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    ✦ D e a n ✦

    Name: Dean Maxwell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight


    H i s t o r y / B i o g r a p h y
    Brought up in less than satisfactory circumstances, Dean was the only child born to a young 18 year old mother, and a father who was imprisoned just after Dean's birth for dodgy dealings, drug smuggling and general crimes. His mother had been his girlfriend, but one of many, with the man having been insatiable and unable to remain faithful. For a young woman who earned her money cleaning, caring for Dean was hard, especially without his father financially able to support her, and so tough times were formed.

    Growing up in the downtown area, where crime was like second nature to most residents, she did want better for her son, for him to be able to break the chain, and go to school and better himself. But once Dean hit his teenage years, he easily found a group of friends who led him astray - he was out most nights at only thirteen, bragging about his father who he visited in prison (the man was constantly going back in for crimes) and how tough he was. The sad thing was that Dean was naturally smart. He had the ability to further himself, and to get out of the 'bad boy' stereotype. But with friends who repelled anyone like that, he did feel the obligation to continue down the path he was on, in spite of his love for English and Drama... but he'd rather die than admit that to his friends who would torment him for it.
    In the present day, now seventeen and a rather handsome young man, Dean is known around his high school as someone who may appear charming and suave, but is a serial flirt with girls and discards them after he gets bored, and as such, many try to steer clear of him. A smoking addict, he is always smoking on school grounds regardless of the repercussions, and in and out of school, is accustomed to crimes. He has often set fire to things in school, and outside, is no stranger to stealing a few things or breaking into cars for the fun of it. In short, he is unruly and opposes rules of all kinds, even if he tries to be a good son for his mother and craves to excel in his favourite topic, Drama. Yet, with him and his friends being the 'bad boys' of the school, constantly in detention and causing disruption in class, he is more than destined to keep his label of being the dangerous, but completely charming flirt.

    A p p e a r a n c e
    Tall, at a height of 6'3", Dean's appearance is just why, in spite of his crimes and rebellious nature, many girls fall for him. Built, but not overly so, with rather bright blue eyes and rich brown hair always styled to his definition of perfection, he is somewhat of a show off in the looks department, using them to get what he wants. His smile is mostly his defining feature, though, with dimples appearing whenever he does so, and sapphire eyes lighting. His style consists usually of something casual, jeans and a jumper or a t-shirt, but occasionally, a leather jacket and something more edgy and alternative which all suit him down to a T.


    P e r s o n a l i t y
    As expected, Dean comes across as a formidable character to those not his friends. He can be incredibly charming, and will never really show anything else, but uses threats and cusses a lot to coerce those he doesn't like into either giving him money, or just to threaten them because it's fun. He tends to come across as a bully too, but not that he particularly cares about the villainous label. Yet, he can also be a flirt, mostly seen with the popular girls and nowhere near anyone less, even if the popularity they possess isn't entirely something that means he'll stick with them - Dean is somewhat shallow, and selfish, and when bored, thinks of himself rather than the girl in question. This selfishness is always overshadowed, with his charisma, suaveness and ability to come across gentlemanly being the perfect cocktail when combined with his appearance, even with the underlying current of criminality he carries.

    I n n e r | P e r s o n a l i t y
    Beneath the bad boy exterior, Dean does hold something more valuable - a sweetness and vulnerability that rarely gets shown. He can be a rather nice person if away from his friends and away from the area he was brought up in, but he tends to get caught up and act about when with others like his friends. His love of Drama is his biggest secret, and when in that class, he refuses to indulge in acting and theatre, instead watching enviously as others enjoy it and he, in fear of being teased by his friends, sits back and jokes along with them about it... even if he'd rather be on stage and acting like asked. That fear of being teased is something he holds back - he is seen to be without any weaknesses, so having that one brought up would ruin him. So he keeps on with the rebel nature, flat out refusing to let anyone in on what sort of boy he can be sometimes, beyond the flirtatious charmer an bullying rebel.

    L i k e s ✦
    ✦ Flirting
    ✦ Money and possessions - materialism
    ✦ Drama and acting
    ✦ Cigarettes
    ✦ Getting what he wants

    D i s l i k e s
    ✦ Feeling stuck between being the 'bad boy' and who he could be if he focused
    ✦ Being told what to do
    ✦ School
    ✦ Cats

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  3. ✦ S a m a n t h a ✦
    Name: Samantha McCarthy
    Age: 36
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight


    ✦ H i s t o r y / B i o g r a p h y
    Samantha was the second daughter of a lawyer and a businessman, who founded the business Hornsby & Sons, and was raised in a large family with her seven siblings. Her parents had raised their children in a large home in the suburbs and had a strong, healthy marriage. Due to her family receiving a decent amount of money, she was educated at a private all girl's school and had many wealthy friends during her youth. When she was sixteen, she met her first boyfriend, who had been an older man, but after a year into their relationship, she fell pregnant and her boyfriend disappeared. Coping with pregnancy alone, Samantha eventually decided to have an abortion before it was too late, much to the upset of her own mother.
    Becoming distant from her mother, Samantha travelled to England in order to be educated at Cambridge University, where she met her married professor Dr John McCarthy, and graduated. After her graduation, aged 23, she decided to become a teacher in England. After two years of teaching English at a primary school, she began a relationship with her former professor, who soon divorced his wife and proposed to her, inviting her to move with him to America. She agreed, and began teaching at a high school local to a hospital where her new husband began lecturing at.
    Eleven years later, Samantha is still married to John, however, their relationship has stagnated due to her lack of children and her husband's numerous affairs with his co-workers and other younger women. In spite of this, Samantha has stayed by her husband's side, although their sex life has been clearly affected. She is an incredibly intelligent and well-educated woman, and is considered sexually attractive by both men and women alike. Her inability to bear children has also led to a serious decrease in her self-esteem, making her increasingly more distant and reserved.

    A p p e a r a n c e ✦
    Tall for a woman, at a height of 5'9". Samantha's appearance has been dubbed as "MILF material" by her students for years. She is curvy, with an over-average sized bust and long slender legs. Her eyes are clear blue and she has straight blonde hair. Although she is very attractive, she fails to recognise it, and has always used her intelligence to get what she wants rather than her appearance. Her style is usually quite smart and elegant, but she is not estranged from dressing in casual clothing.


    P e r s o n a l i t y ✦
    Samantha is a very reserved woman, and prefers to be alone than with her friends. In the classroom, she is an enthusiastic and charismatic teacher, who enjoys occasionally joking about with the class, but is also rather strict and formidable when it is required of her. Outside of the classroom, she is far more private and reserved, preferring not to hang out with any of the other teachers outside school, and keeping a close circle of friends. She is also very close to her older brother Martin Hornsby as well as her youngest sister Kat Hornsby, enjoying close relationships with her family in order to make up for her lack of other close relationships with friends and her own husband. Samantha is a very vulnerable woman, although she wouldn't seem this way due to the tough façade she puts on to her students. She values people, not by their appearance or their intelligence, but rather by their attitude towards their studies and their future.

    ✦ L i k e s ✦
    ✦ Literature
    ✦ Various sports, particularly tennis and watching football
    ✦ Theatre
    ✦ Cigarettes
    ✦ Helping people achieve their dreams

    D i s l i k e s ✦
    ✦ People who waste her time
    ✦ People who treat her like a sexual object
    ✦ People who bully others

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