Tears of the Elements RP Characters

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    Well if you followed the links and things then you know where you're at.
    Accepted characters for Tears of the Elements go here. Thanks!
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  2. NPC: "Deuce"

    • Name:Deuce

    • Elemental Affinity : Earth
      Secondary Affinity: Fire

    • Appearance(Elemental beast form only for now): Large Wolf

      Picture or detailed description: Deuce would be comparable to a wolf as far as shape goes, but size wise, he’d be close to fourteen feet long from head to tail! A mass of well developed muscles and powerful jaws. Tribal patterns spiral around his form, the color of their glow varies. Hues of green, orange, red and yellow. His teeth and Claws are made of onyx and are extremely sharp.

      Eye color: Green
      Distinguishing markings : The Mark of Genacious. It is a glowing physical mark that alternates its color in random patterns. It always shines brighter than the other colors of his markings.

    • Personality: Deuce is fun loving. He’s easy to get along with and demonstrates great leadership skills. Deuce is an accomplished fighter and due to his extreme training with Genacious, he has mastered both Earth and Fire elemental energies; a feat rarely seen amidst the elemental clans of Sentrance.

    • History :

      Deuce has been under the direct tutelage of Genacious since the last war between the clans. He was cast over the edge of the eastern ridges in the middle of the battle and taken for dead. A wild sprite named Dayna found him and brought him to the Eternal Gardens(central on the map) where Deuce first met Genacious.
      As Deuce recovered he grew quite fond of Dayna and the two of them are practically inseparable right now. A Bond not often seen in Sentrance.
      During his recovery he was also trained by Genacious. The Guardian has marked Deuce with a visible sigil: the mark of the Genacious. It is a visible symbol directly connected to the Guardian. In the history of Sentrance, very few have been valued to this extent by one of the Guardians.

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  3. NPC:"Dayna"

    • Name: Dayna
      Gender: Female

    • Elemental Affinity:
      • Earth
      • Fire
      • Wind
      • Water
      Preferred Secondary Affinity: None. Wild sprites show equal strength in all Elemental Energies

    • Appearance: As it is in Sentrance, most of the Wild sprites maintain a relatively formless appearance. She is seen as a glowing blue mass of energy but can manipulate her shape slightly, producing an appendage or two. Contracting and expanding her overall size and shape as she sees fit.

      Picture or detailed description: Dayna’s moods and emotions are reflected by the different shades of blue that make up her form.

      Eye color: Green

      Distinguishing markings if any: The mark of Genacious

    • Personality: Dayna has a very explosive and stubborn personality. The Wild Sprite is fiercely loyal to those she is close to. She can be a little reckless at times and a bit unstable with he abilities due to the fact that she is still learning to control all of her energies. But no doubt, this is one Wild Sprite that is not to be trifled with.

    • History: Dayna has been with Geneacious since he sparked her into existence. She considers him as a big brother and respects him highly. As her mentor, The two of them have spent a lot of time together over the cycles.

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