Teacher x Student with darker twist (doubling, NPCs, MxF, FxF and MxM!)

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  1. Important information:
    • You must reply at least twice a week, once a week is fine if you're busy (I understand)
    • OOC chat is much preferred, it lets me understand what you want from the RP better and I just generally like making new friends!
    • We both have to plot and develop the RP together, I feel like in all the RPs I've been in, I've done most of the work (and like, all of the first posts lol). I know that's partly because some of them are my ideas, but it would be nice not to have the RP world on my shoulders.
    • Your spelling and grammar must be of a good standard.
    • All replies must be at least 1-2 detailed paragraphs, preferably more as I'm more likely to give you 3-6 paragraphs.
    • I will play both males and females.
    • I will do MxF, FxF and MxM pairings, preferably not the latter as I have less experience
    • Doubling may be required for this RP, depending on who you want to play.
    • I expect NPCs to be used.
    • Your character must have a semi-detailed character sheet, and I don't particularly like anime pictures.
    • Libertine may be an option for this RP, but I rarely participate in this and would only do it if I felt completely comfortable
    What I'm looking for similarly, is someone who is willing to play a teacher (male or female, I don't mind) who realises their student (female) has a crush and begins to manipulate and take advantage of it - however, the teacher begins to have real feelings just as the student starts to think that she is just being exploited. So basically, a rocky romance based on distrust.

    I'd be more than happy to double for this, whether you want a healthy relationship or not. We'll need to discuss what country to set it in too (I'd prefer the England/Wales in the UK just because I'm used to how high school works there - I'm willing to discuss doing it in the USA though, as I can get away with using British characters)

    PM me if you're interested, if you can't PM leave a response below and I'll get back to you!