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    Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Often considered the most peaceful of the five great nations, was also the scene of a great battle in the not so distant past. Now, however, a new batch of genin are just beginning their careers as shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. The teams had only just been announced, and were now going off to meet their various teachers. One such teacher, the jounin assigned to Team 7, was leaning against a railing atop one of the various buildings in the village. Honnori, Kimiko, a relatively young shinobi belonging to the village stood with her arms crossed. Her eyes were closed, her face tilted downward almost as though she were sleeping.

    A long pipe was held between her teeth, her light pink colored hair waving lightly in the gentle breeze waving throughout the village. Kimiko always enjoyed the breeze at times like this. The intricate designs painted on her forehead almost seemed to shine in the sunlight. Her signature tunic was loose enough that the wind could easily catch it, white overall with a few interesting designs. Her obi was light red in color, as well as sun designs on her tunic. The upper body of the tunic was black in color, but still trimmed in white. Her legs were nearly bare, but her modesty was well protected by the relatively thin cloth of her shorts, as well as the lower portion of the tunic.

    Orders were to await the arrival of her new students at this location, so, waiting she was.
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  2. A girl with black hair walked. Her hair went down to her back and it hid the special and rare clan symbol of the uchiha clan. A white and red fan. She wore a slightly large navy blue sweater and some capris that were above her knees yet not to short to be considered 'shorts' and her forehead protector was wrapped securely around her arm. She was assigned to team 7, under a strong and well known sensei named 'Kimiko Hannori' and her lips were covered by the high collars of her uchiha sweater.

    Hopefully the other members she has yet to meet in her team won't be losers or weak beings, but then again--Just thinking about it she assumed that they would be losers anyways. The little girl let out a sigh."Losers....Weak." She muttered under her breath as she walked to the location her sensei would be waiting at and soon she looked up finally opening her eyes and stopped only to give a long Hard stare. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she brought her arms to a crossing position.

    After several seconds, The uchiha girl walked closer and looked up at the pink haired girl. This was her sensei? She wasn't what she expected really, but the girl saved her snarky comments for later and looked away eyes closed as she turned around and leaned back on the railing placing her hands on them in order to lift her weight up and sit over the railings beside kimiko's side. The Uchiha girl's name was Mikasa. Mikasa Uchiha, a descendant of Sasuke Uchiha and she stayed quiet looking straight ahead, occasionally glimpsing at her sensei both alerted and curiously.
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  3. Hannori Kimiko... that name has been in his mind the minute, no, the second, he was assigned to Team 7. Rikuo couldn't be bothered to stay and find the rest of his teammates, instead he walked out of the classroom to meet his new sensei. "Oh yay. Now I can't find anyone. I should have stayed back for awhile..." Rikuo mumbled sarcastically to himself as he looked at the rooftops of the buildings. The gust of wind blew his hair, making his fringe messier than it was before. He blew it out of his face and tucked some of his fringe on the left side, behind his ear, leaving the remaining fringe covering his right eye.

    Today, he made sure he wore something presentable but in the end, he wore his usual clothing; a short grey yukata that stops halfway down his thighs and a pair of dark blue capri pants, with his shuriken holster on his left side. The sleeves of his yukata were long and went past his hands by a few inches. Before he left his clan compound, his mother and father handed him a katana which has been passed down for generations. They said that they couldn't trust Ryo nor Kenta with it. Gladly, he accepted the katana and strapped it on his back. While others wore their forehead protector around their forehead or arm, he proudly wore it around his neck.

    After minutes of walking and looking up at the rooftops, he found his new Sensei, well he thinks he found his new Sensei. He walked closer and stared blankly at her, observing her and trying to remember the description his brothers told him about her. That's definitely her. His eyes roamed to the girl next to her. "Great, it's that Uchiha girl." he mumbled softly. Rikuo had nothing against her, but he has always noticed that facade she put up in front of people. Sighing, he got up to the rooftop and stood a few feet behind the Sensei and the girl, occasionally glancing between the girl and his new Sensei.
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  4. He let out a large yawn, the sunlight pouring in through the window into his blank room. His clothes set up on the desk for him to wear today, his doing from last night. He didn't want to be shuffling around for clothes and be late, though he already was. Might as well not be extremely late because he couldn't find his clothing. "A new day to improve...and to become the greatest shinobi ever" He yawned out, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he pushed the blankets off of him. His body sliding out of the bed and onto his feet as he stretched his arms widely, letting out another yawn.

