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  1. Leone had been napping away in his secret hideout when the sound of his police scanner going crazy stirred him. "Armed robbery on East 35th street, all units please respond." The dispatcher calmly stated. Scrambling to his feet, the young man hurried about his small, humble abode and put on his costume as quickly as possible. A few minor curses escaped him as he squeezed into the blue spandex uniform, blaming no one but himself for the choice of material.

    Once he had his mask on, he took off, darting across rooftops without a care in the world. Heights were never a problem for him. After all, he could survive a fifteen story fall without so much as a scratch. His mind was fixated on the task ahead. Stop the armed robbery, snag a little profit for himself in order to keep the lights on for another month, and leave without bringing too much attention to himself. He knew his last goal was pretty much impossible, but it was worth a shot anyways.

    He stopped on the roof next door to the bank in order to catch his breath and get a feeling for what was going on at the bank down below. Police cars blocked off the street below. Kot knew he couldn't avoid making an entrance this time around. With a sigh, he leaped from his perch and lightly landed outside the back entrance. He strolled in with a casual smirk on his face, eyeing the semiautomatic weapons held by the four robbers. As per usual, he was outnumbered. This didn't phase him, however.

    Siobhan, or rather, Shayden, hid in the shadows of the store being robbed. As she was unable to perfectly make herself invisible just yet, she retreated to the darkest shadow possible. She silently thanked whatever force had influenced her costume decision; the lightweight material her dress and tights were made of made no noise whatsoever. Only the heels of her boots made any noise, but it was faint. Shayden grinned as the suspects came into view.

    Then, the other antihero, Kat or whatever his name was, appeared, surrounded by the four guns of the robbers. What the hell is he doing here? The cat man, despite being surrounded by dangerous criminals, grinned. Idiot.

    One of the men flexed his finger; he was about to pull the shot. Shayden extended her hand, pulling the force of her powers onto that man. She blinded him, causing him to stumble backwards and fall over.

    Shayden stepped out of the shadows. "Really, boys, four against one?" she taunted. After all, what were you if you weren't kicking ass with as much sass as possible. "Hardly fair." Shayden stepped forward and kicked one of the other men in the neck with the heel of her boot. He fell to the floor, choking.

    Shayden took a defensive stance as the other two men prepared to fight the two antiheroes.
  3. Kot heard the trigger about to be pulled, and readied himself to dodge a bullet. Unfortunately, the bullet was never fired. That one antihero appeared on the scene, bringing down two of the men. Shaden, that was her name. Or something like that. Whatever her name was, she was stealing the feline antihero's thunder. With a soft growl, he turned his aggression on the two remaining idiots. His moves were quick, fluid, and devastating. A series of quick punches in the sensitive areas of the body brought them down, while staying close prevented them from shooting him.

    "So what's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?" He asked her with a small smirk, deciding to take the fact that they both responded to the same crime lightly. He wasn't all that pleased about it, but he would get over it as long as she didn't try to stop him from paying the electric bill. His gaze flicked to the open cash register and he removed about a hundred dollars from it. He rolled up the bills and tucked them up his sleeve. His sharp gaze flicked bad to the woman, wondering what she would do about it.

    He casually strolled over to the side exit, the one that let out into a dark alley. He'd climb up a fire escape and free run back to his place. Of course, that was only if she didn't give him any trouble. He wore a casual smile on his face and held the door open for her.


    Shayden grinned at the other antihero. He clearly expected her to fight him for the money, or something like that. Well, Shayden was above such juvenile behaviour. She crossed to the cash register, took her hundred dollars and slipped it into her boot. With one hand on her hip, she practically sashayed out of the door he held for her.

    "Such gentlemanly behaviour for an antihero," she commended. Shayden quickly climbed up the ladder attached to the side of the building, pulling up onto the roof. "Well, we'd better get out of here before the police realise we've done their job."

    The chilly night air didn't faze Shayden as she dashed across the roof. Her heels made no impact on her speed as she ran towards the artistic, Brooklyn-like suburb of the city, where she lived. She didn't notice if Kot was following her, but enjoyed the thrill of the run.
  5. Kot rolled his eyes at her little comment. "Just because I'm not a fan of most laws doesn't mean I don't have manners." He replied evenly, climbing up behind her. She was ready to get going, wanting to miss the funniest part of the job. "Or we could stick around and watch the police make themselves look like idiots..." He offered his own idea in response.

