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  1. Alrighty so Hello there! I'm new to this roleplaying thread, but I'm definitely not new to the Roleplaying world!! So I have this idea and I'd appreciate it if you'd hear me out!

    Class President over here is someone who has always had the best grades and attitude out of the entire student body, he/she appeared to have the most perfect life as they were calm and peppy the majority of the time. At least not until the Class Pres encounters a dilemma: s/he is missing one more activity to be able to graduate, and that's helping out in whatever they'd like. S/he chose tutoring, but just wait till they know who they're tutoring. Delinquent of the century, and let me tell you this battle is going to be a struggle. Pres isn't who we think they are, s/he starts showing their true colors, and delinquent loves a challenge. The Pres has to make sure delinquent passes his classes or not they both won't be able to graduate! It's a battle to the finish, who will win?​

    So basically, I don't care which role you want or which gender. You can pick your role, gender, the sexuality orientation (because I'm planning stuff for which ever role I end up having ;) )

    There's only a few things I don't premit which I'm listing as we are reading(?)

    • No one liners! Please at least a simple five structured paragraph will suffice! If you can type more that awesome, we can write a novel trilogy together!
    • No mary sues/ powerplaying/ invincibility/ frequent grammar errors/ love at first sight/ pregnancy...
    • Porfavor be descriptive whenever you write don't just say, "the kiss was killer." ADD SOME MOREE!!
    • I prefer anime pics, but if you're awesome at writing and have stellar vocabulary, then I wouldn't mind doing normal pics.
    I accept smut/ fluff, anything really!

    Just message right below and hope we can get this roleplay on the road!
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  2. Skeleton Sheet (open)
    (Appearance description/pic here!)
    Name ::
    Nickname ::
    Age ::
    Role ::
    Orientation ::
    Personality ::
    Short Bio ::
    Likes ::
    Dislikes ::
    Other ::
  3. Hello, what you have written is something that I have been looking for.
    I can do everything you have asked. I would love to be able to write out Saga with you.
    If you are interested please message me, I am always around. I see that you have a Character form already placed.
    I can post one for you, however I would rather write it in a Role play post for you. When we start up.
    Message me if you are interested in writing with me.
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