    Ryuu grabbed his shirt, which had a zipper on the upper portion and slid it on. He didn't bother zipping it up, the color as black as the night. Next he slid on his gray shorts, attaching his kunai pouch to his right leg because he was right handed. Then his shoes and then the most important part, his headband. He wore it the traditional style, on his forehead.
    "If you don't hurry, you are going to be late!" His mom called from below his room. Rolling his eyes, he didn't feel like telling her he already was late.

    Sliding open his window, he hopped out and into the bustling town of Konohagakure. While making his way towards the meeting spot, he ran his hand through his hair several times, patting it down from its disheveled state that it was in.
    "Greatness is never on time..." He chuckled at himself while he continued to make his way to his new team and Sensei. His eyes roaming until he found his destination, standing there was the Uchiha girl and some guy he hardly recognized from the Academy. Then his Sensei, she seemed to be asleep and maybe wouldn't even notice his absence.

    He was late, but not terribly late. His footsteps weren't quiet at all, he was walking normally. Why should he mask his presence when they were in the vilalge? He stopped after he was standing a few feet behind his new Sensei and his teammates were to his side, his two katanas strapped to his back diagonally, making an X.
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  5. Kimiko glanced briefly at each student as they arrived. The information she had been given in the reports was accurate, if first looks were at all conclusive. The first, an Uchiha named Mikasa, seemed like an introvert. From the data, she was definitely skillful for a genin, as many of the Uchiha were. It didn't take long for the next student to arrive, a young male named Arakawa, Rikuo. He seemed rather preoccupied with his partner whom had already arrived. Meanwhile, the two seemed to take up positions, waiting for the final member of the team, whom seamed to be taking their time. As the presence finally arrived, Kimiko's eyes slowly opened, looking to the latecomer. "Well, you certainly took your time, Ryuu."

    Her tone wasn't exactly cold, but it was far from warm and inviting. The woman stood upright, removing the pipe from her liips as she glanced from student to student, making her way to the other side of the rooftop. Now, she could look at all three of them at the same time and size them up. Her light violet eyes danced from one to the other, a sort of calculating gaze that could send a chill down your spine. "At any rate, we can begin now. I am Hannori, Kimiko. I am the Jounin assigned to you three genin to be your sensei. My responsibilities include training you to be the best shinobi possible, to push you past your present limits, and to ensure your continued growth throughout your time in service of the Hidden Leaf. My responsibilities do not include coddling you and praising every minor success you may be lucky enough to secure, holding your hand through your challenges, or being some sort of mother figure."

    The words were likely somewhat harsh, but, she felt it necessary to make a point of their relationship. She had no qualms with developing a bond with her students, but, still... "Respect is earned, not given. For now, you have proven nothing to me except that you believe yourselves worthy of your titles."

    Kimiko's arms crossed over her chest, her expression softening somewhat as she looked to them again, choosing to move past the initial inspection of them. "So, tell me a little about yourselves, one at a time. It'd be good for us to get to know each other a little."
  6. Rikuo glanced at the last member of Team 7, whom he already knew his name was Ryuu since the Sensei said it. As Hannori Sensei spoke, Rikuo felt the hair at the back of his neck stand up while he swore goosebumps appeared on both arms, though he had his arms behind his back, his feet were apart. Rikuo just stared back at her blankly, taking all her words in. "So, tell me a little about yourselves, one at a time. It'd be good for us to get to know each other a little." Rikuo waited for the rest to speak up, he wasn't the type to go first. But, then again, he hated to keep people waiting. He looked from the Uchiha girl then to Ryuu before turning back to the Sensei.

    Sighing, he took a step forward and in a monotonous voice, he said,
    "I am Rikuo, of the Arakawa clan. I am left handed, and I enjoy taking walks around the village during my free time. I have two older brothers..." there was a short pause, "I don't know what else to say but," he looked from Ryuu, to the Uchiha girl then back to the Sensei, "I hope we can all get along. Nice to meet you."

    He bowed slightly before taking a step back, returning to his previous posture, his hands at the back. He didn't have an opinion of his new team but, he had this feeling they might not get along. But then, whenever has your instincts been right? He glared at the ground, waiting for the next person to speak up. Well, sometimes it is right, sometimes not.
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  7. As soon as the last member came--Later then everyone here, Mikasa glared at him already irritated. People like him would be useless, weak, and slow in her opinion. Her sensei, Kimiko said a comment about his lateness before beginning to move and Mikasa looked away from Ryuu, obviously already judging."Loser." she said. She didnt hesitate, she didnt stutter, nor did she mutter--She made sure her teammates heard her and upon realizing she dropped a glimpse of her darkness she then covered it up and grinned."Just kidding~" she giggled as if it was a joke. Then Kimiko introduced herself and her rules to which the uchiha listened carefulley.

