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  1. [​IMG]

    April 7th 2015

    A day that should've been remembered as a step forward for humanity. On this day The leaders of the world, from communist China to North Korea came together in an unprecedented meeting. April 7th, the day the world powers came together to declare to all people, that nuclear threats no longer loomed over their heads. That in secret, every ruling government had dismantled all of their nuclear warheads and destroyed any facility capable of manufacturing these weapons. That day the world banded together and on the very same day, the end began.

    It began in the sky, billions of people running out of their homes, traffic at a standstill, the whole held its breath as they stared in wonder. At first it was just a line of the brightest light they had ever seen, but too quickly it grew. Though no technology could detect its presence, anyone watching could see the line split. It was a hole that was slowly ripped open in the night sky, reality warped around this tear. On the other side, strange lights and shifting colors like no man had ever seen. A place they now call the void.

    It remained that way for several days, astounding people with its existence. All branches of the government sent probes and turned their satellites to it, the tear was not in the earth’s atmosphere rather it was just between the moon and earth itself. The probes went right through as if it was never there. Satellites could detect no heat or sound, nothing but the swirling color and lights from within were found. Like a mass hallucination, a mirage in the sky, the entire world could see it but no one could make contact with it. Months past and eventually humanity adapted like they always do, it became as a normal sight in their mind as the moon was, it was forgotten by all but a select few.

    Those few consisted of the world’s most hardcore conspiracy theorists. They had a list of hundreds of reasons why it was there, not one ever coming close to the truth. Though just because they were considered crazy did not mean they did not have resources. One theorist a, business tycoon on the front lines of bringing space travel to everyone with the right amount of money, sent four men in a spacecraft to the tear. All was normal until the crew attempted like everything and everyone else, to travel through the tear. But once more, it was as if it was never there. The moment they passed through, the radio connecting the tycoon to the crew fell silent. All systems where normal, the ship was giving off normal readings, but the crew had vanished. Never to be found.

    A day later the sky began to fall and hell was unleashed upon the world without warning.

    30 years have passed since the day known as "The Tear", and civilization is just now regaining a small foothold on the world as it were. Everything has changed for the worse, but for some it has changed for the better. Not much is known about the day of and the weeks to follow "The Fall", the day the meteors began striking the earth. The Fall was the initial wave, destroying much of the infrastructure of the world and 2/3 of the population. The Earth has reclaimed much of its stolen property. Cities like Detroit and New York are now more jungle than civilization. Still to this day, meteors of much smaller sizes fall to the ground. These meteors, however, have been found to be useful. The meteors that struck the earth are actually crystals. These crystals were unlike anything anyone on earth had ever seen, bright purple and teeming with untapped energy.

    Because for all that the world has lost something was also gained the day of "The Fall"


    Much is still unknown about how it could be used, but ever since "The Fall" Most humans were either gifted or born with innate ability to cast magic, we do not know which is true, was released. They were released as well. (Not sure what you’re trying to say here…)

    They go by many names, but most call them Demons. They as the name implies are Demonic in nature, new ones are always being discovered. Where crystals fall they are likely to spawn as well. The seem to can appear for absolutely no reason but seem to come when there is a high amount of negative emotion, they usually don't appear in broad daylight tending to spawn in the shadows of unused homes or alleyways. They are ferocious killing machines, who seem to only want to kill humans. They come in many shapes in sizes with differing and scary abilities. It takes a large amount of overkill necessary to bring one down, making most conventional weapons ineffective.

    This is the world you live in. Welcome to the New Reality


    As I said this is the world you live in. You live in a world where humanity is barely scraping by. Civilization has just started to come back. Towns sprouting up, either old homes and buildings or creating shanty towns. Most guns and other conventional weapons have long been lost or are heavily coveted. A normal person usually would not have access to anything larger then a handgun, town militia and police forces would maybe have one automatic weapon between them. An age old art form has returned to combat these Demons, blacksmithing. Swords and other weapons of this nature are the only sure way to take them down.

    People have also found a way to use the crystals that began raining from the sky. Early on they had realized that the power within them was the same humans called upon to use magic. Humans soon found themselves using these crystals like batteries fueling themselves and machines. This made the crystals a sought after resource. No currency is worth anything anymore, the only means to get what you want and more importantly need is though trading. Food and crystals being the valuable.

    This makes the job of scavenging the crystals very important, most cities either have their militia do this or will pay mercenaries to collect the valuable material, but as sated earlier where there is crystal there is trouble. If it isn't demons there are people willing to kill in order to get to it first. First come first served is the rule out in the wild.

    This rp will begin in the town of Sander, whether you are living there or transient, you find yourself there at the begining of this grand adventure of survival.

