Tear of the Soul - Introduction.

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  1. Sign-up (accepting): https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/accepting-7-more-tear-of-the-soul-sao-derived-sign-ups.78533/

    It is the year after SAO is beaten and the players are free when a new game appears on the shelves. This game, called Tear of the Soul, is said to be a world very close to Aincrad and gets high reviews from the games that hear about it. The creator himself talks about how he has spent over one hundred hours playing the game. You are one of the 10,000 to purchase the game before it is sold out. Even though it is an American game, you notice it seems very anime-esk. After you have made your character, you appear in a tavern in the city of Limour sitting around a table with a group of people sitting with you. Our story begins here. (The people at the table are the other players, including myself. I will be steering us in the direction we need to go, as well as events and narrating what areas we enter. You will notice when I am narrating because it will be in white, and when I'm in character because I will write in Blue.) While you are creating your character, you notice a box in the bottom right corner of the creation screen (Your character is created on a webpage and you play using an American version of the NerveGear) you notice a graphic glitch. You also notice that when you hit [Create] that a pop-up appears that says "You have entered your destiny, I wish you the best of luck, and do be careful. You never know what is lurking in the shadows. (Wait till I give a better description of the room)
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  2. You open your eyes to find that you are sitting around a table with several other people sitting around a table on the left side of your peripheral vision, you see names, red bars, blue bars and green bars. At the top you see your name and below it, and smaller, you see the names (Remove your name from this list) Azazul, Akira, Kilgore,
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Yoshi, [/BCOLOR]Mako, Rin, Lea, Fenrir and [BCOLOR=transparent]Taka. You notice your hip (and/or back depending on weapon) seems a bit heavier. Upon inspection you notice a blade (sythe, shield, ect.) placed in a metal internal lined leather loop. After making this discovery, you look around the room and notice a basic tavern, the kind you would see in any other MMORPG. When you look at the table, you notice other people, and upon inspecting each person, you notice that they all seem to be as confused as you are, also upon a single look, you realize that they are not NPC's. (And let the Tear of the Soul begin!)[/BCOLOR]
  3. *Looks around* Uhh, do any of you know why we are sitting around a table?
  4. Upon seeing himself in this world, with his back and side a a bit heavier, Kilgore blinked a few times. Upon hearing someone he was broken out of his stupor and looked at the source. He looked the name, Azazul. "I'm actually wondering that myself." He said.
  5. *Looks at the others* You think that they are glitching Kilgore?
  6. Yoshi's eyes awoke with complete focus on his surroundings. He analyzed the other players around him from head to toe, making note of everything about them that he could see. Five males and four females, all armed with short-mid-long ranged defenses. Several swords and shields, accompanied by a small cluster of scythe users. They were all new to him since they had just awakened, but that doesn't mean he was to trust them all because they were probably in the same boat as him. Yoshi took a moment to scan the room around him. From counter tops to tables, from chairs to the bar and the drinks behind it. Everything he spotted he was either planning to use as an escape route, or as a weapon to his advantage.

    One of them gave spark to a conversation, "Do you think they're glitching, Kilgore?" he asked. His name was Azazul, and seemed the open type. However, Yoshi was not of that likeness, and quietly took his leave from the round table. He stepped out through the swing-doors in the next room and found an easy path outside.
  7. *Notices Yoshi walking away* I guess he didn't read the new users guide.... did you Kilgore?
  8. Looking around was almost too much for Fenrir. All of the chairs, table, walls, and people had so much details. But not only could he clearly see the grain of the wood, he could feel it.

