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    Leon had only been in town a couple of weeks and already he had been beaten up a handful of times. He hated to just sit there but he really didn’t feel like fighting back. The pain took his mind away from the heartache he has carried with since his parent's death.

    It was a normal day, rude comments and gestures towards him. He just ignored everyone until he took a sudden wrong turn and bumped into someone. That’s when the first source of pain bloomed in his abdomen. He wheezed trying to catch his breath that had escaped him but before he could pain radiated from the crest of his skull. All he could do was drop to the ground and cover himself. He flattened his ears, his tail whipped wildly at first then wrapped around himself.

    Leon was getting fed up, this pain was becoming annoying. There were just too many of them and there was only one of him. He made a promise to himself that after this he would get his revenge later.

    Leon shot out of bed breathing heavily and sweating. 'The same dream. How many times am I going to have this dream' he thought to himself as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and put his head into his hands. He was six the first time that he was picked on because he didn't have any parents but it didn't just stop there cause as he went on with his life trying to ignore everyone he hadn't realized that most of the people that he called friends were loosing their ears. One day he had looked in the mirror and realized that he had yet to fall in love with anyone, well there was one person but Leon was sure he didn't feel the same way as he did.

    He finally decided that it would probably be best just to forget the dream once more and get ready for school. Only one more year and then he could graduate so that he could actually do what he wanted with his life. Even though he had thought several times about dropping out of school to do what he wanted but that was hard for him to do cause he didn't want to be away from the only person that he truly considered a friend. He got to his feet stretching all body in every direction that it would go and then walked through his small home to the bathroom in the hallway.

    After a quick shower and a small breakfast he was ready to head to school. The walk was rather lonely and his mind was having a hard time letting go of his dream even as hard as he tried. But this was something that Leon was used to cause ever since that time he has hardened himself to where he hardly feels much though for some reason when Leon looks at him, he feels something. But he's not sure if it's hate, love or maybe something else, though he is happy that he feels something at all. 'Today is going to be a good day' he decided when he was halfway to the campus and that was only because he wasn't going to stay that long at school anyways. Leon had more searching to do, searching for the one person that was his other half. The person that would help him fight those that opposed him.
  2. Taishi groaned as his older sister came into his room and tore his sheets from him. He glared up at the woman and hissed, ears pressed back against his head as he reached for the blankets, wanting the warmth back. Two years ago he'd opted to live with his then 26 year old sister instead of with his parents; they didn't get along, his parents. They'd bicker all the time and Taishi knew that a divorce was inbound but he didn't want to hang around for it. The fact that his parents did care for him though was proven when they agreed to let him move in with Kokoro.

    "It's time for you go get your lazy ass ready for school, mister!"
    She ruffled his hair before leaving his room. Taishi simply glared after her as he gathered his blanket and put it back on his bed once he was finally up. As much as he preferred being with his sister than with his parents, he still hated the way that she acted motherly on him every morning. At least that was the only thing she did, though it was probably a good thing too else he would just sleep his days away.

    Taishi liked school though. He was in the 10th grade, even though he was only 13 years old; due to tutoring and constant help from both his father and sister, he'd been pushed up a grade a few years prior. He preferred it though, because it seemed that more adults thought of him as mature and more adult like than what they did of even some of the older students. Plus it meant he could hang out more easily with the older friends he'd made.

    After an incredibly quick shower, Taishi was dressed in tight jeans with a baggy-ish black shirt hanging over the top. He went to a school, thankfully, with no uniform. Quickly giving his sandy blonde hair a quick brush, he then grabbed his jacket from the wardrobe before dashing downstairs. He ate what Kokoro had kindly prepared for him before he headed out, bag slung over his shoulder, and headed into school a little early.

  3. Leon stood outside the gates to the school, his hair still wet from his shower and his ears rested back against his head. He kind of wished that he had dried off a little better but he had gotten up to late and so he stood at the school gate waiting to see if he could catch Taishi before class' started. "Hey man, you look like hell" the words were soft yet sounded harsh to his ears for which they perked up as he turned around. "Hi Kazu. It's nice to see you too" Leon told him as he shrugged the hand off that was on his shoulder "So what do I owe for this pleasant good morning from you" Kazu shrugged his shoulders and stuffed his hands into his pockets "Nothing. Just haven't talked to you in a while and figured I would come and say hi. I mean you are always busy now a days and you hardly come to hang out with the group" Kazu began naming off many things that Leon had skipped out on.

