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  1. Theodore Remus Lupin
    Seventh Year Slytherin

    Victoire Elizabeth Weasley
    Fifth Year Gryffindor

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    You know that feeling you get when your around your best friend apposed to the feeling when your not? Victoire has been friends with Teddy Lupin since she could remember. Now.. She was a fifth year and he was in seventh. He was going to leave her in exactly a year and that scared the blonde more than it should. She let out a sigh, standing in front of the train as she looked around for the blue haired boy. Her light freckles across her nose was darker now that she was in the light. The train would leave soon and she has yet to see Teddy. He wasn't with his Godfather Harry, who was getting his eldest on the train.

    "Damn you Teddy." She growled, looking around with her arms wrapped around her. She already said goodbye to her parents and told them they could leave. She pushed back her blonde hair, she didn't want a full compartment. "Forget it." She sighed, getting on the train to find a place for her to sit.
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    With his bright turquoise hair, tall frame and very good looks, it was no surprise that Teddy Lupin caught the eye of many Hogwarts students as he strode to his compartment, where he had been sitting on the Hogwarts journeys for three years. He was indifferent to the attention; growing up with unnaturally-yet-naturally coloured hair made Teddy quite used to attention. And his egotistical nature didn't help soothe his god complex at all.

    "Well, well, well, if it isn't the infamous Teddy Lupin," said Cisco Garcera, a fellow seventh-year Slytherin and Teddy's best friend. "Heard you got detention at the end of last year for drawing in some library books."

    "I may have done it," said Teddy mysteriously, sitting in the chair beside the Hispanic youth. "I may have not. Let's just say, next time, I'll be careful to not sign it with my name. Sometimes the thrill gets to me."

    "Or you're certifiably idiotic."

    "That works too."

    Another seventh-year arrived; Teddy's other best friend, a tiny, slender, brown-haired girl by the name of Willow Collette.

    "So, can we expect you by the lake tonight, or do you have detention for some other ridiculous felony we all know I thought of?" she said, sitting on Teddy's other side.

    "No can do, people," said Teddy. "A couple of Gryffindors are having a party and it is my life's aspiration to attend."

    "How are you going to get in?" asked Cisco. "You don't know the password."

    Teddy glared at him. "Mr Garcera, you are so lucky we have Willow here, or your idiocy combined with my intolerance would have killed you years ago. I think you're forgetting that my godfather's son, along with three of his cousins, are in Gryffindor. Oh, and the most famous bloke to ever come out of that house is my godfather."

    "Can we come?" asked Willow.

    "They won't let you in," said Teddy. "You don't have famous godparents."

    "You're an egotistical maniac."

    "Why thank you, I do try."

    Where was Victoire, his ABSOLUTE best friend? She was the only sane person who could save him.
  3. Victoire sighed, walking through the train until blue hair caught her eye. She walked backwards just a bit, her blue eyes going dark, her Veela anger only shown a little bit. "Thanks for ditching me, Ted. I was waiting for you." She ended with a pout, though she could tell immediately the girl didn't like her. What was her name again Willa? Wilma? Willow? Yes, the last one sounded about right. "Uncle Harry said be good this year," she warned, "This year he gets all your letters rather than your grandmother." Andormeda, bless her soul, had a crazy grandson that loved attention and she was more than sure some of it had to due with his godfather and parents being very well known. She herself had a good name due to just being a Weasley not to mention she is the daughter of a Tri-Wizard champion. She looked to the two Slytherins that she dealt with just because they where friends with her best friend in the whole wide world. "Are we still on for tonight?" The Gryffindors where already talking about the the party they where throwing for having a Potter. Hoping this Potter would make a great Seeker just like his father. Half the team seemed to be Weasley's so far.

    "What a stupid question, Vicky," said Teddy, using his power of being the only person in the world who was allowed to call her Vicky. "Of course we're still on for tonight. Do you know me at all? Has my reputation of Hogwarts' Resident Party King faded over the summer? Do I need to refresh your memory? I'll change my hair scarlet for the occasion. Then I'll look more like a Weasley than you do."

    Teddy stood up, grabbed Victoire's wrist and sat her down on the seat opposite Cisco and Willow. Her sat beside her. "Let's hide in here, shall we? And if James comes we'll send him off to Dominique, I don't think I can stand a first year right now."

    "He's your cousin, Ted," snapped Willow.