    Character Creation (open)

    (Image of character here )






    mana pool:

    Damage Threshold:

    Equipment: (No rambos!)
    Magic/Damage System (open)

    Damage and magic both work on a point system, players having a 15 point damage threshold or DT and a 10 point mana pool. You have 10 extra points to put in either. You can also take away points from one to put in the other, Humans need at least 8 Damage threshold.

    Damage- When dealing with All creatures and people have a threshold of damage they can take, while humans will be unable to fight if theirs drops below 5 Demons will continue fighting till 0. When battling, you should get in the habit of pming me or posting in the OCC of what you plan on doing, so I could tell you how much damage you do to what you are attacking. it will be decided by me through dice rolls and judgement. This should be done before posting so you're posts can be fluid. When fighting other players, pm each other and talk it out. You do not need me telling you if you're attacks hit each other, be fair and remember if death does occur(and god I hope it does) you can always make another character.

    Mana pool- most magic is elemental based. It costs mana to use whenever you use magic, only gaining 1 point of mana an hour. so use it sparingly. The more powerful the spell the more mana it consumes. A weak fireball would be 2 points while creating fire only 1. Be creative and use common sense. If I think you are not using enough mana to do a spell I will call you out.

    Only a couple rules

    1. All Iwaku rules apply

    2. Post at least once a week

    3. No rambos! Be realistic

    7. Food is important, if you can't get any you have a couple weeks without food and only 3 days without water.​

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  2. Sign ups are open guys! Feel free to post Character sheets~
  3. I am sorry, I have higher expectations for my players. Unfortunately you are not accepted.
  4. I like you're character but there is a lack of common sense when it comes to you're equipment. As you said Ignacius was born physically weak. There would be no way he could carry a 20 pound sniper rifle, torture devices and various traps on his body. That being said, the act of shooting with any amount of accuracy requires a great deal eye and hand coordination, Something a child no matter how intelligent at his age would have. As for his backstory the only magic humans can wield is based on elements. Fire earth, the laws of gravity, you could not trap anyone within their minds and there would be no facility with the resources to take care of these deranged individuals. Unfortunately you're character needs work before I can accept it.
  5. images (2).jpg
    Claira E. Mercer
    Raven black, layered hair that goes down to her shoulders, icy blue eyes, beauty mark above her lip. She often is seen wearing a black leather jacket with a white tanktop underneath, black skinny jeans, and black combat boots. She also wears a set of dog tags around her neck and a gun holster on her thigh, as well as a knife holder on her hip.
    Claira has had a childhood just like any other child would have, good family, nice house, nice friends, it was a dream come true. When she turned 16, thats when the Tear incident happened, and she lost her parents when demons came and attacked her house when crystals were later discovered. Now, with only a handgun and a knife, she goes around traveling, trying to help anyone she can.

    It wasn't two months after the incident that she was cornered by demons in an alleyway of her hometown of Dallas, Texas. When she felt like she was going to die here, it felt like a burst of energy ran through her body and through her hands, shooting out energy and destroying the demons that were about to kill her.
    mana pool:
    Damage Threshold:
    Equipment: (No rambos!)
    Pistol, glock 19
    army combat knife
    crystal bag for her energy source
    Backpack for extra ammo, crystals, any other supplies she may find useful
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  6. Aodh Byrne (open)

    Name: Aodh Byrne

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Brown haired with matching brown eyes, Aodh is a healthy young man. He stands at an average height of 6 feet and has thin, toned physique, as expected of the people of this new age. He has no excess fat and wears a full, albeit short, beard. Although the clothes might look quite dated, probably better suited in the sixteenth century, Aodh wears a rough spun shirt and trousers, the former of almost olive green and the latter more brownish. Once in a while he also sports leather armor to at least offer some resistance to the demons. Other clothing of note are calve high boots and a belt.

    History: Aodh called the town of Sander home. Although he was not born there, his mother had apparently came from another village, one devastated by a meteor. This happened some time before his birth, yet after copulation, since his father had died there. That was all Aodh ever heard that is, since his mother apparently found it a hurtful memory. The lack of a father would bother any boy, but he made the best he could of it, following the other children's fathers and learning what he could here and there.

    Nothing much happened in his years of growing up. His mother taught him the basics of reading and writing, even a little math so as not to be conned by some traders. Around town he learned to use blades and on his own time, hunting for food he learned bowman-ship. He found it a worthwhile weapon, seeing as guns were so rare and bullets just as. Arrows could at least be reused in his opinion.

    Unfortunately, in his 23rd year, his mother contracted an illness. An illness that might've been curable in the old world, but not in the new. So now, having her buried, he feels no cause to stay in Sander anymore. He plans on leaving, though isn't entirely sure where to start on his new adventure.