    "Alright I get it. Sorry but unlike the rest of you I have a part-time job that I need to keep" he snorted at his buddy and turned his attention back to the front gate. He wasn't going to be able to catch Taishi before class, not with someone yacking in his ear. "You're looking for that lower classman aren't you?" Kazu asked at Leon turned back to him, everyone knew that there was something going on that he refused to talk about and he knew that it was weird for a senior to be looking for a lower classman almost every day. "Possibly" Leon finally responded "Dude, you did your duty for the rest of the year by helping that under classman so why don't you just leave the poor guy along and come hang out with the rest of us" Kazu started to lecture him and he hated it but he was sort of right. Leon didn't know many upper classman that searched out those under them just to hang out with that person 'guess I can look for him later' he thought to himself as he shrugged his shoulders. Leon leaned over and grabbed his bag as Kazu patted him on the shoulder "Now that's more like it. Everyone's going to be excited that you are hanging out with us"

    Leon wasn't so sure about that, seeing as how almost everyone that he knew had already lost their ears and almost being 18 he has had only one kiss. He wasn't sure if he was ever going to become an adult and that kind of worried him cause if he didn't become an adult soon then people weren't going to trust him when he got out of school. With a heavy sigh and Kazu's arm around his shoulder he had no choice but to face the others. Leon brushed Kazu's arm from his shoulders as they walked into their homeroom classroom. "Hey all. Look who I found" Kazu announced and everyone turned to look at Leon. He gave everyone a smile and walked over to a seat to join in on the conversation before class started.
  4. Getting to school literally as the bell rang for the start of the day, Taishi was cursing himself for having forgotten his lunch and so he'd had to run back and get it and then run all the way to school. He would usually seek out Leon who would usually be waiting for him but today that just wouldn't be happening. The young boy slowed his run, so he wouldn't get in trouble, as he got into the school grounds and headed to his homeroom.

    Taking a seat at the back silently, Taishi was bothered by no one and spoke to no one. At least whilst the teacher was rambling on. As good as he was with his subjects, of course the young blonde found the lunch breaks to be the better part of school life; though lately he wasn't sure of some things. Nothing in particular, just random things. Like sometimes he wasn't sure if he should be studying certain things, or be in the grade he was, or hang out with the people he did... But mostly he just wasn't sure of what to do with his life overall.

    For a while, before the bell was set to ring, Taishi talked conversationally but aimlessly with a few of his fellow classmates before he was one of the first out the door, despite being at the back of the room. Being that he'd been late today, he wasn't sure if Leon was even at school today, despite something deep inside him telling him that he was. That had been happening a fair bit lately. Taishi had been getting all sorts of weird feelings mixed in with all of his uncertanties, and most of them somehow had a link back to Leon. It was quite confusing, but he was trying to pass it off as too much stress from assignments and exams.

    He waited, patiently, by the school entrance gate. The way the school worked had always confused him a little but he didn't mind the fact that they could leave the grounds whenever it was lunch; plus their days were short which was even better.
  5. Class was pretty boring, some of the other students still rambled on as the teacher lectured and Leon couldn't help but think that Taishi wasn't even there today. He was a little worried since he hadn't seen him that morning and not to mention the fact that he should have been there already cause Leon had been running late. Taishi usually was never late unlike him but he shrugged it off for the second time and tried to listen to the teacher. "Hey Leon. It's lunch time" someone smacked him on the shoulder and it brought him out of his daze. "Did you not sleep last night?" Kazu asked as he got out of his chair "Actually not really" he told him but wouldn't explain any further and just packed up his things. "Sorry guys but I won't be accompanying you to lunch. I've already given you my morning but now I've got to get going"

