Teachings for the Youth

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  1. Thomas cleared the board in his classroom as he waited for his next set of students to come. He knew that many of the kids would never apply some of the math they go over to their life, but he tried to make it enjoyable.

    He glanced up a young boy that entered and sat towards the back. "Good morning," he said.

    The kid said nothing as he lifted his hand up and gave it a flick.

    "So, what grade are you in?"

    "I'm a senior," he said softly.

    "Ok. Do you have a name?"

    "Do you have a role sheet?"

    Thomas decided to ignore the boy's rude comment as he sat at his desk.
  2. Elizabeth - or Lisa as he friends call her - was running late for the first time in her life. She had heard the bell that rung to warn everyone that they needed to be in class in a minute and did the quickest walk she had ever done. She did not want to run; it would attract too much unneeded attention.

    She barely made it through the doors and smiled as the official bell rang. Safe. She issued a breathless "Sorry," and continued to look for a spot to sit.
  3. Thomas looked up at the female student that came in his class as the tardy bell rang.

    "It's all right, miss. Please, have a seat."

    The boy glanced at the girl as she came in. "LISA!" he shouted happily.

    There was a roar of laughter from his classmates. He sank back in his chair and blushed uncontrollably. The laughing died down as the students saw the stern look on their teacher's face.

    "Now, if we're done being heartless jerks," he said. "Good morning. My name is Mr. Keith, and I'll be your math teacher for the semester. I assume that everyone had a good break?"

    Many of the students nodded and told him yes.
  4. Lisa smiled at Tyler and was glad that there was a seat beside him. She rolled her eyes at everyone else's response, but gave Tyler a thumbs up to let him know she appreciated the welcome.

    "Yeah," she responded to... Mr. Keith's question. It was the first time she actually noticed the teacher. What caught her off guard was how young he was. And he was kind of attractive. She mentally chided herself because it was stupid to be checking out a teacher. Especially a math teacher. She will have to keep her mind on the problems that will be coming in this class. She set most of her books beside her seat, except her reading novel. That was something she did not want to put on the ground. And as she waited to listen to Mr. Keith's talk, she interlaced her fingers and put it on top of the book.

    She was just itching to read it.
  5. "Ok, I'll call the role."

    Thomas read through the names, listened to the students yell "Here" or any nicknames they want to go by.

    "Tyler Kyle."

    There were snickers floating around the room.

    "Do I need to send anyone out on the first day of class?" Thomas said in a firm voice.

    "Here," said the guy next to Lisa when the snickering died down.

    "Elizabeth Miller." He looked at the girl next to Tyler. He was yelling at himself in his head; he shouldn't be checking out one of his students. That was against any school's rules.
  6. Lisa scoffed at everyone else's snickering. Really, couldn't they just leave Tyler alone. She looked at him, trying to offer him a reassuring smile. The guy had it hard enough.

    And she was surprised at her reaction to her name being said by Mr. Keith. It sent a mini rush through her, but she played it off as her just being silly. "Here, and could you just call me Lisa?" She wouldn't admit it, but Elizabeth was more something she would imagine for a romantic situation. Reading too many novels, she supposed, but it apparently provoked something in her.
  7. "I'll make a note of that." He wrote "Lisa" next to her name before reading a few more names.

    Tyler leaned over toward Lisa. "Why does everyone laugh at me?" he whispered.

    "I believe that's everyone. So today, instead of diving into math, we'll be introducing ourselves to the class and get to know each other better. This will be done independently and I will also be doing it. What I want you guys to do is tell everyone your name, your grade, some of your hobbies, what you want to do after getting out of high school, and whatever else you want to tell everyone."

    Some of the students quietly groaned or sighed.

    "You may begin now."
  8. This was the perfect opportunity for Lisa to talk to Tyler. "First, the exercise real quick." She said. At least if the teacher asked, they can honestly say they did it. "Lisa, Senior, Reading, and Undecided." She laughed getting it out of the way. "And as for everyone else, it's because they are uncaring jerks who are absorbed in their selfish little worlds," Lisa said calmly. "They are spoiled and lavished in attention. They think everything revolves around them when it simply isn't true. They're just missing out on how awesome you are. Pity them."

    She reached over to hold his hand in a reassuring manner. "They'll get over themselves eventually." Then she lightly swotted his shoulder. "Now do yours before we get in trouble!"
  9. Tyler blushed. "This is true. They are a bunch of jerks."

