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  1. (Warning: This roleplay may contain mild mature content.)

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    Behind the gates of Akimoto Academy for Boys, lies an elite academy for young men. The academy offers nothing but the best for it's students, including the best teachers.
    Teachers have lives too, inside and outside of school. Personal lives and work lives may crash together unexpectedly, not to mention some have secrets, secrets that may involve things normally found in books or movies.

    What drama will reveal itself within the lives of those at Akimoto Academy for Boys?
    Today the gates are open, welcoming the citizens of Kadozawa to a festival within Akimoto academy. Joy is in the air as teachers and groups of students lead events and stalls for everyone to enjoy.​
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  2. It was May 29th 2014, and I had only been teaching here for about two months when the school started. So far I loved it, getting the students interested in sciences was a fun and exciting task...

    I burst through the doors leading to the hallway from my classroom, a puff of smoke could be seen behind, along with a 6 students charging out past me. I coughed as I held up a finger to the students who leaned on the wall.
    "That is why I told you not to mix those two together." I scolded between coughs.
    "I'm sorry Professor Kosai." One of my students said with an embarrassed look on his face. I stared at him then scratched the back of my neck.
    "It's okay." I caved with a smile. "Come on, let's just clean up the mess before people show up, we may still be able to save the show yet." I marched confidently back into the mildly foggy classroom, followed by a few students with less enthusiasm.

    We had planned a show using colorful reactions within chemical. Though it all was planned out thoroughly, my students seemed to still mess things up while I took my eyes off them for one second. I sighed as I looked at the disaster on table we were going to use for the experiments. Colors were splashed all over the white tablecloth under many tubes and beakers, and all over the nearby wall and floor. I straightened my goggles and pulled my gloves before taking out a few buckets from under a counter. My long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail and I wore a lab coat over a white button-up shirt and black slacks. My bright blue eyes looked at each student before I handed them all buckets filled with cleaning supplies.

    "Alright, let's get to cleaning." I stated happily as I began to clean the floor.
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  3. The hustle and bustle of the festival certainly made the place very lively. Everybody was either having fun, or at work. This was no different for the teachers and staff that volunteered to work the stalls. Of course, in such a big event there is a high chance of the attendants getting hurt. On the first floor of the school was the nurses office, which served as the only place for the injured to rest. The nurses office was large in the sense that there were three main rooms. There was the waiting room which consisted of two nurse desks, a row of seats for waiting students, and a drawer with a variety of contents inside. There was an office to the left of the waiting room where the head nurse would normally be, a physical room which lead to the very back room that was lined with beds. The nurses office usually only had two nurses working there but since today was a festival there were more working. There was at least a staff of ten nurses, each one wearing a white t-shirt or tank top with their own plus sign etched into the upper right of the shirt. If one were to pay close attention to the medical staff, they would realize that each one had a different colored plus. There were six girls, with the colors pink, yellow, light blue, purple, orange and green. Then there were four boys who had the colors brown, black, dark blue, and red. Each individual nurse had their own features, but they didn't really stand out as much as the nurse wearing the white tank top with the red medical cross. He was the tallest out of all the nurses, and had long beautiful blue-purple hair tied back into a pony tail. Though the most stunning physical trait about the man was his alluring unusual purple irises. Those who didn't attend the high school wouldn't really know who he is, but amongst the students he is the gorgeous, and foreign, head nurse Xiang Fu Yun. He had only just started working as the head nurse for the past year, but his dedication to the school has been nothing but impressive. Not only is he a head nurse, but a substitute teacher for History and Chinese. Not only that but volunteers for the schools orchestra gigs and acts as a sponsor for the Strategy Club. He has certainly built a wonderful reputation with both other teachers and students alike. Although, none of them knew what the man was really like for he has kept a reasonably everything about him a secret; except for the fact that he is from china which is apparent by his name anyways. None of them know of his second life, and the secrets he keeps to himself. And Xiang ensures to keep it that way for as long as he can.

    Since the festival has only just begun, the nurses office was basically empty. Xiang sat there in a fold up chair a bit bored with the fact. A soft yawn escapes from his diaphragm as he stretches his arms high above his head. He had stayed up all night last night working at the casino in the city, and really only received a few hours of shut eye. It was certainly taxing, but even if he didn't have the job at the casino he would still be spending his time there trying to win big. Either way he would have been out late that night, so there was no changing his exhaustion. He casually rubbed his right eye with the palm of his hand before standing up from his chair. All of his nurses were out of the office, scanning the hallways to keep an eye out for those who need medical attention and he was there alone. A little nap while everyone was away wouldn't hurt much would it? With that thought in mind Xiang sluggishly stepped into the back room. The back room was lined with beds separated by a simple white curtain. He went towards one of the beds that were all the way at the back and lied down. He turned onto his left side, his back away from the door, and drifted into a soft slumber. Just as he was about to fall asleep he faintly heard someone enter the room, and formally call his name.

    "Mr. Yun, do we have everything for the medical tent? I would like to double che-," It was one of the male nurses, a student that had volunteered for the position, who was branded with the brown colored medical cross. He had paused a bit taken a back at the site of his school nurse sleeping in the bed, "O-oh? I apologize...I didn't think you'd be asleep."

