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  1. Alright people. I've made an RP that was largely based on the game 'Sunset Overdrive'. So this is basically what's up.

    Tech Terror
    In Shawsville, USA, the people of this city are obsessed with technology. Each person is known to have multiple electronics in use constantly, which makes them extremely vulnerable targets for the epidemic that happened on a certain day. As people began to use technology, they became cyborgs and began running rampant through the city.

    As the cyborgs ran rampant, you were probably enjoying a nice cup of coffee or taking a nice cat nap. But as you saw these people, you knew that you needed to take action. You also know that if you didn't, then it was very possible that you would die. You searched through your house for weapons and as you found them, you began to fight back against the cyborg threat. While on a rampage, you encounter a group of three people who seem to be handling the situation very well.

    And that is where we will begin the RP! Please tell me if you guys are interested! I should have the OOC up sometime in the next few days.
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  2. I'm expressing interest~ This seems like an awesome idea! I've never played Sunset Overdrive, but if the game is anything like this idea, I guess I should start playing it!
  3. Cool! I guess I will wait for possibly 1-3 more people before I put up the OOC. Or if Saturday rolls around I will throw it up.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!
  5. Seems interesting.
  6. Hm wow. I thought that this was lost in the void. Ill wait until Sat to make the OOC, but if someone else comes by. I will make it right away.
  7. Has this started? I saw the ad....
  8. This has not started yet! I planned to put up the OOC yesterday, but I got caught up in some other things. It shal go up today!
  9. If your still looking for people count me in. I love the game ans I'll probably love this. Will we have awsomely crazy weapons too.
  10. Crryyyiinnngg Maaannnnn. I believe I was summoned? Hand over the OOC.

    (This better be worth it by the way. I don't exactly have time growing off trees right now.)
Thread Status:
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