Teacher-to-be Sees the beautiful Side of Teaching

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  1. He locked up his bike at the bike rack as he sighed over how annoying this day would be. New year. The students would all think that they could play around and do nothing during his class when that simply wasn't true. They had to work to get their 'A' in his class. And then there was the matter of the intern he was getting this semester. Another student wanting to be a teacher. The last one had been every bit as annoying as he had feared they would be. They stood up in the middle of class and talked over him whenever they thoguht of something to say. They couldn't grade right, and they hadn't been any use at all in disciplining the students. In fact, he'd found the stupid girl flirting with many of the senior boys that had been 'of age'.

    Hopefully he won't get another girl. It wasn't that he hated girls. He liked them as well as the next guy. But if they were more interested in flirting with men in his class than actually learning what it took to be a real teacher in a real class, he didn't want them in his classroom, ever. But his school had wanted him to host another stupid intern, and only after promising to give him a boy intern had he agreed. But that didn't mean he'd get one. It all depended on how many men went into the college teaching program didn't it?

    Walking into the school, Leon Flux headed directly to his room, ignoring the call of 'wait' by the head of his department (math). "Whatever it is , I don't want it, I'm not going to buy it. I just want to get this day over with all right?" he asked, turning just in time to run smack dab into the department head.

    "Don't you remember you have to come pick up your intern? The least you could do is wait in the office for him to arrive?" the woman asked after she'd brushed off her front.

    "Can't you all just send him down to my classroom?"

    "No, you need to come and pick him up! It's procedure."

    The young, twenty-four year old teacher couldn't help but feel like gagging. This woman was always on about procedure. "Fine." he groaned and turned around and headed for the office like a student in trouble.

  2. October Ross had arrived at the school very early. He had wanted to be on time and leave a good first impression. Only this was, the principal had taken his sweet ass time and the university student had found himself waiting for half an hour the man actually arrived. He hadnt complained though and had entertained himself by flirting with both the male and female assistants that were in the office. School hadn't started yet, which meant that his duties hadn't started yet so he played around - he'd get serious as soon as he found out what he needed to do though.

    The red-head cared about this. He wanted to become a great teacher and he was very happy that he'd been able to land an internship at the school. He was dressed better than he normally would be since the school had insisted that he dress well, since it was apparently school policy. He didn't mind doing it, he wanted to start off well, after all. It was always better to leave a first good impression rather than a bad one because it was hard to change someone's opinion once it was made.

    On his legs were a pair of black jeans (he refused to wear trousers, no matter the occasion), he also had on a white dress shirt with a navy jacket over the top and a checkered tie that he stole from his roommate since the man didn't own anything remotely close to a tie. It just wasn't the type of thing he'd wear by choice. His red hair stuck out in all directions since it was basically impossible to tame it and his bright eyes were hidden behind his too long hair. His right ear ear was pierced (three normal studs and one industrial), although that was concealed underneath his hair and could only be seen if you came close.

    After the principal arrived, he had been briefly explained October's duties - which was mainly doing anything and everything the teacher needed him to do - and was told he'd be working with a math teacher, Leon Flux. Math was the department October was hoping to work in so he was glad to be able to work with someone from it and couldn't help but wonder what kind of man he was. The principal had then started talking about the school rules, briefly explaining them to him and telling him to make sure the students obeyed and if he saw anyone out of place, to make sure he punished or at least warned them.

    Once he was briefed on everything, he was shooed back into the waiting room and told to wait for the teacher to arrive and bring him to where his classroom would be. He had been idly turning through pages of the school's yearbook when the teacher arrived and one of the assistants notified him, causing the red-head to abruptly stand up and flash a charming smile at the teacher.

    "Heya, my name's October Ross, your new intern."
  3. Leon stared at the lad that would intern in his classroom for the semester. He wasn't what Leon would call 'standard teacher material'. He blinked grey-green eyes behind his thin, almost non existent framed glasses. The glasses gave him an older appearance he had found which had helped him with the students. Who would listen to a twenty three year old teacher? Not many. Much of his attire spoke of years of experience when really this was only this second year teaching full time. His eyes flicked to the earrings in the boys ear and he frowned a bit. While he wasn't against earrings, he would have to mention that it made him look like a student rather than an intern when they were alone. Staring at the places on his ears reminded him of the earrings he had had before he'd started to teach. He could almost feel his ear calling out for the metal and the contacts and the strange outfits he'd been allowed to wear when he'd been a kid.

    Sighing he turned and motioned for 'October Ross' to follow him, much to the disapproval of the department head. "Come on then. I'll explain what you are going to do on our way to my classroom. I still have to prep for the first class," he said over his shoulder.

    He stopped by a coke machine, checked to make sure that there was no one around before kicking it maliciously. Out sprang two bottles of soda. He took them and held out one to October. "I'm Leon Flux. You will not speak in my class unless you are asking a question, and even then I don't want to hear the words until breaks or my prepping period. It would be bet if you didn't interact with the students for the first few days, unless you know how to deal with finicky teenager hormones." he said as he looked at October.
  4. The teacher was young. He noticed that right off the bat, despite the glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose; it did make his look slightly older but his features were still young, void of the wrinkles most of the teachers he had been taught by had had. He was probably close to October's age of 20 years old. He noticed the frown that appeared on his face when he noticed the earrings and the boy couldn't help but angle his head just enough so that he couldn't see the earrings but didn't look like he wasn't looking at Leon's face. Ahh, he'd already made a mistake and he hadn't even known the man for 5 minutes yet.

    October hands had been shoved deep into his pockets as he trailed behind his 'boss', a tiny bit slower due to the difference in their heights, his eyes trained on the man's back. He had gawked when the teacher suddenly kicked the coke machine, a yelp escaping his lips as he took one step back in surprise. He meekly took the outstretched coke bottle from the teacher, before twisting off the lid and nodding enthusiastically as he listened to his every word. He needed all the advice he could get, it was his first time actually helping with the teacher side of this after all.

    "Alright..." He took a gulp of the coke, grimacing at the prickly sensation that spread through his mouth as he did so, "So I just need to sit there and listen?" He mused, twisting the bottle cap back on. It seemed easy enough - but it almost seemed, too easy. Wasn't he supposed to do more? But he wasn't going to disobey yet, he didn't want to have face the wrath of the man's foot like the poor coke machine. "Do I need to go like get your printouts and all that stuff or something? James," He paused, referring to the principal, "Didn't really go into detail about what you'd want me to do, specifically." Unless all he really had to do was sit around? But that couldn't be possible, right?
  5. Leon opened his own coke and swallowed almost half of it int he first sip. He had found that his body demanded caffeine in the morning ever since he had started teaching. But since he hated the taste of coffee, he'd settled for soda's instead. He smiled a little as he closed his drink and then turned around to leave the hallway, motioning for the boy to follow him again.

    "You just sit and listen. The last intern I had had a habit of talking when it wasn't appropriate, and I don't want that form you. In fact, I'd rather you didn't talk all that much when there are students in the classroom period," Leon said as he turned down a hallway that lead to the math section of the school. "I teach Algebra, geometry, algebra, and then calculus at the end of the day. I have a two hour prep period around lunch which we can use to discuss whatever you need to do for your classes at the university. Did you bring a lunch with you or will you be buying from the cafeteria?"

    He spoke as he pulled out a set of keys and, after selecting the right one, opened the door to his classroom. It had a simple layout--desks facing the board, teachers desk in the back of the clasroom, and three large whiteboards along one wall. The rest of the walls were covered with different posters that would cover all sorts of math terms and equations. He held open the door as he took another sip of his soda, waiting for October to enter the room.