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    Only THE most important night of your teenage life.

    Whether it was the perfect dress, getting a date, revenge on an ex friend, or flirting with teacher.

    PROM NIGHT will be a night you remember forever!

    You are a student, teacher, parental chaperone, or other attending the Elswen High School Prom.

    The Prom is located at the beautiful Shades Hotel in their grand ball room.


    This is a Modern Realistic setting, so you can't play vampires or ghosts or have magic! However, you can hint at it if you really want to. ;D

    One liners are okay, but please make it COUNT! Don't just do posts like "She smiles." or "He sighs." We need stuff we can reply to.

    Make sure you use punctuation and capital letters so people can read and understand your posts.

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  2. Sam arrived alone. In a private taxi. She refused to allow her mom to bring her, even though she didn't have a date. The private taxi service was a compromise only arrived at after a long, bitter, and very loud debate. She just couldn't bear listening to her mother bitch and moan at her the entire drive over at the dress she was wearing. 'At least it's not black, but...' was the start of each comment she ha about it.

    Darren had been amazing with helping her to design and sew the dress, and a few online orders brought in the few accessories she needed to make it perfect. A ladies mini riding hat, a fancy cane, and the perfect boots. But she just never had the nerve to say anything to him about possibly going with her to the prom. Her loss. Oh well, she'd been going to go alone anyway.

    Now, looking at the other attendees, she was glad she'd decided to arrive early. She'd have much fewer eyes on her when she went in. If she was lucky, most people wouldn't even recognise her. Sighing, she told the driver she'd text him when she was ready to leave as he assisted her out of the car. She straightened up and braced herself to endure the night ahead.
  3. Prom Night! Once upon a time, Prom Night was Candace's only thought. The time and planning she put in to her prom dress was insurmountable. Every last detailed had been planned down to the letter. Except a date. For all her planning and perfect dream night. Candace had completely forgotten to find a date for the Senior Prom.

    Of course, now it was the present. Candace was an adult. She owned the Tenacious Dress Shop. Had been married and divorced. And now she was going to another Prom. ...only this time as a chaperone. Dressed in a modest, shimmering red satin, Candace was just stepping out of her shop and locking up the doors. A few kids had shown up earlier for last minute prom dresses, but now she needed to head on over to the Hotel or she was going to be the only adult chaperone to be totally late. Who knew what kids these days did at fancy parties!
  4. Drew hoped he wasn't over stepping himself. Of course he was overstepping! What was he thinking?! He was going to do it anyway because he liked Candace. He liked her more and more every time he saw her and he felt like a kid again. In more ways than one.

    Knowing everyone wasn't a bad thing and Drew was allowed in the mall even though it was just mere minutes to closing time. Shops were being locked up and the sound of the strange metal mesh 'doors' slamming shut over store fronts resounded in the mostly empty mall. In his formal suit with a tea rose in his pocket, Drew was out of place.

    But so was the lovely lady Candace. He spotted her in that red satin dress and nearly ran away. Come on now, Drew. It's not like you've not done this before. Yes! But that was years ago! I really should have read that book for single parents wanting to date again... "Candace?" He called out softly, standing there just as shy as a teenager on his first date. He held a small bouquet. A rose for every year he'd been shopping at the store for his daughter's dresses.

    "I was hoping you'd do me the honor of accompanying me to Prom. Especially on such short notice. "

    Elijah had gotten to the Prom nearly two hours early as had most of the Prom Committee. Even though, he'd been first. This was his senior prom and his last, this was important. No, he didn't have a date. Elijah wasn't really date material. Even with his slim cut and fashionable suit because like hell he was going to wear a tuxedo for this. A suit and tie was much better and certainly not in black. Navy blue complimented his red hair and fair skin and didn't wash him out.

    Tortoiseshell glasses were adjusted as Elijah poured over his clipboard. Nearly everything was right. He'd overseen setting the tables himself because other people couldn't be trusted to do a good job of things. Was he forgetting anything? Probably not, this wasn't his first time on the committee and even then he had been on the school dance committee as long as he could remember, he was a good planner. I will happen to things.

