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Deep in a State Park of Oregon lies a big forest of evergreens and a favorite camping ground for out door enthusiasts of all ages. There is a local Kids Camp, Wanaclot, cabins for tourists, and picnic greens. A beautiful lake. Waterfall tucked away and hidden in the trees. Wild life and natural gardens everywhere.

But last night something strange occurred in the skies. To most it looked like a normal meteor shower. Now, here in the dawn of morning, there is something different hidden under the trees. Metallic and shiny.

A flying saucer!

...This is the story of those that find this empty space machine...
Bluth sat bolt upright at 6:30 exactly. No alarm clock sounded but none needed to. He never slept, never had to, nor was he in his cabin but in it's roof. He had been doing what he did every night night looking at the stars to map them in his mind to try to work out where he was but it in the end was an effort in futility that was nothing more than an old habit grown out of a failed plan.

Other than the slight blue tinge to his skin and abnormally round eyes there was no way to tell him apart from the average Caucasian male, well at least when he had his clothes on, under them it was a different story, the lack of nipples, navel and the odd placing of some of his muscles being the most obvious, which was why he never undressed of changed unless he was sure no one could see him. He still needed to eat though but he wasn't in the mood. The gate would be unlocked soon and last night he had seen something, something that for once wasn't a shooting star or a helicopter. After a decade of waiting he had finally seen something that didn't come from this backwards rock.

He rolled and dropped down onto the ground with a thud before standing up. Aside from himself and the guards he knew one person who'd be up, usually a welcome sigh but now, with his mind on what he had seen there was not much time to think about anything else.
Gabrielle drummed her fingers against the box of Twinkies momentarily, thinking about whether she should try and feed Bluth some more fruit – it wasn't an effective tactic, but the girl hoped she was wearing him down; his diet was deplorable. She didn't know how he stayed so healthy with what he was putting in his mouth. Shaking her head, she shoved the box in her pack and ran out the cabin door, the wooden board banging against its frame in a loud rattle. Gabrielle glanced down at her watch; she noticed she was running a little late for her usual breakfast outing. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

She was nearly sprinting as she reached the edge of the forest. Bluth wasn't here – he was always waiting for her. She wasn't that late, was she? Rocking on the heels of her boots, five minutes nearly passed before Gabrielle spotted a speck of a figure in the distance. She waved, smiling like an idiot.<o:p></o:p>

"Bluth! Good morning!"
He stopped dead in his tracks. She was here. Of course she was here. Sometimes Bluth wondered if the ever engaged in the practice of sleep. He had almost hoped today he'd be able to slip out unnoticed as Gabrielle would undoubtedly want to go and have breakfast as usual, but the girl was his only contact. He turned and raised his hand imitating her customary greeting, he even had the upwards curve of the mouth down to a tee.

"Good morning." he called out as he jogged up to her. "Sorry I can't make it to eat with you today, there was... I want to go into the forest, you know... a walk." He didn't think he was doing very well in diverting suspicion, then it hit him I thought I saw a meteorite land in the forest and I'd lite to try and find it before anyone el... work starts."
"A meteorite? In this area?" Gabrielle tilted her head in curiosity. It seemed like a childish adventure, to wonder out in the woods in search of other worldly discoveries – to be cast in the same category of searching for a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow…but it wasn't unusual for Bluth. He had a sort of 'green' charm, an oddness, to him. She figured it was one of the reasons they got along so well. Though her oddities were more psychological than a few funny quirks.
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"Could I come along?" She asked , batting her lashes, silently begging to tag along.. "I brought your favorite breakfast!" Gabrielle held up the little pack, digging out a Twinkie in offering.
The duality of humans always puzzled him. her initial tome sugested she didn't think much of the idea and yet she was enthusiastic to accompany him. He questioned once again if he could trust what he and though he'd seen and slowly nodded reaching out and taking thehold of the only food he had tried so far on this planet and had made him neither sick nor malnourished. "Alright...." she knew he couldn't say no when twinkies were involved. "But It might have landed a fair distance away."
She knew what she saw. She knew it for sure. Of course, she wasn't going to tell anyone she had, but she was definitely going to go find it. Andiste flung her backpack over her shoulders, pulled her hood over her head, and put her earbuds in her ear. As soon as she turned on her ipod, sweet, classical music went through her ears and silenced her angsty mood just enough to calm her for the trip. Andiste knew it was going to be a long walk through the forest to get to her destination, so she packed enough supplies just in case anything......questionable........happened. Of course, she knew there probably wouldn't be a need for any of the "supplies". It's not like she was irrational or careless. But she brought them along anyway. Just in case. As far as anyone from Camp Wanaclot was concerned, Andiste was missing, but they didn't care. She was waaaay too weird, and was a little too much of a negative influence on the other children. Andiste knew this, but didn't care. She was just as happy she was leaving as they were. There were a few problems though, of course. She was an 8-year-old child for the most of it, and there were a LOT of adult tourists in the State Park so she had to steer clear of any adults, and she probably had to wait til nighttime before she could actually start moving out. This irritated Andiste, of course. Being a child was a mistake. It really made it hard for you to really do anything without question. And everyone believed they had authority over you no matter what you did. But she shook those thoughts out of her head.