    Xiang sighed softly as he sat up. "No no, it's fine. If you like I'll help you double check the cases." Xiang brushed off the intrusion easily. He stood up from the bed and approached his fellow nurse. Xiang stuffed one hand in the left pocket of his navy blue cargo shorts and extended his right arm towards the pile of medical kits and boxes. The student nodded and the two crouched down next to the supplies. Silently they opened and double checked the contents.

    "Sir....might I ask why you are so tired? It seems to be a re-occurrence with you lately." The boy asked out of either concern or sheer curiosity.

    "Oh, don't you fret over it. Just some troubles sleeping is all." Xiang lied casually as he shifted through the boxed contents mechanically. The boy was about to speak again when the feed off his radio kicked in. Someone reported seeing smoke coming from one of the school rooms on the second floor and asked if they should check for any casualties. Xiang's digits immediately grabbed hold of the walkie talkie and responded. "This is Mr. Yun, I'll go check out the site. One of you return to the tent and help Mr. Yamamoto double check our supplies." His voice, soft and clear was easily distorted by the static, but the nurse on the other end understood him perfectly fine. After Xiang received an okay, he left the office to go find this reported room. Eventually he found the room with smoke pouring out into the hallways, and he could tell by the burning at the back of his throat that it was chemical induced. He waved the smoke out of his face as he entered and caught sight of one of the school teachers he wasn't really familiar with. "My my, you all really made a mess didn't you," Xiang mused softly, "Any casualties....misteeer..." Xiang stuffed both his hands in his pockets as he stood at the door way, his voice trailing off at mister hoping the teacher would give him a name.
  4. Today was the day of the festival, or that's what had been written on the calender that morning when Koki Aoshiki had awaken. Today was the day his students would be preforming their play they had been working on the past two weeks. A play about where a pirate decides to steal a great treasure and his adventures along the way. The play wasn't one of the best Koki had directed, but yet it was not his idea in the first place. It was one of his student's idea to be in fact. Koki agreed to let them have their play as long as they worked hard on it, and for the past two weeks they had. The tall, blonde male watched his students practice with gold eyes. He paced back and forth throughout his classroom, his strong arms crossed as he did so. His golden eyes narrowing when his student spoke. "Arrrghhh, yer better let me have zat gold or else!" Apparently his actor wasn't feeling too enthusiastic today. "More enthusiasm! Our audience needs to know that you really want the gold, and you have to tell them!" he stated rather strictly. Several other students in the classroom snickered at Koki's words. These students get harder and harder to teach every day.. He sighed, running a hand through his already ruffled hair. Plays were always stressing to Koki.

    The student did the scene over once again, and this time with enough enthusiasm. The Preforming Arts teacher smiled, "Now there you go! Take a break, go down to the festival. Have fun, do whatever you want. But I expect to see you on this stage practicing in twenty minutes. Now go!" The students hopped off the small stage located in the center of his room before running out the door. "Alright Professor Aoshiki!" said one of the students. Koki took his glasses off, rubbing them clean with the end of his shirt as he walked outside of his classroom, happening to catch smoke billowing out from the science classroom. Kosai was the science teacher, Nao Kosai. He had arrived to the academy months ago and ever since then Koki had his eye on the other without jeopardizing his secret of course. Koki couldn't let his secret lose, that would destroy everything he had built over the past twenty-five years.

    Sighing, he walked down the long hallway and towards the classroom, his footsteps echoing throughout the hallway. Koki began coughing as he neared the classroom, feeling a burning sensation at the back of his throat. Glancing over at Xiang, he began speaking. "Is everything alright? I just happened to walk out of my classroom to find smoke coming from Professor Kosai's classroom." Koki stood next to the nurse, his glasses back on and his arms crossed once again. He leaned against the wall, glancing inside the classroom to find six students and Nao scrubbing the floor.
  5. "Get the windows please." I called to one of the students, but no one listened. I peaked around to see them all staring in the direction of the door. I was about to look when I heard an unfamiliar voice in the room. I shot up and looked at the male standing at the door way, I could tell he was a nurse from the plus he wore on his shirt. He spoke with composure and he seemed laid-back. "Any casualties....misteeer..." I stared at him for a moment before I realized what he wanted.

    "Oh, um, Kosai, Professor Naoki Kosai. I'm the new science teacher." I introduced, slight nervousness showed itself but I covered it with a smile. "Thankfully there are no casualties. I was sure to have nontoxic chemicals used for the shows today just in case something like this happened. At the most you'll feel slight irritations if you breath in the smoke. other than that, completely harmless" I answered as I glared back at my students who quickly went back to cleaning after staring at the nurse with fanatical eyes. Another voice soon appeared and I turned around to see the performing arts teacher. "Yep, everything is fine." I chuckled. "There's nothing to worry about. Thank you both for checking up on us." I smiled at them, it was nice of them to show up, though I guess if was their jobs that made them do so, eh either way I was grateful.