    A girl in a weird dress was spotted and Elijah frowned to himself. Those were not the colors he (and the committee!) had chosen. He supposed that people were allowed to wear what they wanted. Individuality. He rolled his eyes. More people were coming in and he and his clipboard went to greet people and make sure everyone knew where things were. "Miss! The Senior picture show is down the hallway, if you'll follow the sign. The photographer is also down the hallway, if you go now there probably won't be a line."
  5. Haeng, Liliye

    She twirled around once, nervous. Ten more minutes. She expected he wouldn't wear a suit. He didn't seem like the type. The day before last, Liliye wrote the names of possible dates in her notebook and went on a mission. Between each of her classes, she attempted to ask one of those boys if he already had a date to the prom. The mission was mostly a failure. While her male classmates were polite, treated her kindly, and spoke to her from time to time, they seemed to regard her with a bit of caution, as if they considered her weird. She resorted to making comments about the weather and scurried off.

    Somewhere in the middle of her list, she threw a muffled query at the strangely enthusiastic Junichi Wakahisa. He didn't seem to take her request seriously until she tried to find him again before dismissal, crashing into him from behind while tripping over her own two feet. He must've thought she was funny, because he gave her the affirmative, took her address and promised to pick her up before the dance.

    Now she was pacing her living room while her parents watched with curious eyes from the kitchen, muttering predictions about what sort of date he would be. She hoped they wouldn't be disappointed. She also hoped he wouldn't think she was strange. Well, he was strange, too, but she wanted it to be a movie-style prom night.

    She flopped onto the sofa with a sigh, staring at her bejeweled cell phone on the table to her left, waiting for it to light up. Who was she kidding? Could she really have a perfect prom without the romance?
  6. A lot of people thought he was dumb. Then again, a lot of people thought he acted a certain way because he was always stoned. Neither of these assumptions were true of course but Junichi Wakahisa was not the kind of young man to get all riled up about something so trivial. Actually, he pretty much wasn't capable of getting angry. You see, Jun was one of those kids who thought everything was funny or cool and if it so happened that something uncool was going down, he usually knew how to solve the problem with a calm and creative mind.

    Actually, this was how he'd ended up with a date for the prom. He could tell the girl was upset about not having a date and thought it would do no good for someone so sweet and kind to be so unhappy. He'd been planning to go it solo because really, he had no qualms about dancing by himself or keeping himself company and he'd found on numerous occasions that he was a rather interesting conversational partner. No, no. Stop thinking he's crazy. He's not, he was tested. No, Jun was just an eccentric young man with a creative view of the world and maybe he was just a little too passive for his own good. But definitely not "slow" or else why would he be stepping out of his limo with a cute little corsage of oranges and pale pinks and auburn reds nestled safely in a glass box and held in one hand? Actually, he had no clue what the lovely Miss Liliye would be wearing but in Jun's opinion these colors just seemed to suit her.

    Just as eccentric in looks as he was in personality, no one would be surprised to find Jun wasn't wearing a traditional suit. Sure, he had a nice and stylish black suit jacket and black slacks on, but the vibrant red Converse on his feet were just the start of a rather strange and very typical Jun sort of outfit. Tucked into his slacks as if it were an actual dress shirt was a soft cotton, blue t-cut with a deco on the front that mimicked the cheesy Prom King style blue suit with the boldly outlined lapel and frilly dress shirt. You know the kind. And as if this wasn't bizarre enough, he had a pair of rainbow shutter shades tucked into his jacket pocket and to be donned later.

    Reaching up to brush his bleached blonde hair back into place, Jun headed up the driveway to the front door. He stretched on arm out to ring the doorbell with the hand holding the box because the other hand was busy holding a bouquet of roses. If he was nervous, he hadn't noticed yet.
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  7. Haeng, Liliye

    She opened the door with a flourish, the rush of nerves sparkling in her eyes. Her hair was curled at the ends, a wreath of pale pink flowers twirled along the top of her head. The dress was simple, but fitting, a pale beige-pink with lace along the edges. It was a simple dress, a simple pleasure. She looked up at him with a wide smile. "I love your shoes! I've always felt that converses have their own personality." She felt at ease with him, seeing his outfit. He wouldn't judge her. She wouldn't judge him. It was almost perfect.

