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  1. This is a match between the teacher, and his best student, one whom has always done him proud. There is to be NO other comments than his own on this thread. This fight will abide by T-1 standard rules, except we dismiss the overpowering rule. However, abilities of which need charge turns still apply. Loss of this match will result in the death of that character for three rl days, there will be no essence destroying or consuming. This is not a deletion match. Two of our most powerful and prized characters are being pitted against one another, therefore that shall be respected. Starter follows.

    Burning rays of the sun lit the earth with its radiant glow, the objects blocking the light laying the gentle kiss of shadows scattered throughout the land. A shadow stirred, the form of a youthful man standing up as fate would call upon him. His yin had taught a certain boy almost all he knew. As the yang, this man knew it was he who must test his worth, and find out just how far the individual had gone. A light wind picked up his violet and purple bangs, pushing them across his deliciously pale skin. His golden gaze peered across the majestic landscape, only to appreciate the beauty of what nature had created for him. Yes, in a sick sense, he believed it was all built for him, and only death would prove him otherwise. The butterflies had once held him captive, but their leader had fell. The seal was broken, and he was free. And the first thing he did with his freedom was fight again. It was such typical behaviour from the spirit. He was quite literally the closest any spirit had become to being half man, half god. All depending on his cards, that was. Even in a world where he cast aside the rules, he was still bound to certain limitations of his own power. For his ultimate power to eternally be a reality, it would cause a catastrophe on a scale the world had never seen. The worst part? This spirit wasn't exactly the most placid of people. In fact, he was the opposite. For he craved power, and immortality. As well, his power often cost him portions of his life span. To make up for this, he stole half the life spans of his fallen enemies. On rare occasions, he would instead consume their existence, turning them into one of his cards. He had a whole deck, 100 in total, each of which had various effects. The most dangerous were three special cards, one of which being plain. Only one individual had ever witnessed the horror of this card, one who died to seal him, ending the match in a draw. It mattered not about the past, he was more focused on the future, and the present. For miles around, scattered trees and luscious green grass consumed the eye. Plenty of space to fight. Reaching into the pockets of his white vestments, a smirk spread across his lips, his digits falling upon his deck of cards, waiting patiently for the student to arrive.
  2. Beautiful thoughts flooded against cogs and gears, distant footsteps becoming audible - caused by the goal of what he had been lusting to meet, tales of the Butterflies had been pushed into The Astral Macabre's mind, fueling his every action, every movement, every test, this will to show whom was his best student constantly ran throughout the beautiful and horrific mind of Tamashii Corrsin - user of Temporal Energy. An eidetic mindset caused memories of training to resurface, but had not been spoken from the closed ashen lips of this pale male. Skin tinted like marble with muscles like platinum beneath the making had been draped by a specific armor crafted by none other than Tamashii himself; dressed in a tunic titled "Tangusuten Shishi", which had been his favorite tunic made from Tungsten alloys, spacial alloys, and platinum alloys in it's forging, this being clad against his marble chest with a total of twelve shreds in the makings, and allowing Tamashii to completely utilize his natural Temporal Energy to manipulate it as he had done with Kinesis. One would notice graceful vermilion locks flicking against and over the audible sensory, though not necessarily affecting it. The right hand of this being clad in the armor had been grasping along the blackened handle of "Tsuki No Gomon", the weapon he too had forged out of platinum. The weapon itself was forged from white steel and titanium strips, being able to utilize the certain enchanting gem in the hilt of the basic blade - to use "pure" fire. The sword itself being six feet long and three inches wide, though it had not been as big as the seven foot tall male walking unto the battlefield. Blackened cargo pants shifting with each step of steel-toed boots against spines of emerald rods, allowing the male to walk twenty feet away from the teacher he had considered the best friend. However, one would notice how the signature mask had been off beforehand; showing onyx scelera and golden irises surrounding the black dot in the middle of his eyes. Gently, eyes closed as the male's facial figure pointed downward with the sensory organs pointing toward the ground, though soon a smooth voice fluidly flowed throughout the space between the two; carrying a raspy, and overall deep tone. "Hello -- it's nice to meet you again, shall we begin?" Punctuated with a flick of the right wrist, the elongated blade pointed outward as the facial figure pointed downward, though within the demonic eyes, one would notice the eagerness to began this match, with the wondrous thoughts of proving his worth.
  3. Alas, a case of mistaken identity had been made. Though he indeed possessed the facial features, as well as the memories of his yin through their connection, this spirit and this mans teacher were in fact two different people. Actually, Darkeela was a being, originally a demon. This spirit held no actual physical body. His connection to the earthly world was highly limited, unless infused with the very power he possessed. He bothered not about weighing his opponent up, he knew enough from his yin. A deliciously cheerful smile crossed his lips as he whipped a card from his pocket, barely traceable to the eye. Holding it up for the opponent to see, the general colour of the card was yellow, with a dandelion flower inked upon the face. With a blinding flash of light, from the card itself came a dandelion flower reflecting the image on the card. He had summoned his first monster, and a pitiful looking one at that. Apart from the eyes, eyebrows, and the fact that it used two leaves at the base of its stem, nothing threatening would appear about the monster. Raising its yellow flowered head, it stared straight towards Tamashii, with an adorable expression in its eyes. Then the spirit spoke, addressing Tamashii with a mock cheerfulness.