    The people at the table, himself included, were not that animated. Despite for the guy who left the tavern, it seemed like confusion plaged th group. He listen to Azazul questions. Fenrir wanted to answer, or to say anything at all but could not find the right words. So he just sat their listening.
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  9. Kilgore was about to answer the initial question before Yoshi just got up and left. "Probably not then... But still to early to decide if they are glitching though." He said, looking at the others. With Azazul's new question, Kilgore shook his head. "Admittedly, I didn't."
  10. *Sigh* Well, what it said is that your movements will be exactly as you are able irl until you get stronger, and that you may feel confused at first. We were supposed to be in a party, which we are, until we finish our first quest, just so we don't have problems. But it looks like everyone is starting to wake up now. *Turns to nearest NPC* Do you happen to have any drinks for free? The NPC responds with "We have some juice, it's free until you head out this time. *Nods* OK, we will all take a glass please. She walks off and returns with a green juice that tastes like an apple juice mixed with pineapple juice.
  11. Rin blinked a few times as her vision came into focus, giving a surprised glance around the room, seeing all of the different people, the names hovering above them. She reached a hand down to feel the weight that was at her side, realizing that it was a weapon with a glance downward to confirm it. She grinned, elbowing the man beside her, thankful that that was where her brother ended up. 'Look at all of these people." She said quietly to him. "Guess this'll be our 'party' thing, huh?" Her brother, Mako, had been looking over their new companions and listening in to their conversations, when Rin drew his attention, and he gave a silent nod at her words. His eyes followed the man who had walked out, quickly catching the name floating above his figure. 'Yoshi'. He would remember that name.

    Rin looked back out over the table of people, eyes glancing over to the NPC that had brought drinks for all of them, apparently. Did the guy just decide they all wanted something to drink? Whatever, that's not too big of a deal. "So! What's this quest of ours that we have to do guys?" She asked. One of them was bound to know, right?
  12. *Turns head to face Rin* I don't know, I was hoping we would get it right away. But while we are waiting for them to all wake up, how much of a gamer are you?
  13. Finally, Akira's eyes opened. Her connection was lagging a bit. It wasn't the best in world but it got the job done most of the time. When her vision cleared she looked in ashtonishment at everything around her. The artist in was in awe at the detail of everything and the lengths the programmers must've gone to make every feel so real. Then she noticed the other players, "So I guess we're all in the same party together right?" she asked.
  14. It appears that way, so please enjoy the drink, and order any other until we leave because they are free. I just hope that the rest wake up, I want to get going. I wonder where that Yoshi guy went, because it appears that we are the only players around right now. So what sort of skills are you all aiming for and what brought you to Tear of the Soul anyway?
  15. Lea got into the nitty-gritty with her character's avatar. Plus, it took her forever to choose a username. She knew she was going to start out in a party, so she had to consider that before choosing the right features in going solo. Either way, it seemed she missed a bit in joining her little guild. When she was fully immersed in the true roleplay world of Tear of the Soul, Lea could feel the chair beneath her, hear the chatter around her and watch the user names and HP bars of all the new players. Including those who sat around her. Already in a party, she listened to their conversation and hoped she would be able to go solo soon. Train a bit and get used to the game before returning to the world of the mundane.

    Though Lea only caught the tail end of the conversation happening around her, but she was already eager to get out of the starting area. She spoke up immediately, blue eyes eager and ready to go away from all the background noise of new players. Especially those who haven't played these sort of games before. Addressing the boy who last spoke, Lea said "Does it really matter? We're not in permanent parties right? What'd the first quest? Let's get a head start, all of us."
  16. "Hold on" interjected Fenrir, "We should take a second to talk. I mean how will we complete the first quest if we don't know anything?" Despite Tear of the soul being his first mmo, Fenrir was a veteran gamer. "First off, what do those bars represent?" Fenrir made a wild gesture at the ceiling. "I'm assuming that the red bar is life, the green is stamina, but what about blue? I know it a really basic question, but I'm new at this." Asked Fenrir almostapologetically.
  17. Fenrir right? Your correct about the red and green bars, the blue bar represents the amount of Focus you have, unless you plan on moving into more advanced skill or you plan on using a bow, don't worry about that bar. It gets overwhelming if you try to understand everything you see right away. Treat it like you would a normal game and learn as you move along, eventually all of us will need that bar but for now, don't try to understand what doesn't need understanding. *Turning to Lea* Your username is Lea right? I don't know if the party is permanent or not, why? You planning on going solo? I wouldn't recommend it unless you have as much experience as I do with VRMMORPGs. But while we are in a party, I'll tell you a little bit about myself and what I have planned. I plan on eventually se..... His voice was lost as you felt the house shake. You all run outside to find out what is going on, then suddenly you see bright blue streaks fall from the sky. As you watch them fall, Azazul follows the fall path into a nearby lake. "Lets go check it out" you hear him call as he sprints to the shore. When the streaks hit the water a notification appears in front of the party, including on Yoshi's. "Save the others before they drown" You see the title say. "The streaks you just saw fall was Wave 2 of the grand opening of Tear of the Soul and they have fallen in the wrong spot. Save them before it is too late." You all see that there is no reward but there is also no decline button. I don't care what you guys want to do, but I'm going to go save them. *Dives into the water and begins swimming to the landing spot*