    "I haven't really been here long enough to know all of the employees' names yet, um, who might you two be?" I asked as I walked to the windows and started opening them, I had trouble but I eventually got them all open, students could open them easily, I quietly huffed in frustration as I wiped my hands together. The air was already starting to clear up. "Ah, much better."
  6. The day of the Festival... This was the day that Professor Nakazuki was to grab the best ofhis students from his Creative Writing class to read off their best works. Granted, this really wasn't much, but his classes were incredibly difficult ad these papers had gotten perfect scores, so they deserved to be shown off a little. His classroom was at the farthest end of the hallway and he walked out of his room with his four students just in time to see the smoke and people down by the new Science Teacher's room. He figured he might as well stop by and make sure no students were injured... or killed. It was on the way out of the building and they had some time before his students were to read their papers.

    Nakazuki was cladin his normal clothing. He had donned a purple Kimono that matched perfectly to the colour of his hair which covered his right eye while the rest was in it's usual high pony tail. His arms were perfectly horozontal with his hands in each of the sleeves. He wore a pair of wooden sandals with plain white socks, which is only known because his Kimono ended just above his feet.

    He cleared his throat and began walking down the halls. The few students that were up here doing who knows what all gave him a respectful nod and a polite greeting. Nakazuki was a ver well-respected man in this school. His calm demeanor and way of speaking didn't conceal the fact that he was strict and would take no treatment other than the uttmost respect, as that was all he would give. He was always the first to end a dispute and has oftentimes been thought of as a frightening teacher. The way his mood rarely changes had seemed to frighten students.

    He approached the Science room after telling his students to head outside. He stopped at the threshold of the door, silent and standing proper. He waited for the new teacher to finish speaking before he spoke up himself. "Pardon the interruption, but I thought I should check on the explosion. Make sure no one was hurt. Although, considering Nurse Xiang is here, there needn't be anything to worry about." His calm tone and quiet tone resonated throughout the room. Despite his calmness, it was obious that his voice had a tone of authority permanently etched into it.
  7. Kamus Ikari
    -Festival Stall-

    The Festival. It was not just any festival! It was THE FESTIVAL where Kamus could volunteer for the postition that would get him the most attention...The Kissing Booth. He sat with a large grin on him face under a, rather large, booth decorated with red and pink hearts. Written in giant white letters was "Kissing Booth, Featuring Handsome-Sensai!" In Kamus's mind, the name had a nice ring to it. He prided himself on being handsome, but could not help but feel it was a slight over statement. Yeah, he thought he was "cute" but handsome was a slight stretch even for the likes of him.

    Now how had he been chosen for this stand? His class had been placed in charge of the booth organization for the many people who were to visit the institution today. All of his students had been too scared to actually work the stand, so Kamus thought it would be best to take one for the team and kiss mothers all day.

    His outfit of choice for the day was a light blue, button up shirt with a blue and white striped jacket pulled over it. The sleeves were rolled up to show off the green trimming that matched the green tie around his neck. His trousers were white and slightly skinny-legged, rolled up at the bottom to show the green and blue stripes. His shoes were a light brown and he wore hidden socks to show off his ankles. If someone was to look at him, they would most likely think he was one of the Kpop stars. His wavy hair was pushed out of his face with a blue headband, mainly so the women could get a nice look at him, but also for the fact that it was slightly hot outside and the only sanctuary he had was the small fan the students had placed there for him. He was happy to please them, however, seeing it as a form of community service to sit and take kisses from random strangers.

    "Someone had to do it..." he said outloud as he smiled to the next person in line. It was Noah's mother. Noah was one of the students on the track team. He had been especially hard on the lad this season, seeing it as a duty to make everyone as great as they could be. It got them first place, so he was not complaining. He gave a nod of his head and smiled at the woman. To Kamus, Noah's mother was a MILF, well that was what many of the students had always said about her. She had strawberry blonde hair. She looked suprisingly young for someone over half of his age, plastic surgery was probably the answer to all that. Today she dawned an outfit to show of her curves, her large bust seeming to almost be falling out of it. Her dress was red, complimenting her tanned skin. The woman smiled and spoke in a seductive voice. "Professor Ikari, I am not suprised that they put you in charge of the kissing booth."

    She was right. Kamus had been in the kissing booth last year as well when he had arrived at the school. He gave a light laugh and gulped, keeping his eyes up instead of on her boobs, which he was sure she wanted him to look at. Noah's mother was an unfateful wife, having had her fun with a few teachers and possibly students in the school. Kamus felt suddenly uncomfortable and shifted slightly in his chair. "Mrs. Babenski, how may I help you today?"

    "I kiss of course~"
    "Ahh...but your husband? Won't he be jealous?"
    "It's for the festival, dear."

    She reached into her purse and pulled out a $5 bill, placing it on the table with a coy smile. "Pucker up, Handsome-kun."