As soon as I get there, that'll be the first thing I fix.

Andiste chuckled softly. Her plan was brilliant. And it should be, since she spent so many years perfecting it. It was foolproof, and the only way it wouldn't work is if someone else came round and messed it up. The child scoffed. As if that would happen. No one else should've saw it but her. Therefore, no one should really get in the way. Andiste walked towards the clearing about 2 miles off from Camp Wanaclot. She was in the green. Yes! Now for the next part.
She whistled loudly and clearly towards the northern path and waited a few minutes. "RUFF RUFF!" A golden retriever ran through the brush and at Andiste. "Kalix! I knew I could trust you!" the tomboy said gleefully, and patted his head in acceptance. "Let's start walking." Both child and dog began walking through the deep colorful forest. The wind blew softly through the high trees and the sun beamed down brightly. As soon as they both made it to the main gravel road, Andiste stopped dead in her tracks. Two teenagers were standing on the other side of the road talking and exchanging twinkies. What the hell?! It's 6:30 in the morning, NO ONE is walking the trail at this time of day!!!! Andiste huffed. This was a major setback. Unless they turned around and went back south, there was no way she could continue on now. Then, she looked closely at the boy, and her eyes opened wide. She knew who he was. She knew what he was. The girl, she had no idea, and payed no attention to. But that boy........ Suddenly, the 2 teenagers looked up and across the wide road at Andiste standing in the bushes. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! She had given her presence away too busy staring at the boy. Andiste sighed. She couldn't be weird and run off. At least, not this time. She was going to have to go over there and introduce herself and act as if nothing was wrong.
"Do you think we'll find it?" Gabrielle asked, grinning as Bluth took the Twinkie; the crinkling of wrappers was always a reassuring sign. "The meteorite?" She slid her pack over her shoulders again and glanced up at the sky in thought. "How far do you think we'll have to walk? How big do you think it is?" The questions were spilling from her lips. A part of Gabrielle was eager to set off on a new adventure, a voice always whispering excitedly, a chance of discovery – something completely out of this world! I mean, how many people have ever found a meteorite?
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Gabrielle turned her head when she heard the sound of footsteps. It looked to be a young girl – one of the camp kids, more specifically. What was she doing so far away from camp – and so early!? She gave a muted wave and smiled in her campiest manner.
Andiste rolled her eyes, but only in her mind as she walked on over. The girl was waving at her, now, and as Andiste finally stopped in front of the two, she straightened her shoulders and proceeded to play this whole thing off as childishly as she could. She raised her hand, and while doing the Officiary Camp Wanaclot Salute and Wave, she stated the Officiary Wanaclot Greeting: "Hidy-ho to you, and a Wanaclot, too! We give you this greeting, in honor of our meeting! Hey-ho! Hey-ho! Wanaclot's the way to go!" she sang, arms flailed about, while dancing around. She had intended for it to sound (and look) childish and impy, but instead it had come out strained and corny. Andiste quickly made up for this mistake by giving the two teenagers the cheesiest grin, she could. This should have 'em fooled. She held her hands out to the girl, the corner of her eye on the boy. Andiste knew the girl was going to ask for her name, but she was sure as hell ain't gonna give it to her, so she had to make one up. "I'm.....uh......A.J.! I'm A.J.! Who are yoooou?"
The greeting customs never failed to surprise Bluth as he tore open the wrapping of the food and ate it whole. He didn't like to show his teeth since they were fused into two solid places rather than the individual teeth more common here. "Hi." he said, a much more efficient way of stating you were friendly and inclusive.