    He heard several people groan as he headed out of the classroom though there were footsteps right behind him. "Kazu just leave it alone, this has nothing to do with you" he practically hissed at him and the footsteps stopped. Leon hurried out of the school trying not to run, he had a few minutes to spare before he would go on his hunt again. There had to be someone out there for him, every fighter had a sacrifice and he can't continue fighting on his own. Leon was halfway across the front courtyard when he stopped. So he was here today and that put a small smile on Leon's face as he walked up to him. "So you did come today Otouto (little brother)" Leon said as he placed a hand on top of Taishi's head and ruffled up his hair some. "Why were you late today? We weren't able to meet this morning" he leaned down to Taishi's eye level, one cause he was used to it by now and two he wanted to see his eyes. Those were the things that made him wanted to be around Taishi all the time, there was something there behind that stare of his and Leon wanted to know what it was...badly.
  6. Taishi's glimmering blue eyes had been searching constantly, ever watchful for the sight of Leon. Unlike Leon however, Taishi didn't know what he was meant to be. Without a fighter, how was a sacrifice supposed to know that he was a sacrifice? The random feelings of pain and ringing in the ears that he'd been getting out of the blue hadn't exactly screamed "YOU'RE A SACRIFICE TO SUCH-AND-SUCH FIGHER!".

    The moment he spotted Leon a smile grew on his lips and he waved as the other walked over to him. Wriggling his ears as his hair was ruffled, Taishi's tail wrapped around one of his legs. It was odd, really, because it only seemed to have a mind of its own whenever he was with Leon. But not fussing over that now, he listened to what the other had to say before giving him an appologetic look,
    "Sorry Leon. I forgot my lunch and had to run back and I got here just as the bell rang. I would have been on time... If that hadn't happened." His smile then reappeared and he turned to head out of the gate, away from the school to enjoy the short break they had received.

    "I'm guessing you slept in again?" Taishi teased, playfulness in his tone as he glanced over his shoulder just to make sure that his friend was following. Age never bothered Taishi. Why should someone only be friends with others their own age or grade? It seemed pointless to him and he didn't know why other people in the school thought his friendship with Leon to be odd or 'over the top' as someone had once told him.
  7. So that explained why he hadn't seen Taishi earlier today well he at least got to see him before he had to take off to work. Leon followed him off the campus and rather closely to Taishi as well. For some reason he felt better being so close to the little kid and he wanted to put his arm around him but stuffed his hands into his pockets instead. "Wish I could call it sleep but yeah something like that" Leon told him and rubbed the back of his neck a little. His hair was already dry and was sticking out in all sorts of directions. "I've got to pick up a shift at the cafe today so I won't be able to pick you up after class"

    Leon's eyes shifted slightly to the top of Taishi's head and stayed there for a little bit. His ears were just so adorable and he hoped that Taishi never lost them. But he couldn't protect him forever from other people. Leon's brows knitted together, he couldn't believe that he just had that kind of thought about someone. For one a guy and two one so young. Leon shook it off and smiled down at his friend once more. He wouldn't be pulling a full shift since he arranged it with the owner to get off earlier there too so he could go to the library and pick up a couple of things. Leon also had to make a couple of calls to a certain someone who had been calling his phone for which had no caller id. "How are things at home? Are you getting along with your sister?"
  8. As they walked, Taishi's tail slowly uncurled itself from his leg, coming back out to swing behind him. It was long and fluffy like his ears were, which he was often thankful for during the winter or cool days because he could wrap his tail around his legs to help keep them warm when sleeping at night. At Leon's words he looked up and returned a smile,
    "It's fine. She gets me up every morning though by ripping my blankets off and if I'm running late she'll make me something to eat, but other than that she leaves me to study and helps if I need it... Nothing exciting but it beats staying back at home. They're still arguing and still not divorced. I dunno how long it's gonna' take." He let out a soft sigh before shrugging.
    "It's ok I guess though. Hey, come by after your shift, okay? There's... Some stuff I wanna ask you that I don't want to do out in the open." He mumbled though it was loud enough for only Leon to hear. He hoped that his friend wouldn't take it the wrong way, especially when it did sound a little off. But his tone was serious. "Please."
  9. Leon was happy to hear that things at home were going well for him but it made him want some family around though that was probably why he clung to Taishi so much. This little kid was the closes person to him, Taishi was even the only one who had been to his apartment. Unlike the rest of the people that he hung out with, they didn't know where he lived or where he worked but that was how Leon liked to keep it. His tail swished silently behind him though part of it would softly tap Taishi's back at times since he was so much taller then him. Well and he didn't have a long tail like Taishi either but that was because he donned dog ears and a tail unlike Taishi who had cat ears and tail. That was also something that was strange or sort of, a dog and a cat walking side by side not killing each other.

