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  1. "He's a witch! Burn him!" they cried as the townsfolk picked up their pitchforks and lit their torches, getting ready for another hunt. Warren practiced Witchcraft, actually to be more precise it was black magic, but it all looked the same to the general population. What Warren had just done was on the borderline of being outlawed. Magic had once been not as uncommon as it is today. Most magic now days has been forgotten, primarily because it is something you are born with, passed down by your father, and when people learned this, many families formed an elitist society, who practiced eugenics. Little did they know that over time, the different magic lines would cancel themselves out and leave the patrimonial magic without heirs. The practitioners who didn't join this society slowly became ostracized from the workings of the normal world and were seen as freaks. Over time as the practitioners got less frequent in society, they were often better and things than normal people because of their gift. They were hunted down and killed, and were labeled "witches" The few people who do have magic now days are either unaware of it, ashamed of it and avoid using it or hide in the shadows using their magic for good or evil. Despite the fact that Warren gift was black magic, that didn't mean he had to be the stereotypical warlock who lives in a tower and does evil from afar. On the contrary, he tries to use his gift for good, but today he was seen using magic and he was on the run. Running down the street he saw an open door to a house, perhaps he could hide in here when the crowd passes and leave town. Just as he closed the door behind him, he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He wasn't alone.