    "So, tell me a little about yourselves, one at a time. It'd be good for us to get to know each other a little."

    There was a long silence for a few seconds. The 'silent' contest as Mikasa liked to put it. Whoever stays quiet longest can go last and in this case the other boy began to speak, starting off the introductions. As the other young boy -the one that wasnt late- spoke up and introduced himself, Mikasa looked and listened to him. She was keen on info especially, and made sure to mentally take notes and remember them.

    "I am Rikuo, of the Arakawa clan. I am left handed, and I enjoy taking walks around the village during my free time. I have two older brothers..."

    Arakawa clan? What kind of clan was that anyways? Shes heard of it, and it sound familiar but she shakes it off before remembering again. That's right, The arakawa clan--Her parents would talk about them however she only listen to the names rather than the conversation whole. He seemed to be like her family wise--Two older siblings. But that didnt affect her and she stayed quiet just thinking about her own.

    But then she snapped out of it. Sitting there no longer dazed in thought, Mikasa looked up and grinned."My name is Mikasa Uchiha!" She grinned with her false happy grin. Then came the truth along with the half lies (which will be underlined).

    "I also have two siblings--But they're twins. A sister and a brother and of course I also live with my parents along with my siblings."

    She paused thinking of another lie to make it seem like she had a happy life. She had to anyways. To make the descendant of sasuke seem good and honorable enough. But in truth her siblings went missing abruptly when she was young.

    "Being the descendant of sasuke few of the members inherit the eternal mangekyou sharingan by luck. My siblings have them, but not me. I have to earn it."

    Smiled Mikasa."I greatly look up to my siblings." She adds."I am ambidextrous, and my childhood was very nice. One day I'll catch up to my siblings--and become stronger then them, inheriting the eternal eyes!" She said proudly in a kind tone. However these words had a deeper meaning of darkness and hatred.

    Her siblings went missing and also had the regular mengekyou sharingan eyes. She was secretly trying to say that she is determined to get them. What she didnt know was that they ran the new akatsuki and were the ones causing anonymous fear and havoc amongst the many different villages. Those who sighted or fell victem were threatened not to tell, only describing them as unknown as they can. For example, as black silhouettes.

    Those who were smart enough can tell the life of pain from pleasure. They would tell she was faking. Always talking about her siblings was a hint of hatred, mentioning her childhood being very nice, this was to much admiration. True admiration and too much was different and she finished. She also showed signs of the desire of power for dominance.'One day I'll catch up to my siblings--and become stronger then them, inheriting the eternal eyes!' Was an important one. The only way to get that would the eye gauging technique she referred to-- however everyone believed that being a descendant of sasuke atleast 1-3 members will inherit his eternal mangeyko sharingan naturally. She was doing the act of covering the dark truth with the light of lying kindness. Smart kid, no one could perfect it really. But she did well, and it was tricky in few ways because she hid it simplistically.

    "I hope we get along, Please take care of me."

    Finished Mikasa slowly stopping her smile. She did good mixing the truth with lies or coverups and covered her violence in a symbolic way with her words.
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  8. He let out a yawn whenever she said he took his time, of course he did. He wasn't going to be set to these peoples standards, he would go by his own and not be dragged down by these people. His eyes glanced between the three people that he would be spending time with, he was sizing them up. Though he wasn't impressed by the Uchiha girl, just because she was a descendant of Sasuke didn't make her great, just like he was a descendant of Hashirama in a way, it was his clone he was descended from, but it was a clone.

    He listened to everyone talk, Rikuo's was short and Mikasa decided to drag it out, smiling and talking in a cheerful tone which slightly disgusted him. No one was that cheerful without a damn good reason, and he was sure being with this team was a good reason to be happy.