    However he was more happy right now then he ever was by himself "Of course I will come by. For you I would do anything no matter the time of day or difficulty" Leon told him and finally wrapped his arm around Taishi's shoulders giving him a gentle squeeze. "Don't be late getting back to school but I've got to head out now if I'm going to make it on time to my shift" even telling him that Leon had a hard time tearing himself away from his friend. Leon gave a light squeeze and finally pulled his arm away from him. His tail was moving a little fast since he was able to touch him and his ears were standing straight up. With one last looked at Taishi he turned and headed off to his job.
  10. ((As far as I'm aware, I think they're all meant to be cats (hence neko) but I always thought Seimei looked more like a dog XD Though there are fluffy cats *owns one* ^_^ S'all good though.))

    Taishi gave a calm nod as he was told not to be late,
    "Don't worry, I won't." He assured before Leon could finish the slight hug, "Now shoo. Or you'll be the one who's late." He waved as he watched his friend leave, before he then headed to a nearby juice bar. He ordered and ate his lunch, and with the few minutes he had left to spare to get back to school, he pulled out his phone, though he just stared at it as he walked rather than do anything on it. His wallpaper was a pale blue and white butterfly. It always made him smile and forget his uncertainties.

    Pocketing the phone as he re-entered the school grounds, Taishi went the rest of the morning and partial afternoon as he normally did. Working on projects and jotting down notes and whatever else his teachers all got him to do. He was thankful, but only because he would be meeting up with Leon, to get out. It was still early afternoon, as it was a short day for him, and Taishi headed home; he would have gone to visit Leon at work but he didn't want to walk all the way there only to find the other had already finished his shift - he'd forgotten to ask how long it would go for, so he played it safe and just went home.

    Unpacking his bag quickly, the young blonde headed out into the hammock he'd hooked up in the front yard - the yard was fairly big all around, but it was also very private. Large walls covered in vines with soon-to-be-blooming flowers kept prying eyes out, so he could lay in the hammock as much as he liked without being bothered. Doing so, he flipped open the book he had with him, reading over some of his homework whilst he waited. Taishi was the patient type, and would only ever become impatient if a situation called for it.
  11. Leon forced himself not to look back at his little buddy and continue on to the shop before he was late like Taishi said. Coming around the corner the shop was in sight and there was already a line out the door, within ten minutes it was probably going to wrap around the corner. Leon picked up his pace and jogged to the back of the store. "You're late" he heard someone call as he walked to the back room to get dressed in his uniform "I am not. I've still got two minutes" he called back with a smile on his face. The manager always liked to give him a hard time but Leon knew he didn't really mean anything he said. "And how many times do I have to tell you not to come in your uniform" the manager called out to him once again as he finished up dressing for his shift. "I had no choice. You wanted me to come in while I was in the middle of school" he told him as he walked from the backroom. "Remember ears and tail" the manager told him and Leon bobbed his head up and down. It wasn't like he had forgotten in the last day about what the manager wanted. His tail was already tucked in and he was grabbing for his bandana. He secured the bandanna over his head and tied it in the back. "There happy you old grump" Leon asked in a playful manner and he was shoved out into the main area of the cafe.

    He knew it was going to be a long day but he never expected them to be that busy and after cleaning up the cafe the sun was starting to set. Leon was so tired and just wanted to go home and get some sleep but as he left he remembered that he promised Taishi that he would drop by later. 'Can't break that promise' he thought to himself and pulled his backpack onto his shoulder and walked out of the building. "You better wash those before your next shift" the manager called after him and he waved him off "Yeah yeah" he said as his tail shifted underneath the clothes. That was another thing he couldn't wait to do when he got home was relax in his pjs. Leon hurried to Taishi's house slowed his pace as the house came into view.

    Leon wondered if he was asleep already and should just going. He could apologize to him tomorrow and explain about work but part of him wanted to see Taishi too. He yawned and stretched some as he walked up to the door and stopped. 'Should I knock or text him first' he thought it over for a second and figured it would be a better idea to text him so he didn't wake up Taishi's sister. With a quick message of 'I'm here' sent to him, Leon leaned against the house waiting for a response.
  12. ((Nah it's fine, it's not as if they say it exactly. Lol. But from my knowledge they are all cats. Some are just more fluffy and rugged looking (likeSeimei) than others.))

