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    Welcome to Shawsvill U.S.A

    A city where a small quarter of it, looks to be fine. But as you get deeper into the landscape, it is full of graffiti, broken power lines, and tall rundown apartments. The ground is littered with cyborgs, patrolling for any life to take. It is a death sentence if you walk along the street. The only safe places are the rooftops or inside the buildings.
    [BCOLOR=transparent]A[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]s Sonia walked around, she found herself growing ever impatient as she didn’t know exactly where her friends were. Well… A friend and an… Acquaintance. She rolled her eyes at the thought of the guy. He just pissed her off sometimes and she pissed him off sometimes. The relationship strangely worked. And not because she was sexually attracted to him, in fact, whatever natural force that created her probably made her asexual for the sole purpose of that man. He repulsed her, but… Not to the point where she had to run away from him because she was so disgusted with him. She shook her head. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Why am I thinking about this kind of stuff? I need to hurry up and find them before I go and do anything els[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]e.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]I[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]shi entered his apartment building with cyborgs right behind him. He quickly slid his card in the reader and threw open the door, closing it behind him. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Hopefully that will slow them down a bit.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Ishi ran up the stairs with screams and gunshots echoing within the complex as he entered his personal living space. He slammed the door shut and took a sigh of relief before walking to his room. Thankfully, this was one of the few times Ishi had his room clean. He quickly gathered some clothes, his laptop, and extra junk food with minimal water. Ishi stuffed everything in a nearby dufflebag and gave one last glance around the room.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]S[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]onia continued walking, heading towards the center of town. Since the only place she knew of was her friend’s apartment, she had to head there. Luckily, she didn’t need to fight any cyborgs because she took extra care to dodge them when they were close. As she reached the actual building, she used a key card that was provided to her by her friend. When she entered, she noticed a stray metal pipe that had fallen on the floor and grabbed it. As she climbed the floors, it seemed that the cyborgs had already cleared out. Well… Except the floor where her friend was. She found a smaller cyborg. Much smaller than the one she had dealt with at the hospital. So… She approached it from the back and then began smashing the living hell out of it as she knocked on the door to her friend’s apartment. “Ishi! Are you in there?! Hurry up and open the door! I’m worried that I might get attacked by something a little scarier than the baby cyborg that was outside your door!” In an attempt to make him hurry up, she started to scream and say, “ISHI!!! THEY’RE COMING FOR ME!!! HURRY UP AND OPEN THE DOOR!!!” She calmly picked up the, now dead, baby cyborg’s body. She cradled it and covered it in her coat, pretending like she had grabbed a baby from the hospital before she had left. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Oh my god. This is going to be too funny[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent].[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ishi grabbed the last thing required to him, and quickly put it together. Attaching to stock to the base and extending the grip. He powered up the internal battery and set it down on the charger. Suddenly there was knocking on the door, Ishi jumping at the sudden sound. “Yes. Give me some time.” He said to himself, watching the meter grow on his computer, showing the charge. The knocking grew louder and the shouting began as Ishi grabbed the makeshift gun off of the rack. Ishi carefully held it as he pushed the battery back in and grabbed his supplies. He thought he heard some clanking of metal moving, so Ishi powered up the EMP gun and fired a blast after opening the door to his apartment. The force of the gun pushed him back, almost making him fall. “Heh. Full power. Oops.”[/BCOLOR]
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    Looking down from the rooftop he had perched himself upon, Ryan considered the cyborgs roaming the streets with disgust. What was up with this? Sighing with irritation, he supposed the only logical course of action would be to barge in on his friend Ishi. The other male was a weird tech guy and should know what was going on. Ryan supposed that the one annoying girl would probably head over there too and rolled his eyes. That particular person annoyed him to no end and he couldn't understand why Ishi put up with her.

    Hopping along the roofs of the houses around him, his skateboard tucked under one arm and a can of spray paint in the opposite hand. He didn't usually engage in graffiti but today he hadn't had much else to do. Reaching the building he knew to be Ishi's, Ryan managed to swing himself across the gap from the neighboring house he was standing atop of. He easily made a landing on a random person's porch. Assessing how high up he was the man then jumped down one floor and began knocking persistently on the glass separating the room from the outside.

    "Ishi. Ishi. Ishi. Ishi. Sushi. Ishiii." He called out, timing his words to the rhythm at which he was knocking on the glass, ending with a loud thump that nearly smashed the window.