    Unfortunately she didn't like the idea, and the duo went their separate ways. Kot was heading back to his place over in the industrial district. It was a rougher part of town, that was for sure. But, the rent was next to none, and the break-in rate over there was next to none because everyone had a weapon of some sort to defend themselves with. The nights were loud, but he usually wasn't around for them. The days were calm and sedated, sometimes self-medicated. It was easy to sleep during the day, that was for sure.

    He stopped his run for a short moment, needing to catch his breath. Something felt off to him, and he glanced back to the main part of the city. He took a deep breath and began to run all the way back, his target in mind already.

    The Nox Corporation headquarters was an impressive sky scraper, that was for sure. But the business they were in was far more intriguing. They were messing around with genetics, attempting to bioengineer medications and cosmetic products. Kot was never a fan of meddling with genetics, not since he was a kid. They were trying to play God, altering life to resemble their ideals and destroying things that don't fit their mold. Everything about the company screamed trouble to the antihero. Bioengineering took serious amounts of cash, and the company didn't earn enough to keep such a large operation running like this. So either they bought off a few officials, they had a secondary and illegitimate source of income, or they were seriously undercutting safety standards and pay checks. Or it could be some awful combination of all three.

    Whatever it was, it gave Kot a bad feeling. His gut told him that something big was going down tonight. He watched as a box truck pulled into the underground parking lot. The writing on the sides of the truck was Russian. It was a health supply company. But what exactly was in the truck? He let out a frustrated sigh, unable to know from his perch on a nearby rooftop. He couldn't go find out either. The security on the building was top notch. No way for the feline antihero to get in and snoop around undetected.

    Shayden, now turned back to simple Siobhan, slid through her apartment window. The carpet silenced her heels, which she promptly slipped off. She sighed in relief as she unzipped her dress.

    The shower, instead of waking her up, seemed to wash the excitement and adrenaline off her body. She became more and more tired as she finished washing her hair and stepped from the steamy glass box. It was Friday evening -- Siobhan was tutoring two kids tomorrow morning and needed her energy to not kill the kids' moms. Siobhan didn't function well with most adults.


    The next morning, Siobhan folded her Shayden costume into its box, which she hid in the back of her closet, and dressed in a snug green long-sleeve shirt and gray skinny jeans. She tied her long brown hair back into a ponytail, picked up her bag and left the house. As Siobhan mainly tutored girls, she didn't wear a lot of makeup because she wanted to set a good example for the kids.
  7. Kot had watched the building throughout the night, hoping to see anything incriminating. Unfortunately there wasn't anything going on. Begrudgingly, the feline antihero made his way back to his apartment. Dropping down onto his fire escape patio, he opened up his window and headed inside.

    The apartment was small, but well kept. Everything was carefully organized and put in it's place. Everything was clean and dust free. Dishes sat in the drying rack, but Leone would take care of them later. He removed his mask and slipped out of his costume, putting on a pair of comfortable sweatpants and a black tshirt. He looked around briefly for his heart medication, and after locating the bottle, he took the pill. He took his vitamins as well, since he had a glass of water at the ready. He felt exhausted, which was frustrating as all hell considering that he tried his hardest to be healthy and all.

    He slipped into bed and fell into a dreamless sleep. The next day, he awoke at around noon. He slowly got up and went about the place, making himself some coffee and putting away the dishes. There wasn't much to do today. Pay the electric bill, see what odd jobs Martinez had for him. He put on a pair of beat up jeans and went through the rest of his morning routine, and headed out to face the day. And more importantly, make some quick cash.

    "You know Leo, you really should at least try to get a steady job. It might do you some good."
    The older Hispanic man laughed as he loaded box after box into a truck. They were down at the docks, putting in some hours in order to put bread on the table.

    "Been there, done that, got fired in two weeks."
    Leone replied gruffly as he handed another box up to Martinez.

    "Well, maybe if you didn't put on the glittery spandex every night, you'd have better luck finding employment." Martinez snorted a bit, his laugh deep and hearty.

    "And maybe if you gave up with the baby lotion, you'd find yourself a suitable wife." Leone replied with a cunning smirk.

    "Touché." Martinez grunted as he hefted the last box into the truck. "Well, that's the last of 'em. Thanks for helping out man." He spoke with a smile as he fished out a small wad of cash from his back pocket. He peeled off two twenty dollar bills and handed them over to Leone.

    "I'll see you around, man." The young man replied. He hurried along home to his apartment as the skies took on a bright orange color.
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    After two hour-and-a-half sessions with two different lovely little girls and purely awful mothers, Siobhan made her way back to her apartment. On the way, she stopped at a little Italian takeout shop and ordered her favourite, lasange, for dinner. Siobhan was a fit woman, but having to deal with ridiculously overbearing parents all day made her far tired than running around on the rooftops all night, high-kicking people in the neck. At least that was somewhat enjoyable.