    "Nobody asked for your opinion, Willow," he joked.
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  5. Vic rolled her eyes, oh how she loathed that annoying nickname. Not to mention she seen a Muggle cartoon with a song called 'Icky Vicky'. She listened to him explain his proof of still being a party king. Though, before too long he would have to buckle down. The boy was a Seventh Year after all. "Are you jealous you don't share the last name?" She teased, "Oh, Teddy-bear," she smirked. "I'll let you marry me and then you can take my last name." She said with amusement before she was pulled to sit beside him. "Actually," she started, looking to Willow, "Godbrother. My cousin. Though, I guess somewhere along the line they are, due to Sirius Black and James Potter I and all." She had no clue how far that line go. All the purebloods seemed related somehow.
    "Whatever, I don't care," snapped Willow.

    "Shut up, Will," said Cisco.

    "Thank you, mate," said Teddy, nodding to Cisco in approval. He leaned his head on Victoire's, as he often did, resting his face in her white-blonde hair. "Willow, go annoy someone else if you want to be a bitch."

    Willow snorted, grabbed a book from her bag and proceeded to read it.

    "And, Vicky, why on Earth would I marry you, when I could marry your dad? He's a hottie," Teddy joked.
  7. Vic wasn't sure why she always had a sense of pride when she was stood up for. She smiled softly looking to the Metamorphamagus boy, she rolled her eyes. "Him and Momma are still going strong." She chuckled. "Besides, he still thinks your a bad influence on me." Which he wasn't wrong.
    "He's probably right," Teddy agreed. "I am a bad influence. Though, if Harry sticks to his word, I'll be a good boy by the end of the year. Then we can totally get married. If Cisco can be a bridesmaid."

    "Fuck you, mate," laughed Cisco.

    A shrill voice interrupted them. "Teddy Lupin, what the hell?"

    A girl Teddy vaguely recognised stood in the compartment doorway. She had black hair and brown eyes, and was very pretty. Teddy thought she might have been in one of his sixth-year classes. She was glaring at Victoire like the blonde had murdered her mother and kicked her cat. That angered Teddy -- how dare someone look at his best friend like that?

    "Um, can we help you?" Teddy said coldly.

    "Why are you cuddling up to her?" said the girl.

    "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

    The girl looked at him in disgust. "What, you don't remember Yvonne Peartick's party last year?"

    It clicked -- she was Summer Prince, a stunningly attractive girl with a stunningly ridiculous name, who Teddy had made out with at a party close to the end of the year. Not that she was going to know he remembered her.

    "Nope. Sorry. I probably got too drunk at that one."

    "Ugh, you're revolting." Summer left.

    "Bitch," Teddy and Cisco said in unison.
  9. Victoire was at first confused when the girl glared at her. It wasn't the first time, in all honesty. "Do you know how many times I get yelled at?" She chuckled, "Which reminds me of the new rumor, I'm Cisco's girlfriend but cheating on him with you. Because you know.. Apparently we been together since my First Year." She got along with Cisco a lot more than she ever did Willow, but, she was not attracted to him at all. With all the Teddy Lupin rumors that spread she often got in the middle one. "I believe I have you under my Veela charm," she teased.
    "Teddy, you tosser, you're screwing my girl?" Cisco joked, jumping up and taking a defensive stance. "Come on, mate, I'll fight you for her. Victoire, babe, I love you, you know that, right?"

    Teddy yawned, put an arm around Victoire's shoulder and took out his wand. "Locomotor Wibbly," he said carelessly, casting the Jelly-Legs Jinx on Cisco. The other boy fell over, and Willow burst into laughter. "I'm seventeen, I can hex you whenever I want now. Vicky's always loved me more, anyway, right, babe?"
  11. Victoire couldn't help but laugh at the boys joking around. She laughed even harder when he fell. She chuckled looking at Teddy, "Remind me not to let you meet any boys I fancy this year." Not that Victorie even fancied anyone. Usually, except for what feels like is Teddy, men like her because she is part Veela. She didn't want someone to date her because she was pretty. She looked back at Cisco, "Though, I guess you found out the reason I'm cheating." She teased.
    "Ugh, fine, Teddy, you can keep her," said Cisco. He tried to touch Willow. "I'll always have Willow, anyway."
    "If you touch me, I will hex you into oblivion," snapped Willow.
    Teddy lazily cast the counter-jinx, causing Cisco to jump up and sit beside Willow. The girl glared at him.
    While Cisco and Willow bickered, Teddy leaned his head on Victoire's again. "I'd most definitely hex anyone you fancied," he said, smiling. "I have a job as the closest thing to an older brother you have. Who do you think I am? A reckless hooligan? Oh, wait, that's exactly who I am."