The woods were getting more crowded than he'd have like for what was meant to be a solo investigation into a extraterrestrial object but its not like he could just cover the two in ichor and make a break for the trees. That would be rude, and lead to questions. "Where you headed?" he asked maybe this wasn't a problem after all.
Andiste watched as Bluth ate the twinkie being careful not to show his teeth. She laughed in her mind. Wow. Is this how he's been pulling it off over the years? I bet that chick doesn't even know he doesn't have nipples or a navel either! Heh! I give him brownie points for being discreet, though. Andiste couldn't help herself, but laugh at this kid's failed attempt to pretend to be human. Although, she had no right to laugh at him at all, considering the fact that she had made a mistake attempting it as well. Which, suddenly, gave Andiste an idea. Since I'm a kid, there's no way I'll make it to the shuttle without running into any nosy adults here and there. Sooooo, I'll get these older kids to follow me, and then ditch 'em about a quarter of the way almost there! But, I'll have to do this right. I can't afford any more mistakes......and I definitely can't let them find out about the shuttle! Andiste, unaware that they already knew about the space shuttle, continued on with her kiddy charade. "I'm looking for a friend that's that way," she said, pointing in the direction of all of their main target. "But wait, wait, wait! You still never answered MYYY question!!! What are your naaaames?!" she whined, putting her hands on her hips, cutely.
"A.J., uh? I'm Gabrielle, and this is my friend, Bluth." The young woman said as she bent down to the girl's height and smiled. She was trying to appear friendly, but it came out to be more awkward than anything. Her social skills always had been lacking; it was why she was lucky when she made friends with Bluth. He either didn't notice how awkward she was or was too polite to say anything. She felt 'normal' around him.

"Isn't it a little early to be meeting a friend?" She asked, glancing down at her watch. Only ten minutes had passed, so it was only a little after 6:30 AM. Didn't most kids sleep in?
Laughing uncontrollably, Andiste rolled around on the ground. BLUTH?! That's his alias?! That's the best he could come up with?!?! HAHAHAHA! The teenagers were, of course, confused by her sudden fit of laughter, but Andiste could care less. She was a child after all. She then got up, wiping her eyes and breathing heavy. "Hahahahahaha---haha---haaa! Uhhhh! I'm sorry! Ummm.....great! Nice to meetcha!" she said still laughing a little. Then, hearing Gabrielle's question made Andiste stop for good. She straightened up, and then became serious again. "Early? Yeah, I guess.......but.......this is the only time I'm able to see.....uhh....her!" she stated crossing her arms. "Besides, I'm not the only kid out here a little too early! What are YOU TWO doing out at this time in the morning???"
Bluth had been standing quietly, one eyebrow raised at the child but then cut into the conversation. "Walking, talking, because we can." he said, not meaning to be rude but the delays and accompaniments were getting to him. "Though your sense of humor is typical for one of your age I don't get the joke, nor why you're the one asking us questions when clearly, it should be the opposite."
Andiste was now irritated by not only Bluth's sarcastic tone, but the ordeal all together. What an asshole. And I thought I could be annoying. Time to speed things up. "What-EVER jerk!" she said to Bluth, sticking her tongue out at him. Then, turning towards Gabrielle, she put her hands behind her back, innocently, batting her eyelashes cutely, saying, "Sorry if I'm bothering you and your boyfriend. Ummm......Can you two walk with me to me and my friend's hiding place? It's not so far off......and......I'm a little....scared to go by myself......" Andiste then put her head down, quivered her bottom lip, and made big, sad, pleading eyes. She had to get these two weird kids to follow her. Not that she couldn't walk to the shuttle alone. It'd just make the whole trip a LOT easier. "Pleeease??? Pretty please!!!! I won't get in the way! If you two wanna make out or something I'll just turn my head and pretend you're not doing anything! Promise! Pleeeeeeeease!"