Team Of Mercenaries

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  1. Heres a sample of the story

    Jack jumped down from the large shack in the run down neighborhood, as he landed he came eye to eye with target 456 a man he didnt need to know the name of just that he was being payed ,along with his team, to kill the target---

    Now ill give you Jacks bio-
    Jack is 24 around 5"11 he has a defined muscular tone but hes still not huge. Chocolate mousse colored hair thats cut to look like Drakes from Drakes Uncharted. Stubbled for a beard. Red underarmour underneath a black tactical bullet resistant vest . Said vest has two desert eagle pistols on either side that are close to the ribs. Hes got an ammo belt diagnal across his torso. He wear fingerless weight lifting gloves. Double crossed belt with a submachinegun on either side. On the back of his vest are his two machetes. He wears black cargo jeans with knee pads over top. Tactical combat boots. You will understand his character as we go.

    Your charcters can either be techsupport ,weapons maker and supplier,or mercenary.

    Please place your CS' in here if interested.
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  2. Lochlan you sneaky son of a crocodile. You plan something this awesome and you don't Pm me. How could you.
  3. Haha well i didnt know youd be interested !
  4. Well you know what they say. You'll never know if you don't ask. So tell me more about this wonderful piece of work.
  5. Well its just the story of a team of mercenaries who take jobs but one day it all gets personal for Jack and co.
  6. Oki. And this was supposed to be a group RP?
  7. Yea but no one was interested
  8. I wonder why ...
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    Things got too personal for Jack which also explains the sudden lack of replies. They're all dead
  9. Have any other brilliant ideas?
  10. Well im not sure all of them are good to me like, space bounty hunters, elven exploration, harry potter like fandom, batman fandom haha
  11. Marvel fandoms don't seem to attract a lot of attention.
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    if you meant elven exploration erotically I'd be so in
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  12. Of course erotically lad!
  13. We could explore this then?
    [Sopiler]not meant for kids (16+)
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  14. Just a friendly reminder that any erotic roleplays (and their advertisements/OOC discussions) must be posted within the appropriate Mature forum <3
  15. My bad hey Dee hbu set the wee little thing in the mature rp and post the link on 'ere?
  16. Good idea. And we'll call that image a teaser of what you can expect on there
  17. Im js youll need to post all of the pictures my tablet is not capable haha
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