Tea for Savages

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  1. Elizabeth Hadley, #00B3B3 The pitter patter of rain drummed against the pristine paneled window, leaving the way out as an unforeseeable future. Elizabeth, a young girl of only 17, knew better. She'd never been able to escape, no, not until tonight. The brightness of the full moon began to rise above the mountain's peak, and in that moment, the pale, blue eyed female was determined to escape the large gothicesque castle in which horrendous, grotesque beasts resided- the ones called vampires.

    Fangs sharper than a needle, eyes red with bloodlust, and skin whiter than powder, Elizabeth was nothing more than a mere human toy, played with for their pleasure and the man who stood above all, Lord Emil, as his coven called him, an object of sexual assault and blood lust. Her left hand shook slightly, consciously reaching up to touch the puncture wounds that lay near her vein. She bit her lip, her soul crying out as pain shot through her body. Crimson blood slithered down her neck and the purple brown bruise that had formed there was undeniably the most dreadful searing pain she'd experienced with just a light touch of her finger.

    He'd bit her there, over and over again, every single time she'd been forced to her knees. Elizabeth's dull blue eyes quickly searched for some sort of bandage lying around. He'd taken off the last one, left it alone, then didn't bother providing her with another. I suppose if I faint whilst escaping, or better, die, it would be easier to live afterwards, she thought sourly, pursing her peach-colored lips disdainfully. Elizabeth glanced over her shoulder for any shadows of approaching footsteps or chitchat out in the halls.

    For a few moments, Elizabeth heard nothing. That is... most certainly strange. Without another thought wasted, Elizabeth nimbly unlatched the window. Her blood stained fingertips brushed across the architecture, leaving traces of fresh blood on the handles. The window slammed open, the wind forcefully swooped in, and lightning cracked before thunder.

    The young girl grabbed ahold of either side and immediately pushed herself up, skirts beginning to rage up a storm. Her eyes peered over the edge. Two, three stories down was it? She gulped, her heart beating fast. Adrenaline rushed through her veins and her breathing became heavy. The dress she was wearing became soaking wet and the wind urged her to fall back and forget risking death. Elizabeth inhaled her last breath. Please, dear Lord, save me from perishing. She had long awaited this day and fear would not hold her back. Without another word, Elizabeth jumped off of the windowsill, air abruptly surging upwards as the weight of gravity exerted her from hell.

    So close to the ground, so close to death, Elizabeth felt apprehension building up. The left side of her body hit the ground with a loud thud, and Elizabeth groaned in pain. She'd hit the surface of slimy mud and withered grass, but it still felt painful. Arising quietly, Elizabeth hoisted herself up on her arms and turned to glance up at the open window. Her blue eyes blinked once, twice, before she saw a familiar figure looming over the ground. Sleek blond hair pushed back, pale white skin... Oh no! It's him!

    "Get that bloody bitch!"

    Elizabeth felt fear and tension suddenly break the scale. She scrambled on to her feet before dashing out towards the woods. She heard Emil's coven, about four or five vampires she estimated, drop and hit the ground swiftly on their feet. Her breathing sped up as she drove herself forward into thick, dreary ground. Her dress tore against the branches, small scratches were gained from the trees, and Elizabeth slipped many times, suffocation driving herself to let go of the need to escape. Running again through the dark, narrow passageway to freedom was all she'd ever wanted. Elizabeth had no idea how long she'd be running. The only thing she knew, the only she felt now, was that she needed to escape, no matter what.
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