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  1. What kinds of technological ages/genres do you like to use in your world? Are you partial to Steampunk or Cyberpunk technology? Or perhaps you prefer the days of the bow, arrow, and horse-drawn cart? Are you a modern-day builder?

    I gots to know!
  2. Dark ages up to Renaissance Era!
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  3. I almost always use generic fantasy medieval tech levels as my base, because fantasy is my shit. The main adjustments I consider for various worlds are gunpowder tech levels and magitech levels. Those tend to allow for a lot of tech diversity even when starting from the same point every time.
  4. I'm with Jorick on this one. However, recently, I have moved on to much grander things. XD. One of my settings spans the entire history of a universe--from its birth to its end. So yeah. It's a maaaaaassive fucking undertaking. XD.
  5. I love Steam-punk technology, but I mostly stick to modern-esque technology.
  6. I, like Jorick and Malkuthe Highwind, use the convenient generic fantasy setting and adjust it as I please, though I do not tend to avoid hand-held firearms (cannons are fine though). On the other hand, I always enjoy a good sci-fi setting. However, I do have some trouble the closer to the real world my settings get; For an example, while I can handle steampunk, the more familiar Renaissance and Victorian settings are a bit beyond me.

    Recently I've been interested in an interwar setting. Prototype turreted tanks, bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles currently reigning supreme, hostilities between most major factions, and add in the fact that warfare has changed right under the world leaders' noses~
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  7. For some RPs, I just go with the flow. For others, I plan things out in-depth.

    For still more (anything in a multiverse setting) I use a combination of Standard Earth Timeline (SET) and GURPS definitions.

    Does anyone else consider magical advancement a part of technology level?
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  8. This^ is Boo. Totes.

    Like I love the concept of airships and sky pirates and mad pseudo science~y inventing and tinkering.... but like how that fits in with Victorian settings I just can't fathom. Like I'll do my best to RP it but really Boo is just faking it... badly. And like same with trying to explain how a giant wooden thing that looks like a seafaring warship is able to fly and swoop around like a plane. O.o??

    Still... airships... skypirates... steam cannons... clock~work automatons... FUN!!^^!!
  9. I think the part of it that's Victorian is the culture. People want pretty dresses and architecture to go with their amazing air ships, I assume. =D

    Unless I totally misinterpreted your issue.
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