Tearing Me Apart

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  1. Elise tugs on the hem of her shirt, frowning unhappily in the mirror. Her bright blue eyes are filled with sadness, wearier than any fifteen year-olds eyes should be. She hears her aunt calling downstairs, screaming for her to get her butt downstairs so she won't miss the bus, but Elise ignores her.

    She glances at a framed photograph on her dresser, and she feels her chest constrict with loss. It was a picture of her father, mother, and little brother, back before her parents died in a plane crash and her brother was seperated from her. Next to that picture was another one, of an ex-boyfriend - one that she had found out had been cheating on her, two days before her thirteenth birthday. The last photo on her dresser was of her Uncle Phil - he had died in a car accident on her thirteenth birthday, leaving her alone with a crazy aunt that cared nothing for her.

    She sighs, her gaze drifting downward to the floor. Those incidents - her parent's death, her brother's seperation, the backstabbing boyfriend, and her uncle's accident - claimed all the people she ever loved.

    So back on her thirteenth birthday, exactly fifteen minutes and thirty-two seconds after her uncles death, she made a vow. A vow to never love anybody ever again.

    But little did she know, that one boy might change that forever.
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  2. Standing in the run down Cemetery he looked down on what was left to remember his younger twin. A slab of marble and a few carved words.

    " To Our beloved Brother Mark , May you rest in peace"

    Lucas couldn't believe it, it his twin brother was gone no matter how much he read the carved words in the marble tombstone he wasn't back.It was him and Mark against the world, working hard to kept the one room run down apartment above a small cafe they both enjoyed working at,they lived life to the fullest always looking for there next adrenaline rush but that was until Mark life was taken at a robbery gone wrong now he had no one left in this world, no mother, no father, no family he was aware of, he just needed someone how wanted him.It was just him against the world now. Looking down to his watch,that had seen better days, he let out a small sigh if he didn't leave now he would be late.Again.Reading over the carved words once again he sent up a small prayer and with that Lucas left the cemetery and his brother behind, heading towards the bus stop.
  3. "Hurry up, you slow, selfish, spoiled pig!" Elise's aunt, who's name was Esmerelda, yelled. "I can't believe you're almost sixteen and you can't even get yourself ready for school! When I was a sophomore in highschool, I had to care for my three younger brothers! The least you can do is get your lazy self ready for school! Now hurry up! If you miss the school bus, you can be sure I ain't drivin' you to school!"

    Elise sighs. "On my way down," she mutters, and walks down the stairs.

    Esmerelda scowls. "Took you long enough," she snaps. Her eyes travel down Elise's body, taking in her outfit. "That's what your wearing?" She says snidely, and Elise nods mutely. Elise didn't see anything wrong with what she was wearing - it was only the usual. A pair of jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, and sneakers.

    Esmerelda opens her mouth to say something else, but Elise cuts her off. "I have to get going, Es," she says. "Unless you want me to miss the bus."

    Her aunt scowls. "Fine. Get out of here, then, and when you come back I expect an apology for calling me 'Es'."

    "Yes, auntie," Elise says sarcastacally, storming into the kitchen. She grabs her dark blue backpack off the kitchen table, slinging it on her back, and walks out the front door, strolling down the street to the bus stop.
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