Tea for Savages [16+/Email]

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  1. Tea for Savages

    Genre(s): Supernatural, Victoriana, Paranormal Romance, Gothic Horror, Romance, Drama, Adventure

    Pairing: Werewolf x Human

    Summary: For a long time, bloodshed occurred between the werewolf packs and vampire covenants. For the longest time, humans were unaware of these supernatural beings, each and every single one masquerading their true self. Then war came. Humanity, once at it's greatest, was wiped out across the globe and many werewolf packs plummeted. Vampires, now the dominant species, are chastening the werewolves' revolt. A young human, known as the miracle survivor, is captured and kept secret from the vampires' mortal enemies, werewolves. However, one night upon escaping from the vampire lord, the human stumbles upon a beast, one who saves her life and takes her in, keeping her in hiding. It won't be long until packmates and covenants find out, therefore raising international disputes between the two races.


    1.) Please be 16 or older.

    2.) Please be advanced or higher.

    3.) Please be comfortable writing four paragraphs or more.

    4.) This is a love story. Even though it's a love story, the romance will develop naturally okay? We can blur the lines too, if you'd like. I'd actually LOVE to do that- blur the lines between the relationship and everything else! :3

    5.) Please be able to write little to no fluff! If you don't like it general and don't write it in general, yay for us!

    6.) Grammar, punctuation, and spelling! I have had so many people ask if I wanted to roleplay with them, I asked for writing samples, and the grammar, punctuation, and spelling was far from advanced. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG OF YOU if you know there are grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors within your posts daily, do not ask to do this with me.

    7.) High reading comprehension please.

    8.) DETAILS M'LOVES DETAILS!!! Use the five senses, use descriptive imagery, just please, don't overdo it. Overdoing it leads to fluff.

    9.) Take an active role in EVERYTHING!!! From further plotting and discussion, to coming up with ideas and twists, as well as advancing the plot forward during the roleplay, I want you to take an active role in helping me make this one of the greatest roleplays of all time!

    10.) WRITING SAMPLE PLEASE!!! There are some writing styles I enjoy and others I do not. Don't get offended if I politely decline.

    11.) A grasp of complex themes is wanted but not required.

    12.) Be able to carry out full scenes. If a scene ends, it ends. It doesn't carry on until the next day.

    14.) Be comfortable with all of the content ratings I've listed down in tags on the thread. They will be mentioned and they will be done.

    15.) No god-modding, auto-hitting, or meta-gaming.

    16.) I absolutely despise outright controlling a person's character. I ask for the same courtesy from my partners.

    17.) Be willing to expand on the lore of vampires and werewolves (and be comfortable with it too lol). It's lovely, worldbuilding supernatural creatures~

    18.) PLEASE SHOW GENUINE INTEREST!!! I don't want a "sure, i'll do this with you." or "this looks cool. are you still looking?" Because I can't contain my female hormones, I NEEEEEEEDDDD someone to fangirl with!!!

    Have you actually read this far? Go you!

    The actual roleplay will be done over email. All OOC/Plot discussion to PMs here. This is to help keep track of my roleplays. For this reason, I'd like the age range to be 16-26. Sorry people who aren't in that age range. It's only for the sake of my comfort zone! Again, please make sure you've read and meet all the requirements you are able to meet. I'd like to see your age as well, to clarify. Not trying to be paranoid or anything but without reassurance, I just don't feel safe roleplaying through email :(
  2. Hi there chainedfiction,
    I came across your very detailed partner request in the Romance forum today, and I was very intrigued by it. I was sure to read through all of your stipulations and requirements, and I am comfortable in saying that I can accommodate all of those you listed. I am a big fan of vampire/werewolf themed fantasies, and I especially like your line regarding letting the romance part of the story develop naturally. Though I haven't had the opportunity to write many longer posts yet on Iwaku, I have a lot of experience with more detailed writing at other venues. As you requested, I can provide a writing sample if you're interested.

    At any rate, I also read on your status that you might be taking a break from Iwaku due to personal issues. First let me say that I'm sorry you're having a rough time right now. Secondly, I completely understand if this is a bad time, and that you can't RP. The request you put out was just too good not to respond to however, so I had to at least give it a shot.

    I hope this finds you well.

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