened to him before, certainly, but never to this horrifying extent. The girl didn't look bruised, just sleeping...which could mean anything, really. There was no guarantee he hadn't done something awful...but optimistically he'd only stolen a crappyboat and a somehow naked passenger.

    With magic glowing sun yarn.

    Ok. That part specifically didn't add up. Nor the fact he’d been in Oklahoma last memory, curled up under a park bench in some unassuming borough.

    Scooting along the belly of the boat, Adrian sidled up to the girl and hesitantly pushed the jacket aside. She was young, or just looked young. These days age was almost impossible to tell, and the yarn gleamed brightly against her skin. She did not clasp it desperately, but comforting, as if cradling a child. Adrian reached forward, careful not to clumsily cop a feel. Something about that haunting light, persistently blazing in the shadow of the dinghy, begged to be held. It promised serenity, a resource Adrian drastically lacked.

    In this nightmarish awakening, Adrian sought the one thing that emanated any sense of peace.

    So it was only natural that it would burn off his hand.

    It was not so much a flash of light as a flash of pain. Burning for a brief instant and then retreating back into the yarn. Adrian was left staring at the blackened stump where his hand used to be. Around that time his mind decided it best to return to blissful fugue. Perhaps he’d wake up somewhere better, with more favorable circumstances.

    What was more likely was his body spasming, pitching over the side of the boat, and sinking into the bay.

    Just one of those days.
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  14. "Ynglivdr"

    "You must wake up now Yngvildr"

    I stirred within the boat.

    "Yngliver! wake up my child!"

    That voice surrounded me.
    "You are fading far far away from everything you've ever known, but look back and think of me, Your face is washing away and all your memories are gone, but I have always known that you will be with me."

    My eyes abruptly open to the sun going dark. Overwhelmed against a differentiated gravity, I was suddenly in the air, floating as if submerged in water. Splinters flew up around me as this wind ravaged its frail wooden frame, along the surface of the water was now littered with shards of the rotted wood.

    "in the the dark of the night, you'll forever be lost and home, in the open so alone, I wonder will You ever find, a dawning star, you have not shined for the last time?"

    The voice ripped through my head and blinded me. Light poured from me into every direction, large waves began to pushed everything away from me. I dangled in lack of control and chaos entered my surrounding spaces.

    "Take it, Take this, It is your gift, from me"

    The yarn shone opalescent and glowed light a white stone. Rising up from the raging waters below me it came to my open grasp and hovered before me. My eyes went as auroral as the thread and began to unravel leading itself below the surface of the waters. Shambling down below to find the young man that had covered me in his jacket and swathed tightly around him. He was slowly being lifted from the waters and dangled in the air above my head, squirming within its sunlit fibers.

    Yngvildr rescues Adrian.jpg

    "Do you know why?"

    The filament unraveled quickly spinning the young man in the air toward the land, tossing him onto the shore to be shoved only fourth inland by the waves that beat upon the north side of the island. I was trapped watching, experiencing, I had no control over anything, not even myself. My lips parted and when I spoke the sky itself began to tremble, "Because…"

    Large rocks fell away from the jetty, waves rose up to 5 feet, sending the curious crew back to the land they tread from. I pitched the foundations below the sea with my voice alone. All that once stood still was now disturbed. I didn't wanted it to stop, felt the ache to respond to this disembodied voice, and the chaos now encouraged me.

    "I knew, I knew that I was more than this, beyond my heart and soul, I swear I heard you in the distance. I knew that there was more than this beyond my mind and ego I heard a secret calling."

    Gravity momentously came back to me as my voice ceased, the heavy frequencies that shook the earth suddenly ended, and left very little devastation in the wake of my voice. I fell below the surface of the water, clinging to my unwefted gossamer thread. bubbled rising around me as all sounds were lost in an ambiance of this glow that continued to relentlessly thrash around me.

    "you run, you run, further and forever, the unattainable one, you run from my horizon to the sun"

    "Who are you?"

    I was over come by the water, escaping my own seismic collapse. I knew then, so little of what was to come and looking back at that day, I have come to realize that on that day, I was born. I would gain more control. I would find that dawning star, and indeed, it was not the last time I would shine.

    I crawled out from the water, My long hair clinging to me from head to toe. Knees and palm depressed into the sand. I took a blurred glimpse around the disheveled shore, curious and aberrant faces were staring, the young man saved, lain out on the sand behind me. In the respite of the waves, I lingered, and fell onto my stomach and rested my cheek onto the sandy shore. All fears and pains had vanished as a group of people came rushing to me and Adrian. With each slow closing of my eyes, the feet of these extraordinary strangers closed in and everything faded away into nothingness.

