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    Salutations! I adapted this idea from my one[x]one request, Brightest Hunter of Her Age. Essentially, it's the same plot, but more characters joined the group. If you're interested, read the information below! If you have questions, shoot me a PM. First come, first serve.
    Brightest Hunter of Her Age

    Sometimes, Hermione was tired of being the brightest witch of her age. She was tired of being the school's know-it-all, rule-abiding bookworm. She was tired of being ridiculed for her brilliant mind and dirty blood. However, without it, she was nothing. Planning was her strong suit. Facts were her friends. Books were her safe haven. She might be best friends with the Boy-Who-Lived and part of the Golden Trio, but no one knew the real Hermione. No one, except Harry. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione made a decision. Instead of staying in Britain, she hopped the pond and disappeared in the muggle world, along with Harry. For the first time in her life, she could be Hermione, not the bossy know-it-all.

    A few years later, Hermione and Harry established a stable lifestyle. Despite living in the muggle world, both of them resided near a popular American wizarding community: New Orleans, Louisiana. What happened if the duo was introduced to the hunting world accidentally? Becoming a hunter was the last thing Hermione expected. However, it didn't surprise her. Trouble always found her, especially when she was with Harry.

    The synopsis above features the original plot. However, for this RP, more characters joined the move.



    #1.) This RP is a crossover between the Fandoms, Harry Potter and Supernatural. It takes place five years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

    #2.) The main setting is established in Supernatural, starting at the beginning of Season 5.

    #3.) The RP is mainly AU, focusing on original cases and original plot twists. However, Team Magic might participate in events originating from Supernatural. (Ex. Stopping the Apocalypse.)

    #4.) Team Magic will encounter Team Free Will soon. (And other Supernatural characters later on.)

    #5.) Due to Team Magic's presence, Supernatural will experience Canon divergence.

    #6.) In this RP, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter reconciled and became friends.

    #7.) Players are allowed to compose a back story why their role joined Harry and Hermione.

    #1.) No blatant OOC-ness. Honestly, I don't care if your role is somewhat OOC. I don't mind if you add your own twist to your role's persona. However, I don't appreciate warping your role's personality to the extreme and removing every trace of their original personality. (Ex. A super girly and provocative Draco who giggles a lot.) If you have a problem, I recommend conducting research on your role.

    #2.) Be respectful! No bullying, fighting, spamming, trolling, or flaming other members.

    #3.) Refrain from godmodding, metagaming, and powerplaying, please!

    #4.) If you're dropping out, inform me immediately. I understand the importance of real life, but I don't tolerate players disappearing without a trace.

    #5.) Try to stay active! If you're too busy, don't join this RP.

    #6.) No one-lining! A minimum of one paragraph, please! If you're capable of 2+ higher, I'll be forever grateful!

    #7.) Contribute to the plot if you can! If you have an idea for an original case, don't hesitate to share. It's not mandatory, but encouraged.

    #8.) Romance is allowed. However, smutty scenes are taken to PM.

    #9.) Keep the cussing to a minimum! I don't mind if characters curse, but I don't want the F-bomb dropped repeatedly.

    #10.) Players are allowed to reserve 2 slots only. However, the roles can't belong to the same Fandom. (Ex. Reserving Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy.)

    #11.) Original characters are acceptable, but all OC's are side characters, or NPC. They can't be part of Team Magic or Team Free Will. No one is allowed to create an OC as a main role.

    #12.) This RP will contain mature themes, including violence, gore, and intimacy. You must be fourteen and older to join. If you're under 17, mature themes will be regulated.

    #13.) If you read the rules, guidelines, and plot section, add, "Bugs Bunny" in your post. (Warning: If you fail, I'll assume you didn't.)

    #1.) My knowledge on Harry Potter is mainly cinematic-based with extensive online research.

    #2.) I haven't watched Seasons 8, 9 & 10 of Supernatural.