    ((Welcome in Wave 2 of the RP, this wave is everyone that was not introduced right at the beginning. For everyone that is reading this, if you are unable to continue posting or you don't have the time to start, please let me know so we can give you a proper send-off. WELCOME TO THE SECOND OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF THE TotS RP))
  18. Ignoring Azazul's sigh, Kilgore nodded his thanks to the NPC that brought the juice over. Since it was free might as well drink it. Taking a sip, he had to say that it was quite good. Since no one was talking to him, he decided to stay quiet for the moment. By the time that the tavern house shook, Kilgore had only drunken about 1/3 of the juice. At the shore, Kilgore gave a glance at everyone that was there on the shore with him. "I'm going to help him," he said, pointing in Azazuls direction with his head. " ... so your choice if you help us or not."

    With that said, Kilgore leapt into the water and swam, only a bit behind Azazul.
  19. *Goes for the first person nearby ((Crysis, not that I can tell, but just so you can follow who saves who)) and swims back to shore slowly* Did any of you see how many fell? I counted two before I went in ((Guestimation is key XD)) and so I got one, I hope that Kilgore can get the other. *Turns back to unconscious person and checks for breathing, watery* *Preforms CPR, water flows out and she loses some health from it ((Game logic XD))* Can you hear me? If you can, please move anything, or say something.
  20. Lea rolled her eyes and tapped her foot at her party, annoyed at their decision to stay and chat for a bit. She didn't even meet Azazul when he started speaking to her directly. Until the start setting started shaking. Lea looked up, feet apart and knees bent to check if the place was on the verge of collapse or not. Either way, everyone was running out and she didn't have the room or foolish sense to stay inside so she sprinted for the door where everyone was staring into the sky. Obviously she followed their gaze and her eyes widened when a new set of players came falling from the sky in blue streaks like shooting stars. Except these landed. In the wrong place. What a strange glitch! But wait...is it a glitch? An announcement in the air brought to Lea the realization that it was probably the first task. Might as well get this overwith. Whether they were really players or NPC's she wasn't sure until she got closer, dashing towards the lake with Azazul and Fenrir and quite a few others.

    She nodded at Kilgore, agreeing with him. The healthbars showed that they really were players and apparently unconscious ones, so she would have jumped in whether it was the first task or not. Not that she would admit her motives anyway. So even though she was a pretty bad swimmer, she counted herself morally responsible to help, even if this is just a game. She dived in and swam for one of the farther players, one who surely doesn't have much air left to keep the HP bar from dropping to yellow on the first day of release. Near the bottom of the lake, Lea made out the shadowy figure of a boy with blue hair, sinking farther down with his eyes closed. Lea took a deep breath and dived after him swiftly, swimming in the cold lake and feeling everything so vividly as if this wasn't a simple VRMMORPG. When she reached him, she grabbed him tightly, preparing to drag him up to the surface as quickly as possible, but as soon as she started for the light at the surface of the lake, the boy opened his bright green eyes and she saw his HP bar with his username. Johni, it said. That moment lasted barely a second before the boy yanked her down hard in desperation to pull himself to the surface. Lea gasped in water at the surprising move and he was above her now, kicking toward the surface so quickly he hit her forehead with his foot. Now dizzy and coughing at the bottom of the lake, Lea tried to reach toward the sunlight, but only saw white spots and the watery symbol beside her HP bar that meant she was drowning. In one last attempt to quell the all-too-real lung-burning sensation, she kicked hard off he bottom of the lake, but the green plants got her feet tangled up and she was too weak to yank herself free before the blackness took away her sight and her avatar fizzed away into broken light pieces that floated into the air above where she died.
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