    Once she finished speaking, he let out a defeated sigh. "My name is Ryuu of the Senju clan" or what was left of the clan. It was only thanks to Yamamato that the clan was even 'reborn' like Sasuke and the Uchiha's. "I can use Mokuton and I hope we all get along" he rolled his eyes, not paying attention if they were watching. He believed himself to be above Rikuo and Mikasa, but his Sensei was older and had more training, one day he would show that he was stronger, just not today.
  9. Kimiko wasn't terribly surprised how little information they gave about themselves. The one who gave the most information and said the most, at that, was giving it under false pretenses. The jounin was well aware of of the history of the Uchiha clan, even the recent history with the two siblings having disappeared from the village. There was obvious a great deal of pain and anger hidden in her, maybe deep down, maybe just under the surface. At this time, it was difficult to tell. Either way, she would have to keep an eye on her.

    However, the first to speak was Rikuo, so, she turned her attention back to him for a moment. He seemed nervous, but definitely polite. Of the three, he certainly seemed the most level headed and the most likely to try and get along with the other two. Still, first interpretations could be deceiving. Her gaze again shifted to the last arrival, Ryuu Senju.

    It appeared at first glance that he had a prideful air about him. Like he was above the rules and principles of other shinobi. Whether this was stubborn pride in his abilities, or a firm believe that his heritage made him somehow greater than the others, she couldn't tell. This was the type of individual that Kimiko couldn't stand. Those who put themselves above everyone else and placed themselves on some sort of pedestal, thinking others weren't worth their time.

    The young woman let out a brief sigh as she looked to the three of them. "Very well. Again, I am Hannori, Kimiko. You may call me by my family or given name, whichever pleases you. I personally am not originally from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. I came here from the Land of Iron when I was a little younger than the three of you. I worked hard to be the best I could be, and in a relatively short amount of time, I became a Jounin, and now, here I am, preparing to train the three of you. It is my hope that you will all learn the importance of the principles of this village. The will of fire burns bright, and with your help, it will remain, and be all the brighter in the future."

    After speaking, she cleared her throat and cracked her neck as if she were trying to get the moment off of her. "Anyway, I think its time for a preliminary exercise. Meet me at the training grounds in a half hour. I would like to get a gauge of your abilities." She glanced to Ryuu, her eyes narrowed slightly. "Don't be late, or you'll be sorry." With that, the shinobi disappeared in a burst of smoke.
  10. As the sensei introduced herself she briefly described their task.. Or training. Mikasa watched her disappear within a poof of thick smoke and she quietly turned around while on the railing, thinking for a moment. In half an hour...? Well, what should they do? What should she do?

    Mikasa looked over her shoulder at the two boys in her team, making her the only girl and looked away."Since she said in half an hour.." Mikasa said."Why don't we know each other more for an extra few minutes?" She suggested. Mikasa was not going to fail, no way in hell. She wanted to prove to her father that she can be just as good as her older twin siblings.. No, better and she adds."I'm only suggesting because we have to know each other's abilities and move sets before actually training with Kimiko sensei. Might as well briefly summarize and explain, then on training grounds we can see each other with our own eyes. Easy work."

    "Best to know now then later." Sighed Mikasa as she flipped off the railing. She looked at Ryuu."Ryuu...."said the black haired girl."You said you can use mokuton. An advantage based on using vegetation and the land. Changing, shifting. Even if you don't know--you still have a higher advantage land wise if you focus, even for a bit." Explained Mikasa then she looks at Rikuo."And you...What do you special in?" She asked.

    "You guys already know I have the Sharingan and katon.. We can work and use these things together if needed. But only for emergencies." She grinned. Only for emergencies.... That can only mean that she dislikes teamwork and will only work together when she feels it's needed, like almost nearing the limit of fainting or something and she looked at them."Our group is pretty... Special... We have a land advantage, an insight advantage, and we need to briefly know yours." She said recapping. If he was a sky advantage, that'd be great--most likely a raiton user. Insight, land, sky. Water would be hard, and wind would be rare. So she mentally hoped... She can feel him even without her Sharingan visible being raiton, but it was worth still asking.
  11. He knew the comment about being late was directed at him. He wouldn't be late, it was training and he wanted to show why he was great. Not because he was the descendant of Hashirama/Yamamato, but because he was Ryuu. People that know his family and talk, say that since he can use Mokuton, he should be great like Hashirama. He is being compared to his Ancestor, the First Hokage all because of the Style he can use and it irritated him. People expect him to be able to fight Jounin with a flick of the wrist. Of course, he ignores all the people his mother talks to.

    He heard Mikasa talk, but he didn't want to mention at how using Mokuton drained him of his Chakra. He had no problem using the Ninjustu, it just drained a lot of Chakra changing the landscape and doing as he pleased with it. Only training could make it easier on him, training that he needed but wouldn't admit to anyone. Only do it secretly. "If we are going to make a plan, might as well make one real quick." He didn't want to think about how the plan was probably going to fail.

