WRITING Teddy Bear

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  1. Theodore was working, putting large packages up on the docks for the loaders to put into the trailer when he saw her. She was wearing a blue reflective vest to show that she was new, her blonde hair going to the middle of her back in a ponytail, under the vest she wore a grey shirt, damp with sweat and white short shorts. He paused, staring at her for a moment before getting back to his work, lugging the large packages up to where others were working, milling back and forth between trailers, his gaze always lingering when he got back to her.

    Break passed by and Theo continued pausing whenever he passed by the trailer she was working in to lingeringly look at her. Soon, he noticed she was looking back. He looked down at himself, he was by no means a small man, wide shoulders, thick muscle, a little bit of chub. He wore a black tanktop and shorts, looking over himself, he wondered if he had something on him. She looked back to her work and he got back to his. Soon enough, it was the end of work and she turned in her package scanner, he stopped her outside the scanner station, "Hey, do you wanna get a drink?" He asked hopefully.

    She smiled, "I'm only 18, but we could go get something to eat." She offered, "Denny's?" She asked.

    Theo nodded, "Uhh, yeah, you wanna meet there then?" He asked, glad that things had progressed this far.

    "I don't have a car." She said, brushing her bangs out of her eyes, "Could you drop me off at home after?" She asked.

    He nodded, "Yeah, that would definitely work for me." He walked with her out to his car as she texted her ride, letting them know who she was leaving with, too nervous to say anything until they got in and the engine turned over, "I uhh..." He stopped himself, but decided to press on, "I don't believe in love at first sight." He said, blushing heavily, waiting for her response.

    She blushed herself and looked away from him, "Well... Neither do I." she said.

    He nodded in return and drove to the Denny's in silence. They arrived and got a table, "So, how did you come to work at UPS?" he asked.

    "Oh, I just needed a job, and my mom works there, and told me that they pay for college, so... Yeah..." They ordered their food and drinks before getting back to talking, "So how long have you been working there?" She asked him.

    "4 years almost, I started working there right after I got to high school, same reason you did, but now I'm just gonna keep working here. Pay and benefits are really good." He said.

    She nodded and they started talking about interests outside work, college, recreational activities, and soon enough they were talking about comics, "I definitely like Batman comics, but Bruce Wayne sucks in the main continuity."

    "Oh definitely," Theo responded, "I only read those ones for the Joker."

    "Oh my god, yes, the Joker's the best." She held out her fist for a fist bump and he chuckled and accepted. He looked at his phone and frowned, "I should get home and get to bed... I work full time, do Twilight shift as a loader, can I get your phone number?" He asked.

    She nodded and they exchanged phone numbers.

    "I'm really embarassed, but I never asked your name." Theo said, red as a tomato.

    "It's Emily." She replied, "And yours?" She asked.