    Mana Pool: 12

    Damage Threshold: 23

    A quiver (contains 24 arrows)
    An accompanying longbow
    2 Daggers (one is held behind his back, the other at his boot)
    A backpack (usually contains either items for trade or food or other necessities)
  7. ....please tell me theres some form of necromancy.
  8. Saw the banner. Clicked on banner. I'm now interested. Can I join?

    Name: Dyani Hania

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearence: Like the picture, only her eyes are smaller. Yes she has uneven hair but she likes that fact, most often she braids the long locks. She isn't tall either but what she loses in height she makes up with speed and a positive atitude. Her low mana pool also makes her more melee orientated than magic.

    History: Dyani has lived in Sanders her whole live, either in the outskirts or in the center. But she doesn't have a place to call home because she is always on the move. Being born just 8 years after the tear made the beginning of her live chaotic and badly remembered. Her father and brother once told her when she asked where her mother was. She was only four but she didn't have any care in the world except for knowing where she was. The brother told it with indifference, the father with sadness in his eyes. Her mother had been malnourished when Dyani was born, it caused her to die soon after. It was as if she fell asleep and never woke up. Soon after she got to know of her mother's fate her father died too, killed by demons. From that point on her brother raised her, she was only four and he was twelve.

    One might wonder how children that young managed to survive but Dyani just had been luckly to have a smart and loyal older brother. He thought her many things, most of them were about a way to survive. But he also thaught her simple things from a past long gone, learned from abondoned books and loving parents. Silly games, children songs and a way to see the happy things in live. He even thaught her a magic charm, it's a simple one really. She still uses it till this day.

    Disaster happened when Dyani was ten and her brother eighteen. By accident they came accross demons. Her brother protected her, hiding her with that magic charm. But he was too late to safe himself. Dyani could only look while her brother was being ripped apart right in front of her eyes. With as much afford as she could muster she held back her sobbing and the need of screaming of terror. After the demons were gone, to who knows where, she went to her brothers body. He was unrecognisable, it made her sad and horrified at the same time but no tears or screams would come only a sadsmile. She settled herself down next to her brother and softly sang all the songs she knew. Promising herself that she would life for him too, since he gave up his live for her.

    These days she is living happily scavenging food and resources together while singing songs and playing games. You never see her without a smile or a playfull atitude. But even to that there are ecxeptions.
    (The magic charm is a spell that kind of makes you invisible, as long as you don't make loud noises or get the attention on you in anyway. Depending on chance this will either take one or two mana. It's perfect for sneaking or fleeing ^^)

    mana pool: 2

    Damage Threshold: 33

    Multiple smaller bags bound around her waist and hips. This way even if she loses one she won't lose everything.
    A sword with one sharp side. It's kind of a combination of a western and an eastern sword. It's a creation of this new age or something left halfdone.
    Two daggers.
    Bulletproof vest. It's old but works fine. She finds it a shame thought that she had to leave out the middle part after messing around with it too much.
    Some trinkets she found.
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  9. I realy hope you guys are still interested, I was on a long hiatus do to some unfortunate circumstances with my internet and cable being turned off. Now that I am back I can look at these characters.

    @FemaWarrior17 I like you're character though you don't seem to understand the point system with you're mana pool and health. You have a MAX of 35 points that could be spread between the 2 with the minimum of 8 needed in you're DT. If you can fix that it would be great.

    @Osiris Gainsborough No no necromancy that humans can control. Necromancy in general yah

    @Cahill Accepted welcome to the rp if you are still interes

    @loviebeest Lest be honest you are interested becuase I am sexy -sarcastic wink- If you are still working on it then I will hold of accepting you but its looking good!

    Again guys I am horribly sorry for the silence on this rp, Now the only thing stopping me from being on 24/7 is work. I hope you all are still interested and I love you D:
  10. @Tonedeaf I finished it, it's done! Yes you are sexy, I could even see your sexiness through the banner. Well tata sweetie --Sarcastic handkiss--
  11. I am going to join, but need to think about how my character is going to play out, therefore either I will have him up today or tomorrow. Going to put rp under watch^^.
  12. Sounds good. When you get you're character up and I accept it we can start the IC
  13. [​IMG]


    Family Motto:

    "Never Look Back."


    Rusty Stevens




    All Natural Male


    Rusty has dirty blonde hair, he is 6'2". He will usually have his cowboy hat on with his blue jeans and a flannel shirt, or sometimes he doesn't wear a shirt. He has two gun holders belts, for his trusty pistols, and a self made holder for his sword. He has a trusty horse named Silk (because she is soo smooth to the touch).