    His eyes shifted over to Rikuo, they needed to know what he specialized in of course. Even if they knew Rikuo's, just Ryuu and Mikasa already have a combination.
    "If the training session is fighting her...maybe I could surround her with Mokuton and you use Katon?" He could make wooden pillars or a cage around her, of course if this attack failed he would more than likely not use another Ninjustu from just how the one jutsu would drain him. He was only helping her because he wasn't the Greatest Ninja yet, but he was on his way to the top and it is easier to climb to the top when you are using people.
  12. Listening to the rest of his teammates introduce himself, he was slightly impressed by how much talking Mikasa did, though he was slightly disturbed by how much smiling she did and how cheerful she was. Then, there was that Ryuu kid. Rikuo was slightly irritated by his attitude. He knew people like that existed but he didn't expect to be grouped with one. Somehow, my instincts like to prove me wrong nowadays... Rikuo watched as his new Sensei disappeared in the thick smoke. He still couldn't believe he graduated from the Ninja Academy.

    He does agree that this is a special team, there's a Mokuton user, a Katon user and there's him, a Raiton user. "And you...What do you special in?" Rikuo looked at Mikasa, knowing that the question was directed to him. He was the only one that didn't tell his chakra nature. He remembered those intense trainings his father would put him through since the both of them were of the same chakra nature. Ryo being a suiton user while Kenta is a fuuton user. For the team! He mentally told himself. "Raiton." he stated.

    "I'm used to battling with a sword though." he didn't want to add 'chakra infused sword', he knew it might take a lot of his chakra if he didn't control it well but he didn't want to tell others. Over exerting of his chakra rarely happens now that he is older. But, you can't be so sure. During his sparring sessions with his siblings, he would often get comments by them for being too sadistic. Sometimes, when he was younger, he would pass out if he used too much chakra, which was why his parents decided to give him the family sword the day he entered a team.
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  13. "Raiton.. Good. Land advantage, combat advantage, and sky." Mikasa said."I don't have a specific plan--But in an emergency we can just combine our moves quickly during group fights or so." She shrugged."Just keep your chakra under control and gather it up. That's what helps the duration of yourself in fights." Mikasa said in attempt to give them advice. This was very important to know ones nature and think how it will work together. Even if the natures opposed each other it would still work if there was a member like Mikasa and she remained on the railing.

    "Well, Cya." She smiled falsely then jumped off to a building and began dashing around in order to get to training grounds. She made it early, as usual and sat on the middle tree stump cautiously. Mikasa couldn't help but feel familiar eyes on her, familiar and old eyes she never felt for years. But then, something caught her attention from the corner of her eye and she looked at the direction that caught her attention. There was a raven and a crow together on a tree branch. Mikasa jumped off the stump and slowly began to walk closer to the birds of a better view, which remained in place. These birds being together was impossible, she only knew one reason based on how and why they were together. Her siblings.

    The crow, the smaller black bird would be her sister while the raven--The bigger black bird would be her brother. She knew because when she was way younger she would see, more like watch them train by showing off each other's moves and once a clone or substitution jutsu was casted crows or ravens would appear. It was as accurate as the shadow clone technique, however had more diversion to it giving you a better chance to strike from behind or somewhere along those lines.

    Seriously what were these birds doing together if her siblings were missing? Moreover by now, dead..? She took out two shurikens and chucked them at the birds before walking away. They were also birds that she hated from then on in particular. Anything that caused her to remember the past with her siblings had to disappear, and they seemed to take the form as two birds they used for their many Justus. The child walked back to the stump and leaned her back on it still looking at the direction of where the birds once remained. They had merely managed to fly away and dodge her weapons somehow.
  14. Raiton, how great there team was. So full of diverse people that if they actually work together, could pull off some interesting combinations and attacks that will give them an edge in fighting. He didn't want to rely on their strength though, only his own. Whenever he was fighting, he wasn't a member of the Senju clan. He was only Ryuu at the moment. He couldn't afford to think or let his enemy think who he was related to, to be compared to the people before him. He was his own person, not Hashirama or Yamamato.