    Welcome Tamashii! I've heard a lot about you! And I have to say, I can't wait to see what you have in store for me! You may provide the perfect candidate for my blank card. I'll very quickly explain. Seeing as I cannot exist in any realm, an intangible form of me is present on earth, or the casual plane. Alas, I could never attack you directly, so I let my cards do that. These are cards with mystical powers from my world, and are released by reducing my life time expectancy, or LiTE, equal to the amount of time my cards are active for. A heavy price... Yet I have plenty to spare. I keep only a hundred cards for this reason. Though beat all 100 of my cards... And things get a lot more interesting.
  4. "Oh? Well, it's interesting you've heard of me, kind sir! I've never known anyone like this to actually know of my name, seeing as how I'm not a legend yet! Oh! Excuse my rudeness, and it seems that I have to 'cut' things short, but I do hope for you to make this extremely interesting, seeing as how you're speaking highly of me - and pumping me up before I even made my first move. Heh, I hope I can stand up to whatever you throw at me -- to prove that I have an undieing will for what I set my gaze to! And right now, unnamed sir -- my goal is to beat you! And one hundred cards? Meaning one hundred moves, or enemies? Hah! That's amazing, and it sounds really cool! But first, while I'm going to attempt ridding of this monster - what is your name?"

    Gracefully moving his right hand upward into the air above, the elongated blade pointed upward into the sky, and a sudden press to the sapphire caused the blade to glow a light blue heat, dropping his forearm toward the ground with the hilt still gripped upon by Tamashii's right hand, a blue crescent of a good length exploded from the arched blade in the form of a crescent; made from the blade's stored energy, and activated with the touch of the sapphire upon the hilt. The sudden slash downward caused by the jolt caused the heat to burst toward the organic being resting in adorable frames, knowing from former meetings with Darkeela not to judge a book by the cover, and fully understanding the words spoken. The azure wave traveled along the air barely hovering over the ground at fast paces, though seeming to slash even wind in it's wake with the uplifting rocks and trailing indentions from the aforementioned heat wave, as it flung toward the small creature an odd abnormality would easily be spotted - for Tamashii's signature vermilion hair would slowly gain a darker and more crimson hue, and gain a small tint of blue, and white. Ruby locks' tips began to lighten with the attitude change, though this would not seem to affect his actions; it was just his personality, or so it had seemed.
  5. A delighted smile lit the spirits face as he watched his yin's student in action, he was very much impressed by the pure display of power, and the beauty of the attack itself. For a moment, he ignorantly ignored the request of his name, just to enjoy watching the attack itself. Of course, his dandelion obliterated upon the attack, though the spirit made no move to take out a new card. Time was of the essence after all. He clapped his hands together, applauding the display.

    "My my, that was simply wonderful! Your mentor wasn't half wrong about you. There is no doubt that you are strong. Alas, your attack did not connect with me obviously, though you probably guessed you wouldn't. Oh... And to think that my dear dandelion has been destroyed... But considering the style you showed, I shall reward you with its return. Yet this time there will be more than one. Biology science lesson time. What happens when seeds fall from a dying plant? Let me allow you to witness the practical, shall I?"

    Without a single movement from the spirit, from the earth one would see hundreds of dandelions reproduce, five hundred to be exact. Each rising from the ground, their cute eyes smiling at Tamashii, happy that he had created them. It took a lot to feed the plants, which was unknown to Tamashii at such time. But the more power he used in his attacks to destroy them, the more that would reproduce. Yet still, they we're harmless weren't they?

    "What just happened, is that by destroying my dandelion, you set off its ability, of which was to spread its seeds, although being as they are from my world, they grow fully mature in seconds. The more you destroy them, the more they will love you! How cool is that? Oh... And to answer your question, I cannot give you my birth name. For the sake of this match, you may call me... How about Neo! Sounds like a wicked cool name! Don't you agree?"
  6. The raise of an eyebrow would run along his facial features, one mysterious look upon his facial features as a sudden exertion of a huff radiated from pearly lips, one that had been muffled to the point where it allowed thoughts of the fruitless attack to fluidly flow in his mind; taking into consideration that maybe they were invincible to all attacks, and it had been as if a Hydra. Though not saying anything allowed and listening to the words spoken by the other, eyes closed intensely.