    Pressing herself against the wall and breathing deeply to try and compose herself, Renae cast a tentative look around the corner of the building she was next to. The cyborgs seemed to be everywhere, and she wasn't sure how she could get around them. Where she wanted to head to once she got away from them she didn't know exactly, but anywhere was better than here. Chewing her lip slightly as she thought the girl came to the conclusion that she should try to get back to her workplace - a mechanic's workshop. She would be able to pick up her tools there and maybe get a vehicle to attempt to break through the cyborg-filled streets with.

    She had two blocks to travel before she could get there. Looking up tentatively the girl got an idea then tried to dismiss it. It didn't seem like there were any cyborgs above ground level, but would she be able to climb anything and not risk injuring herself even more than running into one of the machines? Gritting her teeth in aggravation Renae placed a hand on a nearby pipe and started to pull herself up - hoping that the pipes wouldn't collapse underneath her weight. Eventually she did reach the house's roof, but had to take a few minutes sprawled out on the ground to catch her breath. Once she got back up again she made decent progress jumping from roof to roof until she reached the workshop.

    Managing to enter through a loose window the girl quickly scooped up her toolbox before making her way back onto the roof and sitting there for a moment. Where to after that? The girl looked around, both to see if there were any more cyborgs about but also to see if there were any humans.
  3. LQ-84i's world was limited to this screen whilst he was being prepared to enter the city. A few simple loading bars.

    Checking Body Status............ Complete.
    Checking Fuel Cells................ Complete.
    Checking Armaments............ Complete.
    Loading Terrain Data............. Complete.
    Loading Combat Data............ Complete.

    Finally the world and all it's colors filled his vision. The HUD slowly drew itself on his optics. It had his vitality, a small radar, and some statistics on him. Kill count, steps taken, simple things. The kills were never too high, unless he had to kill someone. He was dropped in a street in utter chaos. It was a human bloodbath. That was something that made LQ-84i hate his kind. They were only there to slaughter. He slowly walked through the street, walking on the front of his feet, as to not attract too much attention to a mechanical hound with a chainsaw. He arrived at the place he was given orders to 'clear out'. a rather tall apartment building. The hound casually walked into the main lobby and looked around... there was way too much blood. Any human would shoot him on sight, so he had to take this carefully. The elevators were probably completely out due to the mechanical Goliaths probably ruining them. So he just went up the stairs. LQ-84i wasn't really trying to sweep every floor, he'd just peek through the door ways to each floor and look for humans. In truth he just wanted to go to the top floor; heights were always his favorite thing. It made him feel free. He saw an occasional human and would creep up behind them and knock them to the ground. Once they were down, he would jab each pressure point that caused the human body to sleep or faint. Once the being was incapacitated, he would take them back to their room or just hide them. Most of the time they were left alone and the cyborgs would think they were already dead, but there was the occasional unfortunate human who would wake up and get murdered... So was life.

    One floor he had glimpsed at was concerning for him. He peeked through to see some female. LQ-84i could easily know that she had a cyborg in her possession. He was about to enter the hallway and approach her, but something made him jump slightly. An Electromagnetic Pulse projectile. If he got hit by that, it was lights out. He might be able to take one hit, but two would fry every circuit he held dear. He decided to climb up one more floor and perch himself to jump on either the female, or the being that shot the pulse. He hoped to get the biggest threat out of the way first, but whatever way it would happen he would adapt. He might have to kill someone... At least he wouldn't be put out of commission for lack of kill count...
  4. The day had started off as an incredibly average one, at least in the life of the stereotypical drifter know as Leone Damien Valcrosse. He was merely riding along some random highway when some dude in a beat up pickup truck pulled over and offered him a ride to the next town. So Valcrosse got dropped off at the edge of town and the guy in the pickup truck practically burnt rubber getting outta there.

    Of course, Val didn't quite hold it against him when he saw what the dude saw. A grim, thin, what the hell did I get myself into kind of frown appeared on his face. He was faced with two people that looked like that one dude from Teen Titans, and he did the natural thing to do when faced with a dangerous individual threatening his life. He pulled out his board and his gun, squeezed off two shots, and took off.

    "What the actual fuck is going on here? Was that dude smoking something in that truck before I got in?"

    He spoke to himself worriedly as he rode down the street. His fine motor skills and thought process were fine for the situation at hand, so he could measure out most drugs. Anyone would be confused when fucking cyborgs attack or some crazy shit like that.
  5. Zeke was now out exploring the ruins of shawsvill. He wouldn't believe that all of this was happening. Everything in the town just went to cybernetic hell. He had only enough time to make one weapon before he could get away on his motorized skateboard. He was riding through the streets with what looked like a set of pocket amplifiers around his waist and a light battery on his back along with a back pack of blueprints. He was carrying an electric guitar with him with the strap around his neck.