    During the time he'd settled in the hammock to the time the sun had began to set, Taishi had taken a nap in his hammock and his sister still wasn't home from work. It was an common occurance that she would be late home due to heavy workloads and deadlines. It wasn't until his phone vibrated silently in his pocket that he woke up. Though it was dark, he could still see because of the front light that was by the door, and by the door was also Leon.

    Grinning cheekily to himself, the young boy slipped from his hammock and headed up to his waiting friend; had Leon had his back turned to him he would have jumped on him and hopefully given him a playful fright, but with that not being the case, he simply walked up casually, though he yawned with a stretch.
    "Hey Leon." Taishi spoke as he walked up the couple of small steps with a smile and opened the door so they could walk in, "Wow, you look tired... You should have just messaged me. Goose." He teased lightly as he entered the warm house.
  13. It wasn't long before he saw his friend walking up him though in that short bit of time he was practically falling asleep. Leon yawned several times but then it broke out into a smile "I thought about it but I promised you that I would come" he explained as he followed Taishi into the house. It was a night change from the chilled air outside but now he was probably going to pass out from the warmth. "Work was rough but nothing I can't handle" Leon commented and dropped his backpack near the entrance so he wouldn't forget it on the way out. Then he loosened his belt letting his tail worm its way out of the top of his pants and untucked his shirt and then pulled the bandanna off. His ears wiggled some and tingled a bit from the position that they had been forced into. "So what did you want to talk about?" Leon inquired and wondered if it had anything to do with him or if Taishi just wanted some advice.
  14. "I don't understand why he makes you hide them." Taishi actually gave a small pout as he watched Leon's ears wriggle. He'd hate to have to cover his own just to work. It was a stupid idea. Upon the question of what was to be spoken about, Taishi took hold of Leon's wrist gently and headed upstairs and into his bedroom, even though he was the only one home he didn't want his sister to walk in on his conversations or anything.

    Closing his bedroom door after letting Leon in, the young blonde walked over to his bed, though he didn't sit on it. Instead he sat on the floor and leaned up against it instead, and looked over at his friend,
    "I know this kinda seems weird but I just... It's not something I feel I can talk to anyone else about. I've been getting these weird feelings lately," He gave a soft, slightly awkward, chuckle at how odd it sounded, "Painful feelings. As if I'm being hurt, without actually being hurt. If that makes any sense at all. It's been really throwing me off lately. I've been getting uneasy and uncertain about a lot of things in my life and I don't like it. Is... Is it just a phase, do you think?" He was mostly asking Leon for the simple fact they were good friends, and Leon was older than him so if it was just a phase, maybe Leon had been through it.
  15. Leon chuckled at Taishi's words, he knew it was ridiculous to cover up part of what he was just for a job but it was the only job that he could get right now. So he would do anything the manager asked to keep his job and to keep paying on his apartment plus food. He was a little surprised when Taishi grabbed his arm and started to pull him into a direction though it wasn't his first time in his friends room 'Must be rather important' he thought to himself as he walked into the room. Leon stood by the door for a second as he watched his friend walk over to his bed and sit down. He then followed suit but instead of leaning up against the bed he sat cross legged in front of Taishi.

    "Well um...that's interesting" at first he wasn't sure what to say, he had never really going through something like that growing up. Well something like that happened when he was a kid but that was because it was other pairs who wanted to battle him. Leon's eyes widened some 'What if...' he thought and then looked Taishi dead in the eyes "Do you get a loud ringing in your ears?" Leon's tail started to twitch a little with excitement, maybe the reason he has been feeling so protective of Taishi and wanting to be around him was because he was suppose to be Leon's master. "Have you ever been told that you have another name? Like a name that is your true name?" Leon rubbed his hands together with just the thought that he finally found his sacrifice.
  16. At first Taishi had regretting saying all of that when Leon hadn't really said yes or no and seemed to ponder it for a while. But then he looked absolutely dumbfounded as he was then asked questions in return. With a slight frown as he tried to remember, Taishi sat in silence for a while.

