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  1. As the title days, let's learn slang together! It's always fun to learn new things. Today, someone learned about Mudbutt which is a term used for Diarrhea! It's an amusing insult and I'm curious if there are other less common terms out there. Well? Tell me!
  2. Hoser--Loser, fool, idiot.


    Eh'--Yeah?, hi, okay.

    Dude, Guy, Buddy--Slang for "stranger".

    Aboot time you hosers made it to the game eh'?

    I love my country. :angel:
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  3. Lol good sentence structure! Five points.
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  4. Behehehe mudbutt.


    Normal people: I'm going hunting.
    People where I live: tirty-point buckshot, take 'er down.

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    WONKY = messed up, not right, all weird
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  6. Skosh = a small thing or little bit

    pr'y = probably

    kitty corner = diagonal

    The Mountain's out = clear skies

    Janky has been pretty popular around here lately. It usually mean something shitty and run down or questionable/undesirable.
  8. Have some swedish slang from the more immigrant heavy suburbs. Aka where I lived for years. We use tons of swenglish, so our sentences might go something like this;

    "Ey, Wassup bror, Hörde att du sjappat från Aina. " (Ey, how's it going, heard you ditched the cops.)
    "De var fett Keffa" (They were dumb as fuck)

    sjappa = leave
    Bror= Brother, used for close friends.
    Aina/Bengen = Cops
    Svenne = Someone super swedish.
    Keff = whack, dumb.
    Fet = Means fat, but is used when something is extra awesome.
    Braja = Weed.
    Dope = Awesome.
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  9. To disturb my friends, I use "flesh" to describe anything to do with meat.

    Example: I enjoy chicken wings. I like to pull every bit of steaming flesh off the bones with my teeth.

    I get a lot of weird looks at the cafeteria. :)
  10. Your boy is mad salty bruh!

    Salty = Pissed
  11. Oh boy, hick-meets-the big-o slang...

    Bumkin Slang

    Bugeaters - I have no clue why but the older Nebraskan generation refers to themselves was bugeaters, not in a good or bad way "Oh, back when I was a young bugeater..."

    Druthers- I don't really know how to explain this... it's like saying "well, if things went my way _______"

    Piddling - screwing around, sniffing the roses, etc.

    Pecker poles - baby trees, usually the crappy ones that don't look like they'd make it through winter. Yes... we insult trees here.

    "Druthers, we'd be out o' here already if y'all weren't piddlin' around the pecker pole like a bunch of sissy misses"

    Clear as mud - confirmation that you understand something... kind of.

    Tinkletoes - fancy rich woman in heels.

    My Bessy - when referring to the biggest and healthiest cow in the pasture.

    Ruff instead of roof

    Warsh instead of wash

    Crick instead of creek

    Cityfolk Slang

    The Big-O - Omaha, Nebraska.

    Huskers - Nebraskans, especially the ones who live in the capital.

    Loosie - someone who tries to bum cigarettes off of people on the streets (sometimes a lighter).

    Brewski - beer

    Skipping stones - dodging a question

    Now, if you're smarter than the average boobear... - If you have any wit about you... (used by teachers during lectures, or when someone is explaining something)

    "Now, if you're smarter than the average boobear, you'll realize that operant conditioning works off of a schedule of reinforcement."

    vvv daily facepalm material vvv

    You're cruisin' for a bruisin' - I WANNA PUNCH YO FACE BRO

    Let's blow this popsicle/kool-aid/lemonade stand - let's go/leave.
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  12. Diurese - to discharge a patient from the hospital; "diurese the list" - the act of discharging from the hospital obviously lowers the number of people I have to see on my patient list; diuresis is the act of artifically causing urination via a diuretic-class medication.
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  13. My dad says 'Poop through a goose' a shit ton.

    Normally when I ask him if he understands.

    "Understand it as fast as poop through a goose" and shit like that.
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  14. Your dad is amazing.

    And probably has diarrhea.

    Or at least his goose does.
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  15. According to him. Geese shit a lot.
  16. WTF - Welcome to Facebook

    Now I laugh in the backround
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  17. People in my area also say "I heard you won't"

    This is normally said after things like....

    "I'm so hungry for pizza right now"

    "Shut the hell up or I will make you"

    "I gotta take a dump"

    So I have no fucking clue what it might mean to them.
  18. I've heard people say Bae in reference to there significant other. I tend to not enjoy those peoples company.

    Punch'a'duck- A term used to show frustration
    Shoot'a'biscuit- A term used to show frustration
    Joshing your taters- Just messing with you
    Dang it Dale- Used when you can't think of some one to blame
    Janky- Junky
    Swanky- in stlye
    Stank- dirty, filthy, horrid

    Those are silly terms that I am currently using. Most people find it funny. Those who don't are stank.
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  19. Small ball crap - a problem, interruption, task, or other inconvenience that, in the grand scheme of things, is mostly irrelevant (especially to you) but OMG HAS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF RIGHT NOW!!!111!!!...usually by some idiot who mistakenly thinks said inconvenience will be the end of the world
  20. I know people who could be described as that.