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  1. Fairy Tail is proud to present its newest recruits....

    * * *


    Brilliance "Bri" O'Conners

    Sixteen | Fairy Tail - Training Under Lucy & Levy | Celestial & Solid Script Mage

    * Abandoned as an infant in Fiore only a few days after her birth, she thankfully was adopted by a couple that was unable to conceive children of their own. The O'Conners can best be described as eccentric, bizarre and rather artistic. They strongly believe in a sense of creativity, individualism and inner expression. It was only natural that they'd give their beloved daughter a name that isn't traditionally accepted.

    * True to the name she was given, Brilliance is an extremely outgoing and expressive young lady. She enjoys socializing and excels in the arts (painting, drawing, reading, writing...etc) Brilliance prefers to go by "Bri" as a nickname, but doesn't get upset if people call her otherwise. She's quite the free spirit and doesn't obey rules or regulations unless absolutely necessary. She was accepted into Fairy Tail when she turned thirteen and has been training there ever since.

    * Brilliance originally began as a Solid Script Mage, but showed an impressive amount of Magical Energy that allows her to study two types of Magic easily. She was given the choice of which type of magic she'd like to learn in addition to Solid Script and happily decided on Celestial Magic.

    * She's currently a student that's training to become a certified member of Fairy Tail. Brilliance doesn't have her Guild Mark yet, but she's excited for the day when she'll get one. She works part-time at the Guild when not studying.

    * The hair colors? Natural. Seriously, she doesn't dye it!


    Also playing....

    Lucy Heartfillia, Levy McGarden and Ezra Scarlet!
  2. Allen Rosen Takamino, red

    Allen Rosen Takamino
    Allen, was alone in his childhood no friends or family all he had was himself. Until Jellal and his two friends came along they lead him outside of Fiore and took Allen like there own little brother. He trained under Jellal in learning "Heavenly Body Magic" this type of magic was very rare to see. It took Allen about 5 years of his live to get a good understand of this magic he still had lots to learn but time was running out. Jellal was never able to see or live with his fairy tale family. Since he was a wanted criminal, because of that fact Allen was forced to move from place to place. When we had to move in cities Jellal had to make Allen Mystogan's apprentice. Which is how Allen learned to use magic staves. Magic staves were more easier to Allen to master and that's why he carries them around. After being with Jellal for almost all his live, Jellal gave Allen a mission to go to fairy tail and live the life of a guild member. There was a catch to this request Allen knew Jellal and he wouldn't just send Allen away unless extremely important.

    That is why Allen now is attempting to become a guild member at fairy tale he just has to wait one more year before it is official. Because Jellal talked so much about Ezra, "Ezra that Ezra this." Allen was learning a third magic the magic of Re-quip to in-corporate with his Magic staves.

    also will be playing, Jellal, Loke, Natsu, Gray and others when need be.
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  3. The Guild hall at Fairy Tail was surprisingly peaceful for a change, not a common occurrence with this group. To Mira Jane's amazement, she couldn't locate Lucy even though Natsu and Gray were already inside. She knew that the Celestial Mage was usually on time, so she began to worry. However, all her concerns were immediately set aside when a colorful young maiden entered the Guild Hall with the formerly missing Celestial Mage following from behind.

    "Mira! Mira!" The younger Mage exclaimed, running towards the bar with both hands high in the sky. Firmly in the grasp of her right hand, Mira Jane noticed a golden key. "Look!" The girl cheered, propelling her hand forward into Mira Jane's face. "Lucy gave me a key! My first Celestial Spirit!"

    Mira Jane's brows furrowed in puzzlement, she recognized the key to be one of Lucy's Zodiac Spirits. Lucy has been training the younger Mage for a few months now, ever since Levy and Gajeel went off on their mission. The blond Mage finally came forward, sitting herself down on the bar stool and asked Mira Jane for a large glass of alcohol.

    "I told you not to cause a scene!" Lucy shouted angrily, narrowing her eyes at the disobedient Mage. "Bri, you have to focus. Opening a Celestial Spirit's Gate is not easy."

    Bri, properly known as Brilliance, huffed with folded arms. "I know that, dummy!" She protested, sticking out her tongue playfully.

    Mira Jane giggled, watching the two with a smile. "Why have you given her a golden key, Lucy?" The white-haired woman was extremely curious as to why Lucy decided to bestow such a powerful key to the Mage in training.

