Teacher x Non-human student (searching for female teacher only)

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  1. I've always wanted to do a Teacher and a non-human student. But the teacher is young like, early to late 20s. My character is a 18 year old student fresh into college. But he's but your average student. He's a hybrid, a version of vampire, demon god and a human. He's very attractive. He had very unique features, his hair his a snow white color and his eyes are icy white as well. He tells everyone that he was born gifted. But it's a curse. The teacher and him get a little steamy after a few times of meeting. First the teacher fantasizes about him, then that's when the fun begins. She knows nothing of what he is...till they start falling in love with each other, she freaks for a minute but comes back to him. I'm nit going to spoil the fun. But it's a big fixture of hardcore sex (nearly porn like but not quite), love, bad language, gore and action. I don't mind a lot of sex but I do like plot. Don't be like my last partner and leave because she was bored and lie that it wasn't going anywhere because it wasn't all about sex. I'm looking for a partner that can steam up the scene, spice it up. But also show the love, passion in it. Be a tease, sexy, everything. Not afraid to go all out and push each other over the limit. Not afraid to show emotions toward anything. I really want to do this Roleplay. Hope you, who is reading this, will too. My characters name is Liam Anderson. I'll go into more detail later ;)

    P.S. Oh, I also post by phone. My laptop was stolen a while ago so don't be mad if I don't post 8 paragraphs haha. And do bare with me. Cheers!
  2. Interested in this, a lot.

    But I feel like this whole thing is too planned out. If we were to RP this would you be fine with it, if we made changes?

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  3. Actually, I would mind but...I just had a awesome idea. You can be the popular guy and gets jealous over the fact that our teacher likes my character. That sound good? Just need to find a female too play this part haha ;) I don't mind people Jong, just ask. Which I'm glad you did, not most people do that.
  4. I would actually like to play as the female teacher but if you want me to play as the jealous guy (or girl, if you don't mind) I'm cool with it.
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  5. Yeah, I don't mind. I just like it too be female that plays the female character. Nothing against you, my friend. I premise.
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  6. I will take up the role of your teacher if you would like me. I love the idea and three way could be fun ^^ no sexual pun intended there haha
  7. Sweet, you're in. Hoping the other is, if not than just you and I :) which was the plan from begin with. Haha.
  8. Haha, That is fine with me. Just let me know when we are starting.

    Edit: But I do need to know a few little details in order to play this char properly.
    do you have an idea for this Teachers personality?
  9. I am up for it. Haha.
  10. Sweet! I cant wait. I am looking for imagess for my char currently. :P I like using pictures to get the finite detail out. Leaves no gap.

    Edit: correction I have one haha
  11. Well I sent a reply regarding my possible characters. :)
  12. then lets talk on our chat, I am a fast reply. that and im sick right now and have nothing better to do.
  13. I'm sorry, guys. I passed out. I was up all night for new years and passed out lol. And all if yall are accented :) I don't mind how many people join. The more, the funnier it is ;)
  14. Then why dont u start us a thread hehe.
  15. Yeah, I want to start this thing now.

    I am excited for it. :D
  16. Sweet!! Aright, first Gaveo, you playing popular male or female?
  17. Ok give me a little while. Im not home. Im on my hone so I will be slow for an hour or so till I'm home
  18. Ok, I'm posting by phone so :) no worries.
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