Teacher x Student (1x1)

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  1. I want to do a teacher x student rp, and I'd like to be the teacher in this setting.

    However, please know I would like the teacher to be submissive, meaning you, the student, will have to initiate the relationship. And carry it.

    Plot can be worked out, if there is one~

    Any dominant students out there?
  2. Would you want the student to be male of female?
  3. Either. But you juts have to be dominant. And instigate the relatioship.
  4. I can totally do that. I mostly play the dominant characters anyway. I can do guy on guy, girl on girl, or straight. Which ever you prefer.
  5. @Puppyprissypink Okay then! So I'll make the thread real fast and just put the basic information in a spoiler.

    Would you mind playing a boy and I be a male teacher?
  6. Okay cool. No problem. Totally fine with that.