    He wrote on his "Tyler, Senior, too many hobbies to list, engineer." He put his pencil down as everyone chatted with each other and did their activity. "So, about prom," he said. "Are you going? I might be."
  10. Lisa was slightly caught off guard. "I-I honestly don't know. I mean, I suppose I am." She thought about it. "Probably will. It is a big part of the High School Experience," she said, eyeing her book. Honestly, it was one of her little perfect fantasy things. She knew it wouldn't be as amazing as what the books say, but it was something she still looked forward too.

    "But I just haven't thought about it much. I mean, it's a bit away, isn't it?" She tried to think about when it was. She was terrible with dates. It could be right around the corner, and she wouldn't know. "Homecoming is first, right?"
  11. "Yeah, homecoming's first. But we're going to that together, right?" Tyler didn't mind that Lisa was bad with dates. At least he could help her keep track of the dates.

    Tyler didn't know how obvious he made his attraction to Lisa to everyone else. He knew that some of them knew about it and would jeer him about it, telling him how Lisa "would never stoop that low for someone like you"; that always made him fight them. He didn't know why, but it just made him fight people.
  12. Lisa nodded as she moved all of her hair to her right shoulder. "Yes, of course. You're one of my best friends; I wouldn't want to go with anyone else." His attraction to her was obvious to everyone but her. She thought it was just because they were friends, and that she was one of the few he had that he was like this.

    "You know me, we kinda have to work on one at a time. I'll get so lost otherwise."
  13. "Right." Tyler nodded and "You're my very best friend. I don't want to lose what we have."

    "Is everyone done?" Thomas asked.

    There were a few "no's."

    "Ok. We have all class period."
  14. Lisa stopped and looked at Mr. Keith. She wasn't sure, but she just couldn't focus on her friend. And her mouth slipped as she spoke what she thought: "What about you," She asked the teacher. "Didn't you say that you were going to do this too? I mean, we should be done by now, and you should share yours."

    She was a little horrified when she let is slip, but kept smiling innocently. Well, it was the truth. And she bet that the people who said no were just wanting more time to talk and not do anything. Honestly, she just wanted to hear what Mr. Keith had to say. "Plus, I bet there are a few girls in the back who were curious about you as well." She couldn't help but giggle as she knew there were a few people either turning red or trying to hide. There will others who are proud, but for the most part, they probably weren't expecting to be outed so soon.

    That's what they get for always being so rude to Tyler. Now... she just had the boys left...
  15. Tyler began to notice that Lisa would look at Mr. Keith more than him. Why was that? Was he going to have competition with a teacher over a girl?

    "Oh, you're right!" Thomas quickly jotted something down. "There we go."

    He looked up at the class. "Who wants to go first?" There was a moment of silence. "No one? Fine, I'll go first."

    He stood up and cleared his throat. "My name is Mr. Keith. I am a graduate of LSU. My hobbies are reading, watching movies, and cooking. Since I'm already a teacher, it's obvious what I wanted to do after high school."

    There were a few giggles.

    "Who wants to go next?"

    "Tyler wants to go next!" one of the jocks shouted.

    Tyler nervously stood up and spoke. "My name is Tyler. I am a senior this year. I have too many hobbies to list. And I want to be a an engineer." He quickly sat down.
  16. Lisa smiled at Tyler, glad he actually did. "An engineer, so ambitious," she whispered to him. "And you'll definitely do it."

    Lisa realized that she probably go next, so she stood up soon after ."Well, since I made sure it got started, I should help it continue! A lot of people know me as Lisa. I am a senior who loves to read. It is my main hobby. And I am undecided about what I want to do. I am just kind of figuring things out and don't want to put anything in stone until I really figure it out." She then sat down, her hair flowing, and looked at Mr. Keith. She wasn't sure why, but she wanted to see his response.
  17. "I'm sure you find you'll want to do," Thomas said, giving her a warm smile.

    He noticed her flowing hair. Wow... he thought.
  18. Lisa was caught off guard by how much she enjoyed his smile. Wow... was all she could think as she smiled back. She glanced over at Tyler, hoping she wasn't too obvious. She wasn't showing much, but if anyone noticed anything, it would be Tyler.

    She was acting stupid, she kept telling herself. But she couldn't help it. Maybe this year would be the year. The year when things change; or at least became interesting. People were right; Senior year was already looking to be the best year.
  19. Tyler gave her a funny look. Why was she smiling back at the teacher like that? She couldn't attracted to the teacher, could she?

    He didn't know what it meant if she didn't pay attention to him the way he wanted her to. He looked around the room, everyone else didn't seem to notice.
  20. Lisa noticed Tyler's odd look. She bent over to whisper to him. "What's wrong," she asked, concerned for him. Personally, she was hoping he didn't notice but it could be about something else. "Are you looking or waiting for something?"

    She looked around the room as well to see if she could find what he was looking for.
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