Te Odio (1x1 with Lydia)

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  2. Eric yawned, leaning back against the large stone wall. He was currently off duty at the moment and was relaxing next to the village's river. He was quite far from the castle but he preferred the silence. Smiling, he pushed away from the wall and waddled into the water, not caring about his clothes. Sure enough he would be able to clean them up afterwards. Once he was deep enough he dove into the water, enjoying the cold it brought him.
    Giselle, grinning maniacally, ran through the trees, melting the snow with her intense body heat as she went. She held out her arms and made ashes on the trees she passed. Just a touch to her skin would slightly burn you, unless you were a Fire or Water manipulator. Only Water manipulators could cool down a Fire.

    Giselle arrived at her destination -- the castle. She wasn't sure exactly what she was doing there, but she wanted to look around. She had never been there before, and Giselle's dangerously reckless nature had drawn her there.

    Giselle jumped to the very edge of the lake -- or, rather, tried to. Her ankle buckled beneath her, and Giselle toppled into the cold water, her burning skin making hissing bubbles around her. Giselle, having never learned to swim, flailed around aimlessly, drowning.
  4. For a long while Eric remained underwater. He didn't need to breath the air and he smiled. Glancing around he decided to follow some fish up the river. He kept up easily and was soon swimming ahead of them, using the current to aid his movements. After a while he grew tired of swimming and remained still, keeping his eyes shut. In doing so he was unaware of Giselle who was jumping at the edge of lake and was surprised when she fell in on top of her. If she hadn't bumped into him he would have ignored but seeming as he was under her, he let out a few bubbles before pushing her to the surface. "What the hell are you doing?"
    Giselle gasped as her head broke the surface of the water. She felt unfamiliar hands on her waist and flicked the water out of her eyes, still gasping, as she looked at her saviour. An attractive guy. She would have been delighted, but she was too shocked from nearly dying.

    "S - sorry," she gasped. "I -- I jumped near the edge and my ankle buckled -- I fell in -- you saved me." She smiled, still gasping. "Thank you. I -- I'm Fire, I can't swim." Giselle could feel the heat returning to her face as her skin dried.
  6. Hearing the girl's response Eric rolled his eyes. He used to his strength to throw her onto the bank, probably a bit hard, and surfaced himself, though he remain mostly under the water. "Yeah, no shit. If you can't swim why are you so close to the water? The current is strong as Hercules himself," he muttered, dropping under the surface again.
    Giselle thumped on the ground when the man threw her. She stood up crossly, turning to tell him off, but he had disappeared under the water. Giselle indignantly used the heat she had regained to her face to heat up the rest of her body, dry her clothes and hair, and crisp up a little of the grass she stood on.
  8. Watching from under the water, Eric smiled. A thought had crossed his mind and he imagined what it would be like to carry it out. Moving his hands he created a small water spout. He held it there before slowly making it grow larger. After he decided it was large enough he flicked his hands, watching as the spout fell over the girl, drenching her once again after she had finished drying herself off. As he resurface,d, he laughed, holding his sides.
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    Giselle gasped, this time from rage rather than shock, as the Water man drenched her. As Fire people did when angry, her hands sparked small flames, instantly drying her hands.

    The man was resurfacing; she used one hand to discreetly create a reverse-vacuum of hot air. She situated the vacuum right behind the man, and pulled her hand closer to her, flinging the man onto the shore.

    Using the hot air to press the man to the ground, but not stopping him from breathing, Giselle used her other hand to dry herself off while gritting her teeth. "What the hell is your problem?" she snarled.
  10. Eric snorted, glaring up at her. "What's yours? A little water doesn't hurt much," he muttered, trying to get back up. The impact had hurt a little but he would never admit to such a thing. Huffing, he gave up and layed there, using a hand to summon a small puddle below him. At least he wouldn't overheat if it was there.
    Once she was completely dry, Giselle took away the body of hot air and let him up. With a scornful look at the Water manipulator, she turned on her heel and started to walk back through the trees. She was still very mad, and left fiery footprints as she walked.
  12. Eric paused, then grinned. He wouldn't let her get him back this time. Gathering a ball of water in his hands, the rest of the puddle dribbled back into the lake. Taking aim, he launched the ball towards her, then turned and dived into the lake, remaining underwater to watch her reaction instead.
    Giselle heard the ball of water coming for her. She whirled around and evaporated it with a burning ball of fire. Angry, she conjured another ball and hurled it at the guy's head. She knew he would be able to dodge it, but she reveled in the satisfaction.
  14. Moving to the side, he smirked from under the water. The war was beginning to get boring and so he remained quiet, waiting to see if she would become curious. If she came close enough, he would be able to drag her under. She would probably kill him for doing so, but it was definitely worth the risk.
  15. Giselle scowled. "Idiot," she muttered, walking back into the woods -- and accidentally dropping her gold Fire bracelet in the grass.


    The next day, Giselle practically ripped her house apart, looking for the bracelet.
  16. Erin surfaced, spitting out some water as he watched the girl walk away. Sighing softly he made his way to the bank and leant against the. He then spotted the bracelet and pulled himself out of the water. Gingerly picking it up he inspected it and frowned. With a wave of his hand he had dried himself do that he could pocket the fire jewelerry without getting the piece wet. He then ran after the girl, only to loose her.

    The next day he was walking through the markets, buying things that he needed and keeping an eyes out for the girl.
  17. Giselle, after finally giving up on finding her bracelet, wandered through the markets, feeling disheartened and miserable. The bracelet marked her element, her heritage. Every Fire girl owned one. Well, every Fire girl, sans Giselle.

    Her black dress, which she hated and only wore in public, swished around her ankles as she wove through the crowds. She stared sadly at the stalls selling jewelry, eyeing the Fire bracelets being sold by a scary-looking black-haired man. She could buy or steal another bracelet, but it wouldn't be the same.

    Giselle sighted the Water man from yesterday. She avoided his gaze; she didn't feel like another fight.
  18. Buying a loaf of bread the man dropped it into the basket. He turned and then noticed the girl from the day before. Smiling he waved, but she ignored him. "Hey!" Eric called out. He huffed when she ignored him further and hurried after. ""Don't make me throw another ball at your head. But I have something I think is yours!" he called. He knew how she must have felt. He would acted the same if he had lost his ring.
  19. Giselle stopped, whirled around and faced the Water man. "You -- you have my bracelet?" she said hopefully. She pulled him to the side, so they weren't blocking anyone's paths, and wrung her hands together nervously. Little sparks flew from her hands as she did so.
  20. Eric blinked, yelping a bit as she tugged him to the side. Letting out a chuckle, he nodded towards her hands. "Yes, so there's no need to burn me," he joked, pulling out the bracelet from his pocket and offering it to her.
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