    "So, if I destroy a dandelion, the ability kicks in - spreads seeds - and then they "love" me? Well, that's pretty interesting really, since usually people don't have their abilities love me." A giggle blasted from his lips as hair only got darker - more purple, tips losing whiteness, though returning vermilion colorings to his tips. Singularly, a sigh blazed from the same calm lips, and he stopped giggling, only to nod in agreement that "Neo" was a cool name. "Mhm! That name is really wicked, Neo! Doesn't that name mean -- um -- "new"? Or something?"

    Peacefully standing erect before the garden of dandelions, a smile formulated betwixt lips - this was more of an extremely fun game than an actually serious fight to him, which was exactly what he needed - the feeling he lusted for: such an amazing battle that it seemed peaceful.

    "Well, if they'll just keep coming back after I've killed them - then I will simply await for your next move, but this entire thing is fun and cute so far!" Temporal Energy moved and swirled - as if wanting to get used, however, the connection between Tamashii's mind and the air streams above had suddenly linked; energy being ignorantly focused in the oxygen drifting between the flowers, Tamashii himself, and then -- another sigh. Though, now smiling, he had awaited for another amusing movement.
  7. "Oh I do love it when a plan comes together. Don't you my friend? And yes, I believe the name means something along those lines. I just love the sound of it. Neo... New. Oh look! Bees!" he exclaimed, pointing to the hundreds of bees that were now bobbing around, dipping in to pollinate them, and create honey for their hives. "Awwwwww look at that, the flowers love it them. Looks like you're not my dandelions favourite any more. However... That's not a good thing..."

    Indeed, the dandelions had taken quite a liking to these bees, the sounds of giggling quite literally heard from the flowers as they were tickled. If observed, the dandelions could actually be seen moving towards the bees, skipping upon their leafed feet to have a bee settle on them. Shockingly though, a blue light seemed to shoot through the flowers, essentially shocking the bees. Thousands of bees radiated with this light, essentially blinding everyone temporarily. Then the light would vanish with the sound of shattering glass, a ginormous buzz filling the area, the decibels enough to pop the ear drums. Should it do so, Tamashii would find himself living in silence. The bees themselves, were each four foot even in height, not far over half a mans body height. Now was the fun part. Due to his reckless first strike, Tamashii had created enough energy too fill the entire field and yonder with the flowers. It mattered not about how many he had, what counted was the energy syphoned from the said attack. The energy was then infused with the creature upon it, turning them into super beings by Tamashii's own doing. Of course, he would have no control over these creatures, though he didn't need to. Reaching into his pocket, the tip of a purple card was shown, though he didn't activate it. Each of his flowers wilted away to decompose into the soil, so now the bees would do their thing. As if the ear splitting sound wasn't enough, the energy they now held, which was tainted by Neo's monster, and couldn't be controlled, were angry as hell. Thousands upon thousands of them would strike at him from all sides. Due to their new power, so much as a single graze pumped in enough venom to kill him within a few seconds, if not instantly. His attack, if you could call it an attack, had barely lated five seconds. It could well be the end, before it had began.
  8. Blinking few times only to cause a sudden drop to the ground and resting upon crunched knees, implanted feet in the Earth, and a singular palm with outstretched digits in all locations, energy mixed with imagination had caused an array of transparent azure to glow outward, and quickly formulate from the Earth below, to quickly multiply asexually in the form of a tangible form of recalibrating vibrancy, creating a complete orb around Tamashii's figure, and causing the dome to flip into the ground to have it as a complete orb of azure with the ability to do nothing more than stop all sounds, continuously multiple in thickness through reproduction of it's making, and vibrations from reaching the inside. This energy, however, would be solid to those whom had not gained an immunity to his energy since it had manifested into tangibility, not siphoning the elements from the inside to where the bees' constant dumbfounding buzz had seemed not to enter due to being completely around his figure in a thick layer of platforms of the sextuplet points, latched onto one another. Though this energy had ran through the ground to manifest with certain acoustics about these panels, keeping the sound, and even vibrations out, as well as elements and completely locking them out - but also to endanger Tamashii, for he had been necessarily trapped. Even though the immunity to his energy would allow the constant oncoming bees to flutter and attack from all sides, the would be met by constantly twisting of Tungsten, platinum, and space-age metals piercing the bees and constantly causing friction in spiraling motions around Tamashii's body, as if a blender to the bees would cause the onslaught, for the needed five seconds, to end in those five seconds to end as soon as it began - without a single scratch at that. Seeing as how it was from all sides, six tendrils had completely shielded him, leaving the dead carcasses of bees to endlessly sputter on the ground outside of the orb, but still unharmed by the deafening buzz. Why? The constant swoop and twist of Tangusuten Shishi would shield Tamashii's ears as if a burst of wind had constantly been pulsing beside his ears - now he stood in the middle of the orb, looking upward toward the being as all bees had been vanquished.

    "Wow, that was well-thought out. I have to give you "props" for making that so dangerous for me, and I hope each and every attack like that only gets worse!" Genuinely smiling from the fun of thought he had, though quick actions had caused the orb to stop growing without wish at five-feet thick walls of platforms. "Your turn!"
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