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    Salutations! I'm currently craving a Harry Potter x Supernatural Crossover RP. I adapted this thread from my group request, Team Magic. If you're interested in the group idea, click the link! I reformed this thread into a private one[x]one. Essentially, it's the same plot, but with minor differences.

    Finding a partner (or group of partners) who is willing to portray Canon characters is difficult. I understand the hesitance, but I'm not looking for perfection. I don't mind if you add your own twist to your role. If the character isn't OOC to the extreme, it won't bother me. (Ex. A girly, provocative Harry who giggles a lot.)

    Due to my busy art schedule, my posting speed varies. As of now, it ranges from few posts a day to one post a week. If you can handle it, check out the information below!
    Chapter One: Life as a Hunter
    Four years passed since Team Magic moved to America. In the beginning, the group left for a fresh start, or clean slate. The team settled in a quiet neighborhood near a large forest. Despite living in the muggle world, Team Magic resided near New Orleans, Louisiana, home of one of the largest wizarding communities in America. A year later, the group stumbled across the hunting world by accident. After much consideration, Harry and his friends became Team Magic, hunting dangerous creatures and saving lives. Unfortunately, since their magical, Team Magic is prone to being exposed by hunters. Will they be able to hunt and maintain the Statue of Secrecy?
    Plot Details
    ✖ Main Setting: AU!Supernatural; takes place at the beginning of Season 4.
    ✖ Time: Fall, 2008
    ✖ Warning: Due to the year difference in both Fandoms, Harry Potter's timeline will be altered.

    Altered Timeline
    ➾ Altered Date of Battle of Hogwarts: May 2nd, 2002
    ➾ Left for America: Summer, 2004
    ➾ Current age of Harry & Draco: 23.
    ➾ Current age of Hermione: 24.
    ➾ Current age of Luna: 22.
    Original Character Act

    Unlike my group thread, main!original characters are acceptable. If you want to create an OC as a main role, you must follow the rules below. I won't tolerate any violations:

    #1.) You're allowed to create two main OC's only. However, they can't be affiliated with the same group. (Ex. Team Free Will.)
    #2.) You must gain permission if you want to create an OC for Team Magic. (One is acceptable, not two.)
    #3.) Don't neglect your assigned Canon roles. I won't tolerate OC's taking over and overshadowing Canon characters. Maintain a balance between roles. If you abuse this privilege, I'll end the RP immediately.
    #4.) If you desire a Canon x OC pairing, expect the possibility of doubling.
    #5.) No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stues! Please refrain from godmodding, metagaming, and powerplaying, please!

    #1.) My knowledge on Harry Potter is mainly cinematic-based with extensive online research.

    #2.) I haven't watched Seasons 8, 9 & 10 of Supernatural.

    #3.) The Harry Potter timeline will be altered.

    #4.) My preferred roles for Team Magic are Hermione Granger & Luna Lovegood.

    #5.) Other roles will be discussed.


    • #1.) This RP is a crossover between the Fandoms, Harry Potter and Supernatural. It takes place four years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

      #2.) The main setting is established in Supernatural, starting at the beginning of Season 4.

      #3.) The RP is mainly AU, focusing on original cases and original plot twists. However, Team Magic might participate in events originating from Supernatural.

      #4.) Team Magic will encounter Team Free Will soon. (And other Supernatural characters later on.)

      #5.) Due to Team Magic's presence, Supernatural will experience Canon divergence.

      #6.) In this RP, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter reconciled and became friends.
    • [​IMG]
      Hermione Granger.

      Harry Potter.

      Draco Malfoy.

      Luna Lovegood.
    • ✖ Fandom-made!Canon and Crossover pairings are acceptable. If you want a specific pairing, contact me immediately.

      ❤ Harry Potter x Hermione Granger.
      ✖ Status: Unofficial. (Both of them aren't a couple yet.)
      ✖ My Role: Hermione.
      ☑ Heart Scale: Both of them are developing feelings, but aren't aware of each other's budding attraction
    • If you're interested in a different dynamic for Team Magic, check out the options below!

      #1.) Original: Harry, Hermione, Draco & Luna.

      #2.) OC Exclusive: Harry, Hermione, OC & OC.

      #3.) Duo: Harry & Hermione.

      Bold: I play one of the OC's in OC Exclusive.


    Thank you for viewing my thread. If you're interested, comment below! All conversations will be conducted through PM.

    I might update the plot list in the future, so stay tuned! ❤
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  3. If you're not satisfied with Team Magic's dynamic, two alternate solutions (along with the original) are available!
  4. If I had a Patronus, I want it to be a Unicorn. My Marauder's name would be Sparkles.

    Still searching!
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