    When a cyborg got a little too close he would strum the guitar and an audio blast from the amps would come out. Frying the sensors and shutting of the CPUs for a short time. He called it the "sonic boom." Not the most original name, but it sounded cool.

    Zeke didn't plan on there being so many. As they began to surround him. He had an idea. He pointed all the amps at the ground and gave his guitar a stum. The sound blast sent him flying through a window of a building and he landed in front of a girl who didn't to appear to have changed. "Owww... that really hurt."
  6. Sonia 'Epiphany' Louisette - Signature Fonts - Simply Glamorous - b50e30.png
    Sonia felt the door open and she was about to scream again, when he shot off what looked like a gun that was futuristic and flashed brightly. She felt the baby cyborg in her hand give her a few shocks and she threw the baby on the ground and cursed. "Ow! That fucking hurt you little bitch!" She thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye as she was about to mouth off Ishi. She looked over to what she thought was some kind of cyborg, but didn't see anything. Hmm... I still need to be careful despite being in the same building as Ishi. She started talking weirdly so that Ishi could understand that something was wrong. "Well... It looks like all the cyborgs have been taken care of. Now... What the hell is that gun?" She pointed to the corner of the hallway and then walked inside. As she walked inside, she heard the annoying voice of that person. She quickly went over to the door and opened it. "Hurry up and get in. We've got company. Shut your mouth and wait for Ishi and me to finish." She looked at him, mustering the coldest look she's ever made in her life. She wanted to mess with him so badly. She turned to Ishi after she opened the door. She pointed to the gun and shook her head. For some reason, she felt that the cyborg was intelligent. All of the other cyborgs had attacked mindlessly, but the one she thought she saw didn't. It was strange that the cyborg happened to move right when the gun was shot off. Is it possible that the cyborgs are actually intelligent? I suppose it's possible... They're attached to pieces of technology, but... They haven't even been attached for that long. Wait... I don't know that. What if this certain cyborg was able to find a balance between its sense of self and the technology? Sonia grabbed her chin and bit her lip slightly. She wanted to know whether she was right or not. So... In an act of bravery, she walked into the hallway. "Is someone out here? Someone intelligent? Well... Maybe I'm asking the wrong question. Is an intelligent cyborg out here? I promise I won't hurt you. Unless, of course, you try to attack me. In which case, I will not hesitate to put you out of commission." She looked around the hallway to see if there was anything that would respond to her question.​
  7. LQ-84i had no idea what to think. Most humans that would see him ended up trying to put a bullet in him. This girl seemed to have reasoning in such a dire situation. It made him think. Were all humans just blinded by fear? He did not feel bad, for he hadn't killed any. But it still caused him to think about those who have been killed. What about them? they had hopes and dream and families... LQ-84i shook his head slightly and hopped down to the door. He mentally prepared himself for any situation. if the person with the EMP pulse device was there, he'd have to make a quick KO or get out of there. He could have been programmed without the thought process he had. But the man who had him made loved to watch him squirm and lament. Shame he was never there when LQ-84i was... then he'd be squirming... The dog shook his head once more and the rest of his body like a regular dog that was trying to get water off it's coat.

    He booted up his voice transmitting program and opened the door enough for him to get in. He didn't walk in yet, he wanted to know a few things first. "They call me intelligent. Others call me feeble minded. I call myself LQ-84i... What do your companions refer to you as?" His voice was electronic sounding, but also had a raspy sound to it. It was in no way an irritating voice and it just sounded like a human male with a deep voice trying to make himself sound digital. "I do not kill. I'm above that barbaric task. I however would like to ask you a few questions..." The dog stepped through the door and stood, ready to flee or pounce if necessary. "My knowledge far surpasses that of even the smartest human beings... the foolish call me all knowing... They under estimate me..." the dog was talking himself up, it was a part of his pre rendered introduction, it also would cause some humans to flee, others to try and kill him, and the smartest of the few to respond appropriately. "First... How did you harness the electro magnetic pulse in such a way that it could become a projectile? Second... Who invented the telescope..?" The second question was just to determine how smart the girl was, he already knew. It was a question with a commonly misconstrued answer. But the EMP question was something he really desired to know about.
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