    Brilliance wandered off, proudly displaying her key to anyone that she could find. This included Gray, Natsu and even Ezra. The red-haired woman entered the Guild just in time to be hassled by the younger girl.

    Lucy sighed, gulping her drink quickly before answering Mira Jane. "She's very powerful for someone that just started learning Celestial Magic a few months ago. Apparently, she learned Solid Script within a year. At least, that's what Levy told me."

    "She's only sixteen!"

    Lucy nodded, "I know. She has such a massive amont of Magical Energy, though. I've never seen it in anyone aside from Natsu or Ezra."

    "But," Mira Jane insisted, "Why did you give her a gold key instead of sliver?"

    Lucy smirked, "I gave her Leo's key."


    "Loke? Leo the Lion?" Lucy explained. "He's my most powerful Spirit and Brilliance has been wanting to go on missions by herself. I gave her Leo's key because he can protect her should something dangerous happen. He already knows about this. He just hasn't signed a contract with her yet."

    In the background, Brilliance was happily showing everyone her key. Jumping up onto the table and held the key out in the air. "Shall I summon him now, Lucy!?" She called out, screaming across the Guild. Before Lucy could even reply, the multicolored girl raised the key high and began the spell.

    "I call upon thee in the Celestial World. Open, Gate of the Lion: Leo!"
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  4. Fairy Tail Guild Hall, red
    The Fairy Tail Guild Hall was the perfectly place for Allen to sit back on his bench and stretch out his legs. He loved the peace in the place finally. The peace did not last too long because he heard the Multi- colored rainbow haired girl excited and full of energy. Allen looked towards her direction as he looked and saw Lucy, Mira and her all talking together. He was ok with that until she ran up to him and showed off her new key.

    He was annoyed by this but that all vanished once he saw Erza walk into the guild. He got up from his bench and ran towards her. He smiled at her “I am happy your finally back Erza I want to know if you believe I am ready for my fairy tail tattoo and if I am finally ready to do solo missions.” He asked hoping for a good answer. But he was then interrupted as that same girl went up to Erza and showed off her key. Allen couldn’t help but clench his fist and look at her.

    Finally she left but she started to call out the spirit from the key. “Oh this can’t be good.” Allen said to himself. Once she finished her chant he saw a man wearing a pure black and white suit with sun glasses standing in front of her. She was actually able to do it! Allen thought.

    “You must be my new master, my name is Loke, I am the Celestial spirit Leo. It is an honor to be summoned by you.” Loke bowed formally, know that she wasn’t old enough for him to hit on. All he needed to do was play nice and he might get to hang out with Mira and Lucy.

    A clapping sound came from the top floor of the guildhall. It was the Guild master, He might be old small and look fragile but he was the guild master of fairy tail a fearsome man he is. “This is a great moment so see Lucy’s apprentice learning so fast and now just about to finish her contract with Loke no doubt. Also I would like us to look at another new member most of you don’t know him but his name is Allen and Erza as been training him to use Re-quip magic.” The guild master said jumping down to the bottom floor.

    “To commemorate these two for their hard work why don’t we make them a official part of our family what do you all say to that? I know that they should wait a year but time is a precious thing…..So let’s drop that rule for these two do I have an agreement?” the Guild master asked. His left ear grew larger as he put his hand behind his ear to he could silently tell them to YELL out there answer now.
  5. Lucy had to admit she was impressed by her student's accomplishment of summoning a Zodiac Spirit, on the first attempt nonetheless. Mira Jane clapped happily as the Celestial Spirit arrived, presenting himself to the younger maiden. As for Brilliance, she just grinned and leaped forward with great force as she wrapped both arms around Loke's waist.

    Despite being sixteen, she's still quite the child. Something that easily aggravates Lucy. However, the Celestial Mage was excited for her student. To achieve such a task, summoning Loke without exhausting herself, Brilliance definitely deserves praise. Lucy could tell, though, that Brilliance was surely feeling the strain of calling Loke into the human world. The perky Mage suddenly collapsed to her knees, breathing heavily and her hands began to shake.

    While Master Makarov announced the request for both Brilliance and Allen to be accepted into the Guild, the young maiden was struggling to keep her composure. Lucy immediately ran to her student's side, gently placing a hand on her shoulder. "Bri?" She could see the strain displayed, Brilliance exerted too much Magical Energy in summoning Loke.