    Siobhan arrived home, and just barely finished her lasagne before the police radio sitting on her kitchen bench sounded. Dispatch reported a deranged father, kidnapping the two little girls the mother had specifically ordered he stay away from, for their safety. Siobhan gritted her teeth. Yeah, robbers and carjackers were bad, sure. But cases involving little kids? Siobhan despised anyone who messed with children.

    She speedily changed into the skin-tight, glittery dress and tights, mask with beautiful, feathery embellishments, gloves black leather boots that made up Shayden. She let her hair out, because she liked the way it flew in the wind. Without a backward glance, Shayden climbed out of her bedroom window and took off into the night.

    The police reported the father holding his two daughters in an abandoned office building in the gritter part of the central city. It took Shayden about ten minutes to get there -- her artistic suburb was closer to the centre of the city than the others. She slipped through the topmost window and listened, hard. She located a girl crying, probably the younger of the two, three floors below her. Shayden thanked the carpet for muffling her impractical shoes, and walked quietly down the stairs.

    She stood on the topmost stair of the floor the father was on. Not wanting to make herself noticed, yet not wanting to attack just yet, Shayden manipulated the man's vision so he could see everything normally, but Shayden. Shayden was no longer there, to the man.

    She scoped out the situation. The father had made his two girls sit on a raggy, smelly sofa in the corner furthermost from the windows, and was pacing back and forth in front of them with a gun in his hand. The girls, one ten and one about six, where hugging each other tightly. Siobhan immediately gained a lot of respect for the older girl; she had a very protective look on her face, eyeing her own father down while keeping her sister close.
  9. Ten minutes was all Leone needed. The ramen was in the microwave, only a minute and fifteen seconds away from being cooked. Two minutes for it to cool. Seven minutes to eat it. Ramen was like a superhero in it of itself. Incredibly cheap and quick to serve. But unfortunately it wasn't quick enough this time. The police scanner jumped to life, just as the microwave beeped.

    "I hate my job." Leone sighed softly and quickly scrambled into his costume, abandoning his poor little noodle cup in the process. He was out the window and racing across the rooftops in a matter of minutes. He normally didn't get involved with rescues and all that other sappy emotional crap, but he hated guys who picked soft targets. They were a special kind of asshole that he especially enjoyed putting in their place.

    He watched silently from an adjacent rooftop as Shaden or whatever her name was entered the building. "Her again?" He muttered softly, giving her a few minutes to get herself inside. He didn't hear any screams, any gunshots, not even the soft sound of an itchy trigger finger as it flexed against the trigger. She was safely in and undetected. He waited patiently, listening for any sign that the conflict had begun.

    Shayden sensed, rather than saw or heard, the cat man. She looked up and made eye contact with him, not bothering with her usual cheeky grin. This situation was too serious for her.

    Shayden realised she couldn't take the man out and keep the girls safe at the same time; the situation was too dangerous. Okay, maybe he's not that useless, she admitted in her head. She signaled to Kat or whatever his name was, nodding to the man pacing, and slipped from her hiding place.

  11. Alright, so Shaden will get the girls out and leave the loony bastard to me. I can run with that.
    Kot tried to ignore the fact that he'd have to jump through a window in order to do his part of the job. It was too late to turn back anyways. "I knew this job would be the death of me." He sighed softly as he backed up. One big distraction, coming up... With that wry thought, he sprinted and jumped off the building's roof.

    The sound of glass shattering and a loud thump accompanied the feline antihero's entrance into the building, tackling the father to the ground in the process. He scrambled to get the gun away from the guy, to buy Shaden time to get the girls out. He grunted in pain as he was kneed in the gut, and delivered a swift blow to the man's temple in response. The man went limp beneath him, giving Kot the satisfaction of knowing he knocked the guy out with one well aimed punch.

    "Next time, you do the whole window crashing thing." He sighed as he slowly picked himself up and tenderly brushed himself off. He kicked the gun away from the man with a frown on his face.

    Is he going to -- oh, shit, he did.

    As soon as Catman jumped through the window, Shayden dashed toward the girls. She snapped the plexicuffs the deranged father had tied around their wrists.

    "Who are you?" demanded the older girl. "Who is he?" She nodded to the other antihero.