    #3.) The Harry Potter timeline will be altered.
    Alternate Team Dynamic
    If you're not interested in Team Magic's current dynamic, check out a solution below!

    #1.) OC Exclusive: Harry, Hermione, OC & OC.


    ✖ This section will be updated from time to time.

    Chapter One: Life as a Hunter

    • Five years passed since Team Magic moved to America. In the beginning, the group left for a fresh start, or clean slate. The team settled in a quiet neighborhood near a large forest. Despite living in the muggle world, Team Magic resided near New Orleans, Louisiana, home of one of the largest wizarding communities in America. A year later, the group stumbled across the hunting world by accident. After much consideration, Harry and his friends became Team Magic, hunting dangerous creatures and saving lives. Unfortunately, since their magical, Team Magic is prone to being exposed by hunters. Will they be able to hunt and maintain the Statue of Secrecy?

      The hunts are becoming intense. More demons run amok, forcing Team Magic to focus on demon activity than their usual agenda. During a case, Hermione discovered something strange. When she researched it, what happened if she uncovered information leading to the Apocalypse? How will Team Magic react to the supposed end of the world? Despite their skepticism, no one could deny the signs. Team Magic is faced with more responsibilities. Hunting is one thing, maintaining the Statue of Secrecy is another. However, what will happen when Team Magic meets Team Free Will? How will the boys react to a hunting group full of wizards and witches? If they teamed up together, do they have what it takes to stop the Apocalypse?
    • ✖ Main Setting: AU!Supernatural; takes place at the beginning of Season 5.
      ✖ Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
      ✖ Time: Fall, 2009
      ✖ Warning: Due to the year difference in both Fandoms, Harry Potter's timeline will be altered.
    • ➾ Altered Date of Battle of Hogwarts: May 2nd, 2002
      ➾ Left for America: Summer, 2004
      ➾ Current age of Harry & Draco: 24.
      ➾ Current age of Hermione: 25.

      ➾ Current age of Luna: 23.



    Hermione Granger: Taken by Ĺค∂rєภgเℓσภ.

    Harry Potter: Open.

    Draco Malfoy: Open.

    Luna Lovegood: Open.



    Dean Winchester: Locked. (Won't be available until Team Magic & Team Free Will meet.)

    Sam Winchester: Locked. (Won't be available until Team Magic & Team Free Will meet.)

    Castiel: Locked. (Won't be available until Team Magic & Team Free Will meet.)

    Bobby Singer: Locked. (Won't be available until Team Magic & Team Free Will meet.)



    ✖ Additional characters from both Fandoms are played by everyone. During different scenarios, members can volunteer for a role or be assigned a role. If you want to reserve a spot permanently, contact me immediately. Two or more players are allowed to split the same role. However, inform me beforehand. (Yes, Ron Weasley isn't part of Team Magic. He decided to stay behind with his family.)

    ✖ Reoccurring OC's: If you want to create an OC, you must gain permission. All original characters aren't main roles. (They shouldn't have a big part in the RP!)

    ✖ Miscellaneous OC's: The principle above doesn't apply to OC's made for cases. For example, random townspeople, monsters, and victims. Since they're temporary and won't be included in the future, you don't need permission.


    ✖ Fandom-made!Canon and Crossover pairings are acceptable! If you want a specific pairing, contact me.

    ❤ Harry Potter x Hermione Granger.
    ✖ Status: Unofficial. (Both of them aren't a couple yet.)

    Heart Scale: Both of them are developing feelings, but aren't aware of each other's budding attraction.



    Thank you for viewing this thread! Have a nice day!

    More information will be updated later, so stay tuned! ❤
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  4. If you're not interested in the current dynamic for Team Magic, check out my solution in the tabs above the Plot Section. Depending on the amount of players (possibly) interested, I might change Team Magic's dynamic permanently. (Yes, the solution overrides my rules pertaining to main original characters.)
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