    Kamus obeyed and leaned foreward, lightly pecking her on the cheek instead of the lips. Pretty or not, good smell or not, he was not looking to start a fight. He rested back in his seat and took the dollar bill, giving her a small wave as she left in slight disappointment. When she was gone, he let out a small sigh of relief, dusting off his shirt. "Close one..."
  8. "Kosai huh? I'm afraid I only just now heard of you." Xiang paused briefly as he looked up at the ceiling to mull it over, then realized that he actually has heard of him before. "Oh yes, you're that new teacher that just started working here. Welcome to the team then." Xiang chuckled softly. The presence of another shifted his gaze to his right as a familiar face approached the scenes. Xiang knew of this man in his year of working here. In fact he's received a few students from his classes every now and then. "Seems Megane #1 is joining us. Your concern for others strikes again....maybe you should volunteer a a nurse," Xiang chuckled again at his nickname for his fellow staff member. Koki was the first teacher he had met that wore glasses, and the second teacher he met was Iori who he promptly nicknamed Megane #2. As it turns out Xiang was horrible with nicknames. The only nickname he was remotely proud of was calling the school's art teacher "Arty" which he found to be pretty cute. I really should find better nicknames for these guys Xiang shook his head at the thought with a sigh.

    "I haven't really been here long enough to know all of the employees' names yet, um, who might you two be?"

    The sound of them speaking gained Xiang's attention and he looks back and forth between the two for a moment. Kosai had asked him a simple question to which he would easily reply. "Oh..., I'm Xiang Fu Yun. The school's head nurse." Xiang smiled softly at the new teacher. "I've only been working here for almost a year now. So I know what it feels like to be new."

    "You're being modest again Mister Yun." One of the students in the room called out with a grin. "Substitute teacher AND Strategy Club Sponsor on top of head nurse. We don't know how he does it."

    "You flatter me. Come on let's not bloat my ego now." The head nurse gave the students a large genuine smile, his unusual pointy canines apparent, as he scratched the back of his head. He shifted his weight unto his left foot and leaned against the door way. At this moment he felt another presence approach the door. The calm and almost stoic English teacher, Mr. Nakazuki, stood next to him and Koki. Due to the way the teacher carried himself left Xiang completely at a loss for a nickname, thus he never tried. "Hello Mister Nakasaki."
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  9. "Yep, you are correct, pleased to meet you Nurse Yun, and thank you for the welcoming." I walked across the room to the two teachers and bowed my head to them as a greeting.

    "I've only been working here for almost a year now. So I know what it feels like to be new." I felt relieved a bit, the stress of the unknown area had been piling up, but when one of my students listed the things the nurse had done before I felt uneasy. His smile was comforting though. Soon another teacher joined us, he seemed to have an air of authority about him, which emitted more as he spoke.

    "Pardon the interruption, but I thought I should check on the explosion. Make sure no one was hurt. Although, considering Nurse Xiang is here, there needn't be anything to worry about."

    "Oh, I seem to have caused quite the commotion." I chuckled, taking the blame for my students. "Everyone is okay, some chemicals were mixed wrong which caused the explosion, the mess should be clean soon." I confirmed. "Oh, we haven't met either, I'm Naoko Kosai." I introduced before bowing my head. The students walked up behind me.

    "Professor, it's all clean." One of them said, I turned to them and grinned. "Good job! I'll see what I can do to save the show, for now how about you six go enjoy the festival for a bit, the show starts in half an hour so I expect you to be back before then. Ok?" I stated as I looked at them all. "Yes sir." They said before passing through the door, sneaking glances at the three men before disappearing down the hall. I looked at the empty table across the room and sighed then turned back to the three men.
    "Goodness, these student." I said wearily as I chuckled.
  10. Koki smiled at the science teacher, his golden eyes taking in the other. Raising an eyebrow at the nervousness of the other, he pursed his lips. It wasn't as if they were going to bite him. Though, Koki wasn't so sure about Xiang, who knows what could be under that handsome exterior or his. Rolling his eyes as Xiang said he should volunteer as a nurse. "I'm only doing a kindness, after all, if I had wished to be a nurse I would have applied to be one instead of the job that I have now." he chuckled softly. Koki knew the nurse, quite well actually. The past year Koki had been sending students to him as well as calling him down to his classroom to tend to the students whom injured themselves on stage. The Preforming Arts took off his glasses, attempting to clean them once again. It was a habit of his, after all these years of having the glasses, he had gotten so used to cleaning them frequently. Sliding his glasses back onto his face, he nodded to Naoki. "Pleasure to meet you officially, Professor. Don't worry, I'm quite sure you will remember our names soon enough. I'm Professor Koki Aoshiki, the Preforming Arts teacher." He bowed his head in greeting, his blond hair falling into his eyes.

    His attention was soon turned towards the newcomer, Professor Nakazuki it was, elegant as always. That was the only way Koki could describe Nakazuki. "Hello Professor Nakazuki, nice to see you here." he greeted the other kindly. Walking into the science room so the other teacher would have room as well. Thankfully, the smell of chemicals had gone away somewhat, making it easier for everyone to breath.

    Koki held his hands behind his back, the tip of one of his tattoo's peaking out from his collar. He watched as the students left the classroom, leaving the four teachers alone to speak to each other. "I completely understand, my students don't put enough effort into their acting. It's quite terrible actually." he chuckled slightly, running his hands through his hair one last time. His golden eyes glanced up at the clock before looking back at Naoki. He had five minutes before he had to head back to class, his students should be back in ten minutes. But for the time being, he thought it would be good getting to know this teacher.
  11. Lang-Hao Chén

    The day of the festival.