    Roses. Her eyes widened at the sight of them. She hadn't expected anything of the sort. She'd dreamed of it sometimes, to receive roses on valentines with those anonymous deliveries the student council prepared. Or maybe even one of those cute teddy bears with the heart-shaped balloons tied to their hands. She breathed the sweet aroma of the flowers and her face glowed with happiness. He had chosen roses, the classic bouquet. Not daffodils or petunias or a mix of silly flowers with varying smells and different arrangements, but roses!

    And finally, her eyes landed on the corsage. It was adorable. Just the right color to match her dress, but with a hint of childish pinks that she adored. "You're a classic, Junichi!" she exclaimed. Normally, it was an odd thing to say to your date, but Liliye was sure he'd understand. She suddenly felt a tinge of excitement.

    A memorable prom night it would be.
  8. Everything was locked up tight, when she heard her name spoken in a deep tenor. Curiously she turned, only to see Drew. A dark suit and rose in his pocket. His hair tousled in what was likely supposed to be 'neat' but really just made her want to run her fingers through it. Her hand rest over her chest for a moment, subconsciously trying to keep her sudden thumping heart from jumping out. Drew looked like he stepped out of a 20s noir film, and here he was with a bouquet of flowers and asking her to prom.

    "It's very short notice. As you can see, I was on my way to somewhere..." she gestured at her dress. On her way to Prom even, did he not know she was a chaperone there tonight? Candace wouldn't tell him! Carefully she took the roses, bring them up to her nose to smell and casting him a wide smile.

    "I think I would love to spend the evening with you." Laughing softly, she took his arm. "Shall we? I've been waiting for you to ask me for two months now, Drew."
  9. "To Prom?" Drew found himself teasing. "I didn't know I was going to chaperone then, I didn't chaperone last year." He was giddy. Candace just accepted! She was going with him! She had wanted him to ask her!

    "You look lovely, Candace. Red certainly looks good on you. It suits you." He tugged her close and laid a hand atop the one on his arm and looked down with a smile. "One evening complete with teenage hormones, end of the year jitters, and graduation jitters coming up!" Swooping Candace out of the Mall and to the parking lot where his car was waiting. A sporty little number, a convertible in black awaited them.

    "Would you like me to put the roof up or do you want it down?" Drew asked and stepped to open her door for her though he let her get herself in. She was a strong person and an amazing woman, Drew knew she could kick some ass in those heels. She didn't need his help.

    Candace acquired! Drew sped away towards the prom with his lovely date in tow.
  10. Really he was expecting a parent to open the door, maybe a very serious looking father determined to protect his little girl from strange boys. Of course if that had happened, Jun probably wouldn't have minded so much. He supposed he would have just smiled and answered any questions honestly. But it was Liliye herself whom he was now face to face with rather unexpectedly and for just a brief little moment he couldn't help but be hypnotized by that sparkling gaze. She seemed so excited and Junichi was glad that he'd been able to keep her from going to the prom alone. Whatever her reasons were for not wanting to go solo, he was fine with it. If it was to avoid embarrassment, well, he didn't really understand that but it was still fine.

    At the mention of his shoes, he glanced down and grinned a little while he rocked back on his heels and nodded his head in agreement with her opinion. Yes, shoes in general had their own personality and these ones were full of spunk and were quite the center of attention when they wanted to be. Jun was just glad that Liliye had approved of his attire, rather than seeing her make a face at it or voice a negative comment. As for her own outfit, she looked absolutely stunning in her simple dress and softly styled hair. Actually, he should probably voice that thought aloud. Hopefully it would make her smile even more because really, her smile was nice to look at. "You look stunning, Miss Liliye," he repeated, this time out loud. Sure, there was appeal in a girl who dressed in the same eclectic, fun style as he did, but maybe it was Liliye's simplicity that really drew his eye. After all, Junichi was a firm believer in the theory that opposites attract. And yes, maybe he was a bit of a sucker for traditional things, but only certain traditions or else he would have been wearing a boring old suit tonight, right?

