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  1. When did this start for Iwaku? I was just clearing my banners today and saw the thingy.

    And is it weird that I find it strange there aren't more people on it?
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  2. Iwaku has had a Teamspeak for a little while now, but it wasn't very well known until the recent downtime.

    As for why there's not more people on it, you've seemingly exiled yourself to the Game Group 2 channel, while practically everyone else is in the General Chatting channel. ^^

    For anyone who missed the banner, Teamspeak can be acquired here, and the server address is
  3. I wouldn't say I "exiled" myself other than move there because all the people in the main room seemed to know one another, and I was both too shy and focused on my game to step in. It seemed easier to jump away and wait to see if someone new would amble along.

    Either way, I was just making the observation of how few people there were. You have to admit, with all the active members on here, eight people on Teamspeak isn't a lot. xD
  4. It's prolly because people are busy roleplaying. 8D
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  5. A lawd a raisin ta' use mah microphone.

    Will probably pass. As if getting into the chatterbox community was hard enough..
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  6. Don't sweat it! :D But really, it's only been a few days since the server became publicly known. It's going to take a little time for everyone to find their way in and say hello.

    Try to not be shy next time, we don't bite. ^^
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  7. You shoulda said hello! We can always make room for a new face/voice :3

    When I see someone move to an empty channel I think they're not ready to chat or are afk or something :/
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  8. <----- Has crippling shyness

    Which is sad, because I was excited to talk with other Iwakins, but I just couldn't bring myself to speak. /:
  9. I know all about being shy. Hop on in and talk to us when you're ready, but do try to not let the shyness get in the way of trying something new. I love meeting new people :)
  10. Usually just listening for a while to get a feel for the ebb and flow of conversation helps build your confidence to speak. Whenever I join a new forum, I lurk for a little while until I'm used to the community before posting very much. It's the same thing here - you don't have to talk, but stay in the channel and get to know people a little just by listening and enjoying the company. ^^
  11. Like others said, been around for a while, but it exploded when the site went down.
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