    Normally, Lang-Hao would enjoy the idea of festivities and stalls to provide many with a brief flicker of amusement but currently he was finding solace within the silence he had been left in. That was until the usual muttering of some other students passed him. There was no dark glare, nor resentful looks as maroon orbs flickered open from behind thick lashes as he sent a gaze towards the passing students. Peering down at them he leaned forwards, hands shifting from his lap as he pushed his self forwards to catch a glimpse of those who interrupted his near tranquil silence with words that failed to be bare whispers. Now sitting properly he cocked his head, allowing the braid to pull free of his shirt and collapse beside him, dangling just lower than the branch he was perched on.

    A frown scarred his lips as he discovered their chatting to be nothing but useless rumors and most likely just harmless banter between friends. He almost desperately hoped they would have spoken about something worthwhile but no. Once again he leaned back till his uniform brushed once again against the bark of the tree, the leaves above casting shadows across fair skin as parted lips released a deep sigh.
    "I should probably get down..." The martial artist murmured as he studied the area he was currently in. While he knew, he still decided to check over a few times before twisting his body as fingers lodged themselves into the grooves of the bark as he began to lower himself from his place and to a lower branch.

    Lang-Hao reached the lowest branch within seconds, legs hanging off the side with hands placed firmly either side as he looked over towards where the festivities rested, most likely filled with many people just idly spending their day. Not that he wasn't interested too. Rocking forwards he jumped from the lowest branch that reached just above his height when he stood. Crouching upon the floor he stood, hands patting the uniform resting upon his frame to remove anything that may have ruined his normally pristine clothing from sitting up in the tree. He made sure to reach behind him, pulling forth the braided brown locks that border lined black before he tucked it between his blazer and shirt, a smile coming to his features as he headed over towards the stalls.

    His steps were quiet as he slowly headed over to the mass of small structures that harbored a range of food and games for entertainment. His eyes roaming over the vendors, some students some from outside businesses and his smile only grew softer as he gave a soft wave to some people who he recognized and in turn recognized him. Eventually he stopped, attention upon a small stall settled between two heavily packed ones, that was clad in a red banner and ribbons. For minutes he seemed to just stare at the barely used stall before he approached, eyes staring at the items with curiousity as he hummed in amazement.
    "May I take one?" He asked quietly, having leaned forwards he peered up at the vendor with a smile. "Sure" The man muttered in response as he dealt with another intrigued student. Lang-Hao stood up properly, pondering for a moment before shrugging as he pulled out the money from an inside pocket, passing it to the vendor as he received the lucky charm with a grin as he in response pocketed it. "Thank you sir." He responded, giving a brief wave before heading off to find something else to do.
  12. Shino just arrived at the academy and was looking around a bit curious about what was going on. He had heard there had been an explosion and while such things were common on a stage, he wasn't sure it was normal while at a school so he decided to stay clear of the area it was rumored to have happened in. Looking around at the various stalls and events that were going on was a bit much, but he supposed it was normal for such things to happen at schools and he didn't want to look too out of place. He noticed he was probably the only one wearing more gothic style clothing and couldn't help but chuckle at it. So far no one recognized him, which was a good thing. His agent had stated only a few of the teachers knew about his background, so if he ever got into any trouble with fans he could seek them out. As it was, he was more interested in seeing just how the students interacted with each other.

    As he was walking around he came upon a kissing booth and though it was rather interesting. People actually paid to kiss someone? Well that seemed a bit unusual to him, but what did he know about it. He didn't pay much attention to other people for the most part, only if they liked what he was singing or selling at the time. Sure things seemed a bit dull and lonely by that outlook, but he had been too busy to worry about having a relationship with anyone, though now he supposed it was a normal thing to have a relationship. He would have to work on his people skills a bit it seemed, or not. If they didn't like him the way he was why would he bother?

    The fallen angel walked past the booth and kept browsing the various clubs and items for sale. He was a bit interested in the music club, but he knew better then to get involved in it unless he wanted to blow his cover of being an average student. While it might be fun to join the club, he knew that if he was found out, he would have to relocate again and that had been a pain in the ass the first time around.

    Eventually, Shino found a nice place to just sit and watch the festivities. He wasn't in the mood to try and make friends at the moment, and it appeared that most people already knew each other. 'So much for blending in right away.' He thought to himself before he put in some headphones and lay back in the grass. At least it was a rather nice day out and he could relax a bit. With his headphones in and the volume turned on high he shut his eyes and just lay in the sun enjoying the ability to just sit back and relax for once.
  13. Kamus Ikari

    Kamus yawned and gave a hearty stretch, leaning a bit against the stall and he reached back and rubbed his bum. {You'd think they would at least give me a more comfortable stool if I was to sit here all damn day.} He sighed and rested his elbows on the stall, lightly drawing a circle with his finger. Laughter was all around him and so many smells that it was driving him crazy. He never really understood why woman saw the need to put on so much perfume. They were hiding their perfectly normal smell. He shook his head as another waft struck his nose and his stomach growled in slight irritation. He frowned and lightly patted it, giving a slight huff. "I knew I should have eaten more for breakfast..." He glanced up when he saw a new student pass. He had been told they were getting a newcomer and Kamus had almost fell over in excitement. He moved a little away from the booth and just about to say "hi" when he felt a large tug at this sleeve.

