Teen girl forced to wear armor, fight stepfather with wooden sword

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That's what I call good parenting.

Now that I commented, go find some more stupid news articles.
Seriously though, have you seen the stuff teen girls do at parties?
It's creative punishment...Which I guess means torture to some people.
Oh, I heard about this on the news the other night, but didn't stick around for the whole story. That's totally the way to go. Give your kid a sword and say "COME AT ME, BRO", then teach them a lesson. >:[
Hey, they gave her a fighting chance, which is more than most kids get when their parents decide to punish them.
I think this is entirely fair. And I agree it at least gives the kid a fighting chance. Not to mention they learn a damn lesson and they learn to defend themselves. If you ask me, it's a pity people put up a fuss about it. That's what she gets for being a brat.
Ehhh. Not sure what to say here. Last time my mother went on a rampage I tried to defend myself by catching her wrists when she went to start hitting me and just restraining her.

She bit me on the fucking wrist until it turned purple.

Given the chance to defend yourself or no, you're still pitting an adult male against a sixteen year old. It still sounds pretty fucked up to me.
They gave her armor and a wooden sword.
Passing out from exhaustion after two hours? Are they sure she wasn't hungover or something from said party?
I need more details because so far, this doesn't seem to add up.
Back in the Medieval period these Renfaire guys are such enthusiasts of, this type of beating is called "training."

I don't think this was child abuse, and I think this girl is going to someday regret getting her parents in trouble just because she was mad that they punished her for breaking their rules.
We don't think supposedly bneating her with a tree branch is the way to go. . . but the armor and the wooden sword have our full support.
I wonder if she'd been trained in medieval fighting too? She had to have been exposed to medieval stuff if her parents were that interested in Renfaire, so it's not like it came out of nowhere.
More than likely. When people are into the rennfaire sort of stuff, it is generally a family affair.
^ So it probably isn't as big a deal as the media would like it to be.
Probably not. The girl seems more like she's trying to get revenge.