  15. Kieran just wanted to see what was in the fucking boat. That's it. Was curiosity over a weird object, that was so obviously taunting you from the sea, so bad?

    Of course it was. Nothing she ever wanted to take a look at went over without some kind of crazy fucking incident.

    When she realized there were people in the boat and things started getting glowy, Kieran immediately blurted out "I didn't touch it!". The next moments happened so fast, she didn't had a clue what was going on. Someone fell overboard, god stuffed happened.

    And she wound up washed back to shore by a huge wave along with Iggy, whom she cursed violently at while she tried to untangle herself from his legs. Taj was standing there, miraculously spared from the watery deposit, because his stupid ass was slow and he never made it in to the water.

    "Stop making that face." she growled at Taj, finally getting to her feet and giving Iggy a kick while she was at it. None of it was his fault, but he was a sufficient target for her humiliation.

    Wringing out her hair, she made a beeline for the naked girl and the guy that washed up with her. If she hadn't spent the past month in a God School, she might have been flipping out. (Okay, maybe she did think this was freaky as hell even for a bunch of demi gods.) Either way, she was the first to get there and the first to open her mouth.

    "Who the fuck are y- .... Is she dead?"
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    So turns out bizarre stuff was indeed occurring in the mysterious boat floating off the coast of an island populated by demigods.

    Truly, who'd have thunk it?

    Kieran and I are swept back to shore together amidst the confusion, and as I'm coughing up sea-water and trying to get to my feet she decides that now would be the ideal time to kick me in the chest. In the month I've known her, I've learned that it's best not to look for reasons as to why Kieran does the shit she does. She's a teenage wrecking ball, after all; you find yourself in her path, and you're likely going to regret it. Coughing now from the sea water and the lack of air in my chest, I finally manage to haul myself back upright and stagger after my irate companion towards the two figures that have just arrived on our island in spectacular fashion.

    “So a naked chick and an unconscious dude wash ashore. Sounds like the start of a bad joke,” I observe to no-one in particular. My clothes are drenched, clinging to my body as Kieran and I stand over the pair. “Nah, they're not dead. Trust me, I know a corpse when I see one. Probably just been knocked for six by... whatever the hell that was.”
  17. Emrys Goch

    Emrys staggered back to his feet, all four of them. The oak tree had not only dazed him, it had also thrown a bit of dirt on his fur. The dragon huffed in annoyance and shook his body like a dog would to dry itself, sending flecks of dirt flying through the air towards anyone in the vicinity. Emrys shrugged, licking Goldie affectionately, when he managed to steady himself again. They both knew Kieran and they both knew that what she had just said was more than likely to happen given the context of where they were living at the moment.

    Though they were all probably used to the strangest things happening at Amphisbaena by now, the flash of light and the scent of burning flesh that permeated the air caused much alarm to Emrys. The dragon very nearly jumped when all of a sudden, a boy pitched over the side of the boat into the water. He growled, believing whatever was in the boat to be threatening. He wasn't about to let anything hurt his friends. The first order of business, however, was navigating his paws through the oak's roots that were just so conveniently in his way.

    No sooner than he had managed to navigate his way out of the tangle of roots did he look up and witness a series of events that happened almost too quickly for him to register. All he knew was that there was a naked girl floating in the air with a ball of sun-yarn, and the very thought made him uncomfortable. The boy that fell over the side of the boat was lifted out of the water, and everyone in the bay was washed back towards the shore by a large wave.

    Well. Goldie was right on two respects. There was fire. And there was a tidal wave that hit Kieran. Then, the young, hot-headed goddess was kicking Iggy for no apparent reason. Again, not entirely surprising.

    Nevertheless, Emrys found himself rushing to the side of his dear friend Taj, streamers of fire leaking from the sides of his maw. There was fire coming out of his mouth. Fire. Fuck. The dragon coughed, sending a ball of fire careening into the bay, just barely missing Iggy. Too late. He'd used fire near a tree.

    The dragon whined, pawing at his head as soon as the splitting headache hit him. Whoever thought it was a good idea for a nature god and a fucking dragon-god to have a child together deserved a good flogging. Old Aerfen, definitely, needed a good talking-to. The pain was very nearly blinding and Emrys found himself stumbling into Taj, knocking the poor boy down before rolling around as he waited for the headache to subside.

    "When one protestor was asked why they were protesting the name of the English Muffin, the man replied with an incoherent string of Welsh from which the only word our field reporter could understand was 'English'. Experts suggest that profanities were spoken. In the meantime, Union Jacks in Cardiff have been vandalized with crude paintings of what seems to be a red worm. Stay with us as we bring updates on the growing discontent in Wales."
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