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Deep in a State Park of Oregon lies a big forest of evergreens and a favorite camping ground for out door enthusiasts of all ages. There is a local Kids Camp, Wanaclot, cabins for tourists, and picnic greens. A beautiful lake. Waterfall tucked away and hidden in the trees. Wild life and natural gardens everywhere.

But last night something strange occurred in the skies. To most it looked like a normal meteor shower. Now, here in the dawn of morning, there is something different hidden under the trees. Metallic and shiny.

A flying saucer!

...This is the story of those that find this empty space machine...

This is a JUMP IN roleplay located in the Modern section. :D

No bios are required, but if you want to post one, you can post it here in this thread. :3 Plotting is encouraged, and there are no major rules for this roleplay. It's Modern Earth with no magic. But aliens...? Yes... aliens. >:D There could be aliens.
Well if there's aliens, X-COM will be along in a few hours. So that five teammates can line up and fire at an alien and somehow hit it twice without killing it and the third one only get it with his last shot and then the spread from the rocket somehow takes out the guy on the very edge of the explosion and then the tank gets killed and the team starts to panic and finally half the team is dead or bleeding out and you finally clear the UFO. Not that I'm bitter or anything...
Damnit Spammy. XD