    "Bri, send Loke back to the Celestial World."

    The girl stubbornly shook her head, clenching Loke's key tightly in her hand. "You have to send him back, Bri." Lucy stressed, shaking Brilliance's shoulders. "He's draining your energy too quickly. You did excellent, but now send him back alright?"

    Brilliance refused to listen to her teacher. She wanted to form the contract with Loke. Suddenly, another joined the conversation. It was Ezra, someone Brilliance has always admired since her beginning in the Guild. Ezra frowned, standing with crossed arms as she lowered her gaze to the weakened Mage.

    "Brilliance," Ezra commanded, earning the younger girl's attention. "You've done well. Outstanding performance in summoning such a powerful Spirit. However, every wise Mage must know their limitations. You need to send Loke back to preserve your own strength."

    Listening to the wisdom of the famous Titania, Brilliance obeyed. She lifted herself back into a stance, held Loke's key and closed his gate. The Celestial Spirit was sent back, allowing Brilliance's strength to recover. Lucy was grateful, thanking Ezra and went to tend her student. Ezra just sighed, knowing just how difficult it can be to handle stubborn students, such as her own.

    Speaking of which, she turned her attention back towards Allen and narrowed her eyes. "I believe Master Makarov is willing to allow you and Brilliance into the Guild." She didn't argue with the master's decision, even though she prefers Allen have more training. He's an excellent wizard, undoubtedly powerful and has excelled in her expectations, but even so, Ezra is uncomfortable with him around sometimes. She doesn't know why, it's just a feeling.
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  6. Fairy Tail Guild Hall, red
    Loke gladly return to the celestial world, so that Miss Bri would be able to regain her magic. Meanwhile Makarov let off a great big smile; his smile seemed to be bigger than his head. Makarov then looked at Allen and Bri, seeing two great new wizards in the making.

    “Let’s get the welcoming official!”

    Makarov waved his hands for both of the young wizards to come forward. He was ready to welcome them into the guild. He knew these two had great potential.

    Allen looked to Erza, but was then looking down sadly, she did not want him to start his own journey only because he was still new to the guild didn’t mean he should be held back. He knew what Erza thought and he did not care he took his step forward.

    He got to the same spot of Bri, he looked at her and was very questionable of her gifts as a wizard it was just too good that she was so gifted, and she was able to live a life with a family, school and live in this guild. You could saw Allen somewhat despised how much easily her life seemed to be.

    He then turned away looking straight at Makarov, Allen just let off a small smile. “Finally it was time.” He whispered to himself. Allen was happy but also sad that Jellal a man who Allen thought of as his older brother wasn’t here to see this accomplishment. But what he did not know Jellal was actually pretty close by.

    Jellal was inside the town of Fiora, disguised as Mystogan. He was standing outside of fairy tail. Jellal used his magic of Telepathy, the only other wizards who could possibly here this telepathic conversation was, Erza, Makarov and possibly Bri.

    “I am proud of you Allen I hope to see you one day but for now live your life as the magic who took Mystogans magic staves.”

    Jellal told him telepathically, he stabbed the magic staves into the round in a circle. “Now Erza be easier on the boy please and accept him, for who he is. I did train him myself.” Jellal told Erza telepathically.

    Allen did turn back and smiled as he looked back. Allen mouthed the words thank you, as he saw Jellal walking away. Now it was time Allen was now perfectly fine to accept his guild mark. He tugged his shirt down as he showed his left should as he was marked on his collar bone and you should see the guild symbol a bit on his neck.
  7. Ezra visibly tensed as she overheard a voice echoing inside her head, the voice of someone she held a twisted history with. Jellal, the man whom she'd loved in the past. His voice shattered whatever comfort she had at the moment, becoming completely distracted by his presence within her mind. Jellal didn't linger, though. Soon as he spoke, Ezra felt his aura suddenly fading off into the background.

    Sidetracked with Jellal, Ezra was unable to witness Allen's accomplishment as he received the Guild's mark. However, Ezra joined in with the crowd's thundering applause and exclamations of joy, although her lips remained sealed together. She was proud of her student, despite his former relations with Jellal. She knew Allen was an excellent wizard and needed to give him some opportunities for proper growth. That's when she decided on allowing Allen to accompany her on a mission, perhaps bringing along Brilliance as well, should Lucy grant it permissible.

