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Teachers Have Lives Too! OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sinopa, Jun 26, 2014.

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  1. For all of your OOC needs.
    This thread is for chat, having fun, making friends, discussing plots and ideas, etc.
    No OOC drama with other roleplayers. Be nice =3
    ♥♥♥ Enjoy ♥♥♥

    Interest check
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  2. YAY!!!
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  3. That gif reminded me of this one sort of XD
  4. OMG, work... XD
  5. lol
    I decided to make a human =3
  6. I'll...probably make one human and one supernatural guy. I just suck at deciding stuff. X(
  7. I'm making a half and .... I don't know what else I'll make.
  8. I suck at deciding stuff too XD
    lol mkay. Oh more yokai were added to the races, though I could find more a description for them XD

    Gladis could you explain exactly what warlocks are please? XD
  9. They are born from the shadows of Human sorrow. Meaning that if a Human goes into a deep enough depression; their soul will begin to turn dark and a warlocks will begin to grow within them. Once the warlocks begins to grow the Human's demeanor will worsen, and after three months the warlock will take control of the Human's body. The main way to tell if an warlock has taken a body is the eyes. They will change to ranging from yellow-greens, silver-greens, and silver-blues depending on the power of the warlock. They can cast spells to create weapons.
  11. Mkay, so the teachers aren't pedos if they want to date the students, should the academy be a college instead?
  12. If we don't make the students too young it should be fine. XD It would cause a lot of drama if they were high school students... and also put our characters in situations where morals are pitted against feelings. It could get very interesting... I like working with morality and social dilemmas in role plays. XD
  13. Touche, mkay, it shall stay a high school academy =3
  14. WOO!!! Yaoi fangirl/boy time!! And yess... I've been caled a fangirl repeatedly XD

    And... I saw these four... together...

    ..and this was my result...
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  15. What is it with people and sipping rivals? X3 Although... silver... <3
  16. Oh... I just find all four of them sexy as hell... ^_^ Just like these two..


    Izaya and Shizuo... Anyone else?
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  17. Stooooop iiiiiiiit... X3 Although I have two friends who are like... obsessed with them:

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  18. I don't think I actually ship any non cannon couples at the moment...well.. maaaaaybe:

    but they weren't really no canon since they were a couple in the anime (even if it didn't last long).
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