    Rusty was born in the Rural Country, his parents didn't trust the big cities after the Void outbreak happen. Rusty was born 3 years after the "incident". His parents were survivalist, people called them crazy because they said they could "see" a bad omen was upon them. They were ready, but then Rusty was born, an only child. His parents taught him everything about Sander and the Void and how to never give away everything about you to someone, until you "really" know that person. Rusty learned from his mother to identify flowers and plants to use as medical ointment or to use to poison a specific person. He learned how to use his guns and sword from his father at a young age. Rusty was fearful of the unknown, and the way his parents talked about the Demons. Rusty had to make sure to never come upon a crystal by himself, to always be caution about things, and to never...ever look back.

    When Rusty was 10 something that would change his life happened. His parents and him were in their cottage near the outskirts of Sander, when a green orange crystal struck the ground a few feet away from the house. His father and mother told Rusty to go to his room and to not come out unless they told him to. Being the adventurous one Rusty ran to his room, but stared out the window as he saw his parents walk out the cottage. Once they got close to the crystal it started to vibrate and glow, then a flash of light. Once Rusty vision was back to normal he could see his father fighting some demon beast. His father was trying his best, but the beast was too strong for Rusty's father. His father ended up being killed by the beast, who threw Rusty's father against the cottage. Rusty wanted to help his mother, knowing that if his father couldn't take the beast down his mother surely couldn't. He was going to help his mother but he remembered that his parents said to not leave his room for anything. He watched has his mother dart around the beast stabbing it with her daggers. Rusty never saw his mother as a "fighter" type, she wounded it. She almost had it, she jumped into the air and she stabbed down towards the beast. The beast seemed to not notice her coming but in a hideous laughter (that would stay in Rusty's mind forever) and grabbed her by the throat and thrashed her to death. Rusty couldn't believe that he just saw his parents die right in front of him. Not paying attention Rusty didn't see that the beast noticed Rusty. He wobbled in the small cottage breaking down the door to Rusty's room. Rusty was terrified he was sure that he was about to die. Rusty closed his eyes, he then heard a loud crash; when he opened his eyes he saw the beast laid out on the floor dead. His mother's daggers must of have poison on the tips. Rusty thanking the Gods and his Parents slipped pass the beast, making sure not to touch it just in case it wasn't really dead. Rusty saw his parents dead bodies near the front entrance. Rusty knew he didn't have time to cry over them he took his sword and pistols from the cottage, and at the time his baby horse Silk with him. Before he left the cottage Rusty grabbed up the green orange crystal knowing that his parents would want him to use it for protection now that the beast was gone. He did listen to his parents, after that day he "Never Looked Back."

    Now Rusty is 27 sleeping wherever he can get sleep. Rusty found out that the green orange crystal (using 3 mana pool points) can enhance the users strength (damage threshold by 10) it only last for 40 minutes, so Rusty only uses the crystal when he really needs it. Now Rusty with his trusty steed Silk are out in Sanders trying to find away to get rid of the void and kill off the demons that took his parents away from him. He wants to end this craziness and have a normal life...whatever that would be now.

    Mana Pool:


    Damage Threshold:



    His Horse Silk (Don't know if she counts as equipment or a companion).


    Backpack-For food supplies and horse feed, and herbs to treat cuts and infections.
    3 Medium Size Jars- Doesn't like having crystals but he knows it's the only way to get things, so he holds them in jars until he sells them off.
    Dual Pistols.
    Back Up Ammo.
    Water Filter Bottle-Never leave home with out one.​
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  14. Looks great guys. Unfortunately for me, and for you, I have alot of stuff going on this weekend. Mainly work and a very hardcore dnd game. (Nerds eat your hearts out.) So if the IC isn't up tonight then It will be up Monday night. Thank you for you're continued patience.
  15. I was almost afraid that you would say that you couldn't continue this. Glad I was wrong. Have fun with DnD. One day I will get a chance to play it too.
  16. I Might MIGHT MIGHT start a Pathfinder game over skype. If so I could send you a copy of the Basic rules over pdf and you could join meh
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  17. I can wait around, this is to good to now wait as long as we start I don't really care when xD.
  18. There room for another?

    And regarding Crystals. They're supposed to use the same energy that humans call upon to use Magic right? Would recharging them with one's Mana Pool be possible then?
  19. Recharging them is possible but takes twice the mana you want to charge with to do. No one knows how the crystals hold onto the mana right now. What they do know is that they can be used as sort of converters. You add a large crystal into a car engine and suddenly you can turn on a car with magic. That is how most power what little electricity they have. People gifted with large reserves of mana are in fact rare, so fueling machines you're self is possible but applicable. Which is why people rely on the new crystals that fall from the sky every day. Sort of like batteries.
  20. So 50% efficiency then. Still, it'd be a pretty valuable asset to have around so I think that's going to part of my character. Mages are the coolest.
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