    "You want to bring Bri along with you and Allen for a mission?" Lucy was beyond disbelief, having split her drink on the counter. She apologized to Mira Jane, but the white-haired woman just waved off the accident with a smile. "Are you sure about this, Ezra?" Lucy has always trusted her friend's judgement, but she couldn't help being hesitant now.

    "Bri and Allen don't exactly get along."

    The truth is, Allen and Brilliance don't like each other. They never have gotten along, despite being fellow members of the same Guild, officially now.

    Brilliance was preoccupied with receiving her mark, a solid black symbol located in the center of her right wrist. She happily removed one of her matching white wrist bands so the mark could be displayed proudly. "Thanks Master Makarov!" Brilliance leaped into the elder's arms, hugging him tightly.

    Mira Jane giggled, Ezra sighed and Lucy face palmed. "Are you sure you want to bring that idiot along?" Lucy challenged, pale in the face as she watched her student's behavior.

    Ezra just nodded, "Quite sure."

    Suddenly, Lucy called over Brilliance and Ezra did the same with Allen. They explained that the two of them would be traveling alongside Ezra in accompanying her on a mission to another city. While Brilliance leaped into the air with excitement, Ezra kept a careful eye on her student.

    "What do you have to say, Allen?" She knew something was on his mind.
  8. Fairy Tail Guild Hall, red
    Makarav accepted the hug even though he almost lost all his balance. “Wow I’m happy to see your so lively as ever.” Makarav said smiling as he Bri go and talk with the others. Makarav walked outside the guild hall and stopped Jellal from leaving. “You should really explain to me why I just accepted your student?” Makarav asked him.

    Jellal looked back at Makarav. “We all will find out sooner or later, but I would be more into looking at Bri.” Jellal said as his body vanished.

    “I really hate it when he used his illusion magic!” Makarav said as he walked back inside holding the Magic staves jellal left Allen also realizing, he had missed a lot of things.

    While Makarav walked outside Allen was inside looking more confused than ever. So much was racing though him. He wanted to bolt outside and say good bye to Jella, but he had to stay inside and talk this whole mess over. “Are you kidding me? You know how Bri and I act around each other. I don’t see how she and I would or ever work together efficiently.” Allen yelled.

    Allen turned to Bri, giving her the stare of death, trying to show that if she says yes and they get majority vote. That he would not let it go. To Allen he never saw Bri as a wizard who would do good in combat, because she used script magic not a very good offensive magic, defensive yeah but offensive Allen never saw it.

    Allen looked to Lucy and Erza. “I refuse to work with this multi hair colored friendship is magic want ta be.” Allen told them. There was not much else he could saw about her besides she was way too happy, too excited and just to loud for Allen’s liking.

    Makarav over heard the quest for them joining together and intervened thankfully. “Allen I don’t want to hear it this will be good for you two to get to know each other better and hone your skills as official guild members.” Makarav then gave the 5 magic staves to Allen almost everyone besides Bri most likely knew who those staves belonged to and for Allen to be given them went something rather strange.

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  11. Ezra wanted to scream, to punish Allen for expressing such cruelty in his words to a fellow member of the Guild. She didn't get the chance, though. Immediately after Allen spoke, Lucy charged forwards and grabbed him by the collar. Despite being much shorter, the furious blond held an impressive aura at her control. "How dare you speak such a way to Bri!" Lucy has always been defense in regards to her friends, and Brilliance is no different.

    "She's an excellent Mage and has tremendous magical energy even compared to your own!" Lucy scolded, shoving Allen back by the shoulders. "Bri has already mastered Solid Script and she's adapting to Celestial Magic remarkably fast. You should be honored to have her as a partner!"

    Ezra finally intervened, gently tugging Lucy back by her arm. "I'll handle this." She stepped forward, taking hold of Allen's hand and guided him off into a vacant area of the Guild. "What is your problem with Brilliance? She's a talented Mage and has shown nothing but the utmost dedication to the Guild since she began training here. We must work together as a team, surely you understand?"

    In the background, Brilliance was seated at a table with only the key she held in her hands for company. She honestly couldn't understand why Allen was so adamant on not allowing her to tag along. Brilliance knew she's the youngest Mage in the Guild, but she's always striven to prove herself. She never wants to be a burden to anyone, including Allen.