    "Ikari-Sensai...I don't think you are suppose to leave the booth unattended." Kamus looked back and noticed one of his students. He was one of the taller ones, maybe basketball? Kamus was not very sure, but he was strong enough to drag him back to his position of the booth. "I do hope that I am not being disrespectful Sensai, but you DID volunteer to stay at the booth today. How about I bring you something from the food stand." Kamus was pouting slightly, but at the mention of food, he perked up and nodded at the young man, waving his hand quickly. "Yes yes! Do just that! Anything, but just bring me SOMETHING." The student laughed and rushed back into the crowd. Kamus gave another yawn and scratched the back of his head. He knew that Koki and his students were going to preform today and he could not help but be excited. He had also heard an explosion coming from one of the classrooms. The new teacher perhaps? Kamus shrugged and looked up at the window. He could smell the chemicals from here, but it was not too bad. He thought for a moment and lightly tugged his ear, causing himself to shiver. "What was his name.... Kosai? Like Nike Kosai or something close...I'll ask later..."

    "Hello Professor~"

    Another lonely housewife was coming to the booth, dressed as flamboiantly as the rest as they tried out their mating dances. Kamus accepected her dollar and gave her a kiss on the cheek. If he had counted right, they had about $300 by now and they festival had only been going for about 3 hours. Kamus reached into his pocket and pulled out a lip balm, quickly swiping his lips as another guest walked up. He accepted the dollar and kissed the hand this time. He had to change things up every now and then.

    He poked his lip slightly and chuckled.
    "They are really putting you guys to work today, huh?" He adjusted his hair then and leaned back slightly, giving another stretch. He wondered what everyone else was up to.
  14. Nakazuki gave a polite bow to the new teacher. "Ah, Professor Kosai. It is a pleasure to meet you." he spoke softly and politely. Odds are the new teacher would have one of two possible ideas about him. One: He was just a calm and polite teacher that seemed to get along with everyone. Or, Two: He would find Nakazuki's demeanor creepy/ intimidating to say the least. He did have a strong personality and he knew it. All of the student body that knew him had one of these two ideas of him. Some absolutely loved Professor Nakazuki, while others feared for their lives around him. Well... Their school lives. When he entered a classroom and the students were being loud and obnoxious, they shut up the moment he stepped a foot in the room.

    "I am Professor Kyoa Nakazuki. Instructor to the higher level Literature courses." He spoke out, his voice like a soft silk. He glanced up at the clock for a moment and sighed softly. "Forgive me, but my students will be doing their readings in just a few minutes. If you all will excuse me." He said with a slight bow of departure before he turned and left, never once losing his regal posture as he made his way out of the building.

    He reached the grounds of the school with a soft sigh of content. The gentle breeze felt wondrous as it shook his long hair slightly. He began walking to where his students were through the crowd of people. People either stepped out of the way for him, or he stepped just to the side to get out of their way. Nakazuki was greeted with polite 'hello's' or 'good afternoon' or the occassional student that shyed away when he stepped to close. His classes were very hard and those who struggled feared him as a teacher. Nakazuki finally reached his students and cleared his throat to get their attention. "Ready?" He asked.
  15. "Professor Aoshiki and Professor Nakazuki, pleased to meet you two." I said as I stared into Aoshiki's memorizing golden eyes. I quickly looked away to waved bye to Nakazuki. I pulled a strand of my long blond hair over my shoulder, it was silent for a moment which made me nervous.

    "I heard that the preforming arts class was going to put on a play. Ashamed, I may miss it, I love the art of theatre. I think our science show is starting around the same time as the play, and letting the students do everything without a teacher would most likely cause another explosion." I chuckled timidly, breaking the silence. "I might be able to catch the end though. Afterwards would you two like to get something to eat?" I asked politely, as I looked at both of them. "You guys can invite a few people too, if you want, and we can have sort of an after festival party."
  16. "I heard that the preforming arts class was going to put on a play. Ashamed, I may miss it, I love the art of theatre. I think our science show is starting around the same time as the play, and letting the students do everything without a teacher would most likely cause another explosion."

    The mentioning of this brought the thought of his volunteers working at the office. The fact that most of them would probably need his direction soon started to deeply concern him now that the festival seemed to be a bit more lively. "Yes, speaking of which I should return to me students." Xiang spoke nearly silently to himself. He was about to bow to both the teachers when something caught him of guard. He was given an invitation. This was something that he actually wasn't accustomed to since he was never asked such a thing in his year of service to the school. He stood up straight again, leaving his bow, to look at them both. He blinked silently at them before rubbing the back of his neck. Was he really up for making a social life with his co-workers? He thought about what he was, and how getting close to anyone could serve as an issue. There was also the fact that he was completely different outside of work, so different that it could easily ruin his reputation at the school. He had to lay low at all costs.

    "You guys can invite a few people too, if you want, and we can have sort of an after festival party."

