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    Only THE most important night of your teenage life.

    Whether it was the perfect dress, getting a date, revenge on an ex friend, or flirting with teacher.

    PROM NIGHT will be a night you remember forever!

    You are a student, teacher, parental chaperone, or other attending the Elswen High School Prom.

    The Prom is located at the beautiful Shades Hotel in their grand ball room.


    This is a Modern Realistic setting, so you can't play vampires or ghosts or have magic! However, you can hint at it if you really want to. ;D

    One liners are okay, but please make it COUNT! Don't just do posts like "She smiles." or "He sighs." We need stuff we can reply to.

    Make sure you use punctuation and capital letters so people can read and understand your posts.

    Are you interacting with more than one person? Don't ditch them in a posting spree just because they aren't online and posting fast enough! That's not cool.

    Want to chat, plot, or comment on the happenings of the roleplay? Use THIS THREAD!

  2. OMG <3 I am totally in c: this will be fun :DD

    Liliye Haeng 17, red hair, brown eyes.

    A bit of a strange girl; likes to play violin by the beach and talks to animals.
    She has many acquaintances in school, but not too many friends.

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  3. Bree Tierney, age 18, dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and resident "freaky lesbo goth girl"!

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    And possibly Darren Goldhirsch, age 17, curly blond hair and hazel eyes.

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  4. im scaning my drawning of my grad (my grad is in 14 Days XD omg then back to high school i go) dress lolz or maybe i will find a dress i like in the "googling it" world XD
  5. De'vaughn Wraith: 18 years old, Black hair, Hazel eyes, Owns A 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

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  6. Drew! Age: Parent. Blonde haired and silvery green eyes. Tall. Handsome. Parent to Eve and Elijah. Seducer of Ladies who own Prom dress shops.

    Drew (open)


    Eve! Age: 18 Red haired with her Daddy Drew's silvery green eyes. Tall. Charming. Ladylike. Sporty. Lesbian. Social Butterfly.
    Eve (open)


    Elijah! Age: 18 Red haired dork with silvery green eyes. Tall. Gangly. Lanky. Social. Clipboard carrying Prom Committee chairman.

    Elijah (open)

  7. Forgot to throw this up before.

    This is what Sam is wearing:
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    And this is her face. I don't remember if I did an image of her the last time, but I like this one:
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    Also: *noms on Ozzie until she brings in Darren!*
  8. e___e The alert system is stupid and doesn't like telling me when people have posted, so naturally I thought this RP was dead. Sorry about that. I'll try to get a post in asap.