    Suddenly, Brilliance ran out of the Guild Hall with Loke's key tightly clenched in her hands.
  12. Fairy Tail Guild Hall, red
    Everyone was in shock of Allen’s strong words. They always started to shake in fear as they saw Erza’s reaction they all were thinking ‘Oh no, Allen is screwed.’ They all were shocked at hwo Lucy reacted, this did also surprise Allen himself. He was thankful that Erza got Lucy off of him but once she dragged him away he knew he was in for a ear full.

    “She is just…. I don’t know she is just extremely lucky, she………” he stopped in mid sentence not much for opening up to Erza. Makarav ran to us and had a scared expression on his face.

    “It’s Bri, she ran away!” Makarav said. With this being said, Allen quickly bolted out of the Guild after. “Stupid girl, why why would she run?” Allan was saying to himself. He was running towards the city square.

    After about half an hour, he finally got sight of Bri, “Hey Bri, I would like to talk with you please, and I’m also very sorry for what I said earlier. I shouldn’t have said anything.” He told her, this was also a surprise because Allen was not much of a person to give out his apologize to everyone.

    There was still some sunlight out thankfully, so there was still some light to deal with. “Bri if you please just let me explain everything and why I’m like this I will explain everything I promise. Just don’t leave or run away from the guild, running away like a small girl. If you want to be in a guild you must learn to start being an adult.”
  13. Brilliance wasn't in the mood to listen when Allen found her. Extremely upset by his former actions, Brilliance immediately readied herself to start running again when he approached her in the center of town. However, she decided not to. She waited till he came close enough and then, suddenly, the ground beneath his feet seemed to liquidize. Hovering above Brilliance's head were massive letters in dripping wet font: Liquidize.

    She'd used her Solid Script on him, trapping the taller wizard at his knees as he continued to sink into the ground. "I'm not weak! I know you think that I am, but I'm not!" Brilliance shouted, raising her hands to write another word high in the sky. This time the words were dark brown and cracked slightly: Solidify.

    Allen's knees sunk further into the softened ground till suddenly the texture changed to a solid and he found himself unable to move. Restricted, trapped and encased at the waist. Brilliance smirked, tears still cascading from her eyes even though she seemed amused.

    "Now," she had both hands on her hips. "Apologize sincerely!"
  14. Allen was rather shocked at how he was tricked so easily by her. He thought it might be because he was detracted talking but it couldn't be because of that because he would have still noticed the words. The reason he was so none prepared because he was concerned a feeling he doesn't get very often for people. This was a new experience for him, but its magically was drowned when he was physically sinking. Thankfully he was stopped but now he was physically half way buried alive.

    Allen was perfectly sane and ready to talk this through but this was the kind of stuff, he was not happy with. "OK OK im sorry but if you keep this up i will have to take back my apologize, because this is why i don't get along with you. your just to childish you don't take life seriously. Because you got a good life and good family, While i had to live in HIDING had to live with only 3 other friends who were wrongly accused three of the greatest and kindest people in the world who have no chance of a family of a guild like fairy tail but they let me have that life and i will Always thank them and i will never act childish of this life because life is not all gum drops and ice cream. but in reality it is Evil and if you don't live life like an adult you will be squished like kid." Allen said yelling anger came on his face as tears actually rolled down his face.

    This sight was very rare for anyone besides Erza or Jellal to see. The sun just started to set, The sun setting over the horizon was a beautiful sight that's what everyone would think.
  15. Brilliance frowned, not having been expecting him to break down and actually display his frustration through tears. The young maiden released him from her spells, allowing him full control over his movement again. Brilliance sighed, stepping backwards and accepted his words as the truth. Even though she didn't agree with him.

    "Fine, let's just focus on the mission, alright?" Brilliance was willing to play 'nice' for the sake of their Guild. Besides, if they didn't make friends, Ezra would be furious and neither of them wanted to deal with her anger. Ezra is the most frightening woman in the entire Guild and for valid reason.

    Brilliance placed Loke's key safely in the ring attached to her hip and stepped forwards, offering her hand to Allen. "Truce?"

    Back at the Guild, Lucy was fretting about her missing student. She was debating on calling out her Spirits, but was convinced otherwise by Ezra.

    "She'll be back and so will Allen." The crimson-haired woman assured, asking Mira Jane for a drink.