    His gaze fell away from her gentle smile and found the bouquet of roses instead, cheeks flushing just a little because he then realized, with a bit of a jolt, that he should have already handed this over to her. "Oh, whoa, right. These are for you," he said, smiling sheepishly as he held out the bouquet for her. "And, um, this too," he added, referring to the corsage. Duhhh, dude. That was kinda obvious. "I uh, thought that wildflowers would really suit you better but, yeah, I guess I just thought roses would be best for this kind of occasion. I can tell its, like, really important to you and roses are for important occasions and, just, yeah."

    It wasn't that he was nervous, just that he was trying his best not to be so weird and hyperactive and go on and on about how wildflowers were delicate and natural just like she was and far more beautiful and sweet smelling than roses could ever hope to be but dammit that sounded weird and strange and he wasn't really sure how long he could keep all of this bottled up and refrain from climbing a tree to go shout at the clouds.
  11. When Candace and Drew arrived at the Prom, the woman was sure all eyes in the room turned to them. Not out of any silly thoughts of being dramatic, but rather the knowing that her date fetched quite a bit of attention from the single teachers and moms that were chaperoning the dance. Drew had to be on every woman's top ten list of most yummy manflesh in town, with herself as no exception, and here she was walking in to the dance with him after several years of wistful glances and teasing smiles.

    She felt a bit like she was drunk, and she hadn't drank a drop.

    "It looks like we aren't too late. Have your two arrived yet? I can't wait to see your daughter's dress." Though the comment was one hundred percent truthful, Candace was much more focused on the part of holding his hand. Brushing her fingers over his knuckles and trying not to be as giddy as a sixteen year old girl. It'd been years since the last time she went out on a date.
  12. Sam sighed. "Might as well," she mumbled. Mom would nag her to death if she didn't get a prom photo done. But then she'd still nag her to death about the dress, and have the picture to remember it by. "Thanks," she added, somewhat grudgingly.

    She headed down the hall towards the photo show, warily eyeing the all-too-cheerful signage and decorations guiding her path. There were only a few students there, and though she could still hear the infernal tittering of the girls gathered there, she stood tall and flatly ignored them. The guys didn't pay her much more than a passing glance. They were much more interested in talking about some game, of which she was grateful. Exaling a sigh through her nose, Sam leaned on her cane and waited patiently for her turn.

    When her turn came up, she strode confidently onto the tiny platform and gave the photographer a classic pose and a smouldering look over her period wireframe sunglasses, staring down the flash and daring it to try and make her blink.
  13. Haeng, Liliye

    "You look stunning Miss Liliye."

    She was blushing. Junichi was incredibly kind. Just like Liliye had imagined her prom date to be! And he wasn't just good looking and honey-speaking, he was quirky and interesting. He was real. Liliye felt like he was whisking away her defenses. He held out the bouquet and she smiled brightly. With delicacy, she took the flowers and rose the bouquet to her nose. It smelled beautiful. She loved it.

    When he talked about the corsage, Liliye's eyes widened. She was surprised at how thoughtful he was. In movies, she knew that the girl and the guy always pre-decided on things like color coordination and flowers and sometimes, she'd seen girls getting upset over the guy's choices. But she was impressed. Jun was insightful. He could tell what kinds of flowers she liked, what colors she preferred. It was shocking.

    "Thank you, it's lovely." With careful hands, she opened the glass box and took the corsage, wrapping the flower bracelet around her wrist.

    "I can tell its, like really important to you and roses are for important occasions and, just, yeah."

    He sounded like her right now. Minutes before he arrived, Liliye's mind was going crazy with excitement. She was thinking of what would happen, what he would look like what, what he would say, what prom would feel like. Now she was absolutely delighted.

    Still holding the bouquet, Liliye moved forward quickly to engulf Jun in a hug. "Thank you," she breathed, "Everything is perfect, thank you!"