    Inviting others? That also left Xiang at a bit of a loss, he didn't really have any actual close friends to invite along wit him. It was almost depressing being forced to realize this but Xiang sighed softly. "I'm not sure if I'll be able to go out tonight with you guys. The medical staff have to stay until everyone, including staff, leave the festival. Not only that but I haven't been sleeping well lately so I should probably not go out tonight." Xiang half lied as he crosses his arms over his chest. He tilted his head to the side as he mulled it over. Before nodding gently. He stepped past both teachers and towards the teachers desk. He ripped away the corner of a sheet of paper, and bent over the desk as he used a near by pen to scribble something down on the parchment. When he was done he put the pen back and then moved over to the two. He handed the small slip of paper to Kosai with a gentle smile. "Here, give me a call later before you head out and I'll let you know if I can. With that, I think I'll head back to my job. Nice meeting you Mister Kosai."

    With nothing more to really say to the two he fled the scene and returned to the Nurse's Office. Inside the room were two of his volunteers and around three individuals resting on the clinic beds. The volunteers simply stated that two of the three had upset stomachs and were resting, while the third almost collapsed due to the heat. Xiang instructed his staff to ensure that the one that collapsed receives enough water and a few chocolate bars to regain their strength. Xiang then entered his office briefly to check over his things. As he was about to reach for his office key, he had the sudden idea to take a notepad and a pen with him. This was a festival after all, maybe he could find a few new clients......or maybe someone to have fun with later that night. It would be handy to have the notepad and pen on him to write down his numbers. Though he thought that he could always just write his number on their hands.

    "No no that's to unprofessional. I really should invest in some business cards." Xiang chuckled to himself as he stuffed the notepad and pen in his left pocket. With that he picked up his office keys and his walkie talkie, then left his room. Locking the door he called out to his two staff members that he was going to walk around the school and keep a watchful eye. He latched his walkie talkie unto his waist line, and stuffed his keys into his left pocket as he walked out the clinic. From there he wandered the hallways casually. Nothing seemed to really interest him before something, or someone rather, caught his attention and made him stop in his tracks. His jaw nearly dropped at a student he had just met, yet his appearance was hauntingly familiar. There was something about his face, and braided brunette hair that really gave Xiang a sense of deja vu. A face from his past. The sudden shock made him mutter in a whisper "Wǒ de shàngdì..." which to those who knew their Chinese would roughly translate his words to "My god". The student was someone that he had seen in China, his home country, many years ago. At a time he dare not even mention today. If his memory was correct, this boy frequently visited his old shrine years ago. Strange how the world worked these days.

    Xiang snapped out of his sense of deja vu and immediately turned away from the student hoping the young man did not see him. He frantically searched the area, eying each stall briefly before finally taking glance of the kissing booth with his acquaintance Kamus. He was kissing the hand of some one he particularly did not know nor care for. He just moved there, and ducked for cover behind the booth, sitting on the floor beside Kamus's stool. He looked up at Kamus with a sly grin while holding his finger up to his lips and a wink. He turned around, and peeked over the booth's counter top to watch as the student pass by, hopefully not noticing him.
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  17. Koki kindly waved goodbye to Nakazuki efore turning his full attention on Kosai. A smile rising to his pale, pink lips, revealing his perfect white teeth. "Oh you enjoy the theatre?" he inquired, his voice as smooth as honey. It didn't bother him that Kosai would more than likely not make it to the play, in fact he was glad the other wouldn't be able to make it. If Kosai were to watch one of his plays, Koki wanted it to be at least a decent play, not one that his students graciously decided to do. "Don't worry about it, Professor. We all have our jobs, and I wilm actually be putting on several other plays throughout the school year. I am sure your bound to at least witness one of them." The smile widened when the science teacher offered to go out to eat after the festival.

    "That sounds fantastic. I'd be overjoyed to join you." said Koki, nearly jumping when he heard Xiang's voice. He had forgotten that he was still there. Hearing that the nurse would more than likely not be able to make it, Koki frowned. "That's such a shame. It's alright, you could go another time if you cannot." said the teacher. Koki was now looking forward to getting to knowthe new teacher. It just being them would make it even better. He might even have a chance. He watched Xiang with golden eyes as he crossed the room, wrote on a sheet of paper, before walking back and handing it to Kosai. From what the nurse said next, he assumed he had written his number on the paper. The Preforming Arts teacher nodded goodbye before turning back to Naoki. "Sadly, I'm afraid I have to depart as well. My student will be or should be arriving any time soon. I am looking forward to eating out. Oh yes, whenever your wishing to leave I will be in my classroom more than likely." he gave the teacher one last smile before turning around to leave. As he walked into the hallway, he called "Goodbye! "

    The teacher made it to the classroom in a matter of moments, finding his students already there and practicing. He smiled before resuming his spot from earlier, pacing back and forth the room as his students practiced their parts in the play. "Guys, we're on in ten minutes. I expect all of you to show as much enthusiasm as I told you to. Ans I expect you to try hard. You will have friends and family out there, you don't want to let them down now dow you?"

    "No sir."

    "Now what do I want you to do?"
    "Show enthusiasm and try hard."
    "Good! Now get back to work! Line one, scene four."