    Lucy scoffed, "How can you be so sure?"

    Ezra just smirked, silently drinking with a confident aura.
  16. Allen was thankful, he then quickly wiping his tears away. "I had something in my eyes, and actually, I can see us getting along is I learn to bite my tongue. That i learn to not be so judgmental, you are actually not that bad." He said looking at her seeing her hand. "Yeah truce." Allen said shaking her hand. He stood up and patted her head. "Come on shorty lets get back before its to dark." He smiled at her trying his best to make this partnership work.

    Allen and Bri, finally made it back to the guild hall. He looked at, everyone and smiled, "Were back sorry for all the fuss We-I mean that I caused." Allen told them all. Natsu and Gray just came back from there mission and the already knew the story with Allen and Bri. Allen was greeted with, punch in the head from both Gray and Natsu. "Come on guys I don't deserve a smack in the head." Allen told her.

    "Hey Allen, learn to love your guild family next time you wont be." Natsu told Allen.

    Gray, crossed his arms and smiled and nodded in agreement to Natsu's words.
  17. "Gray! Natsu!" Brilliance immediately ran over to her two friends, glad to see they returned from their mission without serious injuries. "I missed you guys!" She considers them her best friends, behind Levy and Lucy. When Ezra approached, Brilliance had been expecting a stern lecture. However, to her surprise, Ezra ignored her and walked directly to Allen.

    The red-haired Mage smiled, actually smiled, and dropped a hand onto Allen's shoulder. "I'm proud of you for going and setting things right with Brilliance." To Ezra, nothing is more important then the Guild. It's their family and something that should be protected at all costs. "We'll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning," she informed both her student and Brilliance.

    Although, the girl was busy showing the two boys her key from Lucy. Ezra just sighed, running a hand through her hair. "I know Brilliance can be troublesome and annoying, but she's still young and hasn't learned how to conduct herself otherwise. Don't be too stern with her."

    Ezra waved to Mira Jane, turning back to Allen and took him gently by the hand. "Let's get you a drink."
  18. Natsu was like a small puppy when he heard Lucy, Allen, Bri and Erza were all going on a mission. "CAN I GO CAN I CAN I CAN I?" Natsu yelled out asking Erza. Gray was in full face palm mode off to the side "That Idiot!" Gray proclaim and with that the boys were at it again arguing and fighting. The place felt back to normal and as he listened to Erza's words he smiled and nodded in response. "I know i must not be to stern on her because i myself is not fully understood of myself." He said. He then felt like a small child being lead by his mother when Erza took his hand. This would probably make any other guy mad or upset but to Allen it made him happy to fell like he actually had a mother.

    There wasn't much left to do with Allen and his choices of beverages. "Ill take your strongest alcohol" Allen said as everyone looked at him, even Gray and Natsu stopped fighting just to look at Allen. "Um.... Allen are you sure? You now how you get when your drunk." Natsu said acting like he was fearful along with Gray the only people to actually see him drunk. That story is for another time.
  19. Ezra didn't scold Allen for ordering alcohol, instead she joined in and drank happily alongside him. The other members in the Guild stayed at a far distance. Everyone already knowing just how Ezra and Allen can become when they're intoxicated.

    As for Brilliance, she was outside the Guild and once again summoned Loke from the Celestial world. She happily greeted him with another hug and then set to work on making their contract. Just like with Lucy, he was honor-bound to protect her at any cost. His last promise to Lucy before being given to Brilliance.

    "What's the Celestial World like Leo?" Brilliance has often wondered this question a lot when in solely her own company. "Lucy says she's met the Spirit King! How cool is that!?" She doesn't know the story behind that fact, though. Lucy never told Brilliance that she saved Loke's life, or that he used to be known by another name.
  20. Loke accepted the hug generously. "Its kind of like living in space but a lot more fairy tale like." Loke told her, he sat down next to her and looked up at the stars. "You know if you look closely you can see my constellation." Loke said poking to the constellation of stars making a lion. "see?" he asked her.

    While inside Allen and Erza just finished there second drink and they were already causing a ruckus budding heads, they were acting Worse the gray and natsu. That tells ya something. "Hey gray shouldn't we stop them?" Natsu asked. "If we do we are dead men we should just sit back." Gray said as he accidentally striped his clothes off only leaving his boxers.
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