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Should we proceed with only two characters?

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  3. Lets try to get more people interested

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Welcome to the Posse!
    You have reached the OOC thread for the RP entitled "Tears of the Elements" Hosted by your's truly!
    To save a mess of unsightly tabs up here, I'll post this link where you can find all the basics of the world, inhabitants, powers etc etc!

    Ta Da!!

    • I don't like censoring Writers so I'll state this on the top! There will be swearing, gore, romance(maybe), death, all within this RP, but lets try to keep all the touchy subjects within our IC thread, not plastered all over the OOC. Any adult rated scenes that may come up should be in a spoiler tag. Safe to say that displays of affection will be fine and do not need to be within spoiler tags.
    • As Stated in Iwaku guidelines, adult members are forbidden from role-playing sex scenes with teen members.
    • Be courteous with your words when it comes to criticisms. Not everyone is a professional writer.
    • No overpowered characters, they will be rejected.
    • If you have an issue with another player, either pm them or me, and we'll try to work it out. I don't like to see arguments all over my OOC threads.
    • General Iwaku rules and role-playing regulations apply. This means that godmodding, power-playing, meta-gaming, and the likes are strictly forbidden. Godmodding may be necessary at times, and even convenient, but this should only be done sparingly and upon the consent of the role-players that would be affected by such initiatives.
    • Lets keep OOC stuff in the OOC Thread. That's kind of what its for!

    Don't hesitate to ask more questions! I love answering questions!
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  2. Hey so I have a few questions as I am making my CS

    So for the forms we take, the animal one, If I was to have a picture, would you prefer animated or real-life?

    For the affinities, I know that it is one of the main 4 types, but are there certain aspects that are apart of it that they are better with? Like with the water types, they are better with ice attacks or something, or with Earth they can use metal rather than relying on just dirt?

    Also for the communities how large are the generally, and how many of these communities are there in each given sector? Is there a large Capital city like community that is in charge of the area, or is it like a free for all, or nomadic style living?

    So yeah, I will have more as I go along but these are just the few that have came up so far.
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  3. any style of picture is fine with me! I suspect it might be hard to find a realistic looking picture of whatever form you all want. if you want to use a drawing, realistic picture or an edited picture. Even animated is just fine!.

    Living spaces is more of nomadic lidestyle really. A clan may live from place to place or settle down somewhere. Deuce's clan was camped in the eastern ridges when the war started. They could live in caves, under rocks, on islands mountains, trees. whatever you want. Telvaxious is one of the elders of the earth elementals, so he would be in communication with all of the smaller earth clans no matter where they live. Elders can open up communication orbs with each other.

    Well its up to you, your character can be a master of their chosen affinity if you like. So yes, they would be able to manipulate metals and minerals I would think.

    Water elemental might love using ice spikes, others may use other techniques, or a wide array of techniques. thats what i'm really looking forward to. seeing what everyone can come up with for their element. So lots of leeway with the capabilities of your character and their element.

    trying to think if we should get into laying rules for using secondary elements like magma, lightning, ice or if that will be boring.
  4. So, a suggestion is to go read the Kinetics for Pathfinder. that is AWESOME for elemental stuff. but as it is I would suggset as follows

    Earth Allows control over:
    Metal, Minerals, some acids and poisons (non natural ones).

    Fire Allows control over:
    Fire and all types there of.

    Air, and gaseous poisons.

    Water, Ice, The own creatures Vite(blood).

    When chosing the second element they do not chose a 'sub set' but rather select a second element, This produces combinations. under each combo I will suggest what is under control there of.

    Magma, Lava, Explosive rocks, Volcanic bomb (google it).

    Dusts, Sand(storms), smoke, airborn acid and such.

    Mud, quicksand, natural and unatural poisons, Bog like growths (vines, ferns and the ilk)

    lightning, fire-tornadoes.

    Steam, superheated water, things like that.

    Rain, Storms, fog, stuff like that.

    Well that is a suggestion.
    As for current rules on sub-sets, I would say no, as it lets players be creative.
  5. Finally got it up. sorry it took a while.
  6. I agree with you eddi. rules make things boring and also limits creativity. I think i'll just cut everyone loose and let them be creative. We should however follow the basic principles you listed above to some degree anyway.
  7. Apologies on the delay of my CS! I'm having trouble connecting with a personality for my char :x
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