    "I'm Shayden, honey, and this is my friend," soothed Shayden. The maternal instincts she had always harboured kicked in. "We're here to help you, we're here to make sure you're safe. Can I ask your name?"

    "J -- Jessie," stuttered the younger girl.

    "Christina," said the older one carefully.

    "Oh, they're pretty names," cooed Shayden. She helped the girls up -- they were dizzy from the shock of being abducted -- and turned to the Catman. "What do we do now?"
  13. "My name's Kot." The feline antihero introduced himself upon the older child's asking. He put on a gentle smile for the kids. No need to get them more spooked then they are now. His gaze flicked to the man passed out on the floor, his mind working out a logical course of action that would keep them out of the spotlight. "We need to get you two back to your mom." He spoke thoughtfully, trying to think of a safe way to move the kids.

    "Think you could make us invisible in order to walk them home?"
    He asked Shayden curiously. "Unless you have a better idea, of course." He added as an afterthought.

    Shayden shook her head. "I can't make us invisible, but I can distort the light around us so people can't see us."

    "Isn't that invisible?" asked the older girl.

    "No. It's distorting the light around us to create an illusion that we're not there."

    "So, invisible."

    Shayden sighed. "Invisible means you're changing the actual cells of your body to make yourself appear to be not there."

    "Sounds like the same thing."

    "You're too young to understand."

    Shayden ushered the girls to the fire escape, which lead to a back alley behind the building. Once the two antiheroes and the two girls stood in the alley, Shayden worked to spin a web of illusion around the small group. In a matter of seconds, a thin golden bubble appeared around them. They could not be seen.
  15. Kot followed them along down the fire escape holding back his laughter when Shayden and the older girl struggled with the concept of invisibility. He watched in slight wonder as the golden bubble appeared around them. "Alright. Probably a stupid question to ask by now, but you guys live around here, right?" He asked carefully.

    While he did an excellent job at hiding it, the feline antihero was hurting a bit. A relatively small shard of glass was stuck in his side, and he didn't want to spook the kids by pulling it out in front of them. He just hoped that Shayden wouldn't point it out or notice it. It wasn't in that noticeable of a spot, so he wasn't overly concerned about it.

    "We live in Oakleigh," said the older girl. Oakleigh was Shayden's suburb, the artsy one.

    "Great, so do I," said Shayden. When the older girl gave them their exact address, Shayden addressed both Kot and the girls. "Okay. Christina, Jessie, I'm going to have to get you two to walk right ahead of us, but stay in the bubble, okay? Kot, you and I will walk behind them. It's better to have kids in your sight when you're watching them."

    As the four people began to walk, staying in the golden confines of the bubble, Shayden turned to Kot. "So, how exactly are we going to do this?" she whispered. "Just drop them off on the veranda -- what do we do? I don't work well with most adults, I don't want to have to talk to the mother."
  17. Kot was pretty quiet as they walked along, his mind going off to somewhere else entirely. Shayden's question snapped him back to reality, a look of confusion on his face until he processed the question. "We walk them up to the front door, make ourselves scarce when the mom answers the door, watch the family reunion and then move on with our lives?" He proposed his little plan with relative ease, his voice kept to a low whisper. He shrugged lightly, hoping to remind her that rescues like this weren't his forte.

    "Sounds good to me," said Shayden.

    When they arrived at the address, Shayden ushered the two girls out of the bubble and, with Kot retreated backwards. They were still hidden when Christina rang the doorbell. The mother cried and sobbed, pulled her little girls into the house, thanking God for bringing her daughters back to her. Shayden smiled.

    "That was nice," she said, turning to Kot. "And congratulations on your wrecking ball move -- are you bleeding?"

    She noticed a bloodstain on his outfit.
  19. Kot couldn't help but smile as the girls were taken inside. "Ya, worked slightly better than I-" He paused when she noticed he was injured. He very carefully removed the two inch long shard of glass from the wound and tossed it aside with a frown on his face. "It's nothing. Dealt with worse before." He spoke passively.

    He turned back to her with a casual smirk. He had a night to kill anyways, so why not have a little fun. He was curious about what made this girl tick. "So you're afraid to talk with people?" He asked humerously as he began to walk along to a nearby alleyway. He wasn't one to dwell on an injury.
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    "Adults," replied Shayden, following Kot into the alley. "I don't like talking to most adults. Specifically parents -- like, I tutor little kids for a living and I literally hate all of their parents." She rolled her eyes. "I don't even like my own parents, and I'm an adult."

    She wasn't sure why she was telling Kot all of this. They didn't know each other that well -- they had never seen each other without their masks.
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