    The students began practicing while Koki stood there watching them. He was still so unsure of how this would go. A sigh escaped his lips as he ran his hand through his hair once again for what seemed the hundredth time that day.
  18. Lang-Hao Chén

    As he walked through the mass of students, occasionally muttering a brief apology when he came in contact with one, his eyes were set upon the school building itself. Lang-Hao decided he would go see what else had been set up for the day and then there was the fact he just felt like heading inside to check stuff out. He had spent all day outside after all. His hand raised, wrist settled upon his shoulder as his fingers pulled lightly at the braid, pulling it free of the clothing so it was settled behind him, the end of the braided hair reaching his hips where it decided to sway slightly with each step down the path towards his destination.

    Luckily, Lang-Hao was observant so he noted that the teacher was perched behind the kissing booth, having hid most likely when he saw him. Though confusion was evident to why when he stopped, eyes peering at the stand with the shadowed gaze as lips pursed. "Avoiding me?" He murmured, staring at the slight sight of purple that peaked over, causing him to shrug his shoulders. Even if he wanted to go find out why, he didn't want to distress anyone on a day that everyone was to enjoy. "Strange Sensei." He mumbled, shaking his head softly as he turned back around, heading back towards the school with the usual soft smile.

    Though as he was walking he was thinking back. Of course he had seen a glimpse of the teachers face before he hid but why did it strike something within his mind? Maroon eyes narrowed as he continued walking, his hands shifting to push themselves into his pockets as he tried to think back. "Definetely familiar." Though it had been a while since his visits to that shrine and the mystery behind the man who he took notice of frequently. So currently, his memories evaded acknowledgement and so he failed to recall where exactly he had seen the man before.

    Lang-Hao pushed those thoughts aside to quickly buy a bottle of water, rolling the chilled bottle within his palm as he shrugged his shoulders. "Wonder what I should do till anything big starts.." He questioned no one in particular, his eyes roaming around the vast space before he wandered over to the tree he was sat on before, this time just taking a seat under it so that he could continue to roll the plastic within his hands. "Such a bright day..." He muttered before wrapping his fingers properly around the bottle as he removed the lid to take a sip.

  19. Kamus Ikari
    -Kissing Booth Stand-
    @Vio @Aka~Kitsune

    Kamus let got of the woman's hand and moved on to the next person in line, but he stopped when he noticed something, rather someone, near the stand. The first thing he saw was the mass of shaggy, purplish blue hair, then the purple eyes and pale skin. Kamus knew the man rather well, even though Xiang hardly ever remembered his name. Yes aquaintances they were, rather Xiang randomly taking advantage of Kamus's naiive kindness to trick him out of money, food, drinks, etc.

    Xiang seemed to be watching someone. It was another student, one that Kamus had come to know, but had yet to see. Lang-hao Chen, or Xiao Lang as Kamus called him in secret. He had taken to learning Mandarin to get to know some of the transfers here, as well as French, German, Korean, English, Swedish, and god knows what else. Kamus admired the young man for a moment, taking in the lovely features before his eyes fell back on Xiang, but something was slightly different. Xiang was moving, like a bullet towards his booth, his expression suddenly flustered. Kamus rose slightly to say something, but Xiang pushed him back down, jumping and ducking behind the booth. Kamus looked down in slight shock, but Xiang had his finger to his lips, a sly smile spreading across his face. Kamus blushed slightly and looked up, noticing the student had watched the whole thing happen. Giving and innocent smile, he watched the student wander off before ducking his head under the booth, so he was face to face with Xiang.

    " Senpai...may I ask what it is you are doing exactly? I mean. If you are here to take my shift at the kissing both, I would be more than happy to abliege." He smiled warmly at the teacher, the nickname seeming to fit his affection for the man. "Hiding from students nowadays? I thought you were a bit braver than that." He grinned more, showing those glowing white teeth, before hearing a voice just above the booth.

    "Where is the Handsome Sensai?~"

    "Oh! Coming." Kamus sat up and greeted the next customer with a warm smile. He accepted her dollar and gave her a light peck on the cheek, waving goodbye as she left with a slight pout. "And at $320..."
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    Standing before the gates of the school, with his fingers tightly curled around the rim of his bag was Haru Moritaka: a blonde boy at the age of fifteen, with a nervous look sparkling in his eyes. He had rather mixed feelings about his first day at this school. Although Haru didn't mind the fact that his father had more or less forced him to change school, knowing that if he didn't manage to raise his grades until the end of the year, he would no longer be allowed to ride made him nervous. This reflected upon his features as the corners of his lips twitched slightly, and his hand tightened around his bag even further, pressing against the fabric. Taking a deep breath, he stepped inside, glancing around the school where the festival was taking place.

    It was certainly more than he had expected. Students and teachers were everywhere, bustling crowds spreading out between the stalls lining the buildings. Everyone seemed to be having their fun, teachers and students alike. This excited Haru, bringing a small smile to his lips as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and started walking, heading towards the main school building. Despite all the fun activities going on around him, Haru was unsure about where he should be, and what he was supposed to do on his first day. As such, he thought it would be best to find... well, perhaps some adult to ask about it.

    Easily confused and perhaps a little distracted as well, Haru soon found himself lost in one of the corridors. "Damn it, my usual luck..." he cursed, rubbing his head as he glanced around wearily. "Where the hell am I...?"

    (Sowwie it's so bad and short. X( Internet sucks and I'm not really able to focus right now, either... :/ )
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