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  1. So I have this sort of somewhat idea for a TeacherxStudent romance rp.
    The basic idea is unsociable, quiet, and shy Ami (my character) has had a huge crush on her College/University English/Literature teacher. She's always feared about others knowing and she has always been too nervous to confess her feelings, but one day she is called into his office, and before she knows it her crush is confessing his own feelings about her.

    So I am looking for somebody to play a Male, College/University English/Literature teacher.
    If you're interested let me know here or pm me :)
  2. Intriguing. Just a few questions:
    1. The kind of teacher i would play would be a kind one, but somewhat sneaky and teasing from time to time. Would that be what you are looking for?
    2. Is magic allowed? I ask because normal schools are boring for me, so make it a magic academy and i'm in.
    3. Do you have an appearance for your character? It is motivating to see how the partner looks like. And speaking of which: Click me.
    4. In what timeline would that play? Medieval, modern, or somewhere between those two?
  3. Well. Then i am satisfied. Ready when you are.
    Any wishes for the rp? Scenarios, plot-sex balance, exploration wishes? Keep in mind that there are near infinite possibilities with magic, ranging from hypnotism over various restraining fetishes, to manipulated dreams. I am open for anything, and my character is a powerful mage, making all scenarios you can think of possible.
  4. I say lets wing it and see what happens ;)
    Just about anything can happen
  5. Got it.
    So... *Smiles innocently* Since it is your RP, am i right when i guess that you put it up and send me a link once it is done?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.