    ~ time skip to the Welcoming Feast ~

    The Hogwarts Great Hall was as beautiful as always. The warm, liquid candlelight reflected off the golden plates and goblets adorning the tables, giving the hall an illusion of being entrapped in gold. Teddy sat at the Slytherin table, with Cisco on his left and Willow on his right. Due to an amazing streak of luck, he could see Victoire, who sat at the Gryffindor table, quite clearly. He caught her eye and grinned. It was time for his godbrother -- and her cousin -- to be Sorted.
  13. Victoire rolled her eyes, but had no doubt he would actually hex them. Especially if it was Brighton Woods, Oliver Woods' son that kept his father's reputation as Keeper and Captain along with caring only about girls and Quidditch. Vic had no clue why they disliked each other but she knew it was hex worthy.
    Victoire smiled from her table, waiting for James to be sorted. She glanced over at Teddy and smiled, wiggling her freckled nose lightly before turning back to the Gryffindor. When she cheered for him she noticed Brighton sit beside her with dark hair and bright eyes. He really was handsome looking but she tried to avoid the older boy like Teddy has asked.
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    Teddy noticed Brighton Wood, the prat, sit next to Victoire, bit his tongue.

    "Would I get caught if I hexed a Gryffindor?" he asked Cisco and Willow in a whispered voice.

    "No, because we'd pin it on Pricely," said Cisco, nodding to another seventh-year Slytherin boy that absolutely no one liked. "Everyone else would go along with it."

    "True. But I don't want to interrupt James' Sorting," whispered Teddy. "Harry would kill me. If Ginny didn't do it first."

    When James was Sorted into -- who would have guessed it? Teddy thought sarcastically -- Gryffindor, Teddy stood on the bench and cheered twice as loudly as anyone else. He may as well have been on the Gryffindor table with them.
  15. Victoire looked over and chuckled seeing Teddy cheer as loud as any Gryffindor. No one would even dare say there was something wrong with that, it wasn't like it was unknown about the Potter-Weasley family taking Teddy into their family. She blew Teddy a kiss, not like they didn't ever flirt. They just knew how each other meant it.

    When James took his seat Brighton moved to talk to him about Quidditch. Since they removed the age after Harry graduated he was on top of any Weasley, and now Potter. Victoire only played for the first three years until she fell off her broom.​
    The dinner ended after Headmistress McGonagall's welcome speech. Teddy shouted to Victoire, "SEE YOU LATER!" before he, Cisco and Willow were pushed in a tidal wave of students to the Slytherin common room.

    Teddy ran down the small flight of stairs to the dorm room he had shared with Cisco and some other boys for the past even years. He changed from his robes to a scarlet T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

    "I can't believe you're going without me," whined Cisco.

    "Stop complaining. Go get wasted with Willow."

    As he had expected, Molly, James' Uncle Percy's eldest, stood outside the Gryffindor common room. "Hey, Mol," he said, hugging her.

    They entered. The party was already alive; Gryffindors shouted and danced.
  17. Victoire followed the rest of the Gryffindors to the dorm rooms. The Seventh Years where setting up the common room while the advanced Seventh Years took off the barrier in the women rooms. Had to love troublesome Gryffies.

    She changed from her robes into Muggle clothing that hid more than a lot of girls but didn't skip out on showing her frame or the fact her curves made her look good either.

    "Hey, Molly!" She yelled to a very pretty redheaded cousin of hers. "Get off that boy's lap and wait for Teddy." She didn't even know the guy she was sitting on. Molly got up and went outside to wait as the party started to begin.

    Victoire looked up, no one ever questioned Teddy being there. Most of them knew better. He got in before any of the Weasley's started. Vic grinned and ran to him to give him a hug, "Teddy-bear!" She already got into the Fire whiskey while waiting.​
    Teddy confiscated the cup of Firewhisky Victoire was holding and skulled it. "You really shouldn't be drinking," said Teddy. "You're only fifteen. It will slow your brain development." Teddy grinned. "Hey, I said I'd colour my hair for the occasion, so -- "

    Teddy squeezed his eyes closed, and imagined himself with bright, scarlet, Weasley hair. When he opened them, he saw himself in Victoire's eyes. He did look more like a Weasley than she did.

    "Oh my God, I look so fabulous."
  19. Victoire pouted, "Your just mad I already started drinking which means you have to take care of me tonight." She teased, her hand going to his hair. "I like the blue better. It fits you."
    "You're right," said Teddy, changing his hair back to his desired colour of turquoise. "And, Vicky, I have no obligation to look after you this evening. You're on your own, though, in nine months, I will absolutely be godfather to Brighton's spawn."
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