    Letting out a sigh, it seemed like there little meeting was over. He planned on going to the training field early anyways. So he followed after Mikasa, only a minute behind her. While she sat on a tree stump, he stood on a branch in a tree, waiting for Rikuo now and to start the damn training. "What kind of training do you think it will be..." He has heard stories of Kakashi leading Team 7 and his training was about bells. That was all he knew though, it involved bells.

    He was speaking to Mikasa, trying not to make this standing so...awkward. He wasn't trying to be friendly with her, if it seemed like that at all. He was preparing for something else.
  15. One by one, he watched as his teammates leave for the training grounds, leaving him standing there staring into space. "I should go..." he muttered to himself, jumping off the building, making a dash for the training grounds. Halfway on his journey to the training grounds, he ran past both his brothers' team and their teammates. As he ran past them, he could hear them wishing him 'Good luck, Rikuo!'. He felt warm and fuzzy on the inside, somehow.

    Both his brothers' teams often come over to his house to hangout and stuff. Sometimes, they would ask him how his life at the academy was and he would reply them. Of course, his mother is very welcoming and enjoys it when her kids friends visits their home. They would often tell him what to expect of life after the academy while he would just nod off, not really listening to them. He likes to keep it a surprise for himself. A few minutes later, he arrived at the training grounds, Ryuu and Mikasa were already there. His eyes scanned the whole area, to look for the sensei. He sighed in relief, knowing he came before the sensei. He didn't like to be late, and always made an effort to come a five to ten minutes before the meeting time. Panting slightly, he walked over to his teammates, standing next to Mikasa. He tried to roll his sleeves up, but they ended up falling again, falling past his hands.
  16. The earth not far behind the three gathered students began to shimmer slightly, a figure beginning to rise from the dirt. After a few seconds, the shape took the form of a young woman, her tunic already beginning to move slowly in the breeze, the earthen color still clinging to the entire form. Another few seconds later and the figure was standing upright, a parasol leaning against her shoulder, the regular color of her clothing and flesh returning. "Welcome, children. I assume you are all three prepared for our little exam?" Kimiko said quietly, a slight smirk crossing her lips.

    "First thing is first..." The jounin began, raising her right hand up, then turning it palm down, allowing a pair of silver bells to fall from her fingers. They made a shrill ringing sound as they were caught on a pair of strings. "...your objective is to retrieve these bells from me within three hours. Each of you to retrieve a bell will pass the test. Those without a bell will fail, and must return to the Academy for further training." Kimiko was sure to speak slowly enough that the words would sink in, her smirk remained as she spoke, the parasol in her left hand twirling slightly.
  17. Mikasa stared ahead at their superior. Of course... Team 7 was cursed with the bell training. She furrows her eyebrows ready to hide and strategize but already had a plan in mind..Maybe she can suggest it later. They needed to go solo so instead she took a step back whispering under her collar to her teammates.

    "We see each other's moves for two hours...." She said."After two hours of independence, we meet back here for the first hour to do devise a plan I have." Mikasa mumbled."However I'll meet with one of you guys who will be capable of pushing or luring Sensei back here then we all meet up as a group and I'll tell you my plan once I see your move sets..." Explained Mikasa."Got it?"

    Mikasa had it planned, but needed to be sure. She can catch up to Ryuu after two hours and tell him to use his Mokaton to push Kimiko back here to base then make the ground 'uppercut' Kimiko, causing her to jump up. After that, Rikuo would then be at base and Mikasa and puff out fireballs missing deliberately enough to hit the sky and cause cumulus clouds and burn the earth technique. The cumulus clouds would warm and heat up the air enough for Rikuo to use his lightning techniques -and miss deliberately- As their Sensei is busy landing and dodging the lightning as well as dodging the ground from hitting her by jumping up in the air--She'd be distracted.Then once Kimiko would be distracted, focusing up front and in the sky to defend herself, dodging around, Mikasa thought that the kids -them- can cause clones of themselves and all attack at once. Mikasa's Cole grabbing from behind, ryuu from her leg, and Rikuo from the other leg.

    It would drain Atleast half, to the rest of their chakra, and hopefully would work. But Mikasa mustn't underestimate her opponent and she stared straight ahead."I'll meet up with you Ryuu. Tell you part of the plan when I find you..Rikuo, you wait on the sides for us to bring Kimiko back here." She whispered."On second thought.. Find Ryuu or me and we'll catch up together. I'll tell you my plan when three of us are traveling back together." She paused."My plan based on the advantages we each have as a team will take on a lot of chakra... So try saving as much as you can--Atleast half minimum. However we must work solo and see one another's moves like said."