    "Um... Maybe, I'm not really sure. And I've only got one name, Leon... Why would another name be my true name?" The poor boy looked totally confused and he curled himself up, pulling his knees up to his chest and wrapping his tail around one ankle,
    "You're not making sense, Leon." He murmured, pouting slightly. There was more of that uncertainty again. He wasn't sure what to think or what to do and that was the most scary part for Taishi. A few moments passed of him just sitting like that, chin resting on his knees but his eyes looking down rather than at Leon.
  17. He hadn't mean to upset him, he was just excited to find that Taishi was his sacrifice but by his reaction Taishi wasn't. Leon's smiled faded from his face as he watched his friend in despair and it made his chest hurt a little bit. "I'm sorry Taishi" he said and shooted closer to him to wrap an arm around his shoulders. "I'm sure it's just normal. Maybe you're not getting enough sleep" Leon tried to offer up cause the painful feelings he got was when he was in battle or his ears would ringing when another pair was close by. "I didn't mean to upset you Taishi, I really am sorry" He squeezed his shoulders once more and then dropped his arm from Taishi's shoulders. His ears twitched slightly at some other noises and his tail flickered here and there.

    Just when Leon thought that things couldn't get any worse his head felt like a metal pot was put on it and smacked. He cringed a little and it passed 'Not good' he thought to himself as he looked down at Taishi. He was going to have to leave his friend before that pair caught up with him and Taishi got hurt. 'No sleeping tonight' his mind worked and then he looked down at Taishi. "You should get some sleep and I've got to get home" that was good enough right. Hopefully Taishi would be alright and that Leon could take care of the pair and catch some sleep. "You know that if you ever need anything you can always call me" with that said he got to his feet to leave the room but he stopped at Taishi's bedroom door. He wanted to make sure that his friend was going to be ok before he left him for the night.
  18. As Taishi had curled up and the moment Leon came to hug him, his ears began to ring; though he winced, he didn't say that he heard anything. He didn't know what Leon had been going on about and it scared him a little. Things just weren't making sense to him and that was the most frightening thing. He looked up though when Leon spoke of sleep and leaving. No. He wasn't going to let Leon go until he understood just what was going on.

    "Please, tell me what's going on Leon. I know it's not sleep, I get plenty of that. And I know, I can feel, that something else is going on." He didn't want to admit that his ears were ringing yet, though the fact that it was getting louder was making him want to cry. He got to his feet and nearly ran at Leon, clinging to him as the first of the tears began, not wanting his friend to see his face; as pathetic as that sounded, but Taishi prided himself on not showing too many personal emotions around others. Slowly he looked up,
    "It hurts. The ringing... It hurts." He whimpered, tail between his legs and ears buried in his hair.
  19. Leon opened his mouth to say something but shut it almost right away, his friend spoke of wanting to know but he wasn't sure if Taishi was ready hear about all the other things that he did just to survive. He was surprised however when Taishi got to his feet and ran at him. Leon wasn't sure what to do at that point, he had never seen Taishi like this so it must really be bugging him. All he could do for the moment was wrap his arms around Taishi and hold him closer to him, that actually made him feel a little better but the fact that the pair was coming closer to them and Leon didn't want his friend getting hurt. Also he wasn't sure if Taishi was meant to be his sacrifice or not.

    When Taishi mentioned the rinning Leon's heart dropped, so he could sense them, so another question would be was he meant to be Leon's. Taishi had no idea about some aspects of the real world nor if he had a true name. Leon hugged him tighter to his body trying to find the best words to put this to Taishi. "The ringing will stop soon just breath" he told him softly and then placed his lips to Taishi's forehead kissing him gently and then pulled back. Seeing him like this hurt Leon badly "I will explain but you have to promise me that you won't think I'm crazy" Leon told him at the moment that the others battle domain started to disappear, maybe there were hear to battle someone else but that was something that only he could hope for.
  20. With Leon's arms around him, Taishi started to calm down and the tears he was shedding stopped as he began to breath slowly, as if trying to catch his breath after running for a long time. He stayed close though, even if the kiss to his forehead confused him even more, but he couldn't help the smile that tore through his saddened expression.
    "I've always thought you to be the crazy type. Why else would you be friends with me?" Taishi could at least try and stay calm and focused as he looked up.

    "Go ahead. I'm listening." He murmured as his head went to rest back against Leon's chest again. Whist the ringing continued in his ears, he could only hope that it would go away soon. Taishi found himself wrapping his arms around Leon's waist, rather than having them huddled up between their chests like they had been. He could feel himself relaxing as he started to focus on the other's voice rather than the ringing, and it slowly started to subside, though it was still there.

    ((Ironic. Tearless, and yet Tai is crying XD))